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Chris Salcedo is a veteran broadcaster, author and a political analyst. Chris is a contributor to PJ Media, The and is the Executive Director of the Conservative Hispanic Society.  The Chris Salcedo Show, on The Blaze Radio Network, stands as the only national radio show to feature a genuinely conservative Latino.
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Chris Salcedo, Dan Patrick & Bruce Slover broadcasting LIVE from Texas Republican Convention!

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  1. Matt Clinger says:


    While I will agree that many people take discipline too far today, it is a fact that every generation has become less respectful and more disrespectful to society as a whole and the older generation. I believe that the lack of discipline plays a large part in this regretable trend.

    We see it in society (more concern for the culprit than the victim), we see it in the courts (significant lightening of sentences for grave crimes) and we see it at home (parents either choose to not discipline at all or are so concerned that one will call them out for child abuse that they do nothing).

    I wished I could say that we will change this trend, but with the degeneration of American values and America’s distancing itself from its own God, you can be guaranteed that we are on the same path of self-destruction as Greece, Rome, Persia and the other great empires of the past.

    I really enjoy your show. Thank you for not hesitating to present the truths our ever failing media chooses to cover up.

    May God bless you and your family as you pursue doing the right thing for your fellow Americans.

  2. Mike says:

    Based upon everything that you have been talking about during recent history, is it time to start flying your American Flag upside down? It certainly seems appropriate not only as the situation that America is in and a form of non-violent protest.

    US Code:T36 Ch10.176
    (a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

  3. Jeannine Cunningham says:

    Add me to your mailing list.

  4. Jeannine Cunningham says:

    Sir: Do you know what happened to the movie showing of ‘There’s No Place Like Utopia?’
    It was supposed to open in Houston on August 29, 2014 but I can not find it available anywhere.
    Jeannine Cunningham.

  5. Trish G. says:

    I am always amazed by the audacity of illegal immigrants such as Mr. Espinosa on this morning’s show. They are demanding privileges that they have no right to demand. As for the argument that illegal immigrants add to the economy, the other side of the coin is how much they are costing us. They are often paid in cash, so no taxes are collected. They get benefits while sending the majority of their money back home to pay for more family members to sneak in to our country. They go to emergency rooms for health care and we end up paying through higher health care costs. They cost jobs for Americans because in many areas Spanish speaking workers get preference. Their children get free lunches at school.

    I work for a school district and see how much our school taxes are used to educate monolingual Spanish speakers (calling them bilingual is a misnomer). We give stipends to bilingual teachers. It doubles printing costs to have everything printed in Spanish as well as English. It also costs money to hire interpreters to communicate with their parents who have been here years and still cannot have a conversation in English. In a bilingual school, the budget for English materials in the library is reduced because of the demands for Spanish materials.

    Mr. Espinosa stated that many illegal immigrants are fully integrated into our culture, but the majority are not as there is no reason for them to be. Half the TV and radio stations are Spanish. Their children, who were born in America, come to PreK or Kindergarten having never been exposed to English. My school district is very multicultural with students from around the world (who, by the way, are in the country legally). The students who come in speaking languages other than Spanish learn the language within months because they don’t have a choice. Their parents want them immersed in English so they can be successful in school.

  6. jerry b says:

    you guys inspired me today to eat some bacon !!

    my BLT at lunch was T-A-S-T-Y

    enjoy the show, everyday. keep fighting the fight

  7. Doug Branham says:

    AK-47 compared to M-16:
    The M-16 is 30% more accurate, less recoil, longer effective range and lighter. It requires a little maintenance.
    The AK-47 is less accurate and has more recoil and has a sloppier operation. But it packs more punch and requires little maintenance. The M-16 is primarily a rifle and the AK-47 is primarily a machine gun. For civilian self protection, the M-16 is a far better choice. The AK-47 is over sold for its reliability. I recommend the civilian M-16 version for you.

  8. John Priest says:

    Just a few words and phrases that should never be used on talk radio:

    Common usage –> Should be
    Progressive Democrat –> Regressive Democrat: Think Fiefdom
    Senate –> House of Lords
    Fundamentalist –> Radical
    Political Correctness –> Censorship

    Don’t let the media and the Democrats redefine our language.

    And a comment

    President Obama –> Emperor Nero II
    Nero fiddled while Rome burned
    Obama plays golf ‘As The World Burns’

  9. Greg says:


    I believe your assessment concerning the Open Carry Texas (OCT) group is irresponsible for a number of reason, which I hope to explain.

    I feel it is important to let you know that I am an avid hunter, shooter and conservationist and take gun ownership serious; not only as a right provided to me by the 2nd amendment, but as sportsman and representative of other sportsmen and gun owners.

