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It’s your politics, your life and your money.  Lance Roberts is an investment strategist and co-portfolio manager for the StreetTalk Advisory Group.  He brings an economic perspective and unique focus to the day’s news helping listeners understand how it impacts their money.

Lance is also the Chief Editor of the X-Report, a weekly subscriber based-newsletter that is distributed nation wide. The newsletter covers economic, political and market topics as they relate to the management portfolios.

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  1. Mike says:

    You’re very very good. Your financial expertise is both unique and appreciated.

    But…this listener wants to hear what you have to say, not your callers. Callers are fine if they give you an opportunity to expound and pivot to your thoughts.

    Please, more Lance and less caller time.



  2. gary buckland says:

    Lance, “three snaps” for the refreshing perspectives offered, daily, on your show. In my humble opinion, you trump ALL conservative pundits and talk-show hosts in your ability to explain the relationships between world events and the pocket book of the average person. Somewhere, I heard that the one, and perhaps most important quality to look for in a financial advisor is their ability and willingness to “teach”. NAILED! But, what really impresses is that you accept every caller for who they are, never resorting to shame, derision, or appearing haughty or arrogant. You “listen”, “engage”, then, “teach”. Anyway,… my wife and I listen, every day on our drive home from work,… we wouldn’t miss it.

  3. Greg says:

    Hey guys, some feedback on the movie “There’s no place like Utopia”,that you sent me to last week. I went to the Friday afternoon showing, when most of us are suppose to be working, so there were only about 10-15 people there.

    It’s both an interesting and depressing documentary, whether you’re a conservative or liberal. For conservatives, it’s further confirmation of what we already know about where liberal politics and policies are taking us. For liberals, it’s hoping that doubling down on more radical ideas will fix the economic disparity and “injustice” put on a capitalistic society. Even when the results of over 40 years of liberal economic policies are on display in cities like Detroit, Miami & Chicago, desperate people in those cities will continue to hope that the next liberal minded politician will give them what they want, to live a better life. There will always be those kind of people, no matter how bad it gets. It’s alarming how gullible the majority of the voting public can be. It’s more alarming that enough economically successful people can get caught up in today’s liberal philosophy to the point of supporting and electing dangerous minded and unqualified liberals like BO. So, one thing I took away from the movie is that even though the word utopia comes from the Greek root οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) meaning “no-place”, there will always be a segment of the population that can be suckered into following a utopian movement. The other is that the rest of us need to wake up and vote out the evil doers in Washington DC and elect responsible politicians that will keep America the greatest country on earth. Otherwise, Obama’s dream for America will become reality.

    • Lance Roberts says:


      I am not sure if you “enjoyed” the movie or not? However, I do appreciate the review and it is spot on.


  4. Leroi says:

    burger making robot, purpose is to get rid of human employees

    keep those protests going, eh

  5. Catherine (Prophit) Demers says:

    Here is what I wrote on the White House Facebook page on 3 Sep.2014 about 7:30 a.m. –

    Dear President Obama: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The U.S. does not want evil to prosper. Evil ISIL has beheaded men, women, small children, and 2 U.S. news journalists: James Foley and Steven Sotloff. Evil ISIL now threatens to behead British Aid Worker, David Cawthorne Haines. ISIS/ISIL was doing Evil before U.S. Air Strikes. That Evil called the U.S. as good men to act! The U.S. needs to eliminate this Evil ISIL!

    Dear President Obama: Evil ISIL has been doing acts so evil and showing it to the world. It seems Evil ISIL has challenged all Good Men to stop this evil!

  6. Luis says:


    A few weeks ago you had a show just about insurance. I’m interested in Whole life as a financial vehicle because I did try the Dave Ramsey “Get Term Life & Save Plan” … but as most, I just didn’t save the difference.

    Could you let me know who to talk to about Whole Life?


  7. Desmond Taylor says:

    Chris would you send me a text saying you received Duncan’s papers, please.

  8. Desmond Taylor says:

    Lance, I need your e-mail address for Duncan’s White Papers. Although they were written by Duncan, they are proprietary to Americans for Prosperity.


  9. Desmond Taylor says:

    Lance, I could not contact you through ‘StreetTalk’. Probably me!
    Duncan is also going to the State Policy Network Annual bash in Denver in one month. Paid for by Cato Inst.
    That’s my boy!


  10. Lance Roberts says:

    I appreciate all of the comments and suggestions as of late, as well as the criticisms. I have taken them all to heart and met with the management of KSEV earlier this week.

    Stay tuned for a revamped show “Streettalk With Lance Roberts” which will blend the poltical with the financial, add a sprinkle of sports along with a dash of entertainment.

