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  1. Jayant Dixit says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Can you please let me know where I can get the podcast of Bring On Success at 11 AM on 04/13/2014.
    Thanks, Jay

  2. Tom Donlin says:

    Is Chris Salcedo now permanent? What’s up with Edd?

  3. Lucie Read says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed Chris Salcedo’s filling in the past few weeks. I sure hope you ask him back again soon.

  4. Rolando V. Padama says:

    Why is it that only 1 hour was allowed for Michael Savage.Usually I was listen his program for two hours.

  5. Sheryl McNally says:

    Why isn’t Edd Hendee on in the 8:00 hour anymore? Laura for 3 hours is a little much.

  6. bill miller says:

    when will ed be back on air, chris is good but I miss ed

  7. Chris says:

    We want more Savage! One hour is just a tease!

  8. Matt says:

    Why is only one hour broadcasted of the Michael Savage show? Will this be expanded to the regular three hours he is actually on sometime in the future?

  9. JACK MCCARTHY says:

    EDD ASKED FOR ANY INFO. re; Charles Summers; fry cook. He is a fry cook at a Milwsukee Popeye’s. He is a member of RAISE UP MILWAUKEE; an organization of fast food workers that held 4 one day strikes last year calling for $15 an hour and the right to form fast food unions without retaliation.

  10. Linda Bone says:

    Is there any way to get a copy of the commentary of this morning’s broadcast about Vicki Lee? Please let us know.

  11. Russell says:

    When Michael Savage starts at 3PM on January 6th, at what time will Dave Ramsey be broadcasted?

    Thanks for the info,


  12. Elizabeth P. D. says:

    To: Edd Hendee

    Good Morning!

    For every Dem. who voted for the ACA, consider donating $$$ to their opponent.

    P.S. Between you and me, Mr. Hendee – I’m having a little trouble with Senator Cornyn.

    He is a GOPe.

    Texas got the best – Ted Cruz!
    But we got GOPe – Cornyn


    • Mark says:

      Ted Cruz as the GOP presidential candidate…the most sure way to have Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States.

  13. Jeanie Phillips says:

    How is Paul Berlin doing after surgery today?

  14. Steve Alexander says:

    I can’t get through on the phone so, I have this suggestion for Ben on Obama’s foreign policy:

    Pontificate, Oscillate, and Conflagrate


  15. Beebo Kanelle says:

    Your caller, Mary, is dead-on. She seems to know facts and The Constitution. Listen to what she says…

  16. john amann says:

    2 observations… why is Savage Nation only 2 hours…and second why is it on at 8PM… I assume it is not his live show… it is a replay?

    My feeling is it would be more profitable from 6 to 8 instead of Lance Robert

    Giving Ingraham and Huckabee 3 hours for what they have to really contribute… especially Huckabee last night shooting down the executive for Making a profit and not sharing that with the employees… since when CEO have to share their profit… and about Ingraham she is ok, but a borderline conservative… what she is… is a coattail republican.

    I love you Dan but you might want to have a chat with your program director?

  17. Shirley Ledet says:

    there is a former NAACP president during what I think is a public service about an organization I am interested in exploring. can you provide me with that information.

  18. Sheryl McNally says:

    This is for Edd Hendee:
    Several weeks ago during the Memorial Hermann segment, you spoke with a Dr. regarding less invasive back surgery. Was that Dr. Keith Flack, who I know is an orthopedic surgeon, or was it someone else? A friend of ours in Montana has asked us to help him find a surgeon here.
    Thanks for your help.

  19. Paula Sue says:


  20. Elizabeth Potts says:

    Edd Hendee, you could play ANYTHING by Yoko Ono who’s music can clear any room. Have a good day, brother! <

  21. Wayne Krennercih says:

    I was appalled at the Memorial Health segment presented today 7/3 at the end of the Edd Hendee show by Lance Roberts. The particular comments concerning how they manage the number of embryos placed back into the uterus to avoid multiple births is callous. Your station is conservative and pro-life. Lance should have stopped and asked what happens to the other embryos. Every embryo is life and needs protection to develop to it’s fullest potential.