    The fact that this group’s mission is to educate Texans to their right to openly carry rifles and shotguns, and to condition Texans to feel safe around law-abiding citizens to carry them, will not be accomplished by carrying their guns in public; specifically into communities already burdened by illegal gun problems.

    Your apparent support of this group is very naïve overall, specifically as it relates to this upcoming event Saturday in the Fifth Ward. The simple act of brandishing a firearm in public is not normal behavior. I’ve spoken with many of my fellow gun owners and sportsmen and we have come to the same conclusion, even in Texas, openly brandishing a gun is not normal. This behavior is fundamentally a method of intimidation and/or a best a scheme to attract attention oneself. This group is misrepresenting and providing additional negative attention, to all gun owners. The argument, legal as it may be, in my opinion is as effective as arguing that it is legal to ride a bicycle into a restaurant; it’s not normal.

    This morning interview with Quannell X was the first time and I hope to be the last that I agree with his position concerning the group’s intentions. OCT has no business in that community openly carrying firearms, which will likely result in conflict. These two groups, OTC and the New Black Panthers pursue reasons to use their firearms, and if this event takes place, they’ve found one.

    I hope that you will reconsider your position for these reasons and support Texas’ and more importantly Houston’s best interest, not a law.

  10. C. P. Ludwig says:


    With regard to your guest this morning:
    What about the Texas resident that could not go to Texas A&M because she was taking up a spot at the university that she did not deserve? It is a state school (paid for by my taxes) and Texas residents should get priority.

  11. Cindy says:

    Tamu & UT use. 15% of tuition paid goes to support the dreamers. I’m paying for my kids education and hers

  12. StopUSAGiveawayOneNationUnderGOD says:

    08 13 14
    You are being accused of racist etc
    UNIVISION is all about PROPAGANDA nothing but “immigrants” do not abide by the USA laws, how to avoid police, etc. geared towards ILLEGALS.
    JORGE RAMOS declared every l6 secons an immigrant(aka illegal) enters the USA with the biggest cheshire grin that we thought his face would crack.
    What could be more racist pure evil than something that refers to itself as “the race?”

  13. […] a July 14 on-air guest of Chris Salcedo’s morning drive show on Houston’s KSEV-700 AM, Poe was asked directly about Adelson’s […]

  14. Gary Buckland says:

    While I believe it is our moral obligation to rescue the Yazidis, I can’t shake the feeling that they’re being used as ‘bait’ to draw American forces back into the region. It can be nothing but obvious to every foe of America that Obama’s (appallingly transparent) petulance with having to deal with this matter signals his inability or unwillingness (does it matter, which?) to allow our military to fight, without restraint. Obvious to me, is that when Obama “takes a stand”, the results always end up being the exact opposite (“you can keep your doctor”, the “red line”, etc, etc), so I harbor considerable concern for the fate of the Yazidis, sadly caught between monsters (ISIS) and a fool.

  15. David Proctor says:

    What is a good, effective way to get main metroplex newpapers to do investigative reporting on current issues, by presenting all sides of a story?… example would be the costs on the Israeli side during the Israeli / hamas conflict. There needs to be a way to get lots more of “total” information out for the public to think about and for review.

  16. Elizabeth de Leon says:

    Thanks for “Guess what day it is”!

  17. Elizabeth de Leon says:

    Do traditionally married couples (male/female) pay more income tax than single taxpayers (male or female/gay or straight)?

    I don’t know current tax law (perhaps you do) but I recall a few years back that a married couple – in their senior years and still much in love – divorced because the tax laws at that time were more onerous on married couples than on unmarried taxpayers.

    Just wonderin’.

    Enjoy the show each morning! Well done, Chris and Russell!

  18. pam hoffpauir says:

    Where and when is the rally for Israel?

    Thank you. Pam

    • StopUSAGiveawayOneNationUnderGOD says:

      When is there a rally for ISRAEL: USA for 60 years has supported 8 Million Israels..2014 $5Billion + $254,000 million more for missiles..
      Have you rallied for the USA and our borders; if not how much have you contributed to ISRAEL?
      Why not? How much have Jews-Zionist world wide contributed? Why not?
      Where are they?
      We have no oneat our US Borders with the exception of the disabled. wheel chaired whom have taken their time to help the US Border Patril Agents whom have already been infected along with their families and one shot fishing with his children wife and farther and
      I am not against them but this is my natioin: and without the USA diminishing taxpayers there would be No ISRAEL because the ZIONIST off HOOLLYWOOD expect us to do what they ignores..yet they are the trillionares banksters around the world..and like Southern Poverty Law Center and Peter Schey defend the ILLEGALs against us and our border ranches destroyed centureis of family farmes and ranches

  19. Pam Hoffpau\ir says:

    What is the date and time of rally for Israel ?



