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Dan Patrick holds the office of State Senator from Texas District 7  and is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.   He has championed conservative causes in the Texas Senate for the past 6 years and serves as the Chairman of the Education Committee.   For an inside look at Texas politics and the 2014 elections, don’t miss Dan Patrick and Friends, weekdays at 5pm on KSEV!


Latest by Dan Patrick

Blueprint for a Balanced Budget

Can we balance the Texas budget without raising taxes? Take a look at the Blueprint for a Balanced Budget issued by the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute. What do you think?

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Patrick Family Shrimp Dip Recipe

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  1. Linda Bennett says:

    Hope you win!!!!

  2. J. Larry & Rose Railey says:

    We applaud your switching to The Blaze Radio Network.

  3. Alexander Burnett says:

    Did you know they muted all the challengers final comments in the live debate last night? Audio was immediately restored for the commentators final comments. I have begun an investigation. I want to know why and who was behind this deliberate sabotage of a public forum for a fair election.

  4. James Bordelon says:

    Consider using your contacts to get a bill introduced at the federal level:

    That when we fill out our income tax form each person sends 80% to their state capital and 20% to the federal level.

    It would transform our country to back what the founders intended

  5. kevin spriggs says:

    thanks for Michael savage drive time this coming year !!!!!

  6. Al Nelson says:

    I understand your absence form the show with your senate duties and campaigning, and Ben and Paul do a good job filling in. I don’t think Eric Andell adds anything to the show. Why give such a partisan liberal a “voice” on the Voice? His ideas are always liberal and he can’t even be intellectually honest about the events going on each day that affect us so dramatically.

  7. Allan says:

    Dan, in listening to commentary regarding the nuclear option, I have not heard about the possibility of the GOP winning the Senate in 2014 and what would happen. Would not the lame duck Senate change the rules back before they lose control?
    Would they not simply state that they made a mistake and are changing the rules back? Then once we take control in 2014 (theoretically) if we moved to change the rules like they did, they would simply make us out to be the evil GOP again. stating that they were wrong and reaching out “across the aisle” to make all right again?
    Just a thought but, I would love to here Ben or yourself comment on the scenario I have laid out.
    Thank you for all you do!

  8. ADRIAN WAGNER says:


  9. Donald Manint says:

    Hi Dan, I heard you talk about a staffing agency woth plenty of jobs and no one to fill them. I am 62 yrs old reteried and looking for work. can you send me via e-mail a contact #. Thanks Don

  10. Jennie Hackworth says:

    Dan – I just heard you talking about an employment agency in Dallas who has jobs that he can’t fill. What is the name of that company? Both of my sons are in Dallas. One is a Chemistry teacher and the other one is in Chiropractic College. They do have some friends who have graduated college and are looking for a job.
    Thanks for all you do. Jen

  11. Rhonda Williams says:

    Hi Dan, Your show was great this morning covering for Edd Hendee. Thank You for telling the caller Chris (Dem) the truth, people like Chris will never see the lying BO is totally destroying our great country. Good Luck on your run for Lt. Governor, Best Wishes and God Bless


  12. Toni Lawrence says:

    Dan–Please reconsider and run for the US Senate–We need a person that’s not afraid of their convictions. You would defeat Coryn as he is not a campaigner or one to stand for his party plateform.

  13. James Maxwell says:

    Dan you got my vote for Lt Gov. We need someone who is willing to stand up for TEXAS and not be a do little politico.

  14. John Amann says:

    Hi Dan… senator Patrick and hopefully future Lieutenant governor. I am puzzled… Savage is new to Cumulus Media,and the show is live late at night for 3 hours… until it was recently changed to 2 hours only from 8 to 10 pm… … if it is a recording? why not play all 3 hours and if so why not make it earlier… say 6 to 9pm or 7 to 10pm…or better yet in the morning time slot.
    KSEV the voice of texas and of the conservative… Michael Savage is the most conservative host on any radio and is really the only one that dare to address what the other talkshow host won’t even admit they exist… Border, Culture and Language… can you explain

  15. Charles Watson says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your hard work representing me and my family. I live in Cypress and have vowed to become heavily involved in this mid-term election cycle. I served in the military, as a volunteer and full time firefighter, and on an ambulance for the first 20 years of my adult life and find it hard to support those who have never done anything of value to keep our communities and our country intact as a Christian nation. Again, thank you for your leadership. I look forward to voting for you as Lt. Gov. of Texas. I can’t think of anything that would make me more proud. (Well, maybe if you were to run for President I would. LOL)
    Thanks in Christ,
    C. Rob Watson,
    Cypress, TX 77429

  16. Travis says:

    I believe Dan Patrick is the right man to lead Texas. He has a proven record and the passion to provide the right leadership that Texas needs. I hope he runs for Governor some day too!!!

    Good Luck and God Bless

  17. john crawford says:

    Senator, you had a man on your show yesterday at 5:45 pm who was in a bad situation. A good Christian man whose wife had diabetes and they were struggling and she couldn’t get healthcare. You gave him your number and told him to call you. If you find his situation to be real, I would like to know if there is any way a listener like myself could contribute to helping them out. I don’t have much, but would like to give them a hundred dollars or something…. some way to make sure they are at least eating. His story made me tear up. It’s a shame that an HONEST person who refuses to lie and cheat the system can’t get help when they are it real need.
    Please let me know if there is something I can do to help.

  18. Deb McCrea says:

    Hi Senator,

    That phone call on friday broke my heart and i shed lots of tears; my sis has type 1 diabetes and is also an advanced practice nurse practitioner at md anderson working with diabetes pt

    i called her for advice:

    1) Ben Taub has a good program (Gold Card) and I know the the clinical nurse specialist -diabetes educator and her name is Talar Glover

    2) My sis said that ALL the insulin companies will help with the cost of insulin. my sister said she fills out ppw all the time. the patient fills out the financial form then the medical provider fills out the rest of the form with the info re the prescription. He does not have to buy it on Craigslist

    3) It sounds like she has a. hypoglycemia unawareness if she keeps passing out

    and if she keeps vomiting,, it is likely diabetic ketoacidosis.

    SHE MUST go be seen

    and if she can’t get into the clinic Dr. Flowers spoke up … then Ben Taub OR LBJ really is a good place.

    I’m an advance practice nurse also and and EMS faculty and spent a lot of time there…. the docs are all Baylor or UT docs.

    I am praying for him and his wife.. I hope you can pass on the info

    also maybe he is already doing this.. but his church members i’m sure would be more than happy to help watch her or help drive him somewhere…. if he asks.

    Debbie McCrea, RN, MSN, CNS, CEN, CFRN, EMT-P
    HCC EMS Faculty; UT Family Nurse Practitioner student

  19. Dean Cowger says:

    I am not in your district but have made cash contributions toward your campaigns. Please do as much as you can to shut our borders and to disfund “Obama Care”. I live in Montgomery County and will be more than happy to assist you in your campaign for Lt Governor.
    Respectfully: Dean

  20. Al Nelson says:

    I agree with Melanie, too much Dave Ramsey. Not only the show but all the adv. spots!
    Also, for what it’s worth, I for one would rather hear Dan in the afternoon than all the “friends”. Understand Dan has other responsibilities but if he can’t be on the radio it would be nice to have a real radio host.

  21. Melanie Braselton says:

    I have been listening to you for many, many years and I love KSEV radio! I would like to let you know that I do have one problem…I am getting tired of Dave Ramsey!! The re-runs are often what I heard during the day…I am a night owl and would like to her re-runs of YOUR show:) Can you do that?
    Otherwise, I really like all of your hosts…I wake up at 6 every morning to hear Edd and of course, enjoy your show very much. Thanks for your service to Texas and your Christian approach!

  22. Cherry Fessenden says:

    Dear brother in Christ,

    As I was doing my daily quiet time,I felt very strongly that the Lord wanted me to bring to your rememberance the following scriptures:

    Proverbs 23:1-8

    When thou sittest to eat with a ruler, condider diligently what is before thee;

    And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.

    Be not desirous of his dainties: for they are deceitful meat.

    Labour not to be rich; cease from thine own wisdom.

    Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? for riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.

    Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats:

    For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he; Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

    The morsel which thou hast eaten shalt thou vomit up, and lose thy sweet words.

    In His service and praying for you,

  23. larry minns says:

    Sine you have been in Austin, you probably have NOT kept up with Houston’s alarming number of freeway wrecks involving
    18 wheel trucks that tie up traffic for hours.
    Suggestion : limit speed in county to 50 MPH, since most wrecks are caused by speeding. Set a fine from $1000 to $5000 to be paid before truck is released.
    I have contacted Judge Emmit & Mayor Parker & both replied that do not have authority to set speed limits
    Has to come from state.This seems like a common since approach to a majir problem. HELP
    Larry MInns

  24. Debbie Kilgore says:

    I need to find out how to help with Dan’s campaign for Lt. Governor, and getting bumper stickers for it also!

  25. Myra Luinstra says:

    Wanted to let you know I learn so much by listening to KSEV as to how Texas State gov’t functions, etc. and it motivates me to dig deeper to remind myself of what I had forgotten from my Texas history/govt. I commend all the hosts on imparting great information.

    You said something the other evening and I use to say this myself until I found out I was speaking incorrectly. You said, “God works in mysterious ways.” Christians even say this all the time but that is an untruth. Most people believe that is in the Bible, but it appears nowhere. We may not know all the ways of God because He doesn’t have to tell us everything, but that is not a scripture. Just thought you might want to be made aware, hopefully, re-phrase that comment.
    Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.

  26. Charles Best says:

    Dan, where has Mack gone. Man I miss him. What a delight to listen to a real grounded ex military guy. He certainly seems like a very nice and real person.

    I hope he is coming back. Not that I dislike you Dan, but you are no MACK.

    I am having a MACK withdrawl!

  27. Alex says:

    Dan – are you going to let the other Patrick (Matt) blast you on his radio show 24/7?

  28. Sandy says:

    Glad to have you back and that you are running for Lt Gov. Always listen when Ben, Eric, Paul, or Lance are hosting.

  29. Joe says:

    Seventh term reelection speech from Mayor of Davao, Philippines.

    “Today, as I take my oath of office as city mayor for the seventh time, I ask you to join me in sustaining not only this government of the people, by the people and for the people but also in creating a government for the least, the last and the lost,”

    – Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

  30. Wanda says:

    I am very impressed that Dan, you are going to run for Lieutenant Governor of Texas. You are a man of conviction and that is what we need in parliment today. Not a yes man.

    An avid listener of KSEV all day every day I listen to talk radio, and become informed

    Wanda Simmons

  31. Jim says:


    Good to hear you are running for Lt. Gov. However, I would hope that you make peace with Senator Cruz. I feel you will miss out on some votes in your listening area if you don’t. The exchange you had with him on air left a bad taste for many folks, me included.

    Good luck.

  32. mike says:

    Dan what happened last night in Austin?

    Did Dewhurst cave in to pressure?

    Keep up the good work.

  33. Sammie Alessandro says:

    Thanks so much for bringing Edd back in the mornings, I am back with KSEV now. While I leave my radio on KSEV, and like the lineup, weekends are really too much Ramsey!!! my goodness..
    Love you, and have been listening since your sports days.

  34. Rich Van Gilder says:

    Honorable Mr. Patrick,

    I thoroughly enjoy listening to Edd Hendee in the AM. Thank God (really thank God) he is back on the radio. He reminds me so much of my grandfather whom I miss so much.

    I am a lifelong conservative. I am also a teacher in Texas Public schools. I wanted to let you know that I think you are on the right track as far as the needs of school kids, parents, schools, teachers, and education in general. Keep up the good work. If you ever need a person to run an idea by, I am all ears. I am also a first generation native Houstonian. I am an army vet.

    I do miss your sports reports though.

    Keep it simple, stay on the straight and narrow. Fight and defeat Socialism at all costs and at every opportunity.

    God Bless America


  35. Mackenzie Brown says:

    Help !!!

    Obama’s Homeland Security agents are stalking Tea Party Militia members in the streets of Texas !

    Under surveillance for possible “Domestic Terrorism” ? !

    For this we wore our country’s uniform ? !

    Capt. Mac

    Austin Rifles
    Texas Brigade
    Tea Party Militia

    12 year proud Citizen Soldier

    Army MOS 11 B / Infantry

    Air Force AFSC 3 P O / Security Forces

    Army National Guard
    Army Reserve

    Air Force Guard
    Air Force Reserve

    Vis Pacem
    Para Bellum


  36. Debi says:


    Please don’t let them take away the lottery. It is going to hurt a lot of businesses and reduce the funds to the schools.
    This is nuts!

  37. J. Larry & Rose Railey says:

    Please Forward to Dan Patrick at KSEV

    Subject: Student Visas

    We commend your urging the immediate investigation of all aliens in the United States on student visas. No students from terrorist nations should have been admitted to the United States since September 11, 2001. Same goes for those here on tourist visas, and all those on tourist visas should be immediately investigated.

