Make Sure It’s Made In America

Posted by Homework Houston on 8/02/2013

You vote every day.  With your dollars.  Everytime you buy something, you vote for that product, what it stands for and where it is made.  You have the ultimate vote.  If the company does not get your financial support, it goes out of business.

You can create more American jobs.  In fact, if everyone spent just $3.33 more each year on products made in American, we’d create 10,000 new American jobs.

If you want to vote for locally produced foods produced by Texas farmers, buy it.  If you want to support local companies that employ local people, shop there.

Fortunately, product labeling requires the origin of the product.  But, beware of the deceiving marketing ploys.  Look beyond the obvious marketing statements and look for the fine print.

The Made In America store in Elma, NY is getting a lot of attention lately.  They spend 25 hours on each product researching the company and making sure that it is 100% Amerian made down to the packaging.  You can shop online at

Are you aware of a great American made product you’d like to recommend?  Leave a reply below.

Do you homework.  Check labels.  And encourage everyone you know to buy those products made in the Houston area, Texas or the United States.  Together, we can provide a real stimulus to the U.S. economy.

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