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Dr. Steven HotzeDr. Steven Hotze, founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Solutions, is leading the revolution in wellness!  The doctor’s goal is to help listeners achieve optimal health and lifelong wellness through the natural treatment of food and airborne allergies and balancing the thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones.  Dr. Hotze evaluates listeners’ symptoms and then treats their underlying causes naturally.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D. is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health and Wellness Solutions Center of Houston.  His 8-Point Treatment Regimen has helped over 30,000 individuals to get on a path of health and wellness and enjoy a better quality of life.

Dr. Hotze has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows across the nation, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates, and CBS’ The Morning Show. He is also a regular guest on the KHOU Channel 11 morning program, Great Day Houston.

Dr. Hotze is a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and is Former President of the Pan American Allergy Society and founder and President of the American Academy of Biologically Identical Hormone Therapy.

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  1. Mark says:

    I cannot find any audio prompts for Dr Hotze. How do I locate the podcasts??

  2. Patti Graham says:

    Yesterday (3/24) on the air around 12:45pm, I heard a host quote a saying about Obama care. It went something like this; To ensure the insured stay insured…

    Can you please direct me to where I can find this quote.
    It was very good!

    Thank you very much. I enjoy listening to you on my lunch break.

  3. Richard Rollins says:

    Where can I get a podcast of the show broadcast 3/24/14 about Heart Disease. I was only able to catch part of the show, and would like to get the whole show.

  4. Barbara Ziga says:

    Iam very interested in your “Hypothyroidism, Health and Happiness” I am a 74 yr old female having taken radio active iodine when I was 18 and have been on synthroid since I was 20. At this time I take blood pressure med and not because I asked for it, also a cholestrol lowering med. I had asked for armour thyroid but was told by my PCP that it was too hard to regulate. What can I do?
    Thank you! Barbara Ziga 309 Dishong Mt Rd,Johnstown,Pa 15906

  5. David Banes says:

    I am 54 year old man 5’7″ 192 pounds.
    I am on Levothyroxine sodium 25 MCG 1 per 24 hours.My doctor has varied this from one to a half tablet per day and back to one again.
    My other meds are lisinopril 20 MG and Zetia 10 MG each 1 per 24 hours.
    I have felt right a large amount of the time I have been on these meds, but,,,
    I go through phases of feeling anemic, and a sensation of dizziness.
    Sometimes I find my blood pressure is too low for my tolerance level. What do you think I can do to balance my issues?
    I have to admit I eat terribly and this probably contributes to the problem… I am single and it is hard to cook healthy for one.
    Maybe if someone told me which meds to vary and to which direction when I feel certain side effects.
    Thank you for any help you can render.

  6. dani pfaff says:

    My husband happened to catch the program today and called me but it was almost over. The topic was something about thyroid disease and fibromyalgia. I would really be interested in hearing the details as I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago and then in March of 2013 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.