    J. Larry and Rosalind F. Railey

  38. Debi says:

    Dear Senator Patrick

    WHEN are legislators in Texas going to do something about the Lone Star abuse? We have a reducilous Bloomberg limiting sizes of soft drinks BUT we don’t STOP the ability to purchase
    Snickers and Cheetos with the ‘food stamp’ Lone Star program here in Texas where we make sensible laws.
    PLEASE, please. I am so frustrated at the grocery watching people purchase soda water, candy and chips with this card. It is not right and it was not the intent of food stamps

  39. Dave says:

    Getting down to the chase: this AM while driving into work and listening to Ed I heard your conversation with him regarding our school age kids not really knowing they have other options once they graduate etc. This caught my attention because I am in the industry and we have recognized this problem as well. I work with the HBR (Houston Business Roundtable) and others to see if we in the petrochemical, chemical, oil and manufacturing industry can reach out to that under-recongnized resource to help our business as well as giving the youth other options they may not even know exist. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in helping with please let me know by responding to the above e-mail.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

    Dave P

  40. John Wright says:


    Nice job on Piers Morgan. Keep up the 2nd Amendment fight.

  41. Glenn Holzman says:

    Dan, Keep up the good fight for charter schools… Here is ammo for your fight.

    Special Edition: Better Education for Less Money!

    On March 30, the House approved, by a vote of 225-195, bill HR 471 to reauthorize the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) for students in the District of Columbia. I travel to DC often in my role as a board member for the Council for American Private Education, and I find one of the slogans on many license plates there quite interesting: “taxation without representation.” Because DC does not have a vote for a representative to either house in Congress, it is much easier for Congress to vote to approve school choice legislation, such as OSP, which includes private and religious schools.

    The facts are in, and research proves conclusively that school choice and vouchers in particular are a huge success. According to a recent report titled A Win-Win Solution, 9 of 10 empirical “gold standard” studies cited in the report indicate that “vouchers improve student outcomes” (Forster 2011, 1). The study includes research on student achievement in Milwaukee, DC, Charlotte, New York, and Dayton. And 18 of 19 other studies show that not only do vouchers improve student learning but they also improve public schools, thus verifying that vouchers have been and continue to be “among the most prominent and successful reforms in the education field” (3).

    Also, one study finds that graduation rates for DC voucher students were 12 percent higher than non-OSP students (Forster 2011, 13). Finally, attendance at participating, private DC schools, according to the Cato Institute, has saved taxpayers over $17,000 per student per year (Schaeffer 2010, 8-9).

    Yet in light of these overwhelmingly positive reasons to support school choice that includes private and religious schools and OSP in particular, the Obama administration issued a position statement (Executive Office of the President, March 29, 2011) opposing OSP’s reauthorization:

    While the Administration appreciates that H.R. 471 would provide Federal support for improving public schools in the District of Columbia (D.C.), including expanding and improving high-quality D.C. public charter schools, the Administration opposes the creation or expansion of private school voucher programs that are authorized by this bill. The Federal Government should focus its attention and available resources on improving the quality of public schools for all students. Private school vouchers are not an effective way to improve student achievement…. Rigorous evaluation over several years demonstrates that the D.C. program has not yielded improved student achievement by its scholarship recipients compared to other students in D.C.

    Even if one concedes the president’s point on student achievement, private and religious schools achieve at least the same results for a fraction of the cost of educating students in DC public schools.

    Educational choice that does not include a choice for private, religious education is no choice at all! All government money is our money. So reason says that taxpayers’ money should follow students to schools of the parents’ choice. No student should be forced to attend a failing public school. At this time, success in this battle will probably be won state by state. Vouchers and tax credits to families choosing private school education provide more effective education and save states money.

    This legislative season, vouchers and tax credits that allow money to follow children to private and religious schools is being considered in 33 states. Please let your voice be heard! This legislation is one solution to the problem that the increases in private school tuition are outstripping parents’ ability to pay it, and to the growing number of budget shortfalls and the corresponding accumulation of debt that many states are facing. Now is the time to correct these problems and pass legislation that will provide greater opportunity and freedom for all our nation’s children.

    What a terrific opportunity-better education for children, greater freedom for families … and all this for less money!


    Forster, Greg. 2011. A win-win solution: The empirical evidence on school vouchers. Indianapolis, IN: Foundation for Educational Choice.

    Schaeffer, Adam. 2010. They spend what? The real cost of public schools. Policy Analysis, no. 662. Washington, DC: Cato Institute.

    Brian S. Simmons, President Association of Christian Schools International

  42. matthew hennigan says:

    henniganforthehall.com check this out and tell me why this great former oiler is not in the hoa thanks.

  43. Herb Schwartz says:

    Dan – - I miss Houston and my car radio tuned to KSEV. Joan and I are now residents of Tampa, FL, our ancestral home. We moved over here two years ago and I joined a law firm to do my antitrust defense work. It really doesn’t matter where home is, the work is same irrespective of where I am located and Joan wanted to be near her family; a cast of thousands.
    I enjoy listening to Edd and you in my office on my computer. I hope you and your family are well and the station is prosperous. Happily, I suspect both are true. My regards to our mutual friends. Herb S

  44. call memo says:

    These are all purely guesses! … boards from an IBM Personal Banking Machine (aka. ATM). The missing chips in the original photo might be the bits that make up the DES encoding.

  45. Kyle A. Sadler says:


    I wanted to start and thank you for what you are doing for our great state. I also appreciate you keeping us up-to-date on what is going on in Austin.

    I understand you are in session at this time and the show is less likely to center on Human Interest stories such as mine, but I wanted to make you aware of a new website we just launched. BarterOnly.com shares the commitment and understanding with you regarding the protection and preservation of the US Constitution. At BarterOnly.com, we believe in the 2nd Amendment and to my knowledge, we are the only website that allows trading of firearms for general merchandise.

    I am contacting you in hopes that I may speak with you or your producer regarding the story behind BarterOnly.com.

    Again, thank you for what your leadership and being a true representative to your constituents.

    Kindest Regards,

    Kyle A. Sadler

  46. Art McKnight says:

    I am curious about Obamas use of Czars. I do not understand if they are constitutionally approved and how their budgets are determined and where they get their authority to act in my name. If they are not legal as I have heard on several of the talk shows, why doesn’t Texas ban them from our state and like other states are doing with Obamas unconstitution gun control efforts, refuse to allow them in our state and mandate that their unconstitutional edicts be voided here. Possibly even threaten imprisionment and expulsion. Also demand that our congressmen in Washigton demand immediate audit of how they are spending our taxes and strongly look into impeachment. Why isn’t someone doing anything? Note I usually listen between 6:30 and 7 AM and 4:45 to 5:30 PM. I do see your post on Facebook. Thanks, Art McKnight.

  47. Stephanie Berno says:

    I am a regular listener to KSEV and live in your state senate district (77056). So glad to have Edd Hendee back in the mornings! Public education should be the issue that saves the republican party. Our public K-12 education system doesn’t seem to work well. My own children go to Catholic schools for this reason. I know you are passionate about education and are working to improve it in Texas. We need to be the education party! Grab hold of it, change it, make it possible for all American children to attend a school that will actually prepare them to succeed. Children forced to attend low-performing schools need a voice! Please listen to the comments of Dr. Ben Carson who spoke at a national prayer breakfast last week in our capitol. He overcame great odds, has achieved much, is giving back and has great solutions! And not afraid to discuss his ideas in front of Obama. Many thanks! Stephanie Berno

  48. Joan Davidson says:

    I was driving home listening to you talk about the lack of math certified teachers teaching in our schools. I just retired after 36 years in education. I retired as a high school counselor in one of the best districts( where you serve) I couldn’t afford to stay in the classroom as a single parents with with 2 sons in college. Think what a math major or science major can make in the business world; then think the most they will make in the classroom. Teachers love working with students, but they love their own children more plus they have bills to pay. I worked at the jr. college at night and also worked every summer. Teachers do not get paid for the summer, we choose to take 9 months salary and divided it over 12 months. Teachers are paid for 183 days of works.

  49. Jim says:


    Thanks for all your hard work.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to place my 2013 income tax payment in an escrow account until a federal budget is passed. I assume that this option is not possible, but I have not heard it discussed. I am grasping at straws, hoping for some way that taxpayers can discipline the federal government without simply making their assets subject to seizure by the very government they hope to reign in.

    Thanks for your advice.

  50. Bruce Johnson says:


    Thanks so much for getting Edd back in the mornings. Now you have me back as a morning listener. God Bless.


  51. Abbie says:

    What can be done in the State Legislature to protect our gardens from the Feds?

    Thank you for your time!

  52. JJ says:

    Thank you, thank you for bringing back Edd Hendee. Mornings will once again be great!

  53. Raad says:

    Big fan of The Savage Nation, and all of
    Your day time programs. Glad to see Ed coming back to mornings! Any chance you will carry The Savage Nation on it’s entirety? Thank you!

  54. Tim Huffmeyer says:


    You, as well as other local hosts, have been lately talking about the Texas state budget, and how to allocate it.

    You may already know about Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs), but in case you don’t, I’ll try a hopefully brief synopsis. EMPs can be natural — (A high impulse frequency and power from sun spots occurred in the late 1800′s that fried telegraph wires and even started some fires) and human caused (A high altitude nuclear bomb can fry all of our electric production and electric motors and set our civilization that’s affected by 160 years that would take 4-5 years to repair). There’s reportedly a high level of solar flares that cause this expected in the next several years.
    Supposedly our federal government knows about this, but has not done anything to shield our electic facilities from it. This sounds unbelieveable to me, but at the least, I would guess that the present administration is sub rosa protecting facilities in NY, ILL and CALif so that those states will be able to have the upper hand on the Southern Conservative states if and when it happened.
    No matter what, I would think that spending some of our surplus to protect our state’s electric infrastructure from natural or our enemies infamy would be prudent and work for the best interests of all of our state’s citizens. In doing so, we will hopefully be leading other states to do likewise.



  55. Sally says:

    I would like to get your input on the CPRIT “mess”.


  56. Don says:

    Want to mention that your KSEV radio signal gets to weak to listen to every day around 6:00pm. I live in the Humble/Atascocita area. I know it happens from Lake Houston to the Bush Air Port. It’s weak all night until 7:00-8:00am when it returns to full strength. If you’re turning down the strength, please consider not doing it. Someone else may be over powering KSEV also.

    Also, Laura bores me to death and that awful Butchy voice.

  57. dan boutwell says:

    yesterday on radio around 1:00 PM the host gave some stats from Dan Patrick on how many people are moving to Texas and other good numbers. Can you point me to where I can find this or send it to me? I would greatly appreciate it.

  58. Deborah Love says:

    I love your show. I read somewhere about the man that used to call your radio station and leave abusive message, and one night you talked to him. Where can I find that story again?

  59. Charlie says:

    Dear Sirs:

    Great show. I think I heard Chris Baker ask his listeners to help explain why anyone needs a 30 round magazine. I have a number of reasons – Katrina (New Orleans), Rita (Gulf Coast) and Ike (Houston). The M4 configuration in 5.56 is an excellent weapon to defend property and lives from looters etc. In order to ensure maximum firepower, my choices are:

    1. Defender Shotgun
    2. M4 with multiple 30 rd mags
    3. Glock 23 – .40 Caliber 16 full size mags and 13 round compact mags.

    The 5.56 has the disadvantage in CQB of having a high muzzle velocity and tends to go through a target within 20 yards. Full stop requires multiple rounds.

    So that’s the reason I want 30 round mags.

    Hunting hogs is another good reason. Those things can be dangerous.


  60. Irene Oppelt says:

    It has been so refreshing to hear Edd Hendee in the morning.
    I hope he will continue. He is what the morning show needs.
    Sorry I could not attend the breakfast. Have a Merry Chrsitmas and happy New Year. Irene

  61. Anne says:


    I seem to remember that in several past years you told about a company in Texas that makes and ships very large and wonderful pies. I’m looking to purchase some for gifts, but can’t remember the name and location of the pie company. Please help!

  62. Jan says:

    Dan, It has been great listening to Edd in the morning. Wish he was back on the air at any time on a regular basis – even if it’s only a couple of times a week. My prayers to Mack and his family on this very difficult time.

  63. Jim McClung says:

    Because your mind already is made up, I see just another politician wanting to pass yet another law sending us deeper into the police state that we are becoming. I have lived in numerous third-world countries where the police “checks” always turned into money grabs or worse.

    In one sentence you say “by law it must be administered fairly and equally to all”, in the next you say it will be done only in very specific places. Then you get angry when callers disagree while belittling them. I do not drink but I am sure I will have the pleasure of waiting in line at your police checks.

    The argument “What if it was your family?” is exactly the same as the democrats saying granny will be thrown over the cliff!

  64. Anita says:

    RE: Employment numbers.
    Dan, I have a question. The government counts $$ spent as jobs. DOE asked a services company (engineering services and no new jobs) for the total estimated cost/value of the project (I gather the number DOE would spend.) Engineering company asked why they needed it, because it meant they had to estimate/calcuate future services. DOE told them they need the amount because they had to convert it or have it coverted to number of jobs created. Of course, no new jobs were created. Can you possibly look into or have someone look into how much impact this conversion has on the employment numbers. It is concerning, of course, since in fact no new jobs are created yet it is reported that they are.


