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July 18, 2017

3 Ways to Tell if Your Windows are Leaking More Air Than the DNC

The 2016 Democratic National Committee email leak proved to be one of the most scandalous and high-profile leaks of all time. Collusion among the heads of the DNC against Bernie Sanders’ campaign headlined the massively damning leak. So, what’s something that could be leaking even more air than the DNC?

That’s right… your windows. Keep reading to see a couple of ways that your windows might actually be leaking more air than the porous DNC.

Dollar-Bill Trick

To many people it wasn’t a surprise to learn about the corruption in the DNC. Many logical Republicans had suspected corruption between the Clinton campaign and the heads of the DNC for quite some time. So, for many, the DNC email leaks merely confirmed their suspicions. However, while to many it came as no surprise to learn about Clinton and the DNC’s corruption, many (mostly Democrats) were caught off guard. So, in order to not be caught off guard like those Democrats, we’ve got an easy trick to help you find out if your windows are leaking air. Ready for it? Alright, simply open your window, place a dollar bill in between the window and the frame, and close the window. Now, try to slide the dollar bill out from in between the window and the frame. If it slides out fairly easily, then you know your window is leaking more air than the DNC. But, if the bill doesn’t come out easily and stays put, then you know it’s not leaking any air.


The “Blowing Hot Air Like the DNC” Trick

You don’t want hot air to be blowing in through your windows like the DNC party blows hot air, right? Right. Well, we’ve got an easy trick to help you make sure your window isn’t blowing hot air like the DNC. Close all the windows in your house. And, if you can bear it for a few minutes, turn off the air conditioning. Now, light an incense stick and trace it around the frame of all the windows in your home. If the smoke doesn’t blow sideways then you know your windows are up to par! But, if the smoke from the incense stick blows sideways then you know that your windows are leaking air just like the DNC.

We all know the DNC’s promises turn out to be hot air. But, the same can’t be said for Superior Window Company’s promise to provide you with the best windows possible. Our friends at Superior Window Company use Texas-made windows to make sure your house survives the Texas climate. So, if your windows are leaking more air than the DNC, give Superior Window Company a call today.

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