    Keep the comments and suggestions coming. I am here to work for you.

  11. eric says:

    I had 1 thought. If you are looking for a wider variety of topics to cover, I really enjoy reading the op/ed in the back of the WSJ section 1. That might provide more good material on politics / economics. They cover topics like the NLB changes and how some congress-people are trying to change franchise laws. BIG CHANGES that get no press. Anyway it was just a thought. I really enjoy listening to you! Hope you stay on. I really like the idea that you ask for feedback.

  12. Debora Love says:

    Love your show. I like to hear national. as well as local issues, and state issues. How we can better our lives and families, solutions to problems and also to health and economic problems! I love your show because you come across as a good family man!

  13. Richard says:

    I am 59 yrs. old and have saved $820,000 in my 401K. I would like to retire @ 59-1/2. My current income is $120k/yr. Two different long term income models that I have run show that I can withdraw about $80,000/yr. for the next 30 years with out running out of money. Is this realistic?

    Can you help me manage the money when I turn 59-1/2?

    • Lance Roberts says:

      $80k sounds a bit high. My numbers assuming a 3% rate of inflation and 4% return are closer to $57,000 annually.

  14. Becky says:

    Lance, we really enjoy your show and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the current news and financial markets each day. Your perspective on how these intertwine and the impact they have on our lives separates your show from the others on the radio – not just the local radio stations, but national ones, as well. My husband and I also appreciate your newsletter each week. We’ve been reading and listening to you for years. It’s been a wonderful education! Thank you for all the time you invest in keeping us current on what is happening in the world!

  15. Der says:

    I found your show earlier this year and think it’s a much better alternative to the competition in the same time slot which has become Earnest T. Bass meets “Hee Haw”.
    My only suggestion is for more interviews with local congressmen, etc. for their comments on what they are specifically doing to correct the many problems now being faced.
    Keep up the good work.

  16. doug mccann says:

    Hi Lance:
    I enjoy your show very much, I have not been able to reach you by phone so I will ask you to please reply to my question: Are self directed IRA’s legitiment? am thinking of transfering my 401K and buying a house to sell and holding the mortage.

    Thank you

    Doug McCann

  17. JOE VALADEZ says:

    I listen from work all day to different conservative radio programs. Please do not change your show! I now look forward to hearing your program the most because I seem to understand issues better from your perspective. You have certainly gotten good reviews from my family as well, since I turn your program on when I get home. Thanks for asking for listeners comments.

  18. Rolf Strauss says:

    With the election only weeks away, may I suggest that you get all candidates for US congress and senate from Harris County, Texas on your show. We know nothing about their plans for our country. Do they think that the voters are just going to buy the pig in a poke?

    This is very important to us.

  19. Rolf Strauss says:

    Great show tonight Mr. Roberts! discussing the Governor’s lawsuit,this is important stuff we don’t get to hear anywhere else.

  20. Jim Lockwood says:

    Comments on the show. Lance. I’m glad to see you have your own show. You know, for better or worse, your “brand” is as a financial expert. And part of that brand that is your primary differentiator is the fact that you do your own research. That is the reason I listen to you and not CNBC or other financial shows. Gary Kaltbaum, who I also listen to does his own research, but is not anywhere near as rigorous as you are. It’s that differentiation that made you so successful with StreetTalkLive.

    With the new show, you are a conservative commentator. And while you certainly find interesting topics, I don’t get the sense that you are doing the same level of research that you do in the markets. How could you? And so, in my opinion, your differentiation from other conservative commentators is limited.

    There are times that you take a current news topic and make the connection to the financial markets an I think that is when you give your best performance. So perhaps you could differentiate by taking the headlines and digging below the surface to help your listeners understand how the events will impact the markets, their ability to retire and their quality of life.

    Hope these comments help.

  21. Karen DeSantis says:

    On your show this evening you mentioned that you were thinking of changing your format and you were taking comments on what your listeners wanted. Well I hope you KEEP YOUR CURRENT FORMAT. I liked Street Talk a lot but was THRILLED when you went to political commentary. The great thing about your show is that it now offers both – clear and insightful political commentary that includes the financial perspective – from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. I can’t think of any part of your show that needs to be changed. Keep up the good work!

  22. Rolf Strauss says:

    I forgot to add,, we need to have our US congressmen and Senators on, it is almost election time and they don’t have a plan.

  23. Rolf Strauss says:

    Hi Lance,
    You do a great job,
    I would however prefer more local news, Harris county, State of Texas, Border updates,, Houston,,,the other stuff we can get al plenty of different outlets.