  65. Warren Fawcett says:


    Thanks very much for bringing back the Three Amigos. Also, I really enjoyed your chat with Rolando last week. It would be great if you could find a spot for him on KSEV.

  66. Betty Richardson says:

    Dan, I was so pleased when I turned on KSEV this morning to hear Edd’s voice. He is spot-on in expressing Conservative viewpoints and has always been a host that I seldom missed.

    I read of the sad reason that Mack is off and my condolences to him and his family.

    It would be such good news to have Edd back full time at any time slot as he has been missed.
    Thanks, Dan.

  67. Ramona Scarlett says:

    Thank you for the great interview with Rolando this afternoon. It was interesting and I look forward to hearing more from him! I was most amazed to hear the comments regarding the majority of children in our schools that do not speak English are born and raised here. I agree, immersion is a must. As as parent of a student who had a severe speech and language disorder, I had to fight to keep her in regular education classrooms. She could not learn the language from other children that were as impaired or more than she was. It worked! I would hate to know where she would be today without that immersion into the regular education system. I see a correlation to what Rolando and you were talking about in relation to the Spanish speaking students.

  68. PALADIN HGWT says:


  69. TJ Sitoski says:


    On one of the recent Baker-Patrick shows, the conversation revolved around school vouchers. You mentioned your efforts in rounding up support for vouchers, but did not hear of any reach out to the Black and Latino community. Blacks are more likely to support school vouchers. Perhaps school choice can be framed as a civil rights issue. School choice would allow poor children the same options for a good education that children with money have.

    More time and more money is not the answer to fix failing schools since we have been doing this for many years. The argument is that the money will be taken from public schools would do harm hurt is nonsense. Pay for Performance is a motto of business and schools are a business. One is saddened when looking at the high school dropout rates and observing a 16 year old unable to fill out a job application for work a McDonalds.

    As a suggestion for one of your shows it would be educational to have a discussion on school vouchers which would include minority participants (e.g. Black pastors)

    Thank you

  70. Jim McKinley says:

    Hi Dan — Enjoy your show. There is a lot of talk about Texas seceding from the US. I don’t think that is the answer but one thing that would solve a lot of problems is for Texas to divide into 5 states as is legal and this would give the US Senate to the Republicans. I would like you to consider putting this to the Texas Legislature.


    Jim McKinley

  71. Peter Wang says:

    Dan, thanks for your thoughtful reflection on the meaning of the last election for the GOP.

    As an American of Asian ancestry, I feel the GOP has a lot of catching up to do, and much more is needed than trying to sell the existing “product” to American Asians by doing a quick, superficial marketing make-over.

    The GOP has to be ready to invite Hispanics and Asians to the table as full partners, not just groups that have to be pandered to in order to garners their votes in November. People see through that mess. It doesn’t work.

    Are the mainstream GOP precinct conventions comfortable with people showing up who are really different from them… Jose’s father maybe walked across the Rio Grande fourty years ago, and Pradeep is a Hindu, and Ilyas is a Muslim and wears a turban, and his wife and daughters wear hijab, and Mei is a Buddhist. Is the GOP ready to go there?

    I note that there are Americans of South Asian (Indian) heritage in the GOP, but they’ve all converted to Christianity, so they’re “acceptable” to the white majority in the party. Cleansed, so to speak… not so “heathen”.

    If the GOP is not ready to go 100% in being a diversified party for the future, it probably shouldn’t even start, because it would be a waste of time and resources.

    Peter Wang
    Pct 651 – Copperfield

  72. Deborah Love says:

    Keep this recipe up always! I am making it again this year. We moved and I lost the recipe. Thank goodness that it is still here.

  73. Deborah Love says:

    I wonder if you remember that Obama gave a speech to some supporters right before the election in which he said ” Voting is the best revenge” ? How do you think this affected the election.?

  74. Steve Reed says:

    Dan, I was listening this morning when a gentleman called in just before 8:00 (11/12/12). He is AfricanAmerican and conservative, but did not feel that the Republican party was inclusive; therefore he is a Democrat.

    I hear this often, but I never hear anyone ask them “what would you suggest the Republicans do to make sure we are inclusive”. I didn’t hear you ask this, but to be fair, I was in the process of dropping my granddaughter off and may have missed your question.

    His comment that many minorities have conservative values should be a slap in the face to us. I think we know this, but I also think that we (conservatives/Republicans) are expecting this to be handled by those running the Party. It seems to me that we need to figure out a way to make sure that we are inclusive at the grass roots and build from there. Find conservative minority leaders and invite them to be part of the solution.

    That’s my thought, but lets ask him.

    Regards, Steve Reed

  75. Michael Winkler says:

    Honorable Senator Patrick

    I understand that I am not in your district, but I listen to you show on your station KSEV radio and I have been waiting for this important subject to come up. I will also be contact any State Senator that I think will listen.

    I understand that y’all have been working on the school finances for colleges and trying to tie it to graduation rates.

    I would like to put a plug in for TSTC (Texas State Technical College) in Waco and why going by only graduation rate is shear folly.

    My son is in his 2nd year at TSTC and before he even started, they were forced to cut over 50 employees due to budget cuts from the state government.

    This was followed up last year by I believe was about an additional $2 million in cuts, and from what I am hearing an additional $3 million in cuts is coming next year.

    To me this is shear folly ( I’d say something else, but I don’t want to offend you ) because tying their funding to graduation rates means that you do not understand what is happening at this school and what this school is all about. They are about teaching usable SKILLS.

    I can understand tying graduation rates to generic studies in junior, community and 4 year colleges because they are not learning a useful skill that is any good without that piece of paper backing it up. and even then, it is still sometimes useless.

    Like I said before, my son is in his 2nd year at TSTC and he has already had 5 job offers by companies trying to hire him away from school at around $22.50 + per hour. You see, he has a SKILL that they WANT and NEED and they try to steal these students from the school before they graduate, and often times do. And if he leaves, he will count negatively against the school’s graduation rate. In addition, if my son cannot find a coop or internship but goes straight into the job market, making that $22.50 + per hour, he will NOT graduate because the internship or coop is a requirement in order for him to graduate and get his Associates Degree.

    So you see, you MUST use a formula other than just graduation rates when dealing with schools like TSTC.

    In MY opinion, TSTC and its branchs should be EXPANDING because they offer the SKILLS that employers actually NEED.

    In MY opinion, the State of Texas is on the WRONG course for expanding needed workforce SKILLS by cutting and not EXPANDING this school system.

    I implore you to LOOK at what they have to offer and LOOK at WHY businesses are hiring these kids away from the school before they have a chance to graduate……

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Michael Winkler

  76. nancy woods says:

    So good to hear you back on the air. It sounds like you are pretty steamed about the Republican vote in Harris county…I am so glad you are concerned…Judge Emmette should be ashamed of himself…I believe there had to be cheating going on all over the nation….I also think there are alot of “rinos” who are on the same page as the socialist democrats and working to undermine…really…the nation…as a republic…

    If, by the grace of God, we still have a nation… next election…maybe things will change.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Woods

  77. Lynn Miller says:

    The guy who called in tonight and said he was taught that Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for the poor was right. The message that is lost is that Rebublicans want everyone to be rich and the Democrats want everyone to be poor in order to control them.

  78. Diana says:

    I am done with trying to care. Republicans are a bunch of wimps. This country is filled with idiots who want to take from me so they can have more. I will concentrate on what I can do for my family. I am done with your radio station.

  79. Calvin Lawson says:

    Will Austin file charges against the NAACP and Sylvester Turner for the incident at the Montgomery Road polling station?

  80. Barbara McMillen says:

    I had to turn the morning program off due to the graphic nature of the subject-it hurt to listen to it-he kept talking graphically about the murder of innocent little fetuses-and what happens to them after their murder. my daughter is a few weeks along expecting my 2nd little grandchild-i ache for the lost souls-but i also listen to your station to be informed, and, if entertained, so much the better, this mornings’ program was neither.
    i tried to stay tuned-and had to leave-could your (would your) host be a little more sensitive to us softies out here?
    we don’t need the cold hard fact every sentence.
    thanks (and i will give it another try)

  81. Bob Burkhardt says:

    I live in Fairfield. Latest FOX News 3 requests for help by Americans in Libya were denied. Cornyn, McCaul, Romney, Boehner are nearly worthless on this. 4 dead vs. a botched burglary; not even close in the realm of scandals. Based on your tenuous relationship with the RNC, maybe you can get them to act like Democrats and make enough noise to be noticed by all the national media. Goebbels and Pravda would probably endorse this White House. Lies, lies, and more lies as freedom dwindles.

  82. Ken Linczer says:


    I really miss Russell’s sports in the morning. Especially with football season in full swing and the Texan’s going for the Super Bowl.

  83. Carol Carpenter says:

    Dear Sir: It agravaates me to see advertisments for welfare
    The free phones, Free this and free that.
    I am 82 years old and living on Social Security but I will not accept any free stuff from the government.
    I was raised better than that,
    It grieves me that I have to accept SS but I will not take the medicaid part.
    Please use your influence to stop giving our county away to lazy good for nothing people that will not work
    Thank you
    Carol Carpenter

  84. Gary Tullos says:

    I don’t understand why your station is becoming the Dave Ramsey Radio station. It made no sense to me to kill Russel’s early morning sports show to run Dave Ramsey reruns instead and today you had him on at 1pm instead of 2pm. I am getting tired of so much Dave Ramsey I guess I am going to have to change stations.

  85. Richard Haun says:

    Dan, I’m an engineer in Houston and have a machine shop that was ‘adversely affected’ by Obama’s shut-down of drilling in the GOM. It occurs to me that while it has been idle that I can be teaching returning vets how to become a machinist, operate forklifts, move materials safely, do some CNC cutting work, learn about tolerances, and general lathe and mill operations. I think that this would be a win-win and get the shop back working while benefitting some returning vets.
    How do I become an accepted business for general vocational programs?
    ps…You guys are great.

  86. G Primm says:

    Why are you not on your show?

  87. Brett Ledkins says:

    Hi Dan,
    Do you know what it is and when the txsurcharge by or through DPS was authorized and/or created by our legislature? And why someone should have to go through this in addition to the puinishments rendered for a dwi? I value your insight and knowledge. Thank you for your time.


    Brett Ledkins

  88. elizabeth raymond says:

    The delegates are a small microcosm of the voters. So, when they treat the delegates disrespectfully, they are dissing a segment of the voting population. I was not a Ron Paul supporter, but these convention rule rewrites are sickening. I once voted for Perot. Once again I find I am turning away from the “Bush Family” party. If the Republicans run without my values, as it appears they are doing from convention rules, they will never legislate with them in mind.
    I no longer want to be in the party of Jeb Bush, telling us all how we should feel about the invasion of our country.

    You are a Republican Dan; I am not. They haven’t earned my vote. I will NOT vote for Rove, or Bush. They want a Moderate party. Let them have it. I am not invited. I am done.

  89. Chris says:

    I have set my calendar to tune into Edd H. Every Friday morning……..sure do miss him!

  90. Tom Connor says:

    Dan I here you talking about a weight loss program and I’ve never been able to catch the plan and how to contact them as it seems I’m always driving. Could you share it with me so we can explore it?


    Tom Connor

  91. Bob Thompson says:

    For Dan Patrick
    I agree that Mitt will win big. Do you think that there will be mass rallies in October – would not surprise me?

    Also, what documentation are these illegals producing for their work permit and how did they get it? I had to produce a DAR pedigree to get a passport.

  92. Sandy Saunders says:

    Why will I be required to go on Medicare at 65? I am planning to still be working. I want to keep my insurance as is. Instead, I have to go on Medicare AND keep insurance since I am guardian of my two grandchildren.

  93. James says:

    knowing that there is a lot of political issues, a lot of special interest, and a number of favors that are involved, BUT. All of the discussions on Obamacare, dont hit the point! not sure if its the best solution, but why have so many complications to the current plan (medicare, so so security, medicaide, federal plans). put everyone in a pool just like the federal employees get for life (no special interest), have all comtribute to the plan, including fed employees. and let individual insurance companies bid to supply by state, community or work place, all comtribute for life, buy upgrade packages if desired. that way everyone contributes! no special treatment. if you want more coverage, buy add ons to base package as one can afford. everyone has quit talking about the special treatment fed and other govt sectors get. but the private sector funds.

  94. Robert Caldwell says:

    RE: Public Education in Texas

    Recently on your radio show, you mentioned that in committee you listened to testimony about education. You also ask your listeners for their opinion about class size, teacher pay and budgets.

    I think that the key question that we should ask is about excellence in education. We should ask the citizens of Texas “Do you want the Texas public schools to be excellent?” I would venture a guess that most would answer in the affirmative.

    If we want excellence, then what is our expectation of excellence? What expectation of excellence do we want, for:
    • Teachers
    • Curricula
    • Student achievement
    • Parental involvement

    These should be the key focus for understanding of excellence in public education.

