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Dr. David MobleyWhere does it hurt?  Join Dr. David Mobley and get straight forward answers to your health questions.  From finding a good physician to offering some down to earth health advice, Dr. David Mobley takes the call!

David Mobley, M.D., is a board certified urologist and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the Inter-American College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The Methodist Health Hour is sponsored by The Methodist Hospital System and is broadcast live from Methodist West Houston Hospital.

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  1. Susan says:

    Dr. Mobley, I called in a couple weeks ago with a question about too much iron and we discussed celiac/gluten intolerance. I mentioned a bakery in San Antonio and said I would send you the info. Its The Little Aussie Bakery and Café and they have wonderful bread (unlike most gluten-free breads) They sell fresh and frozen products(and ship all over) and if you are ever in the area (near the Witte Museum) stop in and French Toast ever!! and other dishes that you would never know were gluten free.

    We try gluten free restaurants/bakeries every place we travel and they are our favorite!

    Thanks for your show..enjoy listening…Susan

  2. Pat Thomas says:

    Dr. Mobley:

    I have listened to your show several time. There is a doctor that specializes in hearing/hearing aids. I have a friend that needs his name and number.

  3. VICKI says:

    Does Dr. Mobley have a website? He did at one point, had great information on it.
    Thank you.

  4. Rachel says:

    Dr. Mobley,

    You can purchase the Fitbit on or at Best Buy, It also works with MyFitnessPal app!

  5. Mary Snavely says:

    You removed my left kidney due to two tumors about 20 years ago. I now have a tumor on my right kidney and I live in Wimberley TX so I am seeing Dr. Bischoff in Austin Tx. He needs to know what type of tumors I had on the right kidney before he performs surgery. Is there any way that you would still have those medical files in storage or something? He thinks the tumor I have appears to be cancerous but I told him the tumors you removed were not cancerous. That is what I remember but need to verify what type of tumor. Please let me know if I need to contact your office. I am hoping and praying that you may remember because it was a rare case were my sister had her left kidney removed due to tumors as well long before I had the same problem and you believed it may be hereditary. I believe you did my surgery in 1993 or 1994. I pray that you will be able to help me with that information.

  6. Veronica says:

    Is cancer from the HPV virus always caused from sexual contact, or can you get it other ways?

  7. ambrose mueller says:

    I talked to you on phone Tues about my prostate cancer operation where the dr tore a hole in my rectum and bladder.
    Forgot to tell you the VA hospital had no one qualified to make my repairs and sent me Methodist hospital and your two friends and Dr Bailey and dr Coburn did my repairs.
    They were GREAT.


  8. Jim Jordan says:

    I was listening yesterday when a woman called with symptoms that I can relate to: loosing hair, no energy….and Synthroid med is not helping. You were about to provide some guidance but unfortunate I had to take a phone call and never heard what it was.

    Synthroid is not all there is – is it?

    Best regards,
    Jim Jordan

  9. Brett Lingle says:

    Hello, first time listener today to your show. You mentioned something you take for restless leg, or as I my wife calls it, the Jimmy Leg. I kick her alot in my sleep.
    The second thing I heard today was something you talk about acupuncture. Cant remember the name of company you said sold the device.
    Thanks for the good information today.

  10. Robert says:

    I was able to the lat part of Dr. Mobley on air discussing thriod treatment today 5/13/2013 at 12.56 PM. Is there a way that I might be able to hear or reply that discussion.

    Best regards,

  11. Todd says:

    Dr Mobley,

    I heard something about a Parkinson’s Education Meeting that is upcoming but didn’t get the details. How can I find out more about that…I think I heard May 8th???

    Thanks so much, Todd

  12. Jean says:

    I’m 55 years old, my weight fluctuates between 96.5 and 99 and I’m 5′ tall.
    I am a runner (usually about 30 miles/week). The last 2 or 3 weeks I have been having a tough time with my running. My legs seem heavy when I run and sometimes during the day my legs feel a little weaker than normal(more like the sensation when a person is nervous or anxious). Hard to explain! Also, when I run, I feel like I have to breath a little deeper than usual.
    Thank you for any ideas!

  13. Glen Payne says:

    Are you taking any new medicare patients. I am wanting to come see you. I am seeing another dr for an ongoing bladder problem but my dr is only here one day a week.


    Glen Payne

  14. Scott Hamm says:

    Dr Mobley. I heard your show today and I learned so much about MS. I have Multifocal Motor Neuropathy. I have had this since 1998. Just hit me. I working with Dr Harati. I have been on the IVIG since 98. This is just on my right side. The treatments would last,at the beginning, about 7 months. Now I must get them every month. I have lost muscle mass where, in my right hand and arm,that I can hardly open my rightand, and my right foot is very weak.I was told this is in the MS family. I did today get the Vit D and B-12. Im not sure the IVIG will ever help me, but hearing yall talk today, I might take another route. He has said that the IVIG is a preventative. Im 59 yrs old now. Im wondering if you can maybe help me with this, or is Dr Harati right on with this IVIG treatment. I really like Dr Harati. If you have any advice, i would appreciate it. Scott Hamm

  15. Mike says:

    Would like a copy of that draft you are discussing.

  16. Fernando says:

    Dr. Mobley,
    I am a 67 year-old male. After taking Proscar and its generic equivalent for more than ten (10) years, some 5-weeks ago I developed a painful and tender area around the nipple in my right breast area. The disconfort and tenderness was acompanied by an enlargement of the breast area as well. An ultrasound (sonogram) ordered by my family doctor did not reveal lumps or inflamed limph nodes. I did stop taking finasteride 5mg manufactured by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in India 2-weeks ago, but the disconfort continues. Please provide me with advise. I have also been taking Lipitor-80mg, Tricor-145mg, Flomax-0.4mg and 81mg of aspirin per day.

