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October 29, 2018

Democrats Blaming Normal Americans for Nuts Will Blow Up In Their Faces at the Ballot Box

You know, there’s nothing that Normal Americans can identify with more than a guy living in a Ford panel van covered with Trump memes and soccer manifestoes who sends bombs that don’t work to Democrats who support policies that don’t work. Likewise, Normal people totally identify with – let me get the liberal narrative du jourright here – a Trump-hating freak who shoots up a synagogue. And I think it’s a terrific midterm strategy for our Democrat friends is to keep making that idiotic case. (extreme sarcasm for the benefit of the willfully obtuse) The Official Media is in a frenzy explaining how Donald Trump personally instructed Kooky Weirdo de Florida to mail pipe bombs to washed up Dem hacks and that nameless garbage being in Pittsburgh via a series of cunningly encrypted dog whistles. “Make America Great Again” is apparently code for “Mail bombs!” Nothing says “Murder Jews” like moving the embassy to Jerusalem and ending the Iran deal. Oddly, of 63 million Trump voters, only one jerk managed to decode this cipher. The other hated Trump for liking Jews too much. But, as CNNMSNBC’s brain trust and such thinkers as rock legend Joe Scarborough teach us, their crimes are on all of us anyway for some reason. We’re all to blame for one kook’s real terrorism because…well, he thought Trump was part of the giant Zionist conspiracy to make him a friendless loser, so it’s not clear why. Maybe it being a useful lie is reason enough.

We’re also to blame for the other idiot’s pantomime terrorism pursuant to the dippy moral calculus proposed by the same peeps who spent eight years slobbering over the protege of Bill Freaking Ayers. Ayers, as you would never know from watching our media, was a leader in an actual campaign of political bombings that actually maimed and killed actual people. So, when libs feigned shock at those raising the possibility that leftists might be responsible for doing something leftists had a history of doing (as well as a history of faking hate crimes where they were the victims) at a politically convenient time, the faux outrage rang hollow.

And how faux the outrage was – and so very selective too. Leftists demand you ignore the near-miss massacres at the Family Research Council and the baseball field by committed leftists who were not any crazier than their political allies, only more proactive. The message is that you Normal Americans are complicit for voting for a guy who doesn’t hate your guts.

I think that on November 6th, the Democrats are going to get a message back from the people they are shamelessly lying about.

Normal voters are not going to look at this blood libel and say, “Yeah, I feel personally responsible for the actions of that Elizabeth Warren-channeling fake Indian stripper guy with a kilometer-long rap sheet who totally would not have done anything nutty if it weren’t for Trump. And also for the crimes of a scuzzy coward who hates Trump. I guess I have a moral obligation vote for people who will ruin this surging economy, restore America to its rightful place as a laughingstock on the world stage, and attack my rights of free speech, free exercise of religion, and to keep and bear arms to protect myself from exactly these kind of aspiring Stalins. Because that idea makes sense. I’m convinced.”

I think Normal people are going to be furious at these lies. I think they see how liberals and their water-carrying Fredocon lickspittles are making a desperate play to stop the Republicans’ momentum going into the election. And it is not like the Liberals have had a really good sense of what issues to glom on to lately. They thought crucifying Brett Kavanagh with false claims was going to stir up a blue wave. The electorate turned towards the Republicans. They thought that a caravan of greedy foreigners coming north to cash in on our welfare state was going to do it. The electorate turned towards Republicans even harder. Gee, what to do? It’s not like they can run on their crappy policies… Oh, here’s a great idea. Let’s tell Republican voters that they are personally responsible for the actions of some fruitcake nimrod who looks like he’s on a day-pass from the mid-1990s WWE and another loser who sounds like a Goebbels fever dream. Good plan, if you’ve never met a Normal person.

From Townhall.com

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