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Dennis Miller



“The most cerebral, astute and clever standup ever to put mouth to microphone.”  – The Hollywood Reporter

The Dennis Miller Show is a unique approach to politics, life and hot button issues.  It’s Dennis and his high-profile friends and special guests, each weeknight from 8pm to 11pm only on AM 700 KSEV.





Lance Roberts


Your politics, your life, your money.

Lance Roberts is on KSEV.  Weekdays 5pm-7pm.

Lance hosts Dan Patrick and friends from 5pm to 6pm. Then, it’s the Lance Roberts Show weekdays at 6pm.

Michael Savage is Moving



Michael Savage has moved to afternoons on KSEV.


“This is the biggest shakeup in radio history!” Savage says he was born for afternoons.  And, he has taken over the KSEV microphones from 4pm to 5pm weekdays.


In addition to borders, language and culture, Savage will mix in some news, views and reviews.


The Savage Nation.  4pm weekday afternoons on KSEV.  Click here to hear Michael Savage anytime!

Make Sure It’s Made In America

You vote every day.  With your dollars.  Everytime you buy something, you vote for that product, what it stands for and where it is made.  You have the ultimate vote.  If the company does not get your financial support, it goes out of business.

You can create more American jobs.  In fact, if everyone spent just $3.33 more each year on products made in American, we’d create 10,000 new American jobs.

If you want to vote for locally produced foods produced by Texas farmers, buy it.  If you want to support local companies that employ local people, shop there.

Fortunately, product labeling requires the origin of the product.  But, beware of the deceiving marketing ploys.  Look beyond the obvious marketing statements and look for the fine print.

The Made In America store in Elma, NY is getting a lot of attention lately.  They spend 25 hours on each product researching the company and making sure that it is 100% Amerian made down to the packaging.  You can shop online at

Are you aware of a great American made product you’d like to recommend?  Leave a reply below.

Do you homework.  Check labels.  And encourage everyone you know to buy those products made in the Houston area, Texas or the United States.  Together, we can provide a real stimulus to the U.S. economy.

No benefits for Obamacare Call Center employees

Obamacare Call Center Will Not Offer Health-Care Benefits to Employees

By Eliana Johnson

July 26, 2013 6:27 PM

In order to ensure Americans understand how to access the benefits available to them when many provisions of the Affordable Care Act go online October 1, the Obama administration announced last month that it is setting up a call center that will be accessible to Americans 24 hours a day.

One branch of that call center will be located in California’s Contra Costa County, where, reportedly, 7,000 people applied for the 204 jobs. According to the Contra Costa Times, however, “about half the jobs are part-time, with no health benefits — a stinging disappointment to workers and local politicians who believed the positions would be full-time.” The county supervisor, Karen Mitchoff, called the hiring process “a comedy of errors” and said she “never dreamed [the jobs] would be part-time.”

The Times indicates that a job posting advertised all of the jobs as full-time, and one call center employee, who said no reason for the apparent change was provided, told the paper, ”It reminded me of that George Clooney movie where he goes around the country firing people [Up in the Air]. The woman said, ‘I know you were led to believe you would be full-time, but things have changed. . . . You are actually ‘part-time intermittent.’”

The Contra Costa employees are currently in training, and the call center — one of three based in California — is set to go live on October 1.


Joblessness Impacts 4 out of 5 US Adults

WASHINGTON (AP) — Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

Survey data exclusive to The Associated Press points to an increasingly globalized U.S. economy, the widening gap between rich and poor and loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs as reasons for the trend.

The findings come as President Barack Obama tries to renew his administration’s emphasis on the economy, saying in recent speeches that his highest priority is to “rebuild ladders of opportunity” and reverse income inequality.

Hardship is particularly on the rise among whites, based on several measures. Pessimism among that racial group about their families’ economic futures has climbed to the highest point since at least 1987. In the most recent AP-GfK poll, 63 percent of whites called the economy “poor.”

