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It’s your politics, your life and your money.  Lance Roberts is an investment strategist and co-portfolio manager for the StreetTalk Advisory Group.  He brings an economic perspective and unique focus to the day’s news helping listeners understand how it impacts their money.

Lance is also the Chief Editor of the X-Report, a weekly subscriber based-newsletter that is distributed nation wide. The newsletter covers economic, political and market topics as they relate to the management portfolios.

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  1. Pat Mooney says:

    If the market is rigged as you and Mr. Lewis contend and disaster of some kind is inevitable, why should I not remove all my 401K money and take a lower loss of money now rather than wait to lose 60% or more of it when the market crashes between now and the end of 2015? 2016?

  2. Ken Watson says:

    Nancy Pelosi deserves the Fickle Finger of Fate Award!

  3. George Cronfel says:

    Hi Lance, my hunch is that interest rates will remain low for several years. If interest rates do stay low, how will gold fare ?
    george Cronfel
    Houston, Texas

  4. Steven says:

    Hey Lance. I was listening to your comments on “Obama’s America 2016″ by Dinesh Desouza, and I heard you say that it is a very “left leaning” movie.

    To the contrary Desouza portrays Obama very negatively, and attempts to expose what he (Desouza) believes Obama is leading the country towards, which is not a good picture.

    I’m not suggesting you watch it, but you do need to understand that this movie is very supportive of the anti-Obama, anti-Liberal crowd, so much so that Obama has indicted Desouza for corrupt campaign financing in 2012 for revenge against him for producing the movie that reflects Obama in a very negative light.

    Great show!

    Steven Romero

  5. Heather Carter says:

    Where has Lance gone? 3/13/2014 and 3/14/2014 on radio, CT 5-6 PM Lance was not on that station, 700 am/ KSEV 700AM, Houston.

    I have not been able to locate his program. M. Savage is the host of that hour.

    Please will you tell me how I might find Lance’s radio station … .Why the change of stations/times?

    Thank you.

    Heather Carter

  6. Danny Crumpton says:

    Lance, I need to find a good accountant that can help me with my two overseas condos. I just purchased one this year and have owned the other one for a few years using it as a vacation home not renting it. I’m confused as to how to do my taxes etc… I’ve jumped into something that I have no idea about. I want to do the right thing and pay the least amount of taxes too.

  7. Billy Rogers says:

    I enjoy your show

  8. Mary Etta Farquhar says:

    Please add my email to your mailing list. Thanks.

  9. Mary Etta Farquhar says:

    I tried to signup to receive your newsletter, but wasn’t successful. Do I need to use MS Outlook? I had problems with MS Outlook. Probably operator error. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  10. John says:


    I want to tell you how much I enjoy your show. Early evening is a period when I’m walking my dog, and want to listen to the radio, but haven’t liked my choices previously. Discovering your show was a breath of fresh air, and exactly what I was looking for. I like that you have a conservative point of view, which I share, but I love that you spend a fair amount of time talking about the economic aspects of things, because that’s often not covered as much by other shows.
    Keep up the great work, love the show.


  11. Hussey says:

    Crimea. It’s not Krim ee a, it sounds like ‘cry me a’ river. I was screaming at my radio every time you said it (it was a tough day at work) :) I’ve been to Kiev (we have an office there) so I’ve heard it pronounced a lot. Of course in Ukrainian its something completely different, but the ‘accepted’ pronunciation is ‘Cry me a’

  12. Lonnie says:

    Move the financial part of the show from 7-8pm to an hour earlier.

  13. Larry Tischler says:

    I think it was last week, you commented on how Belgium bought our bonds. And how it all seemed very odd. Well now Putin is threatening to default on his US bank debt and get people to not buy our treasuries if we impose sanctions. He controls he flow of energy to the Europeans, and they will cave to his demands in Ukraine. Vlad, always three plays ahead of the idiots in the Whitehouse.

  14. Thomas B says:

    I was listening to you(?) yesterday (2/26) on Houston 770, when a ‘normally conservative’ person called in support of a federal judge declaring Texas’s ban on same sex marriage as unconstitutional. The caller quoted Thomas Jefferson (actually Ayn Rand): “A majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities”.

    The radio host dropped the ball in his response stating that the law was in place for economic reasons, completely dismissing the caller’s reasoning.

    Minority rights cannot be the only (or primary) consideration in the passage or enforcement of laws.

    There is a minority of people who claim polygamy as a right based on their religious (Mormon and Muslim) beliefs. Utah was not allowed statehood until the territory banned the practice of polygamy. If we use the same standard of protecting the rights of the minority, then every law banning polygamy must be declared unconstitutional and overturned.

    There is a minority of people who claim the torturing and killing of animals as a right based on their religious beliefs. If we use the same standard of protecting the rights of the minority, then every law banning animal torture and sacrifice must be declared unconstitutional and overturned.

