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Michael Savage

Champion for America’s Borders, Language and Culture.

Hear Michael Savage weekdays from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  Click on the audio player below and listen to Michael Savage anytime!

Savage is the author of 25 books, including 4 New York Times best-sellers.  Savage was given the “Freedom of Speech Award” from Talkers Magazine in 2007.

The Savage Nation delivers a bold perspective on American ideals and culture.  Michael Savage has unparalleled determination to unearth the truth about liberalism and national security.  His passion for traditional values such as the English language keep the program lively each evening!

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  1. Jim M. says:

    I get all my current news from you and Mark Levin. There is just no need for a TV anymore. I hope you carry a concealed weapon as I believe you and Levin are this administrations biggest threat. Keep up the good work as you sir are a true patriot!

  2. Michael Johnson says:

    Obama needs to immediately be impeached before its too late.

  3. Michael Johnson says:

    Michael Savage for president !! Michael Savage for president !!!

  4. Pam Smith says:

    Thank the Good Lord for Michael. Listening to him helps me to stop screaming at my T.V.! Sanity in an upside down insane world!

    Thank you Dr. Savage!

  5. mark vl says:

    There is more to Savage than over spending- be headings, pot smokers and red dirty diaper doper baby’s I would like to hear more about his dog and old times. his knowledge of great food is second to none. I quit smoking weed 1 year ago, now more than ever I understand… Trade in my patent leather jacket for a GENERAL PATTON suit!

  6. Bryan Schwartz says:

    I really like listening to your radio shows. I am from Springfield Missouri and I really feel you hit the nail on the head on your views.

    Thank you for your guts to say what you do. I think if the truth was known more think like you do than not.

    Thank you again for sharing your views.

    Bryan Schwartz
    Springfield Missouri

  7. Michael Johar I have not disagreed to anything you've ever saidn you were being serious of courseus fnson says:

    Dear Dr. Savage,
    I have been listening to you and your point’s of view for going on 17 years now and thus far I have not disagreed with anything you have ever said, when you were being serious of course.
    And if there has ever been a better man to run for president and run away with the victory please, please show him to me!
    I unfortunately have lost my right to vote in a federal election. But you, and you alone, have the qualifications, the mind set, and the common sense to restore this country to its former glory. I wish with every fiber of my being that I could, one day, proudly say Michael Savage is the president of the United States.

  8. Margot says:

    Dr. Savege, You are awesome. And funny, just listened to the “morgue” story. It was a hilarious diversion from the world events! God Bless, and I love your show!

  9. Mary Jo Bussell says:

    To answer your question, I think congress should close the borders, immediately, and worry about reform later.

  10. clroyal2 says:

    I love you Dr. Savage. Thank you for all you do for us. I love your common sense approach to all of life. Thank you for your insight on suicide. I absolutely agree with you! God bless you.

  11. chuck seddio says:

    listening to michel commenting on robin and ironically i dont think he realized by playing riders on the storm,doors,morrison he himself commited suicide also!

  12. mark vanleeuwen says:

    Here in Sandiego CA, we have a black hole of am radio. With the Micheal Savage and Rick Roberts MIA, I don’t listen to the radio much anymore. I have to get my humor and facts from less enlightening shows such as Bill Handel and Coast to Coast. thanks for giving us all an outlet to hear more from Mr. SAVAGE!

  13. R Cunningham says:

    TB, Cholera…now Ebola.

    I see a pattern. And the states that are being infected.

  14. R Cunningham says:

    Nobody seems to realize two things:

    1. FEMA has quite a few “detention/quarantine” camps already set up. Makes me wonder if this was an ‘accident’.

    2. Georgia is a red state. Infection here would help Obama’s causes. Why bring them to Atlanta.

  15. Pam Smith says:


    Keep up the good fight Dr. Savage!!! A HUGE fan in NH :-)

  16. Jeff Hoffman says:






  17. Errol Fernando says:

    Dr. Savage
    Thank you for what you do… you are a tremendous force for good.