  24. Clint says:

    With Obama wanting to grant amnesty to all illegals it seems that maybe we should just declare all of North and South America as part of the United States. The despots and dictators are pushing their people to the US anyway, at least then we can start collecting taxes and take over their natural resources. And to take over that much land the US bullet and bomb makers would have huge growth, as would weapons makers, transportation providers, etc. Or we can sit on our hands and let the rest of the world pick our pockets I guess???

  25. Regina says:

    Ebola is not a virus spread by respiratory transmission. It is more like hepatitis b or HIV. It is spread by contact with blood or human secretions or by sexual contact. So blood products should start to be checked for it to prevent spread

  26. Rolf Strauss says:

    WSJ and big business seem to be in favor of the establishment’s pro amnesty agenda, which will only hurt the working citizens. The whole push for cheap labor is totally anti free market principle and is only designed to further the greed of big business. When the market is manipulated in any way by government , it ceases to be a FREE MARKET. Subsidies and artificial low interest rates and manipulation of wage control are all anti free market.
    Needless to say, amnesty will only increase unemployment which leads to more money spent on welfare, so, the supposed savings on a product are reversed and will cost the tax payers an arm and a leg.

  27. salim virjee says:

    I use to read your articles some 12 years back but after the crash i gave up. Once again I want to start reading again.


  28. paul says:

    I’m middle class American ( came legally to US almost 40 years ago ) in past few years I lost 40% of my worth thanks to Obama. Using savings to support my monthly expenses. make 30% less than before. I do not have idea how we can save in future for our retirement. is almost impossibility at this moment.
    Democrats want’s more illegals and I’m not willing anymore to pay for them. I pay for 2 sons college from my own money. We suffer with my wife to be sure to provide education. Elementary and high school: we send them to private schools and of course pay from our own pocket. Never use government help for anything. Is just not possible anymore to pay so high taxes and get more people to support. Our children’s doing OK but unable to save at this time. Each have a child and both working. Food prices are astronomical for them and us. Where this government people think we can get more money ? Our medical insurance went up again. car insurance, homeowner insurance, property taxes are up also.

  29. Don says:

    The gentleman who just called about Obama and Indonesia forgets that Obama was a child when he went to Indonesia and had no choice in anything. A minor can’t loose their citizenship based on the laws of another country.

  30. Don says:

    Lance, racism first started when the single celled protozoa started thinking they were better than the amino acids.

    Aloha from Hawaii.

  31. K Drury says:

    Why are they busing the illegal immigrants to places where they are not welcomed? Shouldn’t they be bused to places like Washington DC, the White House, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, etc. where their sympathizers are. These sympathizers own huge mansions. Surely they will welcome these poor children to their neighborhoods and their homes, make them comfortable, take good care of them before President Obama deports them. This is the opportune time for them to show their humanity!

  32. Rebecca says:

    In regards to the Catholic Church asking parishoners to house illegal minors, this is from the Catholic Charities website of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston (I googled “are churches in houston providing housing for unaccompanied…” and it came right up.)

    Nurturing and Caring Foster Care Parents Needed:
    When refugee and immigrant children arrive in the United States without a parent or loved one to provide the shelter, security and sustenance they deserve, Catholic Charities is one of the agencies that provides specialized foster care services for resettled unaccompanied refugee children. This foster care program for children leaving federal detention facilities is extremely important for children who are:

    Unable to name any family members or appropriate sponsors
    Facing prolonged immigration cases that make their future uncertain
    Hindered from returning to their home country in a timely manner
    Engaged in in-depth interviews or a gradual transition to family reunification
    At risk for and possible victims of trafficking, trauma or torture

  33. admin says:


    Great Show.


  34. Mel Oller says:

    Lance, a couple of days ago you had an interesting conversation with a caller about possible reforms to immigration. The solutions you and your caller agreed on..normalization of status, no citizenship, background checks, etc. are all contained in the 2012 Texas GOP Platform, and are called “The Texas Solution”. I hope you would consider having one of the founders of TXSIP, Norman Adams, on your program to discuss this common sense approach that I believe all conservatives can support.

  35. Dennis Acosta says:

    This land grab that BLM is threating on the TX and OK border, could it have anything to do with the Keystone pipeline.
    What pipe lines are in that area?

  36. Pat Mooney says:

    If the market is rigged as you and Mr. Lewis contend and disaster of some kind is inevitable, why should I not remove all my 401K money and take a lower loss of money now rather than wait to lose 60% or more of it when the market crashes between now and the end of 2015? 2016?