    There are people who desire and are compelled to have sex with children. Do pedophiles need to ban together as a political organization to be called a minority with their own set of rights? If we use the same standard of protecting the rights of the minority, then every law banning pedophilia must be declared unconstitutional and overturned.

    This argument could apply to any law that has a moral basis, including sibling marriage, bestiality, rape, bank robbery…

    This is not an economic issue. It is a morality based law that has economic consequences.

    The proposed ‘Civil Unions’ grants the save economic benefits as a traditional marriage. But economic equality is not enough for this minority. They want 100% acceptance, validation and even glorification.

    My apologies if I am identifying you as the radio host if it were another.

  15. Larry Tischler says:

    I was deeply disappointed in Dr. Hotse today. I have been told his an arch conservative. What he said was the exact opposite of a conservative. He kept saying how Sen. Cornyn was giving him special treatment. And how if Cornyn was reelected (and McConnell defeated) Cornyn could throw even more good old boy
    influence his way. He was making the case to vote for Washington as usual.

    I had Steve Stockman for a Congressman when Newt engineered the Republican take over in 94. Steve was every liberal’s nightmare. The Dem Party threw tons of money into Nick Lampson in 96, and put a huge Dem organization into that race. I hear establishment Repubs talking against Stockman but they don’t release the nature of the so called ethics charges against him. He is in another district now but from what I here he is the same. I helped in his campaign night after night stuffing envelopes and folding passouts. I plan to do the same this year.

  16. jerry partlow says:

    + $900 a month ??? I… we are missing… and its a big hush-hush on govt end… but doable under what kind of definition on my end… how do you know if you are qualified… and are there circumstances that could terminate or cause a future loss that would translate into a bigger loss than gain ? jp

  17. Patsy says:

    What is a 770 Account?

  18. tom mcbride says:

    I was listening yesterday ( Wednesday Feb. 12, 2014). Heard you talk about possible “economic catastrophe” because of rising interest rate, or bond market interest rise. I would like to know how I could position myself for this event. A little info about me: 1. I am school teacher soon to retire on TRS at about $55,000 per year, 2) able to draw an offset pension from Social Security of about $500 month – i worked enough quarters to do this in private sector, 3) not much of any IRA, 4) intend on working part-time for about $18,000 year, 5) oil well royalties , unpredictable, of about $3600 year 6) still paying for house till I die. Thanks. What is the common man to do irregardless of our idiot Congress?

  19. Linda Lamgert says:

    I love your show. It is very informative.

  20. Matt Bade says:


    I’ve left 2 comments asking for the sources of your Jan 28 bitcoin explanation. Neither of my questions were posted. And there was no msg sent to my email as requested.

    I do not wish to be on the air, but will call around 6:00pm today in an effort for explanation. If being on the air is what it takes to hold you accountable for your statement, I’m glad to do that.


  21. David Sloss says:

    I listen to you via internet from Okinawa Japan. I think one thing we might be able to do to help the political situation is to look up who is running against the most egregious politicians and contribute what ever we can afford to that persons campaign fund. What do you think about that? Thanks, V/R, Dave Sloss

  22. Kate P says:

    The one caller who mentioned the Fox article was talking about a health sharing plan. Based on the law as it is, those people are exempt from Obamacare.

  23. Matt Bade says:


    Your description of bitcoin during the last 10 minutes on Jan 28th was very different from what I’ve read. Could you provide sources?


  24. Mark M. says:

    Lance, in your session with Ed this morning. you mentioned you had a write up on financial advise. Where is that posted?

    Thank you, Mark

  25. James Ulbricht says:

    Love your show, I

    need your latest news letter……


  26. Debbie Marsh says:

    Would like to receive your Street Talk report. Thank you.

  27. Derek says:

    what is that song that was played right before the commercial break on Wed 1-29 @ 5pm 23m 10s ?????

  28. James Pruitt says:


    Love Max’s “official” State of the Union address! Please, please, please post to your blog and to ZeroHedge!

  29. Alexander Burnett says:

    Ask Dan Patrick how he felt having his final remarks in the live debate last night muted in the houston audience. I am trying to get to the bottom of these shenanigans. KERA isnt real happy about me bringing this to light however. They vaguely responded to my lines of inquiry. I know I wasnt the only one who saw this as a cheap shot.

  30. Patsy Roman says:

    I signed up for your daily newsletter, but have not received it yet. When should I expect the newsletter?

  31. Bryan Christ says:


    I really need to be investing my IRA monies into some interest bearing vehicle. On account of my hectic schedule I have little time to do anything with them–so they’ve sat untouched for about 4 years now. The two accounts are at approximately 32k combined. They’re currently held with Fidelity. I don’t mind paying a performance based fee on an investment. I’m not looking for a big return, just a reasonable and safe return. Can you help point me in the right direction?

    BTW, I enjoy the show (when I can tune in) and the news letter.