  22. Cynthia Scott says:

    Hey Dan! So glad you are running for Lt Gov. So proud of the work you did on Education and pro-life.

    My question is about the Surveillance being done by our Pres. He has downloaded two apps to smart phones that we cannot refuse but can turn off. Now he is going to download one from him that we CANNOT refuse or turn off!! Some states have deemed this to be illegal. I heard that the Texas legislature took it up but that it did not get resolved. WHY could you not bring this important privacy issue upin the extra session? I would seriously appreciate your consideration.

  23. Virginia Kavanaugh says:

    Can I get Michael Savage on am radio in New York?

  24. Brian Martin says:

    I’m listening through an Internet connection and am getting sound distortion. I’ve logged off and have rebooted, but it’s still there. Is the fault with “my set” or are you guys having some issues? Thanks for your help. I’m a regular listener.
    Brian in Humble, TX

  25. John irby says:

    when will we be able to listen to ksevradio on the iPad?
    listen now does not work and can’t download iPhone app on the I pad

    thank you,

  26. Max Spears says:

    Thursday,June 13 – 1:20pm
    Where did the real estate program by Liberty RE advisors go? I wasn’t able to hear it on Wednesday either. Thanks, Max

  27. Sam Russell says:

    Thank you for starting my morning off in the mornings.

    I was behind a beat up old car yesterday on my way home from work. The car had a big “DEMOCRAT” bumper sticker on the back and beside that was a bumper sticker that said “I “Heart” Obamacare. What makes me so mad is that I have to work to pay for her, her family, then mine. The madness must stop.

    Republicans do not get the message out. We need bumper stickers and we need strong republican leaders to stand up against Obamacare. I get so frustrated with our Conservative politicians. They must start standing up for the tax payers and their supporters. I am crazy about Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, they have backbones!

  28. Dr. Gary Williams says:

    The flag placement event was amazing. I think it was great that KSEV stepped up to the plate on this.

    I will be there on Thursday to help take care of the flags.

    Just saying I thing this oppurtunity to help should also be aired as there is a ton of work to do yet….


    Dr. Williams

  29. Listener says:

    Run ads on clear channel’s stations that you have Michael Savage on your station now… I had no idea!! Wonderful news!

  30. Al Nelson says:

    Too much Dave Ramsey! I have always changed stations during his show but now he does so many commercials its really annoying.

    Enough Dave Ramsey.

  31. Don Mach says:

    I would like to make a donation to the Gregory family that was injured in Boston but see nothing on here telling me how to do it. I heard it was listed on this site. HELP

  32. Steve Williams says:

    I can’t find the link on your web site where I can make a donation to the family of the young Houston woman who was injured in the Boston bombing last week.

  33. Denise Detrik says:

    I am not able to get Michael Savage from 8-10 pm because the signal is so weak. Can you please re-run his show the next morning please, like from 5-7 am, or 6-8 am, or 7-9 am? I love Dr. Savage and miss hearing him so much.
    Thank you.

  34. Jeff Stone says:

    from your web site poll:
    Who would you vote “for for” President?
    correction: lol, it’s “who would you for President”,
    not “for for President”, lol.

  35. Fred A. Heyn says:

    I would like to complement Paul Berlin for returning to radio & for his excellent show. I used to hear him and his music on KQUE along with his other companions of good music, but KQUE went off the air and there has been bo good music since then,
    I would like Paul’s email address so I can write him.
    Thank you KSEV!
    Fred Heyn, Sweeny, Texas

  36. Rhonda Williams says:

    That girl Jasmine that called in on the Mack show 4:45pm was great, she gave her twitter name but I was driving home and couldn’t write it down. Do you have her twitter name? It’s nice to hear the young people are getting it and I think Mack connects with the young people too.