    Stay strong and keep up the great work.
    May God bless you

  18. Carolyn Martin says:

    I don’t know what happened but I miss you so much. Please come back.

  19. Richard T Riehle says:

    Remember Tet, I do!

  20. michael says:

    Michael, I don’t think that Israel should agree to a ceasefire. It will just give the Palestinians a chance to rearm. And your idea sounds like the best idea I,ve heard flood the tunnels with seawater. And watch those Islamic terrorist,the ones that don’t drown first, come running out of those tunnels only to be picked off by Is really snipers. Then seal those tunnels.And finally put an end to this tunnel nonsense.

  21. Drew says:


    Go Savage GO!!!!

  22. James Rattenborg says:

    Thank you KSEV for bringing Michael Savage to Oregon via the internet 24/7.

  23. Jeff Hoffman says:

    I want to let everybody know what was the intercepted conversation about after Malaysian plane shot down, verbatim, or word for word
    Soldier # 1: The plane was just shot down by the group of military miner by last name Zainakiev, (stress on second A). It already fell down.

    Soldier # 2: Pilots, Where are the pilots?

    Soldier # 1: We drove there to find it and take photographs of the shot down plane. It happened about 20 to 30 minutes ago.

    Complements to Michael Savage on his varry close translation from Russian!

  24. Joseph Esposito says:

    For the few callers giving Michael a hard time about the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION appointments of wo=MEN into the command structure of the military: Google “Gender differences in Aviation” You will find that 96% of pilots are MEN! 4% of pilots are wo=MEN! Most plane crashes involving MEN, are because of instrument failure, Mechanical problems, and not paying attention to the instruments. However, 85% of plane crashes involving wo=MEN, are due to not being able to handle the rudder, and not being able to pull the plane out of a stall! The fe=MALE aviation expert, who probably never even flew a MODEL plane said: “This is due to wo=MEN, having lesser experience! Oh?

  25. James Rattenborg says:

    We need to know how to stop Obama. Will Congress ever listen to the working class?

  26. Joseph Esposito says:

    Michael Savage: A MAN among MEN! Michael Savage: A Guru among Guru’s! Michael Savage: A diamond in the rough! Michael Savage: The canary in the coal mine! Dr. Savage, I too am appalled by the “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION” four star fe=MALE, Admiral! I think you may be more diplomatic than I am. I don’t believe a wo=MAN, deserves to have authority over a MAN, in a masculine role, where they’re not even made to follow the same rules! wo=MEN, are not made to register for the draft, and they’re not made to shave their hair! I don’t believe a fe=MALE, should even be allowed on a ship! They get to wear “different uniforms” custom tailored to their “pair shaped” bodies? Funded by tax dollars? They get to keep their hair long? Doesn’t this disrupt the order? Don’t MEN, have 14th amendment rights that are being violated here? ps. GOD bless Michael Savage!

  27. jimmy says:

    he speaks the truth

  28. jimmy says:

    micheal savage speaks the truth

  29. Lisa says:

    Thank you, Program Director, for putting Dr. Savage back on the 8-10pm timeslot. I had totally given up on listening to KSEV at night after the move to drive-time.
    I am grateful that he is back on, his show is by far the best talk show on the air. His show and Laura in the mornings are the two best. Thanks, KSEV, for telling us what we need to know without all the useless pork.

  30. Richard W. says:

    Why can’t we CLOSE THE BORDERS. This Country will go broke.!! (Plus the diseases and crime and wasted money to support these illegals.!)

  31. Steve Helinsky says:

    I am so glad to hear u again,Mike…when I was driving over-the -road,I would pick up your show on varies radio stations throughout the 48 States,but now that I am running a dedicated route in West Texas, I was not able to get your show until I came across KSEV after I signed up on iHeart radio….I have u locked in now Sir!!….I missed you unabashed and brutely honest commentary my friend, and as a former US Marine, I am proud to say that you say what I am thinking,DAILY! (as far as Politics and social issues go)…So God Bless You,Sir and Never Quit bringing it from this long time listener!!