    The questions about public education that are most often asked are:
    • Class size
    • Teacher pay
    • Budgets
    • Standardized test scores

    But these questions are not pointed at the prime focus! We should first understand “What is the expectation of education in Texas public schools?”

    I hope that you will join me in refocusing our thoughts on excellence in education.

    Best regards,
    Robert Caldwell

  95. Drew_Bates says:

    I just got an email asking me to sign some sort of petition to get the movie “Atlas Shrugged Part II” to show in my area.  It is a shame that theaters are not open to allowing such an inspiring movie to be shown. I saw the first part and own the DVD.  I wish KSEV would tell us how to pressure local theaters into showing the Part II movie when it comes out in October.

  96. July 3rd —  This has been a great day!  We get to wake up to Edd Hendee and then the Patrick/Baker Show in the afternoon –both fun and interesting shows!  Thank you guys!

  97. Kathrynchrisman says:

    Good Morning, Dan.
    About the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare…
    I understood that only the House of Representatives can initiate a tax. If the House passed the “Affordable Healthcare Act” as a mandate, how does the mandate become a tax? The Supreme Court has no authority to impose a tax. Has there ever been a national tax imposed through a Supreme Court decision? And if the wording of the law does not specifically state that the funding of the law is to be accomplished through a ’tax,’ can not the House revisit the law again, since original intent has been twarted? Each person who voted “yes” should have to now state that they indeed intended that “Affordable Healthcare” was always intended to be funded through taxes.

  98. Wpd says:

    I really like the afternoon program. Chris is a great addition. I hate to say but I quit listening in the morning. I just couldn’t listen to Sam. Nice guy but you did the correct thing.
    Yesterday 6/11/12 I listen to you and have a real problem with some things you said about illegal’s being allowed to stay and work in construction because Americans don’t want to do those jobs. Let me tell you. I started in the electrical trade in 1969 and construction workers made a good wage and could raise a family on the money you made. As the illegal’s moved in the wages went down and yes most Americans do not want to do this type of work because they can’t make a living doing that type of work. The illegal’s get free medical, pay no taxes and use our welfare programs so they don’t need as much money to take care of the family. Yes they work hard but that doesn’t equate to doing good work. Often they work at jobs that they are not trained at and do sub standard work. In the county there are no building inspections and you don’t know what is behind the paint on the walls.
    How to close the border is easy if you will just do it. Pull most of our military from other countries such as France, Germany, etc. Close the bases and build bases on the border between Mexico and the US. The military can train and watch the border. Instead of the wages we pay these people going to foreign lands to help the economy let them be spent in the towns along our border. This would help our economy, and it would have the military doing what they swore an oath to do, which is to protect our country from all enemy foreign and domestic.

  99. bud says:

    it is obviously very difficult to replace people like Edd Hendee, Mike Richards.

  100. Bobby Wilpitz says:

    Really miss Russel’s Sports program.  He is one of the most interesting and all around knowledgable folks on the radio.  Please put his show back on the air, unless of course he likes slepping in.

  101. Julainebortz says:

    Hi Dan, I think the exit polls for last night’s WI recall election were off because those voting against the public labor unions were afraid to speak up – & did not want to admit they had voted against them – it’s called intimidation, afraid of what might happen if anyone found out how they voted. This is the same thing that happens in telephone polls on gay marriage. So many people don’t want to admit out loud how they will vote, due to fear of intimidation, but will privately vote against it in the polling box:)

  102. Klinczer says:

    Please bring Russell back in the morning… big day this morning hoping to hear him talk basketball and Tiger Woods

  103. JJ says:

    Ok I’ve given Mack a try this week but not sure I’ll tune back in next week.  He is too over the top with his “man up”, “warrior”,  and military references.  Way, Way too intense for morning radio.  Evening would be better. You’ll never be able to replace Edd and while Sam sometimes drove me nuts he brought an upbeat contemporary patriotic feel to the morning airways.

  104. Mwbsafe-mail1 says:

    Dan, You mentioned that the sanctuary city bill passed out of the senate when you were talking to Ted Cruz the other day on air. You “corrected” the record. If memory serves correct I recall you talking about the Lt. Gov. DID allow it in the special session, HOWEVER, did not give it the priority needed to get it to the House in time for them to act on it prior to the special session closing. By doing that it guaranteed it would fail to be voted ion in the house. Please refresh my memory if it is not correct.

  105. Martha says:

    What happened to Russell’s sports show at 5:30am?  I don’t care to listen to Dave Ramsey at 5:30 in the morning!  I caught up on all my sports with Russell.  Also will miss Sam Malone but look forward to listening to Mack. 

  106. Dsheet says:

    Dan, I am so sad to hear that Dave Ramesy is going to replace the Press Box every morning at 5:30am. I am able to talk sports with my family because of what Russell shares about recent events.  It is my favorite way to start the day.  I don’t want to think about money and budgets at 5:30am.  I like Dave Ramesy but not at 5:30am. Please leave Russell and the Press Box at 5:30am  I need my sports fix.  Please, please leave Russell and the Press Box at 5:30am!!!

  107. Leah H. says:

    Was driving when you were offering up your refreshing drink with Sierra Mist, lime drink & bitters and wasn’t able to remember/write it down.  Could you post it here?  Thanks, it sounded great!  BTW, loved hearing Edd this week and so pleased to hear of the healing coming to his precious family!

  108. cbm says:

    I’m at a loss on the Senate race. I recall that when you were fighting for appraisal caps, pre Texas Senate, that David Dewherst was fighting them and had an agriculture exemption. I’m also concerned about reports that Ted Cruz has opted to assist a Chinese firm escape responsibility for stealing intellectual property. Duplicity and theft are significant problems for me.

    I’ve found you to be rigorous in your criticisms and practical in your decisions. You have rarely, if ever disagreed with my positions. Please give me some guidance on this race!

    Should I be looking at someone other than these two?

  109. Mike says:

    I was taking my daughter to school earlier this week.  We turned the radio on and there was Edd Hendy.  It felt as if an old friend had dropped by for coffee.  Thank you, mike in Katy

  110. Stewart S. says:

    Got really, really annoyed and disgusted at Sam Malone’s bragging i.e. his really hot 45yr-old wife, bride and princess. He was told to cut it out and did not listen…Hope the MAC does not do this. Want to hear news from a conservative point of view.

    • LightOfReason says:

       Still being in love with your wife and not ashamed to talk about it is a great thing, too bad you don’t have that and it makes you feel bad hearing it.
      I don’t mind it at all & actually loved that part of his show.

      I want to hear Conservative news also and understand ratings drive decisions but you don’t have to be a jerk to people.

      • Sanjey says:

        I agree with Stewart.It is not about Still being in love with his wife and not ashamed….with SAM Malone, it was about him bragging all the time about a hot wife instead of getting on with conservative radio!! I agree with Stewart.

    • Djohnson says:

      And Chris Baker doesn’t talk about his wife?  Please.

  111. Bingo says:

    I have read some comments about Sam Malone and feel he is getting more negatives than he deserves.  Yes, I was skeptical at first have come around because Sam does a good job focusing on the main issues and hardly ever strays into worthless topics.  I enjoy listening to him.  Now Edd adds to the conversation but is often too abrupt with too much edge for the morning.  He would be better in Larua’s time slot.  She has become such an elitist. Probably hanging around Bill O’Reily too much.   

  112. Rosiebuck says:

    I know all of you are hoping Edd Hendy comes back full time, but you just lost a listener when you fired Sam Malone!  He made morning drive from Kingwood to Pasadena so bright and happy!  Big Mistake!!

  113. Mike N. says:

    Dan, I for one applaud the recent decision you made to the 6-9 A.M. weekday time slot, and hope Edd Hendee eventually finds his way back full time to that role. Sam was a bit too milquetoasty and touchy feely for me. He’d be for Santorum speaking on the social issues one day, then the next day think it wasn’t such a great idea. Then the third day back to his original position. Thanks for the bold move.

  114. Safetyguy999 says:

    What happened to Sam Malone?

  115. Ken Oser says:

    Where is Sam Malone?

  116. Popo2 says:

    Okay, so it’s now quite obvious that Sam Malone is gone, but what happened? The last time this sort of no-mention-of-the-former-host type of thing happened we were “treated” to the Jon Matthews incident.

  117. Donwilson1 says:

    This is a travisty who is gonna approve it?

  118. Heidi Spinks says:

    Dan, I have listened to your stations for 20+ years but quit after Edd left because I don’t care about the top 40 host that you have in the mOrning now. I heard edd this mOrning just before 8 and I’m so sorry I missed him, but listened to the 8-9 hour and Really enjoyed it. I miss edd so much and I know he has family priorities. I will continue to listen to Bennett & Gallagher up the dial until you have a host like Edd or Pat in the mOrning. Thank you, Heidi, spring, tx

  119. Dr. Michael King says:


    On Wed. you used the term ‘innocent’ when referring to the jury verdict in a criminal trial.  Please, remember that it’s ‘not guilty’.

    I’ve got your back !

    Dr. King

  120. Stan Daley says:

    O.K Dan, I know what happened to Sam Malone. He was quizzing your weather girl on her presidential voting in a very friendly innocent manner. “Did you vote for Obama?’ She said, “Yes” very curtly. And Sam said would you vote for him again? Curt (snide) reply was “yes.” Well, unknowingly he had innocently fallen into what was perceived by the girl as an invasion of privacy and more. She complained to management, and being a minority, Sam was dismissed. Ludicrous Dan!

  121. Stan Daley says:

    O.K Dan, I know what happened to Sam Malone. He was quizzing your weather girl on her presidential voting in a very friendly innocent manner. “Did you vote for Obama?’ She said, “Yes” very curtly. And Sam said would you vote for him again? Curt (snide) reply was “yes.” Well, unknowingly he had innocently fallen into what was perceived by the girl as an invasion of privacy and more. She complained to management, and being a minority, Sam was dismissed. Ludicrous Dan!

  122. Pat says:

    I was so thrilled to hear Edd Hendee back on the radio again this morning!  Dan, you were a welcome voice yesterday morning.  Has Sam Malone gone on to something else?

  123. Pat says:

    I was so thrilled to hear Edd Hendee back on the radio again this morning!  Dan, you were a welcome voice yesterday morning.  Has Sam Malone gone on to something else?

  124. Chris13 York says:

    Dan, it would be so good to hear Edd Hendee again in the morning – especially in this election year.

  125. Matt Jay says:

    Hi, I am a loyal listener of KSEV 700
    AM and I am concerned because I have not heard you interview Eddie
    Traylor who is challenging Congressmen Michael McCaul for the U.S.
    House Texas District 10.

    I have done some research and Mr.
    Traylor seems to offer something we need. Someone for small gov and

    Please interview Eddie Traylor.

  126. Michael says:

    Dan, when you talk about the Constitutional Republic known
    as the United States of America, you must realize, President Roosevelt brought
    in the NEW DEAL, and the new deal was, the conversion of the Constitutional
    Republic to an administrative democracy, where the presumption is, the action
    taken by the government, agencies, officers, agents and employees is correct
    and reasonable.  Under the rule of
    presumption, the trier of fact shall find for the presumption until such time
    as evidence or testimony is entered to show its non existence.  Meaning, the burden is shifted when you operate
    under presumptions.

  127. GC says:

    Dan, I think it’s time to bring back the Blue Law to Texas. it’s time for Sunday to be for GOD and family. I’m in retail and it’s getting out of control. There is no need for stores to be open 7 days a week and 24 hours. It’s actually more profitable for retailers to be closed on Sundays. Can it be done??????

  128. 85Dave says:

    Senator Patrick (Dan!),

    We run a security officer company and with unemployment at around 8.5%, one would think we would have applicants waiting to get on.  NOT SO! 

    TWC’s offices are full, and we have done a number of job fairs.  We make offers, but these people turn us down so they can continue to collect benefits.  We always advise TWC when offers are refused, but the system continues to pay them.

    We make too many benefits available to individuals!  We need State action since this is costing employers and taxpayers.



  129. 85Dave says:


    Was listening last year when a caller asked about Texas always having primary voting AFTER the candidate was selected.  I’m sure you made an attempt, but the Legislature needs to do something so this does not continue to happen to us.

    Texans should be able to vote much earlier!  We are a large conservative state and we need to vote BEFORE New Hampshire, etc.  Thanks Senator!

  130. Dan .. we in SD#4 of Montgomery County passed a resolution
    per rule 12 to return Texas immediately to a “Winner-take-all”
    state.  We want to pressure the SREC to make it happen.
    Your comments and influence are much appreciated.
    (The effort failed in Harris County due to technicalities.)

  131. Sbuck Jrs says:

    I would like for Dan to tell me who he is voting for, so I will have a guide to go by, and to decide for my self who I am going to vote for, please.?