  20. Robert Cookson says:

    The feds should round up all the “refugee” women and men 18+ years old and create a Central American Liberation Army.

    • StopUSAGiveawayOneNationUnderGOD says:

      Having resided in Central America: as an American and having family there: I can declare that all the Central American Dictators have rounded up their Military Trained Guerillas diseases, gangs, drug cartels..shipped them into the USA so we have the Central AMerican …that you suggest. And all gangs are being reunited with the gangs and JIHADISTs CELLs as you vent..expect a visit from MS-13′s who are better armed than our own law enforcement.
      CIVIL WAR if you have not noticed. yet US Military are on 226 nations foreign soil: not their own.!
      NO OTHER NATION and NO OTHER INHABITANTS are so indifferent to reality and the soil they sit on and have taken everything for granted especially all the lives whom have been disposed of for their be indifferent.

  21. Stuart James says:

    Hey Chris-

    Caught part of your show this morning where a caller asked why Perry doesn’t bring in the National Guard and you said because of the cost….Texas has a “rainy day” fund which I’m pretty sure is well funded…if THIS doesn’t qualify as a rainy day…..I would like to know what does!

  22. Phil Waite says:

    Thanks for the fantastic work you are doing! I listen to you every morning.
    I don’t know if you are aware of the citizen’s protests about the situation at the border taking place across the nation this coming weekend. If you go to conservative, you will find information about the events including a list of all the addresses where the protests are taking place. I honestly believe until citizens get involved, nothing will change. Please give this some air time so that people will be aware of these opportunities.

    Thanks so much,

    Phil Waite
    A Katy Listener

  23. debbie says:

    I thought Ted Poe changed to Rubio’s amnesty and the immigration policy of Norm Adams Steve Holtze, which is illegal immigrants are good for America. Also, the Guest Worker program — isn’t that an Anchor Baby Program?

    And, when you allow the ones already here to apply for citizenship, isn’t that NOT obeying the laws we have in place?

    Don’t lie to us Ted Poe by telling us you are strict on upholding the laws of America, and then writing that the illegals here should be allowed to stay. What is it?

  24. dan cupp says:

    Hi Chris Salcedo,
    We really enjoy your show.
    I just spoke against Ted Poe on your show. Your were interested in my accusation he voted to up the minimum wage.
    Please go to the website:
    THE NEW AMERICAN. COM ( no spaces )
    Then please click on the link (FREEDOM INDEX ).
    Select Ted Poe on the list of the elected ones.
    MIMIMUN WAGE, VOTE DATE: January 10, 2007 is the bill he voted FOR! It is HR 2: FAIR MINIMUM WAGE ACT.
    Also, please notice the times he voted to incrase
    May 14, 2008 H R 2419 Farm, Nutrition, etc.
    August 2, 2007 H R 3161 has this:
    #39.8 billion for food stamps; and,
    $13,9 billion for child-nutrition.
    May 23, 2008 H R 5384 has
    439.4 B fer food theft ( er stamps )
    Please look over his endless billions for “Foreign Aid”,
    UN, world gov creation ( SETO, NAFTA, GAT, ETC ETC )
    Foreign Aid: billions & billions
    H R 5522 ON June 9, 2006
    #2 — H R 3010 on Dec. 14, 2005
    $21 billion for foreign aid programs

    Question: Where else that than the New American.Com website can the actual info. on Congress voting recorded be found?
    Yours most sincerely, Dan Cupp

  25. j says:

    PROBLEM IS, acting-prez Resident Hussein is using Saul-Alinsky-communist tactics to waste the resources of the enemy (USA is their perceived [sworn?] enemy).
    53,000 and multiplying illegals are the best trick, yet, AND AGAIN COVERING UP THE PREVIOUS SCANDALS.
    While it’s way better than when Vicente Fox was Mex Pres., you can’t safely send Central Americans back through Mexico.
    Latino-Hispanics are the likely future, but if they’re all poured in at once, there will be nothing left—exactly like Mexico and everything south, today.
    A few years back, I saw a poll that said 1/4 of Mexico was here, and 1/3 wanted to come.
    It won’t work—-thus perfect for Hussein.

  26. Lynn says:

    Blessings Chris,
    I write this with tears flowing, wondering, where is our country going to end up. I just heard tonight on the Kelly File and that soldiers on the battle field have been given pink slips?? I want to call in but too embarrassed that I would break down over this opinion of mine.