  32. js says:

    All 3 hours should be in a playable archive. I am unable to catch the live 4 to 5 portion of the show. I listen at my leisure, with only 2 of 3 hours currently available on archive. Should not be a problem to make the live broadcast portion available in the same manner as hours 2 and 3.

    • admin says:

      KSEV airs Michael Savages’ first hour from 4PM-5PM, and his second and third hour from 8PM to 10PM Monday through Friday.

  33. Joseph Hyams says:

    Hi Michael ,So I have been listening to your show and you r right on target with everything . Tried calling but can’t get through About 10 years ago I bought a plane from Boces, It was a reconisence plane from Viet Nam, Well prob with 1 neighbor and had to get rid of it , I stored it in my back yard,, The plane was qb22 b It was a real thrill, I wanted to restore it but the neighbor took care of that and wound up in court, Long Story After that I bought a bell helicopter like what was used in Mash,,, Stored in my Mom’s yard Fun Stuff.

  34. joseph esposito says:

    Michael, GOD knew how many hairs would be on your head, even before the formation of the world! YES GOD KNOWS what’s going to happen even before it happens! Yes, GOD also allows free will, BUT he knows what we’re going to do before we do it!

  35. Barry Callow says:

    Dr. SAVAGE:



  36. dan angeline says:

    I heard a pomo just one time that “The Savage Nation” will be heard for two more hours later at night. Is this true? If so when?? PLease——

    • admin says:

      Starting Monday June 23, 2014, KSEV will be airing the first hour of Michael Savage Monday Through Friday 4PM-5PM, and the last two hours of his show from 8PM-10PM.

  37. Jean dominy says:

    I am enjoying Michaels program very much! The big problem is there is not a second hour to listen to! The first hour gets one ready for the next hour but there is NONE! Please put Michael Savage on for at least 2 hours every day!! Thank you for listening to your listeners!!!! You have a terrific station!!

    • admin says:

      Starting Monday June 23, 2014, KSEV will be airing the first hour of Michael Savage Monday Through Friday 4PM-5PM, and the last two hours of his show from 8PM-10PM.

  38. Drew says:

    Thank you for keeping this current and updated daily!! I appreciate that I can access these anywhere anytime! now we need an archive..

  39. Brian says:

    Great program glad to hear you again in Houston Tx.

  40. Barry Callow says:

    Do hope, Dr. Savage, that you will be able to return to the BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS market. No local Boston area radio station, since your syndication change in late 2013, carries your program. It is sad because you were and still are extremely popular and well received amongst many here. Access, alternatively, through TEXAS RADIO STATION KSEV (AM 700) including commercials is fantastic.

  41. Ken M says:

    Can’t thank you enough for putting together these pod casts.You can no longer get Dr. Savage on the radio here in the Orlando area , so for a loyal listener this has been a life saver. The format is easy and direct and I don’t even mind the commercials. Your station has become apart of my day, everyday.Thanks again for what I believe is a vital public service.

  42. Joe J. says:

    Excellent venue you are! Thoroughly enjoy listening to the pod casts
    Anytime. Came upon it by accident and have made it a part of my day
    since. The Savage show arrived here in Buffalo since but I rely more
    on your podcasts. Also enjoy Laura Ingraham.
    Thanks so much KSEV!


  43. Sonny Tannenbaum says:

    Mr. Savage,
    Great show by the way. Michael, I recently retired from the US Navy Reserve (21 years). I was an investigator. So the answer to you question is both: yes and no. I will explain. Only military Law Enforcement Personnel should be carrying firearms. The truth is: if all military personnel were permitted to carrying firearms on base, there would be many incidents, from accidental discharges to negligence to willfully using there weapons for unjust causes. Remember, bases, are like little communities across this nation. Would you want everyone to carry a firearm?

