Blueprint for a Balanced Budget

Posted by Dan Patrick on 1/19/2011

Can we balance the Texas budget without raising taxes?

The Texas Conservative Coalition says YES!  Take a look at the Blueprint for a Balanced Budget recently issued by the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute.  Dan Patrick sits on the board.  Dan says this is not a substitute budget and that he doesn’t agree with every aspect of the Blueprint.  However, take a look and see for yourself.  Do you like this Blueprint?

Click here for the Blueprint for a Balanced Budget

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  1. Ashley Washington says:

    How can we support Mr.Patrick and make sure that the web site is Mr. Patrick official site?

    Ashley,Joann Washington

  2. Doggie says:

    Why can’t YOU yourself save money by NOT mailing correspondence via USPS when that constituent is not supported by you!!!

    What a silly thing to do and what a total waste of your time and my taxpayer money.

    Apparently you can speak to all constituents via your radio program, but not all constituents through email.

    I am thoroughly perplexed by you.

  3. Curtis Crow says:

    Introduce a Bill where politicians voting against a balanced budget must pledge as collateral to taxpayers their entire lifetime savings and retirement accounts.

    I keep calling my Congressman in District 22 every so often to get the bill introduced.

  4. TmblTX says:

    It’s easy to balance the budget without raising taxes.  Quit spending!

  5. Vickijm says:

    I listened on the radio yesterday driving from work regarding education. What ever happened to all of the funding from Lotto paying for education?  That is what I throught it was for. Dumb Me?

  6. David Dotson says:

    We live in an age where budgets need to be cut and duplication of repetitive tasks needs to automated whenever possible.
    This is nowhere more evident than in our schools. Save the teachers! Oust the overhead!
    Please contact me about a case study I’ve read illustrating the elimination of FTE’s of repetitive processes.

  7. Can we do this without the excess costs of implementing the state tests. We know the state already purchased them from Pearson. Something I think is sad because the state put tests over the school personnel. Which is more important? How much personnel will be cut. Please get the budget done before May 31 so the schools can get things in order and less personnel will be cut.

  8. Davidreitz says:

    Some interesting ideas. Glad their is a plan. Not sure how many of the public education “non-teacher” positions can be reduced. Many of them are the result of state and federal mandates.