  132. Jrbohannon says:

         i have lived in my house for 30 years and it has been paid for since july 1995. i have the deed but i am now renting it back from the county and mostly the school district (magnolia). what ever happened to the 1/2 to 1% sales tax to fund schools. it is time everyone shared in school funding instead of just property owners. everytime i see a new 50 million dollar plus school and 100 million dollar stadium go i get mad as hell. i haven’t had a kid in school for about 15 years and i figure i have already paid back the school for their education. i don’t mind paying county taxes but school taxes have gotten out of hand. please try to bring this sales tax up at the next session. thanks for all you do for us.

  133. Lauretu says:

    Please direct me to more information about local sex traffickers being arrested.  I heard this this morning on your show.  It was very interesting. 

  134. Todde says:

    Dan, check out Page 3A of USA Today – “Students will need photos to take tests”. But we can’t require this to vote, give me a break.

  135. Michael says:

    I hope so

  136. Michael says:

    ndo on the show and you said something to the effect that you didnt think he was trying to make obama out to be a bad guy (paraaphrasing) like you wanted to say he was a good guy well I believe that if he get what he wants many people will die and this country will be bushed into a war within its borders American against American he must be defeated at all coast
    I know this sounds un Christian but I just dont think we can afford to be politicaly correct on this matter HE IS EVIL and we cant dance around it

  137. HTrueO, LLC says:

    Dan, I’m trying to find on the website how I can get an idea of how much it costs to advertise on your radio station. Is there a number I can call?

  138. HTrueO, LLC says:

    Dan, I’m trying to find on the website how I can get an idea of how much it costs to advertise on your radio station. Is there a number I can call?

  139. HTrueO, LLC says:

    Sounds like several people just need to start their own radio stations and set up their own schedule. That’s why radios have (or used to have) dials. It’s a free country. Change the station or play a CD (or an 8-Track) whatever you have.

  140. HTrueO, LLC says:

    Sounds like several people just need to start their own radio stations and set up their own schedule. That’s why radios have (or used to have) dials. It’s a free country. Change the station or play a CD (or an 8-Track) whatever you have.

  141. belchers mom says:

    love Sam, Baker/Patrick, Paul Bettencourt, Ben and all of your gang. quality people telling it like it is!

  142. pFred says:

    Please tell Sam that the Texas Tribune is a 503c advocacy group not a newspaper.  Digging into their contributors, I found that Soros’ Open Society Foundation made a substantial contribution to them.  He should always check his sources.

  143. RobertL says:

    are you still looking for a farm/ranch to take your FFA animals

  144. Njrobilio says:

    Dan,  Do you think your station would host a screening of spOILed.  I would love to see it and I think it is something that everyone needs to see!!!

  145. Ranger82 says:

    Hi Dan,

    i listen to you guys everyday….you were talking yesterday about how the state of Texas needs to raise more $ and how hesitant you are to raise taxes…..my challenge to you and your fellow legislators is: How do we turn our prisons into cost neutral entities? we have thousands of men and women in the prison that are consuming resources everyday….we must think out of the box and figure out a way to get them (the Prisons) to pay their own way.

    One last observation: How is it possible that someone who is driving, gets stiopped by the police, does not have  a valiud DL or insurance, can drive away? That makes no sense. vehicles should be impounded on the spot.


  146. concerned says:

    Paraphrase quote from book “2nd amendment was added to the constitution not to protect us from invasion from outside countries but so we could protect ourselves from our own government. A good way to keep our government in check is have the right to bear arms & revolt if government tried to restrict or outlaw gun ownership, enfringe on our constitutional right. Invade or personal privacy. World War II is an example

  147. Beloved says:

    So you are the man to thank for bringing Paul Berlin back to the airwaves. You rock, Dan and now so does Saturday eve. Nothing like it anywhere – no how, no way, nowhere else.

  148. Hoodm85 says:

    Bring back Edd.

  149. Davidljones says:

    I have heard Newt being bashed (and rightly so) for his lack of moral character in regards to marriage and how this makes him a poor choice for president.  Newt has admitted his past mistakes and supposedly become a Christian.  I say supposedly because this is between Newt and God and its not my place to judge.

    For those Christians who believe in redemption but have a hard time forgiving I ask you to remember two names from the Bible, King David and Saul of Tarsus. God continued to use King David even after David committed adultery AND Murder.  King David repented and was granted forgiveness through God’s grace.  Saul of Tarsus was guilty of persecuting Christians and even participating in the murder of Stephen, yet Jesus called Saul out on the road to Damascus, chose him to represent the Church not only with a new,redeemed life but a new name, Paul.  The Apostle Paul went on to become a foundation and pillar of the modern Church.

    Can God use a sinner such as Newt to renew this country?  Of course He can and if anyone feels otherwise please refer to the examples above.  Right now Newt has the drive, intelligence and spirit to lead this country out of the mire that it is in.  The problem as i see it we are spending more time condemming than we are praying for the right choice.  If it is to be Newt, lets be sure to kneel beside him in prayer to God and let God give the answer.  

  150. USMAgrandma says:

    Don’t be surprised to see a last entry in the Republican race by Moma Grizzly, herself, Sarah Palin.  Wanted to give you a heads-up!

  151. Ppersyn says:

    Howdy Dan, I’d like to understand why voting districts are based upon politics and not geography? Why don’t we have a simple geographic formula like: 1. Only one county can be divided along a straight longitudinal line. 2. The district must have contiguous whole counties and not exceed 3:1 in rectanguar dimensions (there will always be one county divided). 3. Start the districts in Brownsville and work north to Dalhart.

  152. Go says:

    You should be ashamed to continue to tell half-truths and lies about TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline. An honest radio host should act better. When local landowners and environmental groups objected to the proposed route, partially because of concern over the potential contamination of a regionally important aquifer, the company withdrew their proposal and committed to rerouting the pipeline.  Congress included language in a funding bill to force a decision by the Administration before a new pipeline route could even be proposed.  .. a blank approval to build without any specificatios!?!  How responsible was that?  Maybe we should lay the pipeline through your neighborhood and put a pumping station next to your house.  I assume from your opinion on your show this afternoon that that would be OK with you since it would provide lots of US jobs.  Get your facts straight and be honest with your listeners.

  153. Brownie Kimes says:

    Platnum Pool commercial almost caused me to have a wreck when the yelling children came on. I was driving through a residential neighborhood and thought I had hit someone. Eliminate this one just like sirens, horns honking.

  154. David Fisher says:

    Dan Patrick,
    I think I heard you advertise for a company that did Facebook (setting companies up on Facebook).

    Was that you who advertised and if so what was the name and e-mail address of the company?


    David Fisher

  155. Anonymous says:

    Looks like my candidate Ron Paul won the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll.  I can’t wait for tomorrow to hear how Sam & Co. spin it.  “Oh well, you know those Paul supporters, they always show up in droves and inflate the numbers.  We really need to be focused on who came in 2nd and 3rd.”   So predictable.

  156. Monte Kimpel says:

    I have enjoyed listening to Dan Patrick for a number of years.  I am glad to have someone with his values in our state senate.  I must say I was totally shocked when I heard him say Ron Paul is not Pro-Life.  Having great respect for Dan’s opinion, I decided I needed to do a little research to see if this claim was justified.  What I discovered was that since 1997 Ron Paul’s average rating by National Right to Life was 85%.  Not a perfect rating, but very good.  I highly suspect that it was only due to Ron Paul’s consistant refusal to vote for any bill that involved spending money in ways not specifically declared in the Constitutiion, that kept his score from being even better. So how do the Pro-Choice people view Ron Paul? Since 1997 NARAL – Pro-Choice America has given Ron Paul an average measely score of 24%.  This information can be found at ProjectVoteSmart on the web.  I also looked at his information at Wikipedia and found he has a consistant record of introducing Pro-Life bills and voting for Pro-Life legislation.  I am aware that some of Ron Paul’s comments during a debate in which he was emphasizing the importance of states rights may have caused some to question his commitment to the Pro-Life cause, but his record is solid and is in agreement with what you will find on his website.  Ron Paul is Pro-Life.

  157. Ramona says:

    Jan. 9, 2012  5 PM Hour on Radio — What a refreshing conversation to hear about Tim Tebow!  Thank you!  

  158. Lmor71gan says:

    New Campaign Slogan for Rick Perry-This Recession can be ended! It will take a new Senate and a new President.

  159. JeaniePhillips says:

    Disqus is not working well on Berlin’s site.No new postings all week and I did post something.Please check it out.Thanks

  160. Mwbsafe-mail1 says:

    Dan, Would like to hear your thoughts about my concern over Obamacare and the Supremes. I don’t have a lot of faith that Obamacare will be held unconstitutional because of the individual mandate. It seems to me this has already been decided and accepted by the American people. Isn’t Medicare health insurance with an individual mandate? Medicare was designed to eventually be a single payer health system for the US from it’s inception. If in fact Obamacare is held unconstitutional would it automatically invalidate Medicare as well? I don’t like the mandates, but we already have medicare and social security that are individual mandates. How is Obamacare different?

  161. David says:

    Hear discuss at 5:30 pm saying you elect like you hire. We are the “owners of America.” A bad statement–the lobbist are the owners of America and the government at all levels.

  162. Marycboyd says:

    Please consider updating the music you play during the weather forecast.  It sounds like something from a 1940′s radio show.  That sound doesn’t reflect your upbeat programing. 

  163. gal says:

    Letting you know that Occupy Wall Street is planning on stopping the bell on Wall Street Nov. 17. I copied this from their General Assembly notes 11/10: Direct Action: November 17th: Jordan: One week from today we are going to shut down Wall Street! We are going to stop the opening bell at the stock exchange and in its place we are going to ring the people’s bell! And it will be awesome! And we will create a massive carnival that will demonstrate the beautiful world we are creating together. We need your help. We are asking for the funds to…monuments and training…these monuments will cover the themes of things that Wall Street has trampled on, including access to affordable housing, access to a decent education, safe and healthy food, accessible health care, and sustainable environmental practices. Specifically we are asking for the following: $800 for vehicle rental to transport all these materials. $700 to rent a space to do the trainings as well as make the art. $2000 for art supplies, including canvas, paint, sculpture materials, and other art supplies. $500 for costumes. $200 for tools, and $800 for street communication systems on the day of the 17th.  You can read more about this & how they are now calling their camp a town. http://www.nycga.net/2011/11/10/nycga-minutes-11102011/#more-3183

  164. debby says:

    Where is Edd and is he ever coming back?

  165. Djlove0549 says:

    Where is Edd?

  166. Bring Back Ed says:

    Ed was too critical of George W. Bush for KSEV’s taste.  But he was right about what he said.

  167. Bring Back Ed says:

    Ed was too critical of George W. Bush for KSEV’s taste.  But he was right about what he said.

  168. Despina says:

    You are never on the air.  I would like to hear your voice often.

  169. Patrick Rowe says:

    Why is it that Ron Paul is the most conservative canidate in the race but the talking heads on radio treat him as a sideshow rather than as a serious canidate? It seems to me that for years they have been pundits for smaller more constitutional government and when we finally get one they are against the idea. Was all the talk just that?

  170. Marytrece says:

    My husband is a retired HPD officer that’s worked in the private sector as well doing extra jobs for well over 30 years, and is still contributing full time to Social Security, as he is NOT truely “retired”.  I’m so frustrated that the Federal law that STEALS civil service employees (ie: TEACHERS, FIRE and POLICE) Social Security contributions (Named the Windfall Eliminations Provision) is allowed to continue (since 1983).  Can you please help repeal this law?  If they don’t want to pay what’s rightly due to these employees then at least RETURN their money to them!! Please also tell me WHY those that serve, protect and teach our children are targeted?? Thank you,   Mary Jones

  171. Folson says:

    Dan, the 10 props for the Texas Constitution are up for a vote.  Have you expressed your thoughts/recommendations?  They are very confusing and not understandable on what they will involve.

    Would love to know your opinion on what to vote for…Please post your choices.

  172. Hawk4160 says:

    I saw this and thought everyone might like to take a look.  Financial collapse was predicted in 1999.  Gee, I wonder who was president then??


  173. Murphy_mike says:

    The Lake Jackson Tea Party will conduct an informative meeting for interested guests.
    The meeting will be help 11-3 and featured speaker will be John Colyandro with Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute
    Here is the line up
    John Colyandro w/ Texas Conservative Coalition Research InstituteTopic – November 8th Ballot AmendmentsFelicia Harris – CD 14 – Representative : Discuss credentials for this seatTracy Read – Justice of Peace Precinct 1- Place 1 Brazoria County : Discuss credentials for this seat Open to the Public The meeting place will be Lake Jackson Civic Center  333 Hwy 332 Lake Jackson TX.  Please announce on your show or I can call in to do so, if you would be so kind. All Patriots invited. Regards Mike Murphy979 417 6700

  174. Sbarrow says:

    Dan, you need to do the afternoon show by yourself.

  175. Craig says:

    What if Mormons Are Advanced Christians?


    A principle belief of Mormons is that God reveals knowledge to His
    prophets just as He did in the Bible. 
    Through revelation the nature of god has been advanced – Jesus is the
    Christ, the Savior of the world.  He is
    distinct and separate from the Father
    and the Holy Ghost.  The members of the
    god head are united in their purpose, their mission and their desires.  Revelation advances knowledge of god beyond
    the base definition given by creeds drafted by committee and consensus.


