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Marc McCoy, host of Homework Houston, helps you with your homework every Friday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Homework is gathering the information you need before you buy something or hire a contractor.  And, talking to experts is the best way to get homework done quickly.


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From new products to local services, host Marc McCoy brings experts into the studio to share what they have learned from decades in their business.  Those experts give you the education you need to make the right decision.  And, they answer your questions live on the air!

Before you buy anything or hire anyone, do your homework!

Are you doing some homework and need some extra help?  Leave a comment below and we’ll get the Homework Houston team on it!

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  1. Wayne Krennercih says:

    1. I need a company to come “tune up” my home theater system. Having some issues and not sure if it is cable, TV or receiver. Also want to switch out BlueRay player and check all the programming on my universal remote.

    2. I want to add a home based wifi personal cloud to store data from all our laptops and mobiles and be able to have it accessible from anywhere. Need help with selecting appropriate device and then partitioning device so that some files can be restricted from view by all family members.

  2. Ziggy says:

    Good Afternoon Mark,

    When will you be having Steve Davis back on your homework show?

    I have jotted down his email on one of your broadcasts and I have lost it.

    Thanks and best regards,