  32. Ryan Nelson says:

    Lance, in the discussion regarding the closing of the bakery, many of the callers were simply off-the-mark. Of course, several were simply anti-Christian in rhetoric and were incensed at the idea that you would defend the bakery for their faith based stance.
    I would like to see if they held the same position had it been a halal bakery, which had refused service to a customer request for a rum cake. That too would have been a religious stance, that is perfectly reasonable and understandable based on the faith of the owners.
    I do not think they would have held the same sympathies toward the offended customer.
    It was not a civil rights issue. It is a freedom of religion discussion, and a free market discussion. Everyone else should get over themselves and quit finding reason to be so offended by the Christian community.

  33. Trey Barfield says:

    There is no propane shortage, its a logistics problem.
    PERC Propane Daily News

  34. William Gray says:

    Lance: I apologize for taking up your time with this question, but a week or so ago (I think), you mentioned and read some of the top 50 (or 100 ), financial happenings of 2013 and referenced Financial or Business Adviser Magazine(??) as a source for this information. Obviously, I was preoccupied and wasn’t listening closely, but you included in the list something about the exclusion of the Windfall Elimination provision of the Social Security Act, and, by the time my ears perked up, the discussion had moved to other things. Could you tell me where I could get this list of top financial events to confirm or deny what I thought I heard you say. My wife is a retired school teacher who had over forty quarters of credit in Social Security before she became a teacher (most school districts in Texas do not include Social Security as part of their benefit), but, because of this bizarre clause, the Social Security benefits that she should receive are severely penalized. I would be interested to see if this section of the S.S. Act has been repealed. –I always enjoy listening to your radio show and turn it on in the evenings whenever I can. Thank you in advance for your response.

  35. Tony Dang says:

    do you do private investment for individual? thanks

  36. Bill Glushko says:

    Hi Lance,

    Would appreciate your analysis of Kodiak Oil &Gas (KOG)… a Bakken play I’ve had for 3 years.
    What do you think about KOG stock price? Is there strong support at $10.70 ? What do you think
    about the stock price…
    Short term (2 weeks?). and longer term (6 months?, 1 year?)

    I own 4500 sh and also have a put spread on the stock..(sold 20 Jan 12.5 put contracts, bought 20 Jan 10.0 put contracts). Seems to have broken down, has recently retraced 20% to $10.7.

    Earnings out in early Feb… But I was undecided on whether to Buy To Close the put spread, or roll
    it out a few months. Thanks!

  37. Greg says:

    I want to contact Lynett from your program on insurance. CAN YOU GIVE ME HER CONTACT INFO?

    • Chip Kea says:

      Really have learned much from your show. Thank You.

      Many of us are under the impression the US is nearing bankruptcy because of all the talk of running huge deficits, and printing money. We feel what happened to the Soviet Union is right around the corner. And as a result I believe we look for inappropriate investments because of that fear.

      But I have never seen the facts presented. Would you lay out the facts for us, and help us understand just how close the US is to approaching that point. I’ve have never seen anyone trend spending, revenues and debt, assuming current trends continue, to determine when that point of bankruptcy would be. It might just help investors realize its not time to be digging a hole in the ground with those type of investments.

      Are we 5, 10, 20 years away…… if we change nothing we are doing today? I would really be interested if you could publish something on that. Many thanks and Wishing you a happy 2014.

  38. jeffrey says:


    If you purchase a whole life policy and build cash value, then decide to pull out cash doesn’t that cash pull out go against the value of you policy. ie: 1 million dollar policy 250 cash value pull out 250 policy now worth 750 you did not mention this tonight 11/19/13

    ty j chiles

  39. Douglas Lee says:

    Hey there Lance. I have created a pass word and user name , so that I CAN be a member to your web site. The site is giving me trouble, and not accepting my user, and p.w. Please contact me, and help me to get established with log-in help. I thank you. Regards. Douglas.

  40. Donald Manint says:

    I needto know if you or if you know someone to help me convert my selfdirected IRA back. I have a traditional and a roth and of some one to make an asset Valuation of such accounts. Thanks Donald Manint

  41. Kevin Frei says:

    Politics is about the art of the possible and advancing your party’s electoral prospects. The campaign to defund Obamacare by causing the government shutdown was not politics, but a political temper tantrum. As adults we should not engage in temper tantrums, neither should political parties.

    The math was never there. It is one thing to have the possibility of doing something, it is quite another to enter into a strategy and use tactics that have no chance of success. It is a waste of time, effort, and emotions.

    This whole effort reminds me of the British raid on Dieppe, France in August of 1942. It was an ill-conceived attack by the British that cost the 6,000 man force, some 60% casualties. The only lessons learned were negative: wrong landing ships, lack of armor support, and poor air cover.

    To my mind the similar lessons can be drawn from this exercise in futility. Wrong strategy, wrong tactics, and a stunning lack of realism regarding the task in front of them. The result of the shutdown did nothing to advance the stated goals of the backers of this strategy. It gave the voters more than two weeks of bad press for the low information voters to dwell upon. It shielded the failure of the Obama Care roll-out by giving media a pointless sideshow to focus on. The Democrats gained a crushing victory as the GOP suffered an “own goal,” a self-inflicted defeat.