    Just as Santa Claus is a basic element of Christmas there is more to
    the holiday than receiving of gifts; giving gifts is more advanced and
    celebrating the Father’s gift of His son to the world is even more
    advanced.  Galileo was accused of heresy
    and threatened with death for presenting knowledge that challenged contemporary
    Aristotle views.   However, history is
    clear that Galileo’s teachings built on Aristotle views while advancing knowledge.


    Classifying Mormons as a cult is similar to only viewing Christmas as retail

  176. Ann says:

    I wish someone would make the point that votes should not be swayed by great orators.  That’s what Obama was.  Perry may not have the best answers (on point) but I think he could use that to his credit and hopefully a talk host will make this point as well.  To explain my point, the questions are stupid.  The question about he (as president) would react if our country were under attack (sorry, forgot the exact wording).  Perry responded by saying he would first develop relationshps with those countries.  I liked that answer.  It shows he would not “react” but would likely consult with his advisors and military generals – at first instance, instead of “reacting” to feed the media.  He strikes me as someonen who will take a while to think through the issue instead. 

  177. Annie says:

    Tried your family shrimp dip recipe for labor day.  It definitely improved after it sat a day.  First day (same day prepared) it was too much of a catsup taste, but that tamed or mellowed with time.

  178. MackBL says:

     It is almost as if Perry has taken a page out of McCain’s game plan from 2008. Like McCain in 2008 Perry has one area for certain they both agree with Obama, Amnesty for their ILLEGALS which drove many who would have been natural McCain supporters to 3rd Party candidates or they did not check anyone on the Presidential line! I can see the same thing again in 2012 if Perry runs against Obama. Citizens realize that Perry is answering only to his Elitist Political Contributors for his stance on the ILLEGALS.
    Why would Perry support IN-State tuition for ILLEGALS who now replace innocent American students in the limited seats in college at a time when over 10% of Americans are out of work and their families are struggling to train for new jobs and pay for college? Why would he support in-state tuition for the ILLEGALS that will attract more future additional ILLEGALS to the United States and train ILLEGALS for jobs it is illegal for them to have? These students should go back to their HOME countries and stop draining our resources that could be used to assist United States Citizens and not the ILLEGALS! Just follow the money! Some of Elitist Politicians and their Elitist Political Contributors want to continue to have United States Citizens pay the benefits for their ILLEGALS while they continue to have their BOTTOM LINES increased at the taxpayer’s expense!

  179. Sargemocity says:

    7 FAM 1116  DOCUMENTING BIRTH IN U.S. Waters and u.s. airspace
    (CT:CON-314;   08-21-2009)
    a. Proof of birth in U.S. internal waters or U.S. airspace consists of a U.S. birth certificate certified by the issuing authority in the U.S. jurisdiction.
    b. There is no U.S. Federal law governing the report of such births.
    c.  Generally speaking, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would require some documentation of the birth, generally an excerpt of the ship’s/aircraft’s medical log or master/captain’s log, reflecting the time, latitude, and longitude when the birth occurred.
    d. For ships/aircraft in-bound for the United States, the parents would then be responsible for reporting the birth to the civil authorities in the U.S. jurisdiction where the vessel put into port.  (See the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publication “Where to Write for Birth Certificates.”)
    (1)    The parents will have to contact the state vital records office to determine the exact procedures for report such a birth.
    (2)    Parents should obtain a certified copy of the ship’s medical log, airplane’s log, or other statement from the attending physician or other attendant and attempt to obtain information on how to contact attendants in the future should further questions arise.
    (3)    If the mother and child were immediately taken to a U.S. hospital, authorities there may be of assistance in facilitating contact with the appropriate state authorities.
    (4)    It is unlikely that the vital records office in the parents’ state of residence will issue such a birth certificate.  Parents may be redirected to the vital records office in the state where the ship first put into port after the birth of the child.

  180. sks says:

    Dan was listening to your show on the way home yesterday and both Chris and you stated Ron Paul didn’t have a chance to win.  I remember back in the Primary of the 2008 election you were saying the same thing about Obama.
    No one can predict the voting public after the last election.

  181. Sam Clark says:

    Dan,   This is a question about your relationship with Mike Richards. He was part of the station years ago, and then he was gome.  We heard he had an illness, but was there no mention of why he left so sudden. Thanks for your work at the station and in Austin. 

    San and Jo Clark
    E-mail highness@consolidated.nt

  182. Carlevarom says:

    Dan,  A friend of mine suggested that Medicare go to a voucher system that can only be used at state approved insurance companies.  Taking it out of the federal government and having competition for the insurance might be more efficient.  We are also concerned about the inflated bills and extra tests that hospital emergency rooms are ordering.  We know people who go it for stitches and because they take heart medications, end up in the hospitals for four days with a multitude of procedures.

  183. Linda says:

    Where do I find the information about Brian Birdwell’s book from the interview yesterday?

  184. DanB says:

    Dan B who was the Lt. Colonel on yesterdays show?

  185. TPC says:

    Dan, do your station a favor and bring back the sound wisdom, professionalism and original content of Edd Hendee.

  186. Rdbig says:

    We really need Edd back.  Where is Edd, is he never coming back.  We need good sound information and less funny, meaningless, statements and stands. Now is the time for really meaning information regarding our country and state well being.

  187. Beverly Ward says:

    Hi Dan  When Perry wins President are you going to run for Governor.  You
    should. And yes, we miss Edd in the a.m. alot.  Blessings

  188. Cliff Brock says:

    Question for Professor Trice (sp):
    Do we are do we Not have the right of “Cession”?

    “God Bless Texas”
    Cliff Brock
    Katy, Tx

  189. Bobby says:

    Mr. Patrick
              For the last twenty years I have paid my taxes feed my family and paid my bills as a Property Manager of my own property and a few others peoples. ( In the late 80 I had  a real estate license.)   SB 747 will shut down my business as a property manager it also takes away my right to hire whom-ever I fell will act in by best interest concerning my own property ( lets say a family member!)This was done under line x in the bill, now the State says you have to be a Broker or a Texas lawyer only.  (No lawyer has ever had my best interest at heart!)
              This bill also allows TREC solicit gifts, grant, donation or other item of value from any source to pay for an activity. You would allow a organization that has the power to investigate, set fines and have control over a businesses to except Bribes??? How did this get past??

  190. Ndschroedter says:


  191. Kenneth says:

    i think we should catch as many illegals as we can and sent them home and secure the border the best we can. have the national guard {armed} with border agents to patrol the border.

  192. Nisha Doss01 says:

    Yea lets get Edd

  193. Nisha Doss says:

    Dan you never did say whether Edd would be back or not specially now we need him!!!

  194. Guest says:

    Is there a link to email the various hosts?  I can’t seem to find a page with links.

  195. Gordon Morrow says:

    Hey Dan, I thought the Repubs in Washington was going to save us! What? Well surprise, surprise, surprise … they lied again. Let’s see here. They have an opportunity (with only 1/2 of 1/3 control) to force Washington to live within their means and they fail to do their job because they are “afraid” of public opinion. They said they caved because they didn’t want America to default (they knew this was a lie), they caved because they did want the markets to crash (they crashed anyway), they caved because they did not want our credit ratings to decrease (S&P dropped our rating and Moody is not far behind) and they caved because they did want to be blamed by MSM, Dems and Independents for a bad economy (they economy is FUBAR for the next two generations and now their constituents are blaming them for their votes, ironic isn’t it!). Dan, you are a powerful voice in Texas and your voice is alot louder than mine on the national scene so, my question is; What are you going to do about this?

  196. Jeff says:

    Congressman Pete Olson, I am very disappointed in your vote (yes) yesterday in support to increase the debt limit.This was a compromise that will likely ensure Obama’s re-election. However aside from that Conservatives didn’t get the balance budget ammendment they were fighting for. What happened to the promises made to the Tea Party by you and other Representatives? For example posting a Bill for the people to read 3 days before a vote is cast. I listened to Sam Malone yesterday and you stated you were leaning to a (No) vote. Now with a (Yes) vote you are leaning towards ending my support. I cannot vote for a Representative who will cave to the pressure of their House Leadership instead of standing up and fighting for Principals. Congressman Poe and Paul were the only (R)Reps who had the courage to vote (No). I will be seeking an alternative Congressman with those convictions of Conservative Principals to support and vote for in the next election cycle. I vote in every election and influence a minimum of 5 other people in their choice for candidates, just so you understand that it is not only my vote you will not enjoy in the next cycle. Respectfully Jeff Lowry

  197. Myles Byrne says:

    Hey Dan, any decision on whether you will run for the senate? We will help..

  198. Myles Byrne says:

    Hey Dan, any decision on whether you will run for the senate? We will help..

  199. Barry Snider says:

    Dan…..Please consider running for Mike McCaul’s house seat.  He is a phony, a cop-out, and a John Boehner lap dog.  He does not represent his constituents and needs to go.  Please consider….we need you in Washington.

  200. Wally says:

    Put Ed back on and get rid of the obnoxious Sam Malone.

  201. Guest says:

    Whats happened to Edd Hindee I miss him in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings.

  202. Houstongirl says:

    I love Paul Berlin’s show and listen to it EVERY Saturday evening. Just love it. Love his stories. He is a Houston treasure.

  203. Richard morant says:

    Thanks Dan for all you have done for us and the State and Country
     ..I and some of the old Lone Star times folks are trying to get the notion OUT there that remaining TARP and Stimulus fund should be rescinded and used to finance the limiting of the debt ceiling until the budget gets renewed.
    no more starving old people and eating dog food.. Thanks Richard Morant

  204. Rdbig says:

    What has happened to Ed Hennde?

  205. Billnancyw says:

    President Perry = Texas Trans Corridor (HOW SOON WE FORGET)

  206. Doug_ledkins says:

    Dan, yesterday, June 29, I heard you talking to Chris Baker concerning the
    sanctuary city bill.  If I heard you correctly, you said the House made a
    mistake in that the vote to pass the bill had to be 80 % of the members
    of the House.  Instead, I thought I heard you say, the vote had to be
    4/5 of the members present.  You were lamenting the fact that there were
    only 96 members that voted for it and that a total of 98 was needed.  You
    said that 120 House members were there.  If that is the correct amount, and
    if your premise is correct, then the bill passed.  Simple multiplication indicates
    that 4/5 or 80 % of 120 is 96.  Can anything be done at this juncture?
    Can the Lieutenant Governor or Governor intervene?

    By the way, I am Doug Ledkins and I live in Richmond.  I called at nearly
    5:00 p.m. and spoke to your screener.  I informed her about the above.
    I didn’t have time to hold on.  I am not concerned about getting on the
    radio.  I asked her to pass it on to you and Chris.  I am only concerned
    about our great state.  With the exception of 5 months at Ft. Dix, NJ
    and a year in Viet Nam, I have lived the rest of my nearly 67 years in
    Texas.  I intend to spend my remaining years in this great state.
    My cell phone number is 713-515-9906 and my email address
    is doug_ledkins@whitetucker.com.
    Thank you for all your good works on behalf of the citizens of Texas.


    Doug Ledkins

  207. Michael Hagan says:

    On July 4th at noon, members of the 30+ YMCA Centers will stop what they are doing…swimming, playing sports, working out…& be invited by a Y staff member or a volunteer to stand up & say the Pledge of Allegiance.This is always a big day for us as most members & their families are off & are looking for a fun place to do things together. Some of our Ys have parades…some have cookouts…but at noon, they will all say the Pledge.It’s just our simple way of thanking the country we love for all the blessings we have.Wanted to share not to spotlight us but to encourage others to do the same! How cool would it be if Houstonians, Texans & Americans all over, just stopped for a moment & unite across all our differences to say this simple but powerful act!Thanks for all you do & hope that together we can spread this!

  208. Robert Paul says:

    Dan,  Something needs to be done about the charities with 80% adm. & fund raising cost.  Only 20% going to charity.  I always ask and you may be surprised that is the normal answer.  Any org. with less than 70% going to the
    charity should not be allowed a tax exemption federally or otherwise.  Would you please look into this.

  209. Jobanion says:

    Just had Tejas Roofing at my home.  They came quickly and were very professsional and honest.  It seems I did not need an expensive fix.  I really appreciate honesty. 

  210. JEANIE PHILLIPS says:

    Keeping up with Paul Berlin while I’m in Bonham,thanks to the internet.

  211. Parent in Cypress says:

    Dear Committee Member,


    When it comes to the
    success of individuals, our next generation as well as the prosperity of Texas,
    please do the right thing. Please SUPPORT Vouchers!

    Private schools are
    producing more successful students who can discern, express thoughts clearly and
    out perform their public school counterparts. Our children have been in both
    and I can confirm with 1st hand experience that the public schools today are in
    desperate need of reform.


    Vouchers will serve a
    vital role in the reform process.  Just
    as America’s automakers became stronger & produced a better product after
    the Japanese manufacturers established themselves in the late 70’s, so too will
    public schools, and more importantly the children who attend them.