  37. Roger Scott says:

    Hey Guys, I’m still looking for the latest Paul Berlin show (3/2/2013) on his page. I listen after the fact since I can’t catch it live and am beside myself because it hasn’t appeared yet. Is there a problem?? Hope not….

    Anxiously yours,


  38. Gary Foster says:

    I have been a long time listener and I will continue to be a long time listener. But can you please drop the AP news at the top of the hour. This morning, in order to support the president, they played a tape of him during one of the debates claiming that the sequester was a Republican idea. We know this is not true but they still played the lie with no response. That’s how the low information voter gets his news.

    I know the hosts need a break. I would rather listen to the farm future report for hog prices or elevator music.

  39. Ra Cha says:

    i think we can use a new slogan to all thugs, “Act like the President”.

    “Get Educated, Stay Married, Dress Well, Act like the President”

  40. Ra Cha says:

    During Holy Week before Easter could you play music from Jesus Christ Superstar as you your bumper music.

  41. G Primm says:

    When will we get an undate from Senator Dan Patrick on the latest in Austin.

  42. cristine says:

    I was listening to the show around 11:30-11:55 am on 2/21/13 and heard about a study/survey that was done to about 5500 people and it showed that a smile and teeth was the first thing they noticed on a person!
    Can you tell me where this study was done, where did this research come from?
    Can you please get back with me with this information
    I greatly appreciate it!

  43. Kirk A says:

    I really like the Mac show in the afternoon. He has fast become my favorite Host. I like that he is gracious and never condescending.
    On yesterdays show his comments about how the Mainstream Media is not doing their job and giving Obama a pass was spot on. I have long thought that The Media and their left leaning bias have become a major problem in this country. Keep of the great work Mac!

    K A

  44. Rudy Reinhardt says:

    Ed, I would like to help Bill and Lind. I am a psychotherapist who works at Riveroaks Chiropractic with Dr, Sahannon Warren and I would like to offer Linda 3 free sessions to work out her cruise and take the pressure off of Bill.

  45. Scott says:

    Ed, I’m glad you are back. Please town down the sound effects, I don’t need coocoo clocks and warning buzzers coming out of my office 3x louder that the rest of the show.

  46. Roger Scott says:

    Would love to have more of Paul Berlin. Will there be more of him in the future?? Two hours a week just ain’t enough…..

    Thanks for a great station and great shows.

    New Ulm, TX

  47. Chris Hammel says:


    The Mack show is much more interesting in the afternoon, in the morning slot he was not effective (tired? hung over?) – Edd Hendee is better.

    Can we please get back the 5:30am to 6am sports show that you used to have? Mr. “I’m Debt Free” followed by a “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” is really annoying for us working types with long commutes to work.

    Best regards

    Chris Hammel

  48. Bill Vaglienti says:

    Why does KSEV not offer podcats for those that are unable to tune in during the scheduled time for all hosts?

  49. Bill Slicker says:

    On January the 20th, I was driving home to Dallas from Austin.
    I listened to the Rick Dennis Show around 3pm.
    I want to get more info from him on his services.
    He left a 866… number. I couldn’t wtite it down.Can you please email the phone number?
    Many thanks.

  50. quenton says:

    What happened to Savage? Please no more Huckabee! He sounds like Pat Boone’s music with nowhere near the personality.

  51. DR.MICHAELS says:

    A shout out from California, keep up the excellent programing and we are listing ..

  52. M Peterson says:

    Do you have podcasts of your shows available? I’m especially interested in hearing the Baker and Patrick show from tonight.

    Thank you,

    M Peterson

  53. Susan VanDusen says:

    I listen to 700 all day long while feeding my animals. I love listening to Michael Savage in the morning. I am not able to listen to him at night. I want to keep him in the morning. I just heard Laura I. is coming back on the air next week. I would really like to continue to listen to Michael Savage rather than Laura if at all possible.