  44. Mike Cerullo says:

    Great job. Love the show. Listen every day when I can. Otherwise I listen to podcasts

  45. Garryvito says:

    Thank you very much 700ksev radio for the awesome content .
    Savave is not here in the Cincinnati market as far as i know.

  46. Drew J. says:

    “Those who know will always know. Those who don’t, will never.”

    Dr. Savage

  47. Aussie Jon says:

    All hail the King.
    Greetings from Adelaide, South Australia.
    Best talker in the world.

  48. Luci Ziats says:

    Audio is so low volume that it is basically inaudible.

  49. drew says:

    Savage is a beacon of light in a world full of darkness. Thank you savage and happy 20 years, I’m 28 years old and have been listening for about 10 years now.

    only in the future will people realize you were right about 90% of your opinions.

    God bless and keep up the savagery!

  50. Patricia says:

    Dr. Savage,

    I’ve heard that Michelle, et al, are in China so the daughters can look at a school for the elites (Chinese Commies) because down the road there’s to be a student
    exchange. One or both daughters to attend that school
    and one of the Chinese students to live with the obamas.

    Thank you for all you do.


  51. richard arrasmith says:

    I remember before Obamay stole the last election, he was in Russia and was caught on an open mike saying something to Putin about waiting til he was re-elected and they could do something together. wonder if it was this latest cricis.

  52. jime simpson says:

    by far the best talk radio in the cosmos…

  53. Andy Kerr says:

    Hey Savage!! Thanks!!!!!

  54. Rodger P says:

    This show is what I look forward to every morning. I can not receive his show on any station in my state….and really appreciate the hour by hour post. Thank you so much.

    Rodger P

  55. robroy.coop says:

    Maybe thy should look for gas and oil inside Ukraine so they can leave the pipeline shut off permanently.

  56. Suza says:

    Thank you! I’ve been unable to listen to SAVAGE since my local station in AL went off air. The other station carries it while I’m at work, so I miss out again. You are my GO-TO station for these recorded broadcasts. Gotta have my Savage….thank you!!!!

  57. tim says:

    I do not get how we can secure the border between the borders of the Koreas! but not the ones with Mexico?
    Hell, its not an immigration,,..

    It is a Mexican Invasion!

    and Americans are asleep!

  58. ed says:

    thanks for being there !

  59. Cole says:

    Why can’t we get all 3 hours of The Savage Nation? Kills me not to get the rest of the story. Please air the whole show in Houston.

  60. Otto Jr. says:

    Thank you 700am KSEV for the recorded sound clips of Dr. Michael Savage!!!

    Dr. Savage is CORRECT!!! This is nothing but a power play for BIG OIL that was started by the idiots (The Three Stooges): Sen. McStain/John “The Idiot” Kerry/and The COWARD Obummer himself (Our Dictator in Chief!!!).
    Dr. Savage was correct a couple of years ago when he said that the Democrats & Republicans pass the election torch from one hand to another. Next issue…you got it…SECURING OUR OWN BORDERS!!!
    Otto Jr.
    From The Republic of Ann Arbor, Michigan

  61. robroy.coop says:

    This may be O’bomer’s the next October surprise, why in the midst of a newly created crises of global proportion’s, why it will be imperative for him to stay in office and skip the next election so he can save the world.

  62. Cathy Garner says:

    Mr.Savage, I swear the thing we have as a president of the America,he should be impeached for tresation!How can the F.B.I. or C.I.A.,national security any of these.They need Protect the citizen’s of AMERICA!!! He is trying to do harm to all of the citizen’s of America.( That are true American’s.) I don”t know how they all set there and not do NOTHING! And this thing them going into radio station’s and trying to tell them they can’t say anything,controlling what we hear or say on talk radio! —- THEM!

  63. Drugbunny says:

    Hey, thanks for keeping Doc Savage on the air. I will spread the word.

  64. Stacie Clement says:

    Hi Michael!
    ‘Good to finally hear your voice again.
    God Bless

  65. Raymond Lau says:

    Love this website!
    Michael’s radar is
    locked right in.

