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October 11, 2017

Stunned CNN Reporter on the Weinstein Scandal: ‘Where Are The Obamas?’

In which CNN’s Dana Bash marvels at the deafening silence from Barack and Michelle Obama regarding the sordid and worseningallegations leveled against their political benefactor, Harvey Weinstein.  We’re approaching day six of this story, yet we’ve seen nary a Facebook post from a figure who’s happily spouted off on any number of political and cultural controversies since leaving office.  Seriously, what gives? Might they still be privately seething that nobody warned them about Weinstein before they sent their daughter to go work for him? Or are they simply trying to figure out exactly how to play this because of the…delicate political relationships at play?  Either way, their continued MIA status is so unavoidable at this point that segments like this are airing:

From Townhall.com

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