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Dave Ramsey is on KSEV weekday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm.  Dave Ramsey, a personal money management expert, is an extremely popular national radio personality, television host and author of the New York Times best-sellers “The Total Money Makeover,” “Financial Peace,” ”More Than Enough” and “Entreleadership.”

Click the audio player below to hear the most recent Dave Ramsey radio shows.

Dave draws big crowds in Houston!  The Total Money Makeover Live event earlier this year drew over 6,000 attendees.  Scroll down for pictures of the event presented by Skeeter’s Auto Service and BG Products.

The crowd is on their feet at Grace Church.

The Ramsey event from the KSEV booth at break time.

Our thanks to Skeeter’s Auto Service and BG Products.

It’s Skeeter, KSEV’s Car Doctor and Dave Ramsey backstage.

Each afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 pm, Dave talks callers through their financial questions and concerns-offering support to the hurting and guidance to the financially uncertain. For more than 15 years, The Dave Ramsey Show has built a following across the country and in Houston. The program reaches nearly 4 million listeners weekly.

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  1. T Jones says:

    Hi Mr. Ramsey,

    I’m a currently unemployed for 2 months and have been in Mortgage business for 20 years (Underwriting and Sales). I’m only have a mortgage payment,receiving unemployment, child support and adoption assistance. I have 7 months reserves, retirement accounts and lots of equity in my home (120k.)I’m making a list of skills to turn into income. I don’t want to make any money mistakes. Considering getting Loan officer License in Texas and real estate rehab(small projects). Also, considering selling my home ($1625 pmt) to fund rehab business. I was one of the fortunate 7% to get making home affordable deal with Bank of America. Current rate 2%, max out 4.35% in 4yrs. What do you think? I’m feeling overwhelmed and lost.

  2. David Acosta says:

    Mr. Ramsey,
    My job does not offer any 401k or anything like that; I have not started doing any investing or do not even have a clue where to begin; I would like to know where to begin or even better: which one of your books, packages, or any other literature I should purchase in order to get started. I am a new listener and really enjoy the show!!
    -David Acosta

  3. Jeff Bowman says:

    My daughter and her husband have decided to divorce after two years. They want it to be an amicable parting.
    He is offering $15000 cash to her for settlement. His net worth is approx. $1,134,500. Texas is 50/50 state what part of his assets are hers?

  4. gary talley says:

    I am currently an American expat working in Afghanistan and have acquired approximately 250,000.00 dollars from 7.5 years of working there. I would like to know how to go about asking dave a few financial questions via the internet as it would be very difficult to hear his reply in central asia where I currently work. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
    Gary Talley

  5. Karen kahn says:

    Live in nc do you know of a reputable financial advisor here?

  6. Lorraine Melville says:

    Helping daughter/son-in-law pay off college loan – we will be charging them 3% interest. We will have them sign a paper and have notarized. Will this piece of paper that has been signed and notarized stand up in court in case of divorce/death. Thanks –Suggestions please. Lorraine Melville

  7. shannon berger says:


    How do I find a financial advisor in my area? Should I stay away from financial folks associated with brokerage firms?

  8. Dale Doherty says:

    Hi Dave,

    I really enjoy listening to your show and your creative methods to get people out of debt, I was there once and I know what it was like to be deep and debt and then debt free, and your right it’s starts with the decision to “get debt free”

    I’m asking your advice on another matter. Recently I had a lapse in my homeowners insurance because my loan originator sold our lone a company that didn’t escrow our insurance, we didn’t find out until our insurance company alerted us that the mortgage company wasn’t paying the bill. We contacted the mortgage company and they confirmed that they weren’t escrowing the insurance and we had a policy within the next two days.

    In the interem they saw fit to suppy us with homeowners insurance, ok I can understand this. What I don’t understand and what I’m asking your advice is. Is there some sort of fair business practice that says in a case like this they should provide some sort of fair market value insurance???? They bought a policy for 10,000+ a year, that was cancelled when they were supplied with proof of new insurance. So I had their new policy for about two days. That two days is now costing me 800.00 which, guess what, they say they will escrow!! The average policy for us here in Houston is between 1,500 and 3,000 a year for like coverages depending on the company.

    Any suggestions before I switch mortgage companies to one with a lower rate? To me this seems like a very unfair business practice, my opinion is that this wasn’t necessary, I’ve never been late on my mortgage payment, not one day, and I don’t understand why they would risk the interest they would collect on this loan, given that I would have probably stayed with them until I retired or died, which at age 49, hopefully will be a while.

    Any feedback? I can call in tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for any advice

  9. John Himsel says:

    Hi Dave

    Quick question. I am 49. Debt free except for $280K 15 year mortgage at 3.125% and have 50K in cash. I max out my 401k at work and have a 150K Annuity with MetLife.

    Given the potential economic cliff and other issues in US, what should I do with the 50K?

    Do you recommend buying Gold?
    If so, through who?

    Thanks, John

  10. Matthew Stulting says:

    Hi Dave,

    I really enjoy your show. I have only been listening for a short time. I am trying to get your whole plan by listening to your show. Do you have a website that I can visit?



  11. Uberchristianmom says:

    Dave, yesterday during a segment of your show you spoke with Neil Cavuto on Fox regarding the employer penalty under the ACA for not offering healthcare to its employees.  You stated the per employee per annum fine to be $700.  Actually the fine is $2000 annually times the number of full time employees minus 30. 