    Thank you,

    Susan VanDusen

  54. John T says:

    Good Morning,

    Have you considered picking up the Walton and Johnson


    John T

  55. Amanda Orrick says:

    Is there anyway to download podcasts for Michael Savage’s show? I don’t get to listen to his show during the day because I am at work and at night it is just too late for me to listen. When he was with Talk Radio Network I had a subscription to his show so I could download his shows and listen to them when I had the opportunity. I really miss listening to him. Please let me know how I can get his shows!!!! Thank you!

  56. Linda Price says:

    Where is Laura Ingraham? I miss her! I do not like Michael Savage. Please get her back on!!!!!!!!

  57. Larry Gill says:

    I see where Laura Ingraham will be back on the air on Jan. 2. Will her new show be on your station?

    Also when will MACK be back?

  58. Mark Johnson says:

    I noticed “Energy Savings in the Home” show that used to be at 2:00pm Saturdays, is replaced by Dave Ramsey repeats. Can you tell us what is the problem with that show?

  59. Mark Johnson says:

    I lose a ton of respect for Dr. Savage and KSEV when I hear them advertising a rip-off product. The idea of a “magic” fuel economy booster is old as the hills, and the PLATINUM product is just another fraud. You claim a body known as “Consumer Protection” endorses it, and yet Consumer Reports and the EPA have tested it and found it to be useless.

    The very claim that fuel is 22% more burned using this product, is an insult to anybody educated in science. Were the claims true, I submit the radiator would be not needed in a car.

    With the the US Congress mandating higher and higher CAFE standards, manufacturers would be all over this cheap solution. Yet the listener is led to believe manufacturers are stupid and the buyer is smart. I am truly saddened to hear that Dr. Savage and KSEV are promoting a false product.

    Sincerely, Mark Johnson

  60. Sharon says:

    I’m not saying Michael Savage is bad, but I miss Laura in the morning. I hope she comes back on KSEV. Thanks.

  61. pat Muldowney says:

    Just want to say how great it is to hear Edd. Greatly missed him. Nothing against the Mack Show but now I’m listening all the time in the AM and on my app. Just let edd know he was missed. Merry Christmas to everyone there

  62. Audrey Legendre says:

    Why is Laura Ingraham off the 9 – 11am slot. She is so much better than Michael Savage. Your poll indicates that your listeners want Laura. Please bring her back or you are going to loose me as a listner.

  63. Mike Longwell says:

    WOuld like to pass along a comment to Edd about the Mayan Calendar and my younger sister. Her birthday is Dec. 21st and she will be turning 50. What a way to celebrate your 50th birthday, with the end of the world occurring the same day.

  64. bonnie says:

    We have missed Edd Hendee any way he will return permanently?

  65. Don says:

    please keep Dr. Savage on 9-11 am – He is so popular and I’m sure he will improve your ratings and improve yor stature in the Houston Radio market – I know several people who had never heard of AM 700 who have tuned in to hear Dr. Savage just in the last few weeks. Give it some time and I’m sure you will be pleased.

  66. CW says:

    Why do you have Mr Savage on during Laura Ingraham hours 9 – 11am? Your schedule online doesn’t reflect it.


  67. Richard A. Myers says:

    two things:
    The host on the radio this am from 7 – 8 —- who was that? I recognized his voice and was glad to hear he was back. Please keep him on.

    I really enjoy Mike Huckabee’s show… you often get me listeing to him rather than the competition. Very thoughtful

    Thanks for adding michael savage to the lineup. Will Ingraham is very good, I like the breadth, thoughtfulness and edge of Savage. He’s a bit “out there” for KSEV… but his dogged defense of freedom, including freedom of speech and thought… fit right in!

  68. Mary Hassler says:

    Please have Edd Hendee on early in the morning or on the drive home. Can’t listen during the day while at work.