    Adding insult to injury was the behavior of Senator Cruz, who called on the GOP controlled House to send the US into a fiscal crisis by ruining the credit rating of the USA, I guess that would have be the outcome he wanted to achieve. (SERIOUS QUESTION: Do his actions really improve his prospects as a viable presidential nominee for the election in 2016?) If the House GOP had heeded his advise the nation’s credit rating would be down-graded and the costs in interest alone would be in the tens of billions higher, which would both hardly be the fiscally responsible course of action and would ensure electoral destruction of the GOP from that day forward.

  42. Doug Branham says:

    If one day your doctor should tell you that you have cancer that will kill you, you would want immediate action by the oncologist. You would not tell him to just wait to see what happens or let’s let it spread and see if your body will reject it. But that is exactly what you are saying about ACA. Here are some things to consider. 1. The polls say no to ACA, the politicians said yes; they betrayed their voters. 2. Don’t ignore the people who are priced out of the insurance market, had hours slashed, had pay reduced, have lost their jobs, cannot find a job, the declining financial market, declining healthcare (people are already being denied), etc. 3. Almost half of our population are takers. Once they get addicted to ACA, they will never agree to repealing it. No entitlement has ever been repealed and this will not be an exception. 4. Since doctors will have mandated protocols and medications, based on cost, new procedures and medications will virtually cease and our medicine will be relegated to that of a third world country. ACA is a slippery slope from which their is no retreat. Repeal it now before it is too late.

  43. Elton Cribbs says:

    With the government slimdown, is the government taking in more or spending more per day than they take in? Asked differently…are we still running a daily deficit during the slimdown? If yes, not much of a shutdown.

  44. reggie davis says:

    just listened to last night’s podcast.

    Mary is 110% correct – dead on!
    She needs to get her own show –
    I could listen to the truth all night long.

    thank you, I don’t feel like the lone ranger now.

  45. Jim Alldridge says:

    The original House CR without funding the ACA pays for what percentage of the total budget? Ninety-something percent?

    If the Republicans were given credit for proposing the ninety-something percent solution, perhaps the public perception would be better.

  46. William H Lemons says:

    Dear Mr. McCain
    With all due respect, don’t get in the way of the Government shutdown impasse. I understand that due to your seniority in the Senate, that you are contemplating getting involved to resolve the impasse. If so, please consider the following:
    Please don’t be distracted by face saving wins. Let’s face it, they are talking trillions and saving a few billion here and there are meaningless.
    Why would you support runaway spending and allow the Democrats to foist the Affordable Healthcare Act on the American People? What is affordable about a program that has dramatically run up the cost of healthcare insurance?
    Why do young people have to shoulder a much heavier proportion of the healthcare cost than the rest of the populace? No, I am not one of them, I am in my 60′s.
    You will remember one of your colleagues across the aisle said, “We have to pass the “Bill” so that you can find out what is in it.” Does that sound like good statesmanship? Wouldn’t you think there are some problems in a 2800 page bill that nobody read?
    Then there are the unintended consequences like many full time employees who will become part time with a 29 hour workweek. Is it “shame on those businesses that do that” or do they simply bite the bullet and go out of business and put employees on the street.
    I understand the need for compassion but as it stands, workers, doers, and main street businesses are being penalized for trying to make their way, let alone trying to proper. How compassionate are you if you would stand by and allow continued economic destruction?
    Do you consider yourself to be bipartisan? Are the Democrats bipartisan? Some Republicans are showing courage because they understand the difference between bipartisan and capitulation.
    An please don’t agree with them and pass the bill as is, and then discuss compromise? They already told you, they are not going to compromise so keep your chips in your pocket. Put on your poker face and embrace the right thing.
    Draw on the courage you showed 45 years ago. Give Ted Cruz support and others your support.
    Last and most important, pray for this nation.

    William H Lemons
    Citizen of the USA

  47. Robert says:

    What happens to QE with the govt shutdown?

    • Kevin Frei says:

      The Federal Reserve is an odd quasi-government/private bank partnership, thus the government shutdown did not and could not affect it. Also can you think of any other job than national defense and overseeing the economy that are more important core government functions?

  48. charles H graf says:

    Please put me back on your news letter. For some reason I am no longer on your list. Thanks
    Charles Graf

  49. Kathryn Chrisman says:

    Since you are hosting this morning during the current events / Syria news segment, I am writing you concerning those things. I am alarmed about the status of the video stories Drudge reported yesterday showing the Syrian Rebels claiming responsibility for the Damascas gassing (it was due to mishandling of the gas Saudi Arabia gave to them) and showing the rebels executing 7 Syrian soldiers. The first video shows a “rebel” giving credit for their barbarous methods to Osama Bin Laden.

    Are those stories true or are they not? If they are true, how does our government continue to even discuss the possibility of bombing Syria? If they are false stories, what are we doing to vet these stories so they do not become a smokescreen hiding the truth.

