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February 15, 2017

4 Things You did not Know about Crop protection Services

You may not realize it but, crop protection services plays a huge part in the food and agriculture industry. With our population growing by leaps and bounds it is more important now than ever to produce as much product as possible while utilizing as little land as possible, to make room for a variety of crops to broaden offerings . Using tools such as a helicopter spraying crops with pesticides and aerial fertilizing help facilitate this efficient farming system and increase profit yields for farmers across the country. At best, however, crop protection services don’t get in the spotlight often so here are three things you probably didn’t know about this industry.

Crop Protection Services has less Waste & Produce More:

With the use of helicopter spraying crops with safe pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, we are able to help farmers produce higher yields while using less acreage.  These safe chemicals also improve plant life and help reduce shrinkage due to crop loss from fungal diseases, insects, and other parasitic creatures.

Protection Is Accurate AND Affordable:

Using a helicopter spraying crops with pesticides offers greater accuracy than crop dusting and greater coverage than a ground based distribution. When comparing a plane distribution system vs. helicopter base cost for an airplane is less expensive. The saving end there however and since a plane needs a runway it must be ferried to its locations it will service, so those costs add up quick. A helicopter-based system not only is more mobile, as it can be just unloaded off a flatbed and driven to its location. Helicopters also give a more accurate distribution increasing yield. Crop protection services, save money by reducing full-time staff and allowing more coverage with less manual labor.

Prevents Insect & Rodent Transmitted Diseases

Many diseases you see in the news such as West Nile, Malaria or Lyme disease would be much more widespread if not for the pesticides used to control such outbreaks. By using aerial spraying techniques it creates a barrier of sorts that protects crops from insects and rodents that carry these diseases. Naturally, nothing is foolproof but using helicopter spraying crops for prevention increases the coverage area that a plane cannot accurately maintain.

Helps Emerging Markets Develop

In developing regions, these services are most popular because they allow these countries to enter the food export market. These developing markets produce so much food for countries with shorter growing seasons or temperate climates.  Without this newfound industry, these countries might still be suffering from poverty and lack of resources.

Crop Protection Services Are Imperative to The Industry

As you can see the benefits extend far beyond pest control and crop yield. Our services are the best in the industry with our pilots having over 20 years’ experience.  Without these services the food market in the US would take a huge impact and our quality of produce would suffer. We can service the entire United States so our reach is wide and we deliver results. If you want a better solution for fertilizing broadcasting, and pesticide application contact Heli AG.

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