  69. Darrell Hancock says:

    I am a conservative. Mr. Savage is a vile man. I am deeply disappointed that you offer his show.

  70. Abdu Kishk says:


    Please get Alex Jones on your station.

  71. Charlie Pelham says:

    Just wondering if you were going to have the Christmas concert again this year. It was blessing to a lot of people to hear the Gospel Express and the English Brothers last December.
    Best Regards
    Charlie Pelham

  72. GC Chastain says:

    Now that Laura is off the air for a while it’s time to bring Paul Berlin on during the daytime when normal people can listen.

  73. Jolene Gagnon says:

    Where is Laura Ingraham? Michael Savage is offensive, and impossible to listen to for even 2 minutes.

  74. G. Adamek says:

    I am so excited that Michael Savage is on KSEV. And more excited when I heard him on KSEV in the morning! I vote 100% to have his show on the morning slot.

  75. C A Stephenson says:

    Can’t you talk Edd to return on a permanent basis? Move Mack to Laura’s spot, and Edd back to 0600-0900? Edd is so special. On the days that he does sub in, when I hear his intro music, my day is made!
    Thank you,

  76. Steve Lujan says:

    My name is Steve Lujan and I am a Hispanic radio listener that loves talk radio in English and Spanish. Unfortunately, I find English talk radio is missing a Hispanic host and it is completely absent in Spanish radio altogether and it is something that should be remedied. I believe more political Spanish language shows should be on the air to inform and educate as many people as possible. I don’t mean just another news outlet but a radio host that grabs current events, political news, and anything of importance and brings it to light. As a regular listener to shows of all sorts, frankly I am sick and tired of hearing off the wall jokes and comedians giving the news in Spanish language programs. It is unfortunate that our main news source comes from people that are absolutely clueless about what is happening around us. I think we do need comedians and other type of hosts but it seems as if that is the only genre radio has to offer in Spanish.
    For several years I wanted to host a show in Spanish that deals with current events, and a couple of years ago I did it. I figured that being on the air is what I should be doing since I enjoy discussions of all sorts especially politics and current events. I enjoyed it very much and I feel this is a program that will succeed with the right execution.
    Unfortunately I was living in Las Vegas during a horrible economic downfall of the city and had to relocate to Houston. To my excitement Houston has a larger market and many more radio stations, including in Spanish, where my message can be delivered to more people. I am by no means a long time professional but with the drive and desire that I possess I am certain to succeed.
    I have realized that it is very difficult to find someone who likes to talk a lot, especially about politics, and that wants to be on the radio, in Spanish, but I am that person. If given a chance I would surely do everything in my power to educate myself and be as informed as I can for the audience.
    I would please ask you to consider me as an option in English or Spanish as a host during anytime. I thank you for your time and hope to hear from you.


    Steve Lujan

  77. Michael says:

    btw… THANK Y’ALL for bringing Michael Savage on board!!!
    He is more like minded with us “REALISTS”…. he doesn’t keep his head buried in the sand, as he “THINKS” outside of the box!
    I tried relating to Mack and his listeners how BOTH parties have been hi-jacked and “The New World Order” that both Reagan and Bush Sr. spoke of publicly is being put into place and Mack decided to belittle me and cut me off and THEN he cut off a lady that called in about 30 minutes later to question him about not wanting to hear what I had to say….
    NOT VERY CLASSY…. Don’t think that other listeners aren’t turned off by Macks arrogance and closed-mind!

  78. Don Staples says:

    Houston market needs Michael Savage

  79. Andrew says:

    According to Cumulus Radio, Michael Savage will be coming to your station. Can you please confirm?


  80. Avery Brown says:

    The Mack Show is our station we listen to from 0400 to 0600 daily here in Priest River Idaho. Tell Mack we love him and his show. Thank you for serving in the the military. I am a vietnam vet. This house is a native american house and a solid conservative house. We bring you up on the computer. Mack keep up the good work and we stand together. May the spirit world be good to you.