    My heart goes out to the
    Public school teacher, my sister being one of them, who is at the mercy of the
    Teacher’s unions. The unions have become corrupt and self serving. They are out
    of touch with the classroom, the students and their responsibility to the
    community. The level of disinterest and under-achievement is leading to dropout
    and failure rates that would never be acceptable in the private sector.


    By funding vouchers,
    Texas would be doing the right thing for a couple of reasons.

    First, under the current punitive system, many
    parents are denied the choice of private schools, because of the financial
    impact.  Under the current program
    they pay for education twice. Once via taxes and again through private
    school tuition.
    Second, teachers unions have shown a lack
    of responsibility and accountability to the taxpayer. With an endless flow
    of money, albeit a reduced flow thanks to our current economy, they have little
    incentive to trim back bureaucracies, defund social engineering projects
    or focus on their primary duty. Teachers are thereby FORCED to use methods
    that are convoluted, ineffective and riddled with inefficiency.

    Simply put, I reside in
    a community served by Cy-Fair ISD, one of the better public school systems, and
    I can only imagine the state of our great state should we continue down our
    current path.


    Please vote YES on House
    Bill 33, and please SUPPORT vouchers!


    Parent, Tax Payer &
    One who votes

  212. Wwlanning says:

    Dan, I have been a follower of your career ever since you were a TV sports announcer.  I sincerely hope you decide to run for Senate.  We need you in DC to be a voice of reason in that swamp of insanity.  Please run.  You can count on me to support you with my time and my money.

  213. Dan, you may have addressed this, but I want to post this question anyway:

    What’s your basis or justification for SB 905?  As a CHL holder and instructor, I have to tell you that this smacks of elitism.  You’ve supported the CHL program in the past, but with several important bills affecting our carry rights languishing in committee, your bill allowing elected officials jumps to the front of the line and is passed, without delay.  Your bill, as I understand it, even creates an exception to the application of Texas Penal Code Section 30.06 (Criminal Trespass by a License Holder), which effectively allows politicians to infringe on Texans’ private property rights.

    SB 905 tells Texas CHL holders that your safety is more important than ours.  We already have laws that say we can’t be intoxicated while carrying, we obviously can’t display our handgun without justification, and we can’t arbitrarily shoot folks.  So, why must it be an offense for me to carry my gun into a bar (51% establishment) when I will commit any number of other offenses when I “get drunk and pull out my gun”?  Why do we need the added layers of laws?  I know the answer, but please indulge me.

    You successfully made the argument that politicians find themselves in places where licensed concealed carry is prohibited, and you’d like the option of protecting yourself with your concealed handgun.  What is so special about politicians, Dan?  My line of work puts me in places that are sometimes off limits for concealed carry, but I don’t get the “luxury” you’ve limited to politicians.

    Please explain, because I’ve been a strong supporter of yours for many years, believing that you were not an elitist.  I’m now questioning my loyalty.

    Thank you,
    T. Campbell

  214. Anonymous says:


    Herein a copy of a letter that I sent to the Lt. Gov. this morning

    Lt. Gov. Dewhurst,


    I was stunned that you would take the actions that you did
    in killing Sen. Patrick’s TSA bill.  The
    underhanded fashion in which you operated appears self-serving and duplicitous.
    I would have no issue if you opposed the bill for some reason although I fail
    to see how any freedom loving citizen would not support it.  But you were unwilling to stand up and make
    this point on the merits and instead went under the table requesting this
    letter from the US Attorney and then by secretly going to the Senate Democratic
    leadership to garner support for killing the bill.  I cannot know what your motivation was in
    killing the bill.  I hope that it has
    nothing to do with your interest in running for the US Senate seat. But
    whatever your motivation, it was your method that I take issue with.

    Texas had a genuine Goliad “come and take it”
    opportunity to stand up to a federal government that has encroached on the
    liberties of its citizens for far too long. 
    I will not stand idly by while my wife, daughter, and granddaughters are
    groped by federal officials in an exercise that is more ritual than efficacious
    and whose use has yet to stop one person from getting on a plane with something
    dangerous. I would rather die in a hijacking attempt than to surrender my
    liberty to these moochers and petty tyrants. Texans have been famous for that
    throughout history and I feel that you have let down every citizen in Texas by
    failing to support this bill and tell the federal tyrants to go ahead and shut
    down air traffic if they dare.  They need
    us a lot more than we need them. But more than that, you have failed us in the
    underhanded way in which you went about it.

    Texas’ rolling over has only encouraged them by showing them
    that their threats have power and that they can strong arm us into submission
    to an unelectable and largely unaccountable bureaucracy. I am deeply
    disappointed by your actions in this matter. I have long since stopped
    believing that the federal government would operate with honor and integrity.
    It pains me now to see that a fellow Texan, when given the opportunity to act
    with honor and integrity, chose not to do so.

    I assure you that your behavior has given me serious second
    thoughts about supporting you in the future. Perhaps my withdrawal of support
    means nothing to you.  It does however
    mean something to me.

    I leave you with the words of Samuel Adams; “If you
    love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating
    contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel  nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand
    that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget
    that you were our countrymen.”


    Yours in deep disappointment,,

    William K Godwin

  215. Darren says:

    Dan, Hi, praying for you.. You need to rally the troops and pass this anti groping bill. Call the TSA’s bluff!!

  216. Joe says:

    Private schools do not have the same requirements as other schools.They don’t have to hire certified teachers.They don’t have to follow state curriculum or take the state tests (which may help make them better).While charter schools admit students by lottery, they are able to kick kids out at will and they demand that parents participate in their child’s education.  That is the difference. Kids and parents are held more accountable at these schools.

  217. jackie says:

    i listen to your show every afternoon and i personally really admire you as i feel that you are really for the people and smaller government. that being said, i read an article in the conroe courier today that a democrat has added to the state budget a smoking ban in many places. whether you smoke or not a business owner that has built his or her business from the ground up and pays a lot of taxes should not be told by the government what he or she can or cannot do. this is wrong on so many levels. people have a right to choose whether they go into the establishment or not. they are saying that it would cut medicade bills by the millions.  i do not believe this people that smoke are going to smoke regardless of this bill. i believe that there is other more frivolous things that could be taken out of the budget and THIS NEEDS TO BE ONE OF THEM.
    thank you

  218. Charles says:

      Dan Patrick authored a bill that allows lawmakers, elected officials, select former legislators, and certain state employees to carry concealed handguns anywhere, without the restrictisons placed on us peons. Does anyone know the Senate bill number? I am so proud when our elected employees remind us that everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others. Why not author a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would ensure no infringement of our rights. Would that be just TOO EQUAL Dan?

  219. Sharon Jones says:

    I am working on the Good Friday National Holiday Campaign. Currently, 135 Countries commemorate Good Friday as a National Holiday even Muslim Indonesia. Here we are in the USA which was founded on Christian priniciples and guess what? Only 10 States acknowledge Good Friday as a State Holiday and Texas is one of them – it is called an optional Holiday. Please help me take 1 million signatures to Congress by the end of this year. We have our 501 (c) (4) status, so we can lobby the cause. Please sign the petition our website address is http://www.goodfridaycampaignusa.com my e-mail address is: sj@goodfridaycampaign.com I look forward to your signatures, so we can change legistation. Blessings to you. . . Sharon Jones. 

  220. Texas Wards says:

    NO!!!!!!!!! Perry for President – NO!!!!!!!! He talks the talk, BUT HE DOESN”T WALK THE WALK.  Perry will give amnesty to all the law breaking illegals!  I will not vote for the lesser of two evils again!  NO!!!!!!  He is a typical old school Republican.  I only voted for him to keep Kay Bailey OUT! 

  221. Ambrose says:

    Don’t want to lay off any teachers? Charge 10% on all money being sent to Mexico. This 10% goes to pay teachers.
    Whats the problem?

    • Finnessey says:

      Ambrose, we need teachers. What we don’t need are are these mega million dollar schools and stadiums.

  222. Well Dan, you got your elitist way with packing heat, This kind of makes you turn your nose up at the rest of us ordinary citizens, huh?

  223. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Love Paul Berlin,wish we could get all his past shows put up on his site.

  224. Jeanie Phillips says:

    If he comes back on Sat. night it needs to be after Paul.

  225. Bootyfullkd says:

    your nervous about women being able to vote because of the women on the view??? well im nervous about men being able to be senators because of your ignorance and stupidity. now please jump off of a cliff.thanks.

  226. tas says:

    Thanks, Dan, for being the lone Republican on the redistricting committee to speak in favor of the more conservative SBOE E118 map. We need more like you in places of leadership.

  227. Usapledger says:

    heard on the news that CPS of Texas had a prior complaint concerning that child that was killed. Last year three kids die and we found that CPS had prior complaints concerning them and the year before two die again CPS had prior complaints.
    I have a video of a child less then 15 mins after an interveiw by CPS in school so it can be proved that no one could have prior contact with child to tellthe child what to say.
    The child states that he never before met the interveiwer yet reports state this was the second interveiw between this child and this interveiwer. so sre cps reports being faslified? The child also that the interveiwer called him a liar. Child also states that the interveiwer argued with him when his story did not fit interveiwer’s beliefs and threaten him concerning his mother (I believe to get him to change his story). Interveiwer also told him to his face she did not believe child, so what repore is this between CPS and childern they interveiw?
    SO WHY DO KIDS DIE IN TEXAS AFTER CPS INVESTAGATIONS? Texas CPS is Rated the worst in the nation! Conversations with outside counselors, police and attorneys confirm that they are not surprised and that their oppinion of CPS would confirm this oppinion.
    Randall Stone

  228. Chaslhamilton1955 says:

    Rumor is Katy teachers told that if they resigned they would be in good standing and perhaps would be rehired, (but would not be able to recieve Unemployment pay) Or if the were fired they would not be in “good standing” less likely to be rehired. ???

  229. Rad MD says:

    Dan, We need you to vote NO!!!!! on SB 1001! This has nothing to do with restricting Chiropractors ability to run a business. It is about keeping them from practicing medicine without going to medical school. They are not medical doctors. Chiropractors should not be doing vestibulo-ocular testing. They would only want to do this because it pays. I am a fellowship trained board certified medical doctor. I would never try to practice in a specialty that I have not received specialized training. Patient safety is of utmost importance. Would anyone let their eye doctor perform their colonoscopy???

  230. Billy Hale says:

    At least I can spell caliber. Good riddance, Prissy.

  231. Markgoodsell says:

    Dan, I moved to Texas in 2000 and last year I left to move to Utah. I know you have been working on the property tax issue in Texas and I applaude you for that. One thing that really bothered me while I lived there was the fact that the politicians raved that Texas does not have a state income tax. Even though this is the case, the State of Texas, in my opinion, unfairly “sticks” it to the property owner. My combined state income tax and property tax here in Utah is still far less than the amount of property tax that I paid in Texas each year. I know some will say, well yeah, its Utah. When all I can say is, let them say it! I am enjoying paying less in taxes while enjoying all of the incredible outdoor activities Utah has to offer. I think Texas is a great place and I would live there again. I just think that what Texas does to their property owners is an absolute crime. I know plenty of others who live there that feel exactly the way I do. Something has got to be done.

  232. Cypress Dave says:

    Implementing the $ame failed “$olutions” of other economie$ yet expecting different result$ makes you ask… Barack, “Who’s Sane” Obama?

  233. Jacke says:

    I just heard that Katy ISD is going to lay off 500 teachers because of budget cuts – why not let some of the administrators go, I’d bet that tha salaries that adminstrators get is much larger than the teachers?

  234. Terrimus says:

    Don’t worry. If Ron leaves, it’s ok. My son and I joined as listeners. That’s a net gain!!

  235. John in Willis says:

    Driving home I heard you read the email from the listener who asked “Am I responsible for YOUR brother?” In a flash, most of us were thinking of Cain’s question to God “Am I my brother’s keeper?” I think it must have occured to you as well, there was a pause in the patter. It might have been a good moment to point out that since compassion is the foundation of all religious and most secular ethics, the difficult choices you are having to make in Austin place you in a position no compassionate person would envy.

  236. Bawest_47232 says:

    Dan, great show.

  237. Vbk1 says:

    Dan please do not file the bill to exempt Churches and non profits from the rain tax. There help, organization and support is crucial to all of us being freed from this DOUBLE TAX.


  238. Bawest_47232 says:

    I guess my other post didn’t go through. Dan, we always hear about the pensions on state employees is bankrupting the states. Could you be so kind as to explain to the listeners why teachers and other employees do not pay into social security? Is it cheaper for the state if the state does the retirements instead of pursuing into social security?

  239. Bawest47232 says:

    Dan, I think it would be interesting to learn why we fund the pensions of teachers and state employees. Wouldn’t it be better for them to participate in social security? Or does texas save money by not paying the employer portion of social security?

  240. dgm says:

    Could you please check out Harmony Schools in Texas? I’ve just read that they are Muslim-run charter schools?

