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KSEV is Houston’s independent voice for conservative opinions.

KSEV is locally owned, locally operated and locally focused.

KSEV talk show hosts have dominated Houston’s airwaves for the past two decades.  They know the key Houston issues, present an interesting perspective and let you have your say!  Start the day with Chris Salcedo.  Head for Washington with Laura Ingraham.  Manage your money with Dave Ramsey.  Go inside Texas politics with Senator Dan Patrick and friends.  Invest wisely with Lance Roberts.  And, spend the night with Michael Savage.  KSEV is the Voice of Texas!

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  1. Joe Conwell says:

    My friend and I miss having Dave Ramsey right after Paul Berlin. We love them both!

  2. Lisa H. says:

    How can I e-mail Steve Drake for advise?

  3. Max Paustian says:

    Is it possible to download the car doctor show that are archived ? Tanks.

  4. Bill Comerford says:

    What has happened to Laura Ingraham? I live in Plano, TX and listen via computer? Have always enjoyed KVEV as a long time Houston resident.

    Your web site has all her info but no programming.


    • admin says:

      KSEV airs the Laura Ingraham Show airs 8AM to 11AM Monday through Thursday and Friday from 9AM to 11AM. The previous day’s show can be heard on Podcast.

  5. Kirk says:

    Was out looking at houses over the weekend and caught the Home Pro real estate show on Saturday. We needed a good real estate show on the weekends that talks about something other than flipping houses.

  6. S. Selby says:

    Thank you so much for adding The Savage Nation. I wrote to you on this some time back. Many of us really appreciate the additional times.

  7. Christopher J. Frantz says:

    Dear Madam or Sir:
    I have just learned that the management at KSEV has decided to remove the Guns of Texas radio program. I would like to respectfully request in the strongest terms my disappointment and disagreement with this terrible decision.
    KSEV had earned a permanent spot on my car and home radio dials once I found Guns Over Texas, and I stayed to listen to Laura Ingraham during the week.
    I regrettably will now reduce my weekly intake of KSEV programming, in part because I will no longer dial in during the weekend, and in part as a silent protest for this unfortunate decision.
    With Respect,
    Christopher Frantz
    Houston Heights

  8. Paul Watson says:

    I really appreciate the Paul Berlin show.

  9. Rolando V. Padama says:

    I am an avid listener of Mr. Michael Savage. And I am only hearing 1 hour of his time between 4 to 5 pm. Can you not reconsider 3 hours listening air time .Thank you.

  10. Jayant Dixit says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Can you please let me know where I can get the podcast of Bring On Success at 11 AM on 04/13/2014.
    Thanks, Jay

  11. Tom Donlin says:

    Is Chris Salcedo now permanent? What’s up with Edd?

  12. Lucie Read says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed Chris Salcedo’s filling in the past few weeks. I sure hope you ask him back again soon.

  13. Rolando V. Padama says:

    Why is it that only 1 hour was allowed for Michael Savage.Usually I was listen his program for two hours.

  14. DAN says:

    Chris is right,we need two more hours of Dr Savage.
    I have to go to Austin to get another hour.

  15. Sheryl McNally says:

    Why isn’t Edd Hendee on in the 8:00 hour anymore? Laura for 3 hours is a little much.

  16. bill miller says:

    when will ed be back on air, chris is good but I miss ed