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October 12, 2018

‘Assault On The White House’: Behold The Media Meltdown Over Kanye West’s Visit To The Oval Office

Kanye West stopped by the Trump White House today to discuss prison reform, among other things. He mentioned the right to bear arms, the problem of illegal firearms, and a whole host of issues that certainly triggered the elite news media. The clip will be featured down below. Kanye then walked over and hugged President Trump. You knew once that happened, West was going to be torched by liberals who cannot stand him saying nice things about Trump and his message. The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey was there to list the grocery list of meltdowns that occurred, the worst being from MSNBC, who claimed this visit was an “assault on our White House” (via Daily Caller):

Anchors and guests on CNN and MSNBC have argued that Kanye’s mental health issues are a reason not to take him seriously and have suggested that his support for Trump is a side effect of his diagnoses.

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said shortly after Kanye’s Oval Office visit that the White House is taking advantage of his mental illness.

CNN’s SE Cupp made a similar argument on Thursday, calling the entire Kanye-Trump meeting “sad.”

“All jokes aside, I thought that was really sad,” Cupp said. “I think you had there a man who’s clearly not okay, and a president who’s willing to exploit that.”

Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier added her own voice to the pile of critics, saying on CNN that she felt like she was sitting in on a “psychiatric visit.”

“I would suggest that the president should maybe curtail these types of engagements,” the California Democrat asserted.

Oh, grab your popcorn, folks. Also, CNN’s Jim Acosta was triggered that Kanye said a bad, bad word in the Oval Office:

From Townhall.com

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