    • Kevin Frei says:

      The US government has a vital national security interest in Syria: the use of chemical weapons cannot become as routine as the shelling of civilians.

      Simply put do you want to live in a world where governments can treat people the same way you to insects, gassing them to death.

  50. Mark Greiser says:

    Country Style Pork Ribs
    1/2 cup dark beer
    1/2 cup red cider vinegar
    1/2 cup olive oil
    1/2 cup Brown Sugar (I like Dark)
    1 TB Garlic minced
    1 1/2 packet McCormick Taco Seasoning
    1/4 cup chopped onion
    Cayenne Pepper (to taste)

    Prepare ingredients and mix thoroughly in a large pot. I like to rinse off the Country Style Ribs with water before I marinade them. Soak Ribs in the marinade at least 3 hours. I would not marinade any meat more than 18 hours or so. I heat up a charcoal grill like I’m getting ready to make a T-bone. When the coals are nice and grey ( people, don’t skimp on charcoal), add the Ribs , back the vents to about half air flow, and cook well done (unlike a steak).Basting the meat as it cooks is fine. You want the meat grilled and slightly carmelized. Pork should be well-done , but not dried out. We are making a meal not a shoe. Bon Apetit!

  51. Bruce Hotze says:

    Please remember that under President Bill Clinton executive Compensation expense deduction for IRS corporate returns was limited to several Million Dollars. So, corporations started giving stock options for compensation. It was better pay with only a 15% Capital Gains tax.
    Many public executives are over paid but some of the problems of stock options are caused by Goverment intervention…like Bill Clinton limiting deductions for Corporate Executive Pay.

    Bruce Hotze

  52. Larry Tompkins says:

    I am retiring soon, and have been listening to your show.
    I would to speak with you about investing.
    How do I set up an appointment?

    Larry Tompkins

    • Lance Roberts says:

      Sorry Larry…I don’t check this stream of comments much.

      If you still need help please contact the office at 281-822-8800 and Brooke will be glad to schedule an appointment with you.

  53. Dean says:

    how does one purchase shares in the libor 20 bond index?

  54. Mike Kitchen says:


    Good morning.

    The other version of the Star Spangled Banner is by the group of the 1970′s called “Boston”.

    It is pretty good.

    Best regards,

    Mike Kitchen
    Galveston County Republican Party

  55. John Herbster says:


    As a Texas resident since 1942, John Culberson expressed my opinion exactly this morning in your interview on the Hendee show.

    Regards, JohnH

  56. mike says:

    Google “memorandum 7277″ this is where we are heading.

  57. John Herbster says:

    With “meta data” info, the Administration could easily divide Americans (like North Korea does) into three groups, political friends, foes, and unknowns. Then the Administration would not be able to resist the temptation to target the foes for extra audits and persecution during their every interaction with government.
    -JohnH, Monday, July 01, 2013

  58. elizabeth raymond says:

    Dear Lance Roberts,
    I heard this on your show in the morning yesterday and wrote the response. You are not the only one, but you are one of many I have heard this from lately.

    You know I am really getting mad at being the problem America is facing.

    Because the population is aging–that means me–we need immigration.

    I hear that all the time.

    I guess after working, paying taxes supporting those who don’t work, supporting those here illegally –doing it for years– and continuing to do so, I am the problem.

    I guess I am supposed to lay down and die, so our president can take $100,000,000 vacations, while our military in the field get only two rations a day.

    So our elected officials can have more benefits and better healthcare when they retire than I could ever dream of– not the health care they voted for me–and give to 11 million more low skilled workers benefits that ultimately the courts will decide they should have, regardless of citizenship.

    The fact that our population is not increasing is not due to the fact that we promote sex without marriage, and subsidize abortions–all of which I have to pay for with my taxes–but it is my fault that I am getting older, so I am draining the resources of a diminishing population. (You did bring that up yesterday, thankfully, however I also heard that I am part of the problem as well because I have the nerve to continue to age)

    Well, you know what, that makes Grandma mad.

    I have paid for everyone else, quietly for years, but now that I am getting older–aging if you will –I am the problem?????????

    Our government can “mistakenly” give millions of dollars to illegal aliens, and I am somehow the problem that America has no money?

    Well, you know what, America, I am sorry. I am sorry we had Veterans lay down and die for people with this mentality. I am sorry that there are many,many Americans of working age getting government handouts, from phones, to food, to school supplies.

    I am sorry, but not so sorry that I will quit breathing to make it easier for you. No, instead, when I go I will go out laughing thinking that the millions of low skilled workers you intend to make part of the American society, along with all those you currently subsidize, will be left. And you think they will be the bedrock of the future?

    When the ‘aging’ population with their work ethic, their savings, their self determination go–you know the ones I mean, the ones that are a drain on society–good luck.

    You will need it.

  59. Robert Fulton says:

    It is correct that the FED is not printing money. However, the government is spending money it doesn’t have. This IS increasing money in the economy. It is an inefficient, unproductive way to to this. The money is not coming from the private sector. The deflationary problem will get geometrically worse when the FED can no longer buy debt because they will have no impact on keeping interest rates down.

