Podcasts – The Latest KSEV broadcasts

Now, you can listen to any KSEV radio show, anytime from anywhere in the country.  Want to listen to Edd Hendee in the afternoon or Michael Savage in the morning?  Now you can with high-quality audio delivered on your smartphone or desktop computer.

Click on the radio show you’d like to hear from the host or program you choose.

Scroll down for full instructions.

Here are some quick links to the audio players.

Edd Hendee

Dan Patrick and Friends

Michael Savage

Paul Berlin

Laura Ingraham

Dave Ramsey

Steve Drake

Homework Houston




Look for the audio players on the KSEV web site.  You’ll find them on the pages for HOSTS or PROGRAMS.  Select the broadcast you’d like to hear.  Click on the arrow key on the audio player.  Click pause to stop the audio.

Programs are updated within 20 minutes of each original broadcast.  Normally, the past 3 full radio shows (or more) are available on the player.  Select highlights are kept on the players for longer periods of time.

Do you have a suggestion for special broadcast segments we should retain?  Have some suggestions to improve the audio?  Trouble hearing the programs?  Leave a reply and let us know.

Thanks for listening!


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  1. chris says:

    Am I missing it or is there no way to download these podcasts? I travel, fly, a lot and love to listen to the shows in the air. I use to pull Lances off of Streettalk but that seems to no longer be an option. If there is a means to download in to a podcast manager can you point me in that direction? I’m realling missing hearing Lance’s show.

  2. Pierre Bonappettit says:

    Just found your site. An old Paul Berlin fan going back to the 60′s in Houston.Now in cajun country.Love the Pete Fountain Paul.Keep it coming.Good health and God Bless!

  3. Gene says:

    Do you have apps to listen to Savage through my Galaxy4

  4. Clay Collins says:

    Any way to download to my ipod?

  5. libby says:

    will any of the podcasts every be available for download to my MP3 player?

  6. David Doiron says:

    Is there a tablet app available?

  7. David Doiron says:

    I downloaded your app on my Droid phone. However, cannot find it when using tablet. Have a tablet app?

  8. "Ray" in Kansas City says:

    yiippeee!!….. KSEV audio streaming has started working again for me this morning after a several month lapse. Thanks to the
    pod-casts , i was able to keep up with Edd’s broadcasts
    during this time.

  9. Clay Collins says:

    It would be really great if I could download select episodes of Edd or Dan to my ipod so I can listed in the car or at the gym. Could you please consider setting it up like Lance’s street talk live podcast system? Love your shows, but can’t always catch the live shows or listed at home.

  10. Larry Youngblood says:

    Edd, I can never match John’s story but my health insurance with Blue Cross Blue shield – Texas risk pool was cancelled as well. I am very curious to what extent other Texans were hit with this potential disaster.

  11. Larry Rezek says:

    How do I download Paul Berlin’s show to my MP3/I-Pod player?