    Please know I listen to you every morning.

    Thank you.
    Pray for Our Country.

  27. John Myers says:

    You mentioned Andy Griffith died today? He died in 2012 actually.

  28. Desmond Taylor says:

    Chris, you really need to read Bastiat’s ‘The Law’. 40 pages, from $6.00


  29. Steve French says:


    I haven’t heard anyone talk about the laws passed in Missouri and what impact that has had on illegal immigration. From what I’ve heard illegal get zero benefits, have to show citizenship to get a drivers license, go to school.

    have to show citizenship to rent or buy a home.

    From what I’ve heard they NO illegals are in Missouri now because they are not welcome.

    In other words, they didn’t have to deport anyone because there was no value to them to go there.

    Can you fact check that for us?

    It seems like nobody even knows they have done this.

    If every state passed the same laws, nobody would be here in our country illegally

    At least it would stop the bleeding of our hard earned tax money!

    Also, put a huge tax on the money being wired over to Mexico!

    Let me know what you find out!

    Steve French

  30. E Bear says:

    Possible to go back and listen to your show dated 6-19-2014 about a college prof talking to a student? Love your show…listen every morning!

  31. Jo says:

    Chris, everyone’s saying one thing, missing the bigger point:
    Stop looking at missing emails—it’s just systematic. Stop asking to change the law—you’ll get something worse. THE PROBLEM IS THE WORKERS: THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH alphabet AGENCIES—over-hired and overpaid. NO MATTER WHAT NEW LAW YOU PUT IN, THEY WILL STILL MISAPPLY IT, WITHOUT OVERSIGHT. The real cure, to the “income tax situation,” is to JAIL THE CURRENT EMPLOYEES, OVERSEE NEW EMPLOYEES, so they STOP MISAPPLYING the INCOME TAX TO PRIVATE-SECTOR CITIZENS.
    The IRS Historian exposed the IRS in the late 1990′s, for shredding documents, only resulting in another hand-slap. See Shelley Davis’ book, “Unbridled Power: Inside the Secret Culture of the IRS.”

  32. Ron Thomas says:

    Oklahoma is choctaw for okla humma translation “red people”. Hmm. Time to get that name changed too. What’s really going on here.

  33. Gene Mannella says:

    Affordable Washington Football

    If you like your season tickets, you can keep your season tickets. Period!

  34. Tammi says:

    Hi Chris,just had to let you know that I’m not willing to
    trade the Toyota benefits to Texas for turning Texas Blue! I see this as the Battleground Texas dream come true. Democrats won’t vote any other way but Democrat and we are in enough trouble as it is with Houston keeping democrats in power; we don’t need to have them start working on North Texas!!

  35. Barbara Jones says:

    Welcome Chris. Love your morning show. You tell it straight on.
    Ed was great but you fit very well. I listen every morning.


  36. Ray Ledbetter says:

    I listen to your show and I very much enjoy it.

    If anyone is overly concerned with the pain inflicted upon Native Americans concerning the Washington Redskins team name, they should direct their focus elsewhere. Anyone can scan the internet for the real issues facing Native Americans is the USA. Staggering unemployment numbers, lack of housing, education levels below American norms, lack of running water and sewer systems, etc. etc.

    I doubt very seriously that a Native American facing these conditions really cares about the NFL.

    Thank you and keep up the great work,
    Ray Ledbetter

  37. Edwin Echols says:

    I enjoy the show and know you will do well. Would like the link to the video of the senior citizen foiling the restaurant hold-up by young thugs.

  38. Warren Renken says:

    Chris, We have been enjoying The Morning Show with you since Edd “retired”. If I may I would like to make two suggestions for your consideration.

    The morning audience is a knowledgeable group of loyal conservatives. Many of us know each other by voice, and sometimes by meeting at KSEV sponsored events. We depend on FOX and the Blaze for most of the national news. We look to KSEV to keep us up on local and state news, and we are missing that part of your broadcasts. Would you consider giving us more Houston area political news? We enjoy hearing from our local state reps, and yes, the National reps as well. Ted Poe, Dwayne Boahc, and the rest of the politicians that Edd would hold accountable. We could call and give Edd questions to ask them. We were not shy with the question we asked. We are less than one month away from a major runoff election, and we need to learn more about the candidates that are running against each other, for state and local races.

    Second, when you take calls from those of us that are calling in, please give us chance to finish our questions before you “jump in” with your response, you are too quick to interrupt us.

    Welcome to the KSEV Family, we are eager to follow your conservative opinions.