  241. Dave says:

    Dan, March 21, 2001, KSEV returned after you were able to buy back the station and were back on the air.

    Happy 10th anniversary of the rebirth…

  242. Bob & Sharon Barnett says:

    Dear Mr. Patrick – I agree with the comments by Houstongirl. Hope that you consider a run for the Senate seat. Also, I must thank you for putting Mr. Berlin back on the radio. My husband and I are both native Houstonians and have listened to him since the 50′s. He is a national treasure and you sir had the good sense of putting this gold mine back on the radio!! God Bless you, the great state of Texas and America. Keep up the great work that you are providing for this country!

  243. Bawest47232 says:

    Dan, why do we allow our Texas Representatives who are passing the voter id law to vote multiple times on bills in the House?

  244. Dancing Bull says:

    Three cheers to Houstongirl. She articulated well my sentiments completely and exactly. We need you to be our US Senator.

    At 6 PM Saturday, my TV is turned off and the radios are turned on. Paul Berlin’s program is heard throughout the house. It is the entertainment hightlight of the week at this house.

  245. 64novaman says:

    Two comments:
    1-Obama’s recent trip to Reo may not be as off subject and purely pleasure oriented as some are saying. Soros DID buy controlling interest in Petrobras just before Obama got elected. (Of course coincidentally a Billion dollars were given to Petrobras right after O’whatshisface came into office) Is his puppet-master / boss in Reo also this week to give him more marching orders?
    Side note most of the offshore rigs that have pulled up in the gulf due to the morotorium have migrated to Brazil and off the African Coast.

    2- We have been experiencing increased Solar activity end of 2010 – 2011 which is directly attributable to warmer climate. (REF BBC documentary: The Great Global Warming Swindle (agreat watch with even one of the founders of Green Peace saying it is a political hoax, not Eco science))
    Any way I would like to let people know that when it does begin to warm due to this increased Solar activity and the Michael Morons start claiming that it is due to CO2 like they have been saying people can know the real reason for the warming.

    PS I met you briefly at the Katy Townhall meeting with Michael McCaul. I was the one taking pictures for the Sealy News. I sat with my friends Art and Anne Davis on the front row. Keep up the good work.

  246. Wrsimmon says:

    Has anyone heard of the bill that the TWIA Texas Windstorm wants to pass a bill that persons can not sue the insurance agency if they do not pay They are to be in Austin today at 1:30

  247. Malcolm Zurek says:

    I second Houstongirl’s recommendation that Dan Patrick run for Kay Bailey’s senate seat. Dan, it is your calling and our salvation as a conservative democratic society/govrnment that you run.

  248. Houstongirl says:

    There is only one person who should run for Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s seat, and that is YOU. We need to have a true Conservative, an unwavering Christian, a person of integrity in the Senate. Out of all of the Republicans considering the post, you are the only one that fits that description. In the old Testament, Esther was called on to stand up for her people. The phrase used was “for such a time as this.” You should run for the Senate for the same reason–to stand up for Americans, to return our country to our Constitution. For such a time as this–Wayne Watson sings a song by that title–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GULZzJ0Uz8o
    The state of Texas needs you, but more than that, our country does.

    BTW–Thanks for the Paul Berlin Show. What a blessing he is! When life seems complicated beyond belief–as it is now as a result of all of the upheaval, turbulence, and division in our country–Mr. Berlin takes us back to a simpler time. It helps.

    • JHillenbrand says:

      I think you should run for the U.S. Senate also. We need someone outspoken on conservative ideals, someone who can get the message across and someone with integrity. I think you’re that person.

  249. Wrsimmon says:

    The Texas House Insurance Committee is holding a hearing this Tuesday in Austin at 1:30p.m. on a bill to give the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) immunity for deceptive and misleading actions….yes, that’s right, immunity for deception.

    We do not believe that TWIA or any insurance company should get away with committing fraud and lying to Texas families, and wrongfully rejecting insurance claims and systematically underpaying insurance claims.
    Please help us or why do we have to pay for windstorm My roof they said needed no repair which I agree but after suing TWIA they want the roof completely redone
    They dictate what we have to pay and repair even though they do not want to cover

  250. KatyJohn says:

    As I sit at home filling out job applications and networking with business friend, I am completely entertained by the implosion of the Democratic Party. Only wish my father were here to see it. Truth does eventually rise to the top as we are seeing now.


  251. Sandy says:

    Why can’t Congress cut 10% across the board including entitlements, military and everything else, then cut some outrageous stuff like NPR completely? I have had to cut that much and more over the last couple of years! It’s not easy, and it’s not fun, but it IS necessary.

  252. Tommyr says:

    Dan, I received a call from FBISD asking me to contact my representative to keep the school funding in tact. In my opinion the school districts are too heavy administratively and they need to cut the top and not the teachers. The school districts must have to have the admin. staff to tell the government how well they are doing as they are not talking with the students.

  253. John Hillenbrand says:

    I received this email this morning from a credible source

    “Tyson Food in Shelbyville , Tennessee eliminated Labor Day as a paid
    holiday in favor of the last day of Ramadan because they have 700 Muslim
    employees. The fact that they have almost that many non-muslim employees is beside the point apparently!”

    Can someone please double check this before I give up Tyson chicken

    John Hillenbrand

  254. Marvin Horelica says:

    I just received a call from someone who had worked for me who wanted me to sign a statement for the Houston Housing Authority so she could keep her subsidized housing. I asked her if she would like to work for us again. She said no because the govt would take away her “benefits”. In my opinion, the only difference between slavery and govt “benefits” is that slavery forces you TO work whereas govt “benefits” force you NOT TO work. And guess who is forced to pay for the govt to keep a large portion of our society in slavery? I’m sure they believe it is worth around $20k per year to buy a loyal voter. Since I am paying for it – I disagree!

  255. Malcolm Zurek says:

    In light of what is happening in Wisconcin with Democrats leaving like rats and hiding in another state; and this happened in Texas a few years, how about writing and sponsoring a bill that would terminate a state senators or representatives term, with a grace period, if they leave the state or hide out when faced with a serious vote in the legislature. If these people were voted in to serve they should be removed when they don’t fulfill their responsibilities. Then, if they don’t return within the allotted time the lesislature would convene with a new government body less these disbarred public servants.

    Malcolm Zurek
    The Forever Plaid guy

  256. Rmd1960 says:

    I miss Dan. I know what he is doing is important, and I know we want him there cause we sent him there. But i still miss him…………………………

  257. Creg Gentry says:

    I miss the the Amigo’s on Friday’s drive Home.

  258. Larry Harbuck says:

    DAN, Please read or have Travis’ “Alamo” letter read on the air February 23rd… it would also be a nice touch if it could be read in the Capital.

    Many thanks,
    Larry Harbuck
    Pearland, Texas

  259. Linda says:

    Hope you can do something to reign in the Homeowners Associations. I believe they should be able to obtain a judgment and file a “lien” rather than the ability to foreclose on property. We’ve seen over the years how very few dollars owed on HOA fees can end in a disaster, particularly for our seniors.

  260. Linda says:

    Dan…Doesn’t the Wisconsin escape of the Democrat legislators in Wisconsin remind you of the Texas Democrats in 2003….(2) buses to Oklahoma? Pathetic, no back-bone!

  261. Darren says:

    Hi Dan, hope today finds you well. I have a simple question. When are we going to do something like AZ? Have you been to Bentaub or LBJ? IF you speak English, your and outsider. Hmm, wonder where our moneys going? I do appreciate what your doing. Thank you for your commitment.

  262. Alice says:

    On Thursday you advised a retired man that wanted to go into teaching to become a teacher in Math & Science. Just to let you know that this is one of the teaching positions eliminated at Katy ISD.

  263. JaimeInTexas says:

    Now you stepped into it. You actuall dared to ask the consitutionality of foreign aid … in KSEV????!!!!! You know that such notion would mean that also Israel would not get money, raised by taxing the people of these uSA.

  264. Sally says:

    I heard your radio show today, 01/27/11 and you mentioned you had several Old Englisheep Dogs in the past years. You should checkout the Houston Old Englishsheep Dog Rescue site, http://www.texasoesrescue.org/; they are a great organization. We have foster several dogs and they have been adopted out to happy families. Also, there is an annual picnic in the springtime everyone brings their dog. There are usually 30-40 dogs there and it is great fun!! You can see the pictures of the picnic on the website.

  265. BD1959 says:

    Last week there was some discussion on Dan’s show about how a large number of kids (with parents that can afford to pay for school lunches) are taking advantage of receiving free lunches at school. My solution to this is there should be no free lunches given away at any school. Everyone should have to pay. Parents with kids that can afford to pay need to pay and those parents with kids that can’t afford to pay still need to pay with their Lone Star cards they receive from the government. That money on the Lone Star card was given to them to pay for food and should be used to buy school lunches. School’s don’t need to be in the business of deciding who can and cannot afford to pay. We already have a well fare system that is already deciding this.

  266. Wayneb52 says:

    No Comment, just one question. What is the name of Dan Patrick’s Theme song (Bumper Music) for his 4PM show? What’s the name of the band?

  267. Loydaroger says:

    Dan, please consider running for U.S. Senator. I will volunteer to assist in the Katy area. Your city, state and country need you.

    Roger Graham

  268. Joseph Swenceski says:

    The Tennessee STAR experiment randomly assigned 11,600 elementary school students and their teachers to a small class, regular-size class or regular-size class with a teacher-aide. The experiment began with the wave of students who entered kindergarten in 1985, and lasted for four years. After the third grade, all students returned to regular-size classes. We analyze the effect of past attendance in a small class on standardized test scores through the eighth grade, on whether students took the ACT or SAT college entrance exam, and on how they performed on the ACT or SAT exam. The results suggest that attending a small class in the early grades is associated with somewhat higher performance on standardized test, and an increase in the likelihood that students take a college-entrance exam, especially among minority students. Most significantly, being assigned to a small class appears to have narrowed the black-white gap in college-test taking by 54 percent.

  269. Joseph Swenceski says:

    1. A caller to your show said that school districts should cap administrative funding. Good idea and all of the data is already reported online on the TEA AEIS reports (administrative costs/classroom costs).
    ***** Be careful though, schools count the salary of a principal or administrator in high school that teaches one class a teacher not an administrator in their budget, positions that are administrative and see very few children per week are counted as teachers because the person filling the job is a teacher doing an administrative job.
    2. Lifting the cap on class size in elementary schools will have the same effect. Positions in schools that don’t have students assigned to them will be counted as teachers and the average class size will be 15 when the real class size will still be at 22.
    **** 22 students was not a class size number pulled out of the air. There is research that shows smaller classes are better. There is a great deal of research on this and one of the largest was the Tennessee’s project STAR research which showed 20-24 students was significantly better than larger classes of 22-26 (even if the larger classes had an aid). It also showed 13-17 students was even better. 22 students was a number in the middle of the research groups and was deemed a workable number between ideal and overcrowded. It was not randomly pulled out of the air and written into law.

  270. John says:

    Really like listening to Paul Berlin on Saturday Nights.

  271. Garth Whittington says:

    Dan I tried to call you last week or the week before when you were talking to the obstinate teacher named Mike. You must add two verbal arrows to your quiver when talking about education,teachers,unions,etc. You could have saved a lot of time by saying to Mike: go rent The Cartel and Waiting for Superman. Garth Whittington

  272. BobM says:


    God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael, the archangel, found
    him, resting on the seventh day. He inquired, “Where have you been?”

    God smiled deeply and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, “Look,
    Michael. Look what I’ve made.”

    Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, “What is it?”

    “It’s a planet,” replied God, and I’ve put life on it. I’m going to call it
    Earth and it’s going to be a place to test Balance.”

    “Balance?” inquired Michael, “I’m still confused.”

    God explained, pointing to different parts of Earth. “For example,
    northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth,
    while southern Europe is going to be poor. Over here I’ve placed
    a continent of white skinned people, and over there is a continent
    of black skinned people. Balance in all things.”

    God continued pointing to different countries. “This one will be
    extremely hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice.”

    The Archangel , impressed by God’s work, then pointed to a
    large area of land and said, “What’s that one?”

    “That’s Texas , the most glorious place on earth. There are
    beautiful mountains, rivers and streams, lakes, forests, hills, and
    plains. The people from Texas are going to be handsome,
    modest, intelligent and humorous, and they are going to travel the
    world.. They will be extremely sociable, hardworking, high achieving,
    carriers of peace, and producers of good things.”

    Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then asked, “But
    what about balance, God? You said there would be balance.”

    God smiled, “Not too far from Texas is Washington , DC .
    Just wait until you see the idiots I put there.”

  273. Despina says:

    Thank you Dan for explaining the test score difference. I become upset when our test scores are denigrated in comparison to other countries. They truly don’t educate their entire population.

  274. Johnnyk says:

    please add 2nd hour to Guns over Texas! please, please, please.

    • Rmd1960 says:

      I agree Johnnyk! One hour is just not enough! Guns over Texas is one of the better shows on KSEV! It ranks right up there with The Car Doctor!