  60. Mike says:

    That guy David calls into every show and blames everyone else except the lazy and willfully stupid people for making bad decisions. He is NOT a real estate agent, he spends all days calling various talk shows, he is on the dole.

  61. Carlyle says:

    clarification please-this morning during Edd Hendee’s slot (4-1-13) you stated the economy has grown 800 million the past 5 years while 40 trillion spent in stimulus same time period. Please explain the 40 trillion…Thanks

  62. Phil Lyons says:


    I follow your 401K allocation recommendations and you have indicated that if I my current allocation is not at 60 percent equity, do nothing at the moment and wait for a correction. When the correction does occur, how will your allocation change ? Will you increase or decrease your equity allocation recommendation? I am at about 39 percent equity / 60 percent bonds currently.

    What is your take on the cyprus situation and has that changed your opinion on the likelihood of the US Feds nationalizing private retirement accounts here in America ?

    Really enjoy your show and thank you for your help.


    Phil Lyons

  63. T LIGHT says:

    Please add me to your newsletter. Thanks!

  64. Thomas rusnak says:

    My wife and I are 52…we have about 2 million
    In assets and are looking for a money manager
    Who can assist in creating some investment income
    Allowing for an early retirement

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks. Tom

  65. charlie ackerman says:

    how can I get a meeting setup to go over my portfolio. Need an investment management group

  66. Cindy says:

    Dear Lance,
    Can you direct me to the best to place to receive the highest interest rate for $100,000? I have a CD at my local credit union close to expiration that only received 1.15 interest rate for the last 3 years. There must be a better rate somewhere else? Thanks for any info.

  67. Jaimie says:

    Hello Lance,

    I just caught the last few minutes of your Friday night show as I was driving home from work. You mentioned that it’s very hard these days to find people with three attributes: they can pass a drug test, are responsible and show up for work your show and can think outside the box when it comes to going beyond what’s expected of them at work. You just described me. I’ve worked for 28 years in corporate environments downtown, and while I make a good salary with benefits, I can and want to do so much more. If you or any of your listeners are looking for an employes who meets all of your requirements and more, please feel free to contact me. My work email is the best way to reach me, so please feel free to do so. Sincerely, Jaimie

  68. LeRoy Donnelly says:

    Hate to tell you, but President Obama has only issued 144 Executive orders for the year. See below. I have been collecting these orders from current and past presidents for over 20 years.

    Administration of Barack Obama (2009-Present)

    Disposition of Executive orders signed by President Barack Obama:

    Subject Index

    2009 – E.O. 13489 – E.O. 13527 (39 Executive orders issued)
    2010 – E.O. 13528 – E.O. 13562 (35 Executive orders issued)
    2011 – E.O. 13563 – E.O. 13596 (34 Executive orders issued)
    2012 – E.O. 13597 – E.O. 13632 (36 Executive orders issued)

    144 Total Executive orders Issued

  69. Vince Hummer says:

    Lance – check out the opinion section of todays (12/18/12) WSJ. There is an interesting oped related to guns, gun control and mass murders. The article looks back into history and compares to today.It is extremely relevant to the current debate.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  70. Ron says:

    Why is it no one seems to be talking about what the fiscal cliff is? Shouldn’t the Budget Control Act of 2011 be discussed in detail as to what it is and what will happen if it goes into effect 2013?

  71. John Burr says:

    I am the 60 year old who has been communicating with you for about a year (the one that wants money in REITs & commodities, but you say the timing is wrong).

    My company (HoustonWorks) is folding and the centers being taken over by another non-profit, so I want to see about rolling over my 401K/403b to somewhere else. I only have about 100K, as I have not made any appreciable money the last 2 years. If you have any advice, please let me know. jdb

  72. Jaime Purcell says:

    Why stop at WW2? had these uSA kept their heads in the sand and stayed out of WW1, WW2 most likely would not have happened.

    You do know that Roosevelt and Churchill were pressuring Neville Chamberlain to concede to Stalin the same deal the Hitler gave, right? And, that after Hitler invaded Russia Roosevelt and Churchill did give Stalin the same Hitlerian deal, right?

    You do know that Roosevelt back-stabbed Chan Kai-chek by nto telling Chen that Britain the uSA were giving Korea to Mao and the Communists, right?

    Yes, the people of these uSA were brought into WW2 kicking and screaming, but FDR was manipulating and contriving with Churchill all along to make sure that these uSA entered the war.

    Oh, heck. Does anyone that comments in the radio these days even read history?

    An easy book to read, with impeccable sources and that deals with facts , is Freedom Betrayed, by Herbert Hoover. Hoover began collecting documents since the day after Pearl Harbor. The amassing of millions of documents is preserved at the Hoover Institution. An example, the Ambassador from Poland to these uSA GAVE Hoover all the original documents/communications, to be deposited in the Hoover Library. Why? Read the book. A hint, though: it has to do with giving Poland to the communists.