    Warren Renken

  39. John Garza says:

    Welcome to Texas brother love your radio show it’s really comforting to know that not all those folks coming down here to Texas from commiefornia ain’t all liberals and a threat to our Texas believes and constitutional rights and freedom God bless you and your family .

  40. Tammi says:


    I know that filling Edd’s shoes is a big job and I do still listen in the morning but I find my self changing stations for a few reasons –
    First – I feel like you are already preaching to the choir when it comes to the Obama Administration. So much of your commentary is just Obama bashing and it gets old. Yes there are many issues that need to be addressed but I don’t find myself learning anything from your rants. I am a debate coach and I listen to talk radio to have a better understanding of issues and politics to carry with me into my classroom.
    Second, it seems many times when callers call in, you let them make a statement and then use what they say to get on your soap box, instead of really conversing with them.
    I am sorry for the criticism but I want to remain a KSEV listener and find myself more and more tuning into other stations.
    Thank you,

  41. Gary Carlile says:

    The State of Texas is unique in the fact that it came into the union as a Republic. The only land that the Federal government has was given or sold. How can the Federal government lay claim to any Texas Land? The only question is where did the Louisiana Purchase stop and the State of Texas start. I would like to hear that point addressed from a legal standpoint.

  42. Scott says:

    Love the show; I listen every day from 6:25-6:45 CDT
    Thought I might share an idea that has just been released to the world. People are making these now, so why not businesses run by US citizens? They’re QEG’s. Quantum Energy Generators allow homes to be energy independent. They’re based on Nikola Tesla’s original patent which is now public domain.

  43. Randy says:

    The Harry Reid corruption is the latest case of blatant disregard for the Constitution.
    The last caller made it sound like the “Need” refutes the “Reality”.
    Fact is, every taxpayer funded, government run program has loads of waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement and corruption.
    Human nature states, “If I can get something for nothing, I will do whatever it takes to get mine”.
    Hence, the programs grow in the number of recipients.
    Ever heard any recipient say “Thank You” to the true victims of these programs, The working American Citizen Taxpayer???

  44. j baumann says:

    Mr. Chris Salcedo: Walking in Mr. Hendees’ shoes ia a big challenge – but you are terrific. I do not like having to spend so much time on sad sack politics, trying to uderstand what is going on in liberal land. But when I get my news, I appreciate someone who will support the Constitution, talk about new ideas (both sides), tell the world about the dangers of grasping totalitarianism (sp), not waste my time. You are amazing. Thank you for the great show and please stick around awhile. Might want you to have a “Ted Cruz Minute” every day, but whatever you do is OK – so far. God Bless you, jb

  45. Jon Kaiser says:

    Love your show and the thought that you put into the topics you cover. As an American who is of part Mexican heritage, I appreciate your contribution and lead in these discussions. I hope you can get the liberals to come on your show and debate, especially the “brothers Castro”.

  46. Karen DeSantis says:

    Welcome Chris! Although I only get to listen to you briefly in the morning during my drive to the park n’ride, I’ve been very impressed by your knowledge of the issues as well as your calm, reasoned approach to opposing callers. Sadly, that is quite rare in talk radio. The purpose of conservative talk radio (in my view) is to educate. Sure – it’s fun to bounce ideas back and forth with callers with whom we agree, but we can’t convince anyone of anything with sarcasm or disrespect. Thanks for doing an awesome job!

  47. Dave says:

    Chris, welcome. Good luck keeping the standard sent by Edd. Best of luck to you!

  48. Ken Lobo says:

    As Edd Hendee’s replacement in the morning you have some very big shoes to fill. I think you have the knowledge of the National scene to carry it off. However, please do not lose sight of the fact that this is also a local program and we can get all the national news/commentary from other programs as well.
    I for one, miss the local news. You should devote a portion of your time to Houston affairs and hoe they effect our lives. Listen to the tape of Edd’s last show (if you have not already heard it) and try to pick up on what he did for the local community. I am not asking you to get as involved in local affairs as Edd but try to report on subjects important to us such as the Harris County Appraisal District raising appraisals on home at the maximum levels to increase revenue.
    You are already preaching to the choir when it comes to the Obama Administration.

  49. Tresa Cirilo Rodriguez says:

    I was shocked when Edd’s announced his departure. You’ve made his leaving a little easier each morning. Edd you will certainly be missed. Welcome Chris I got use to your morning real quick. Thanks…

  50. Randy says:

    Welcome aboard Chris. You have some mighty tough shoes to fill, in the wake of Ed Hendy.
    So far so good.
    Thanks, and be talking to you.

  51. Fred Reitman says:

    Chris, welcome aboard.