  12. Gulfcoastwindows says:

    It’s nice to know David Ramsey continues to conduct events like that. I hope I can come to one of his programs.

  13. James Steiner says:

    Saying hello from London England, loving the show!

  14. Erin A. Seago says:

    Dear Dave,

    My husband and I started your program in 2009, the year we married. Here is what we accomplished in the past 2.5 years of our marriage: We paid off his Honda CR-V, we paid off two of his credit cards, and we consolidated my student loan payment amount to only $150 a month. My husband has one credit card which he uses for Business traveling, which he is reimburse after each trip. We’re on a envelope system too. Our savings is rebuilding after we used a good portion of it to pay for my appendix surgery last Jan 2011. As of May 2012 we’ll be done paying my medical bills from last year, and as of May 2013 we’ll be paid off on a loan my husband had before we married. We’ll be debt free by May 2013, with only his credit card and my low student loan payment. Because of your program assisting us in helping being financially responsible we will be able to start trying for our first baby Feb. 2013. We’re so happy to have taken your course “Financial Peace University”. I listen to your show every other Tuesday, and love it! Because we got ourselves set up on a responsible budget plan, we will be of very few couples who will be entering parenthood debt free. Thanks to you, we’ll be able to truly care for our future baby without having to truly stress of debts, etc.
    Thank you for all you do and all you have given us.
    May God continue to bless you,
    Erin A. Seago

  15. amando amaya says:

    I would like to call…can you send your phone #.  sonny smsys

  16. WWAIOG says:


    While others were allowed to blabber on aimlessly, there were two issues that I was not allowed to present.

    (1) http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203914304576628873340076918.html

    It’s the same at all the other banks. In the past five years, public
    filings show, the employees of Goldman Sachs have pocketed $80 billion
    in pay and benefits, including bonuses and other goodies. Over the same
    period, stockholders have lost $25 billion.

    (2) Fractional Lending – I do not know of anyone who has explained how fractional lending works, including its implications, and whether it is ethical.

    A short version is the following, given $100 deposit and a 10% reserve requirement, $90 can be loaned and, ideally, that $90 can be redeposited, whereby $81 can be reloaned, and that $81 can be redeposited, etc. until the bank holds $100 in deposits but gains usury interest on $900 in commercial moneys!

    The reserve requirement was far more lucrative in years prior to 2008.

    Realistically, making usury interest on $900 that is created out of nothing is simply taking something from someone else that was not yours to use – IT IS THEFT!

    Given issue (1) and issue (2) combined, when it comes to taking from, or jealousy for, those who have, a basis of argument must rely upon just earnings.

    The SEC and FDIC are filing pittance civil suits which do not represent the magnitude of civil loss and it does not represent a commensurate accountability upon those who prospered, ideally, through disproportionate an illegitimate measures. 


  17. WWAIOG says:

    It’s the same at all the other banks. In the past five years, public
    filings show, the employees of Goldman Sachs have pocketed $80 billion
    in pay and benefits, including bonuses and other goodies. Over the same
    period, stockholders have lost $25 billion.

  18. tiptoe says:

    Dave..What is the unemployment number on illegal immigrants?

  19. Hhcooper says:

    Let’s quit pointing fingers and fix the problem.  Everything doesn’t have to hurt the American people – so let’s start there.
    We got into WWII to get out of the Great Depression.  Let’s use the same logic now.  We’re spending billions on wars, so let’s use that as the stimulus.  My proposal is that EVERYTHING used by the US military be made in America by 2020.  It’s good for national security and for the economy.  It will put people to work now and for the long run.
    My challenge to ALL talk radio, television commentators, Congress and the public in general is to drop the politics and focus on the problem.  I know the American people have good ideas that would work.  Come on – let everyone know yours.

  20. Freakonaleash says:

    Arrogant, pompous, redundant. 

  21. Cstaerkel says:

    I hope it isn’t too late to makeover. While I owe very little now, for most of my married life, as a couple, we always lived from paycheck to paycheck. I just never thought of retirement because I was married. So stupid. While I am still marrried, my husband made it very clear to me that my retirement was on me. I am not an idiot, but had no real education regarding finances. I was raised to think that the husband took care of his wife, period.

  22. James Beard says:

    I listen to you often.  Am 70 years old and retired and doing well.  Wish that you would refrain from joining everyone else in using the word “freakin” to add emphasis.  You and I both know what the word replaces and it adds a degree of “unprofessionalism” to your usually very good guidance. Just asking, but I hope that you will seriously consider my request.  James Beard 

    • Cstaerkel says:

      Your request reflects an age bias. People prior to your generation had their own problems with your verbage I know. You turned out ok and so will Dave. And I am so pleased that there are replacements for bad words, aren’t you? So creative.

  23. Lonestarson says:

    Dave Ramsey for President!

  24. TexasWards says:

    Thanks for adding Dave Ramsey to your line up. It is hard enough to change my ways, but it sure helps to hear his common sense almost everyday!

  25. Anonymous says:

    We are so grateful for KSEV had put Dave on their radio station. I can’t believe the other station let him move. We can’t get enough of him. Thanks for playing more of the shows on the weekends. A must for anyone to listen to.

  26. Jacksns4 says:

    We are so grateful for KSEV had put Dave on their radio station. I can’t believe the other station let him move. We can’t get enough of him. Thanks for playing more of the shows on the weekends. A must for anyone to listen to.