  73. hydra says:

    Ha. Just saw this and it got a laugh out of me. (Nice picture, by the way.)

  74. Texian says:


    Great Show!

    In your show this evening (Thursday) please lay out the mechanics of how Greece could make an orderly exit from the Euro, e.g. determine the new Drachma to Euro Ratio, timing for the exit, how to trade in Euros for Drachmas and so fourth.

    There is so much hyperbole around this (ever more likely) exit that a little level-headed discussion would be greatly appreciated.


  75. Robert says:

    Hi Lance,

    Interesting show and I listen occasionally on the way home from work.  I work in the financial industry and am also skeptical about the equity markets as you are.  You said some things and gave advice yesterday that I found perplexing however.  I’m not sure it was well thought out.  You were speaking with someone who was inquiring about investments for his wife’s Rollover IRA.  You advised him to roll that IRA into his wife’s new 401(k).  Why??  Without knowing anything about her new 401(k) plan why would you advise him to do such a thing??  You spoke about him getting into trouble by investing in equities but can’t they get into the same trouble in her new 401(k) which is probably more expensive than the IRA with a fraction of the number of investment options??  

    Also regarding 529 plans I share your problem to some degree with them but why don’t you ever mention a Coverdell Education Savings Account.  It’s true that you can only contribute up to $2,000 a year but they grow like a Roth (tax free) when used for college and when contributed to annually over a 10-15 year period can grow to be quite large.  It won’t pay for the full four years most likely but it will probably cover a chunk of it.  That’s part of the way that we are saving for our kids’ college expenses.  Also you have complete control over the investments just like any brokerage account and are not restricted in the way that 529 plans are.  

    Another issue.  You always talk down the real estate market.  True nationally the real estate market is generally in the tank but it varies greatly from market to market.  Here in Texas, the real estate market is much healthier than other regions and will likely stay that way as long as oil prices remain high.  Most of it is determined by supply and demand at a local level and as long as jobs are being created locally (60K the last 12 months) the real estate market shouldn’t crater.  In Katy, we’ve seen pretty consistent growth in prices on an annual basis in the 2%-4% range except for 08 into 09.  If you were speaking to a national audience your arguments would make more sense but locally I’m not sure your comments are accurate.  Of course, no matter what happens to the national real estate market if oil prices collapse the Houston real estate market will too as we’ll start hemorraging jobs.  Just some observations.  Thanks.    

  76. Anna Agnew says:

    Let’s not get deeper into DEBT!
    Willow Fork Drainage District BONDS.
    PLEASE Vote “AGAINST” Propositions No. 1 and No. 2 on
    Tuesday, November 8 from 7am to 7pm.


    ALL Harris County Precincts 362, 644 and 619 McMeans Junior HS (21000 Westheimer Parkway near Fry Road)

    Fort Bend County Precincts 3004 & 3122 McMeans Junior HS (21000 Westheimer Parkway near Fry Road)

    Fort Bend County Precinct 3130 Cinco Ranch High School (9th Grade Center – 23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd)

    Fort Bend County Precincts 3132 & 3133 Roosevelt Alexander Elementary School (6161 South Fry Road on Peek Road)

    Fort Bend County Precincts 3142 & 3144 Beckendorff Junior High School (8200 S Fry Road)

    Fort Bend County Precinct 3014 KISD Admin Building – Educational Support Complex (6301 South Stadium Lane)

  77. The real fair and balanced says:


    Please don’t get on the radio again and make the statement that illegals here do not pay taxes.  You cannot live in this country and not pay taxes.  Those who work out of the day work centers and are given work by the very people who condemn their presence here may not pay an income tax on their earnings—-and indeed those yearly earnings may be too small to pay a tax on–but they do pay sales, peoperty taxes,  (through rent) and other taxes.  Meanwhile, there are many illegals who do own houses and pay property taxes and school taxes.  Some even own businesses and pay taxes on them.  That is the reality of the situation.

  78. Enjoy listening and occassionally commenting on show.

  79. Acunavylaw says:

    Love your show and follow your tips for my 401K.  Thanks, Lance!

  80. kvita says:


    My husband and I listen to your program almost everyday.  If we miss it, we’d go retrive from the archives.  We’d like you to know that we really appreciate your intelligence and thank you for sharing the knowledge.

  81. Robxtwo says:

    Where can I get the history of Social Security information you just talked about?

  82. Tammie says:

    You could call your blog The Fast Lane

  83. Tom says:

    Looking For Advice On The Purchase Of LNG As A Stock .Thanks

  84. Rich Albert says:

    Lance- Thank you for your analysis of the markets back in mid may. I moved 1/3rd of my stocks into bonds because I am restricted in how I can invest… it seemed to work my losses were minimized and I credit your show with giving me the ability to protect some of my retirement, and that will effect my quality of life after I can no longer work… I may be able to work another 10 yrs. Lord willing! I made a list of economic factors based on your discussions and It was telling- the market did contract as you predicted… what’s next?