    • Fernando says:

      Dr. Mobley,
      I am a 67 year-old male. After taking Proscar and its generic equivalent for more than ten (10) years, some 5-weeks ago I developed a painful and tender area around the nipple in my right breast area. The disconfort and tenderness was acompanied by an enlargement of the breast area as well. An ultrasound (sonogram) ordered by my family doctor did not reveal lumps or inflamed limph nodes. I did stop taking finasteride 5mg (this generic is manufactured by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in India) 2-weeks ago, but the disconfort continues. Please provide me with advise and I will also try to listen to your radio program next week. I have also been taking Lipitor-80mg, Tricor-145mg, Flomax-0.4mg and 81mg of aspirin per day.

  17. Maggie Sorrel says:

    My husband told me he heard you give 9 points to extending your life on your radio broadcast. How can we get a copy?

  18. Laurie Doughty says:

    i wanted to ask you if i should see a cardiologist. i was diagnosed with mild tricuspid regurgitation by my internist. the cause of it hasn’t been determined and i wanted to ask if that needs to be determined. thank you.

  19. abel says:

    what is cause of numb toes for about six months

  20. Lynn Holloway says:

    could you please give me the name of a referral for a Rheumatologist and Endocrinologist.

    Thank you,

    Lynn Holloway

  21. fontelar says:

    After my yearly physicality my lab report came back with an elevated PSA 4,8 Total and Free was 10 my last physical was 2 1/2 years ago and it was 3,4 then.  My Urologist wants to have a biopsy done and if I have to I will, but my question is.  Why aren’t MRI s with a 
    MR spectroscopic imaging or other types (there are several) not use more in order to obtained a better picture of the location of the cancer before you even do a biopsy?
    In reading about biopsy’s it is my understanding that there can be complications, pain in some cases, having a negative biopsy by not heating the cancerous region (and at times having 2 or 3 biopsy’s before the cancer is found) and if it comes back positive an MRI  is done any way in order to obtain the exact location.The Journal of Applied Radiology of January 2009 have an excellent article as to the different MRI techniques to locate prostrate cancer.It really seems to me that if the statistic of 1 out 5 men develops prostrate cancer during their lifetime, the cost of the MRI would not be as prohibited and a lot more effective in treating prostrate cancer, not to mentioned much less stressful for the patient!

  22. My son Robert is in with Dr. Mobley today from spring woods high school.

  23. This is my first opportunity to visit this website. I found some interesting things and I will apply to the development of my blog. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  24. houha51 says:

    Are prostate massagers safe for regular use?  Is there really such a thing as a “Super Orgasm” as claimed by the vendors who sell the prostate massage devices?  

  25. Plumbtexan says:

    What was the name of the omega 3 pills that help your eyes if there dry. Was it fish tears?

  26. Lostdragon1838 says:

    My husband told me about your discussion on cancer today, April 25th, with a lady doctor. He said it was very informative. Is there a transcript of the program? As a recent breast cancer survivor, I would like to be able to share this information.

  27. Lonnie says:

    March 07,2011
    Anyone know of the use of Stem Cells to treat Degenerative Disc Disease, DDD. I know of Mesoblast and Regenex. Dr. Mobley told me of a Doctor in Houston who has done this. I called this doctor a week ago and asked. I was told they would get back to me but have not heard from them. Please post here.
    Thank You…

  28. Truth says:

    What can fasting do for me? Should I be under medical supervision? Is a prolonged fast dangerous? How long should I fast? How do I end a long fast?

    Fasting was once a common way of dealing with sickness and spiritual issues. In recent times, fasting for health has fallen into disuse, in deference to the quick-fix promise of modern drugs which may only complicate and further drain the body’s resources. Fasting is recently becoming a preferred method of treatment in conditions associated with heart disease, digestive problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetes, Arthritis, Chornic Fatigue, allergies and joint pain. A properly conducted therapeutic fast can allow the body to rapidly mobilize and eliminate toxic and metabolic accumulations. Fasting allows the body to undergo radical metabolic change that is requently associated with the normalization of body weight, blood pressure and circulation. Elevations of blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver enzymes and inflammation markers are often rapidly corrected. Fasting allows the body to do what it does best …heal itself!

    The Physician Within
    “Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.”
    – Hippocrates “The Father of Medicine”

    “Instead of using medicine, rather, fast a day.”
    – Plutarch

  29. Turth says:

    If you have any questons on drugs please go and visit webpage w w w . ask a patient . com and put in the drug you want to see results on and read about what side effects people have had. See the actual results from those that have been on them.

  30. Bill says:

    Dr. David
    Just caught the last of a show last week, you interviewed a hearing aid specialist, George ??? doing sound pressure test…
    Was that Hearing Aids of Texas, on Tidwell???
    Phone #

    • Joanie says:

      Hearing Aids of Texas is on the Southwest Freeway at W. Bellfort. The address is 11285 Southwest Freeway, #180, Houston, TX 77031; office phone is 281-530-8300. Give George Gaenslen a call; I also heard the program and took my husband to see him. He got us fixed up and now we understand “how” hearing aids work. I can’t wait for the aids to come in more than my husband! Good luck!

    • Marc McCoy says:

      Hey, Bill. You can listen to George Gaenslen’s KSEV interview on the Homework Houston page on this web site. Click on Homework Houston from the “Programs” page. Then, click on Homework Houston interviews. George is a great guy. Ask him about the Sound Pressure Level test.