“I think it’s going to get worse,” said Irene Salyers, 52, of Buchanan County, Va., a declining coal region in Appalachia. Married and divorced three times, Salyers now helps run a fruit and vegetable stand with her boyfriend, but it doesn’t generate much income. They live mostly off government disability checks.

“If you do try to go apply for a job, they’re not hiring people, and they’re not paying that much to even go to work,” she said. Children, she said, have “nothing better to do than to get on drugs.”

While racial and ethnic minorities are more likely to live in poverty, race disparities in the poverty rate have narrowed substantially since the 1970s, census data show. Economic insecurity among whites also is more pervasive than is shown in government data, engulfing more than 76 percent of white adults by the time they turn 60, according to a new economic gauge being published next year by the Oxford University Press.

The gauge defines “economic insecurity” as experiencing unemployment at some point in their working lives, or a year or more of reliance on government aid such as food stamps or income below 150 percent of the poverty line. Measured across all races, the risk of economic insecurity rises to 79 percent.

“It’s time that America comes to understand that many of the nation’s biggest disparities, from education and life expectancy to poverty, are increasingly due to economic class position,” said William Julius Wilson, a Harvard professor who specializes in race and poverty.

He noted that despite continuing economic difficulties, minorities have more optimism about the future after Obama’s election, while struggling whites do not.

“There is the real possibility that white alienation will increase if steps are not taken to highlight and address inequality on a broad front,” Wilson said.

Honor Houston Vets on Memorial Day

Help us place a flag on every grave at Houston National Cemetery

For the second year, KSEV is teaming up with Flags For Fallen Vets to place a flag on every grave at the Houston National Cemetery.  Each veteran will receive an individual honor along with our thanks and admiration.

Can you help us place the flags?

We need 700 volunteers to join us Sunday morning, May 25, 2014.  We meet early in the morning for instructions and to obtain the flags.  You’ll report to nearby Greenspoint Mall for shuttle transportation to the Cemetery.   After an opening ceremony, we’ll begin placing the flags.  Our volunteers placed all 65,000 flags in about 40 minutes last year.  If you can help, fill out the form below.  You’ll receive details and information on how to link up with team KSEV.

Volunteer To Place Flags

Can you, your office, church group or organization help Mack place flags at Houston National Cemetery? It will take about 3 hours on Sunday morning, May 25, 2014, beginning at 8:00 am. Fill out the form below and we'll get you signed up on Team KSEV!
  • Tell us about your business or organization. How many volunteers? Please include the names of each volunteer over 14 years of age. All ages welcome!

Can you make a donation for flags and supplies?

Every donation helps with flags, storage, transportation and supplies.

Click here to make a donation.

The pictures of last year’s event are featured below.

Cars streaming in at 7:00 am.


Instructions from J.B. the Section J Team Leader.


Some fans find Richard “Mack” Machowicz.


Mack finds Tyler Cook.


Tyler Cook makes a donation to Bob Fussner, President, Flags For Fallen Vets.


Tyler Cook and Bob Fussner.


A well deserved hug from Bob Fussner.


The work of placing flags begins.


Volunteers pay tribute to the fallen vets in Section J.


KSEV’s Russell Sherrill and son Luke.


Tyler Cook finds his paternal grandfather.


Measuring the proper distance to place the flag.


Father and son place flags.


Mack places a flag.


Mack pays his respects to a fellow veteran.


On to the next section.


Jimmy Klauck places a flag.


Boy shows dad where to place the flag.


Flags for all vets.


With respect to 65,000 vets.


Just a few flags left.


Flags placed against the morning sky.


Volunteers head home for the weekend.


Project complete in Section J.


Click below to hear Bob Fussner, President of Flags For Fallen Vets, talk about how the event got started.

Click here to visit the Flags For Fallen Vets web site.

Listen to AM 700 KSEV for details and updates.





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