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Dan Patrick holds the office of State Senator from Texas District 7  and is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.   He has championed conservative causes in the Texas Senate for the past 6 years and serves as the Chairman of the Education Committee.   For an inside look at Texas politics and the 2014 elections, don’t miss Dan Patrick and Friends, weekdays at 5pm on KSEV!


Latest by Dan Patrick

Blueprint for a Balanced Budget

Can we balance the Texas budget without raising taxes? Take a look at the Blueprint for a Balanced Budget issued by the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute. What do you think?

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Patrick Family Shrimp Dip Recipe

Click here for the Patrick family’s shrimp dip recipe. Try it and let me know what you think!

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  1. Cindy Zuilhof says:

    I am a conservative and native Houstonian as well as a longtime listener of KSEV shows and want you to know that I CANNOT listen to the Blaze News. It is absolutely not news, but biased, opinionated reporting.
    Thought you would want to know,
    Cindy Zuilhof

  2. ambrose mueller says:

    Here is a suggestion to get more voters. I live in a gated retirement community. 700 homes or about 1400 voters. Many people are disabled.
    No one is telling these people about the mail in voting system.
    A voter must call the voters registration office about a month before the election to get their mail in ballet.

    Many of these people do not vote as it just too much trouble to leave their house and stand in line to vote.

    My suggestion is mail them -us literature on how to use the vote by mail system.


  3. Linda Bennett says:

    Hope you win!!!!

  4. J. Larry & Rose Railey says:

    We applaud your switching to The Blaze Radio Network.

  5. Alexander Burnett says:

    Did you know they muted all the challengers final comments in the live debate last night? Audio was immediately restored for the commentators final comments. I have begun an investigation. I want to know why and who was behind this deliberate sabotage of a public forum for a fair election.

  6. James Bordelon says:

    Consider using your contacts to get a bill introduced at the federal level:

    That when we fill out our income tax form each person sends 80% to their state capital and 20% to the federal level.

    It would transform our country to back what the founders intended