  85. Richard morant says:

    Lance wish you were Treasury Sec.  T

    I am trying to het the word OUT there
    that remaining TARP and Stimulus fund should be rescinded and
    to finance the limiting of the debt ceiling until the budget gets
    no more starving old people and eating dog food..
    I heard you mention TARP yesterday  but  I had already thought of them both  better spent on that than on Democratic voting intimidation and fraudThanks
    Morant  Brit Ex Pat `who got here as soon as I could

  86. Lance Roberts says:


    New website is up and operating nicely.  We have a lot of new content daily on the site.  However, there are a couple of small issues left to resolve.

    Podcasts – we are rebuilding the server to handle more volume of downloads.  That should be done shortly and the PodCasts will be restored.

    Archived Shows will shortly be posted within 30 minutes of the closing of the show (around 8:30pm).  This also coincides with the server upgrade.

    Coming soon:  Android and iPhone apps for the show.   A mobile version of the website and much more.

  87. gman says:

    I read your post on the financial blog Dshort about oil prices on July 8th.  You showed the lack of even a community college level of macroeconomic understanding.  Blaming “Keynesianism” for when you meant Monetarism.  Maybe I’m being too are on Texas

    • Tnansteeljazz2000 says:

      Hmm…let’s see….read the post – you are wrong, he is right.   Fox in Texas, check.   CNBC, Fox Business, LA Times, Washington Post, Politico, ZeroHedge, Econointersect, Dshort, Pragmatic Capitalist and those are just the ones I know about.

      Seems like more agree with him than you.

  88. LFritz says:

    I love every host on 700, but you disgust me. Your discussion on 6/29 about entitlements was justified, but what was cruel and unjust is making synical comments about seniors, their early dinnertimes and the joke about riots ending at 5:30 is uncalled for. I’m not a senior citizen, however, but I have a precious mother that is. We are having to readjust our schedule to accomodate her timeclock temporarily as she’s living w/ us, however, we do it because we love her. She’s been a widow for 49 yrs w/out a high school education and has worked everyday since she was 13. She’s NEVER taken a hand-out, and deserves every dime of SS she gets. By the way, all the men & women that joined the war in 1941 (including my father) that you praised in the same breath are either seniors or deceased. You are an egotistical pig and I hope your ass gets kicked off the air.

    • Lance Roberts says:

      LFritz.   First, I apologize if I offended you it wasn’t intended but your comments are a little harsh considering the context in which they were made.    They were made in good fun and to add a little bit of levity to the continual stream of bad news coming out of the administration.   Again, my apologies, but relax a little bit, life is to short.

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly you’ve never been to a retirement community where residents enjoy their lives and make light of the issues that come from getting old. They cope through humor. Perhaps you should give it a try before you turn into a miserable, cantankerous, oh-poor-me-my-life-sucks old fart.

      Then again, it could be too late for you.

    • RobertG says:

      Who are you to judge? Did GOD give that right? How do you know this man is not going through the same issue as you? Sounds like to me you are having a hard time adjusting your busy schedule to honor your mother by taking care of her. Remember she wiped your ass. When you do something for someone you do it because you want to with no complaint. Remember she did complain when she was wiping your ass. Maybe you should take a lesson from your mom. You never know she could found humor in what he was saying.

  89. John Herbster says:

    Got to hear part of your show May 10th. One comment about hydrogen, natural gas, and LPG fueled cars and trucks. They can serious hazards in enclosed garages, should a leak develop. Some under ground parking garages in Vancouver, BC, Canada prohibit them. –JohnH

  90. Jacke says:

    Would it be possible to get a transcript of youe r explaination of the oil price that you gave on Sam Malones’ show 4/27/11? It was very enlightening and would be very useful is discussing with some of my friends>

  91. Lance Roberts says:

    Okay. The new website is now up and running. Podcasts and Archives are now working properly and the financial blog is up and running. Visit the website at and get registered for free.

    We will now start to make postings here as well.

    Thank you so much for listening and I hope you will enjoy our revamped program.

    Lance Roberts

  92. Lonestarson says:

    StretTalk….best show on the radio!

  93. Lojocarver says:

    Boy you are spot on. I like what you say about the coming financial difficulties. I have always wondered about gold, and how you could purchase anything with it. Thanks for clearing that up.

  94. Pgplesko says:

    Are your previous shows recorded & available somewhere on KSEV or your own website?? Sometimes I have to miss parts of your shows and would love to have the option to listen later. I really enjoy your show! Keep up the good work!!

  95. robc1982 says:

    I listen to your show just about every day…..please keep doing what you are doing. I think our dollar will devalue and I would like to hear about investments one can make to retain the value of our initial investment?

  96. Richard says:

    I can’t get the web connection to work. I can’t hear your show on the radio, because the power has been turned down at sunset.

  97. Patrick Persyn says:

    When do we get to hear Jim Rogers?