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  1. Doug Branham says:

    The war with Islam has been going on since the 1700′s, the Barbary Pirates. Just look at the Muslim attacks in the US in recent years. It is a 230 year war.

  2. BP says:

    TONIGHT, Sept. 5:

    U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, U.S. Rep. Ted Poe and state Sen. Dan Patrick, Republican candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor, will highlight a powerful roster of area leaders at the Kingwood TEA Party Freedom Rally with Ted Cruz on Sept. 5 at the Humble Civic Center.

    The KWTP Freedom Rally with Ted Cruz is free to the public.

  3. Ashley Misiewicz says:

    Where do you get the idea that Russian citizens back Czar Putin? This is from your own radio news network…
    If you are going to report the news and influence public opinion, keep reading. I’m sure plenty if Russians back Putin, but it’s good for Americans to know that even many Russians are irate over Putin’s actions.
    My brother in law’s brother leaves Tuesday volunteering to fight for Ukraine. He’s a father with two small children and no military experience. Ukraine will suffer massive casualties over the next few weeks. It’s worth our time and energy to get more of this story out there. Maybe even replay the audio between Putin and Obama about having “more flexibility” after the election. It’s our weakness as a world power that has allowed this, ISIS, and Israel to reach the level of unrest we see today. Let’s tell that story so maybe we elect someone who understands America’s influence in the world. With great power comes great responsibility. Let’s be responsible in our news reports and our voting.

  4. Elizabeth De Leon says:

    “Snoop Inspector”