  66. hey christo says:

    thank you very very much for this. long live the SAVAGE NATION.

  67. Nobodysfool says:

    …posted too quickly. Must be the excitement that on days I can’t catch his live show, I can come here to stream it. Thank you!!

  68. Nobodysfool says:

    Thank you for posting his shows for us, hour by hour. Much appreciated.

  69. Gene says:

    Found your station searched interent. Great you have savage.
    Local AM station 600AM carries Savage 3pm-600pm still at work.
    Jacksonville FL

    Thanks for carrying Savage.

  70. jenny crowder says:

    would like to write a letter to you about something that happened in N.H.,not in an e-mail, only you could comment on something like this.

  71. jenny crowder says:

    wish you could be on in evenings in Houston as well

  72. Steve says:

    Thought you’d be interested in this concept from the deceased Fulton Sheen. He considers the crucifix and its two parts: the cross, and the Christ. The cross symbolizes discipline, and Christ is the love quotient. Our Western civilization picks up the cross-less Christ…love without discipline, often concerned with the transitory events of time. And who picks up the cross without Christ? China, Russia…discipline…order…commitment to a common end. But the Christ-less cross produces Dachau, Auschwitz…concentrations camps–the squeezing of the lives of individuals to make “the collective wine of the state.” Sheen feels the problem of the world is, “Will Christ find his cross, or will the cross find Christ?” Just recently, the president of Communist China, Xi Jinping urged his citizens to be more tolerant of traditional faiths, since these will provide a moral compass during the country’s breakneck growth…

  73. Ellen Money says:

    God bless and protect you, Dr.
    Savage. You are a guiding beacon in our ever darkening America, as a history not learned from is being repeated. May your Godly wisdom bring light to those stumbling through the dark fog of lies; and may it bring a blinding impotency to the corrupt. Thank you for your service to our nation.

  74. Mark O. says:

    wtf we have 1 representative in TX That’s willing to stand up against this dirt bag..that’s only one out of 435.. you gotta be “pooping” me.

  75. Karen Benna says:

    I am addicted to your show. I am one of the millions of women who love your show!

    I love your stories, a bit of the time,

    and I need your political analysis most of the time. I like it when you read from your books too. I have several of them.

    You are so intelligent, and able to express your ideas, perfectly. You construct theories like a genius. Thank you.

    I try an send money to causes. I fill out surveys. I vote. I wish I knew exactly what to do to help our country. Thanks for your inspiration. I feel like you are my wise father.

  76. Leo says:

    If you don’t want people “disturbing” you during a live show, perhaps someone should update the website.

  77. js says:

    Why only 1 hour podcast for a 3 hour show, or am I mistaken.

  78. Doreen says:

    Can’t find savage in LA or San Diego….how could this be?

  79. Zygmunt says:


    Whoever speaks the truth is my hero and Mr. Savage speaks the truth.It’s really depressing to know that evil is blooming around the world but comforting is to know that way of the evil people will perish (Psalm 1:6).

  80. Eve says:

    The reason films today are about sex/drugs is because there is no writing talent… watch the old classics if you want a real script with a story…

  81. Nadine Tyre says:

    I listened to you on 96.5 FM in Lake City, Fl. and you were supposed to be on now in the afternoon but Hannity is still on that station and I have been unable to find you on another station. Are you on a station in Lake City, Florida? If so,
    which one? I gave up most of my TV programs to listen to you in the evenings and really miss you.

  82. Eve says:

    Thank you for this broadcast recording… we have to watch 12 You Tubes to watch yesterdays show… yes, 4 You Tubes for each hour… something has changed with the new time slot… the left here in Hawaii have blocked Dr Savage all together… we are in the tundra here in paradise…

  83. LT says:

    Why are you only running 1 hour of Savage starting Monday?

  84. Roger Raasch says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am looking for the first show of today which started at 3PM Eastern. If you can help me to access that, I would be most grateful.