  81. C V L N Sastry says:

    Sirs: I am fascinated by the Americans’ Freedom of Speech. I listen to you on internet via TuneIn from Guntur in South India. I listen to your radio because I need your society to be prosperous as the world’s economic engine including India’s depends upon your society’s ability to consume our services.
    BTW, I refer to you in my mind as KESEV as KESEV is the name of a Hindu God. I am a devout pactising Hindu.

  82. Carole Young says:

    Reply for 47% question-

    That is your number – statistic for your administration, President Obama. And it has grown under your watch. How sad is it that so many people are out of jobs and benefits? That so many people can’t support their families.

    I want to bring jobs back for those 47%, give them their independence back, get them back on the road to financial success. That is the American way – jobs and prosperity for the people of our land.

    And I know how to create jobs, that’s what my record show. That number will shrink under my watch and the citizens of this great nation will feel pride and success in themselves. That is the American dream.

  83. Roy G. says:

    Based on a recent Texas Supreme Court ruling, I will expose in an official Texas Government body’s open meeting on Wednesday 10/10/2012 what I believe is a huge compensation liability that may result in many, many, many law suits and judgments against the State of Texas regarding its taking of private property rights from the people of Texas without their consent. The State of Texas may be exposed to liabilities going back 35 years to when the State Legislature and the Governor first approved certain special district bills.

  84. David Hopkins says:

    I caught the last half of the Mack Show interviewing the navy seal friend of Daughtery and the other hero defending the embassy a couple weeks ago, I believe his name was Brandon.
    THIS INTERVIEW HAS TO BE AIRED AND TALKED ABOUT 24 / 7 ON TV AND RADIO AND IN PRINT NEWS MEDIA. MR. BRANDON HAS TO CONSTANTLY TELL THIS STORY so we can get Obama and company out of there asap. We must regain our authority and strength in the world!! Thank you so much for the Mack Show!! This one was hugely inspiring and informative for our nation! This must be told over and over again until we all, as Americans, see the truth of it and get rid of the incompetence in our federal government leadership under Obama.

    Appreciate, David~

  85. Debbie Pool says:

    What happened to KSEV this AM?
    No broadcast in my car!

  86. Victor Lane says:

    I was listening to the Mack Show this morning and it was just old right wing spin Obama is bad. As a Veteran why does he talk about the Veterans Job Corps Act killed by the Senate yesterday. As a Vietnam Era Vet I know the difficulties I had. I used the GI Bill, working 40 hrs a week, attending night classes and got my degree. Applying for jobs, I did not fit the profile of new college Grad. I was 30, married with three kids. Our Iraq and Afgan vets deserve better. Please deal with real issues.

  87. Robert KinCannon says:


    I am a long-time listener and have just began listening through the KSEV iPhone app. I am having the following problems with it (problems that I don’t have listening to stations through iHeart or Pandora):
    1) Often times, when selecting “Play” button, the “Stop” button is displayed, but no audio. I have to select stop and then play again for it to work.
    2) The app will frequently just stop, and I have to select play again.
    3) The app allows the iPhone to lock the screen. It would be better if it would keep the screen lit (albeit dimmed).

    Thanks for the great talk radio!


  88. Clare says:

    Dr Hotze’s guest speaker Dr Julian Whitaker was SO interesting yesterday on the subject of diabetes. Is there a way to listen again to that interview?

  89. Mike says:

    Why dont the politicians tell Americans they need to support the US economy and Buy Made in the USA products instead of imports? Thanks for the great broadcasts!

  90. jim flynn says:

    This time of the year i really miss Russell’s morning show on sports. It was a no nonsense,no silliness discussion that i loved on the way to the park and ride.This is Texas and this is football season, both college and pros, and i miss his analysis and caller feedback. Replays of Dave Ramsey doesnt cut it and has driven me elsewhere on the dial not to return until Lance Roberts comes on.
    Football season is not the same.