Energy Savings In The Home

Dedicated to cutting your energy costs by thirty percent!

Listen Saturday afternoons from 2:00 to 3:00 pm as Gary Parr and Dennis Celsor help people cut their energy bills. 

If you’ve tried everything and need some help, turn to the utility bill hatchet men

Gary Parr and Dennis Celsor

Gary Parr is an HVAC expert.  Half of your energy costs go to heating and cooling.  Dennis Celsor is a green building expert.  The other half of your energy costs go to inefficient windows, attics and walls.  Together, they will help you map out a plan to make your home more efficient and save money.

Energy Savings In The Home is sponsored by Davis Air Conditioning and Heating.  It’s not just green.  It’s Davis green.  License number TACLA000205C.

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  1. Doug Branham says:

    Speaking as a graduate mechanical engineer for 43 years, your guest is not taking into consideration the partial pressure of water in his discussion of attic moisture. As the temperature of air rises, the relative humidity decreases. If the ambient air temperature at 100 F and 80% humidity is raised to 120F, the relative humidity is considerably less. Moisture becomes a problem when the temperature of ambient air is lowered and goes below the dew point.

  2. Alx reviel says:

    I cannot remember the web address for the renovation you discussed today with the architect. Please refresh my memory.