Paul Berlin

Join Paul Berlin every Saturday night for a nostalgic journey into music history.  Hear the music of the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s along with the first hand accounts of the artists, the shows and the people of Houston who love it.  Both then and now.

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Great news!  Paul Berlin is back!

After successful surgery and time to recuperate, Paul has returned to the KSEV microphone.  Listen to Paul’s statement on the audio player below.  We appreciate the many good wishes for Paul.  And, thanks for listening to the pre-recorded Paul Berlin shows from the past these last few weekends.

Listen to Paul Berlin right now!  Click on the audio player below to hear Paul’s most recent radio shows.

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  1. Richard Atkinson says:

    My son-in-law works the late shift and listens to you each weekend. I was wondering if you publish your playlist as I can’t remember names of some of the tunes from back in the day which makes it difficult to find them. Thanks, and keep the tunes coming.

  2. Vicki Ayo says:

    Dear Paul Berlin,

    I am working on a series of books about Houston music in the 60′s and 70′s and would love to do an interview with you.

    Vicki Ayo

  3. Linda Brannen says:

    Paul Berlin, Paul Berlin,
    You were the judge when I was selected one of five finalist in the Miss Rodeo Houston contest way back in 1963. Before that my friend and I listened to you on the bus going to Junior High back in the 50′S. Oh my we must both be older. Listened to your last show a few years ago and told my husband your last song would be ‘Dodie Woo” He said no, you had already played it. I was right of course….Listening to you now playing it again…..I list it as my favorite song too…Keep up the good work. And oh yes, Happy Birthday friend…No I didn’t win Miss Rodeo Houston but I still love you, LB

  4. Carmen Nieto says:

    Dear Paul,
    I have been a fan of yours for many, many years. When I was in high school, I used to listen to your program everyday in the afternoon on KNUZ. And I would listen to your 1-4 pm program. I even got some of my friends listening to you! I visited a cake shop ten years ago, and there was a book on the lobby table that was a tribute to your 50th anniversary in radio. I told the owner how much I loved your program and she gave me the book. Years ago, I used to work at Sakowitz Brothers in downtown and I saw you come in through the Fannin Street entrance. I knew who you were, but I didn’t introduce myself to you. But at least I can say that I have seen the person behind the radio.
    I enjoy your evening program very much. The music takes me back through the pages of my life. I don’t know if you can respond to this, but I would really appreciate it if you could.
    Thank you so much for the music and the memories every Saturday.

    Carmen Nieto

  5. Mike Tilotta says:

    Sorry, Paul, I missed your birthday but I hope it was as happy a day for you as the many thousands of happy days you have made for your listening audience. I wish you well in your recovery.

    Mike Tilotta

  6. Herman says:

    Peggy Sue and I have been hooked on you for 50 years. Sorry, we were a little slow in sending you a Fan letter.

  7. Brenda Riley Hayden says:

    Missing YOU * Paul Berlin * , Mr Velvet Pipes !! Be well …we’re all waiting for ya {{{{HUGS}}}}

  8. the amateur says:

    Hi Paul:
    I heard you have been away recovering from an illness. Please get well soon! My 93 year old grandfather most recently fell at home, and was in the hospital for a few days, listening to the Paul Berlin show still bring a smile to his face, whether is live or not, hearing the sound of your voice is a joy in itself. Hurry back soon. Thank you for all you do. Always remember the good ole Memphis days and well as Heavenly Houston.

    PS-Happy Belated Birthday!

  9. jeanie phillips says:

    Happy birthday,hope you got my card.Thinking about you and keeping you in prayer.Longing for your soon return to the air.Wishing you the best.Jeanie in LaPorte

  10. Judy England White says:

    Dear Mr. Berlin,

    I just heard that today is your birthday from Dave Ward on Channel 13. Congratulations on many years of a wonderful life. I am the daughter of London England, a man you knew years ago through radio in the 60”s and 70”s. You judged the Junior Miss Pageant, and later the Houston”s Model Coed Pageant, both of which where I was a contestant. I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with you one on one as I began my career, a career I was able to do all my working years as a vocalist . I am now 65 years old, and retired. You gave me wise advice. You said, if I ever stopped feeling the nerves before I went out on a stage, or stopped worrying about if I could deliver what was expected of me, it was time to quit. You told me that the difference between a professional and an amateur is that a professional gets nervous, but knows that they can deliver. An amateur hopes they can deliver. I always thought of this before I sang for any event. And I sang for two presidents of our country, a governor”s inaugural , and many other high profile events. Your advice has stayed with me all these years, and I pass it on to young singers who ask me for advice. Thank you for being accessible to those of us who were young and coming up in the music business. I am proud to say I have two daughters in the performing arts, and I have passed down your words of wisdom. God bless you for your kindness. I am so grateful that our paths crossed so many years ago. God bless you.
    Thank you,
    Judy England White

  11. Richard Hammond says:

    It was KQUE, NOT KRBE. I am sorry I got it wrong. But, I still miss not listening to you and your music everyday.
    since it’s your birthday I request YOUR VERSION OF ” Happy Birthday” and many more to the best DJ there ever has been.
    Richard Hammonf

  12. Judy Stepan says:

    Dear Paul Berlin. Happy Birthday. I called the station years ago and was able to talk with you about my attending your 20th birthday celebration. I thought it was your 21st birthday but you corrected me and said you were in the service at the time of your 21st. I have been a fan all these years and love to hear your stories about the people in show business. I also attended your “retirement” event on Beamer and gave you a copy of the Milby Plainsman with your picture in it. I mention this only to refresh your memory and say that I have been a fan for almost 65 years. I love listening to you and the music you play. I am hoping you will be “live” this Saturday, but no matter I will be listening. Many More!

  13. Joe Escalante, PAA says:

    Not knowing your current condition,I hope that you have moments of clarity where you can feel the love from your fans. Get those sweet granddaughter’s to help you tape just a small segment. Anyway, it still good to rehash “Postime”, the Charlie Schaefer last song, 88% of the time, ShamrocK Hilton & McCarthy, Old haunts & the old usual places, Memhpis history, Jazz, Shelley Berman from the Tidelands,Arnett Cobb,Dome Shadows, Steve Tyrell, South American Pan American connection. Must I continue. We love you Baby…

  14. Frank Barron Jr. says:

    Hello. Mr Berlin. I graduted from Sam Houston High School in 1970. I just have to tell you that I think you’re one of the best thing that is coming out of Houston,. We grew up listening to you when you were with 1230AM KNUZ radio station. I’ve had to retire. I had my 4th heart attack. So I thing it’s time to start taking it easy if I still want to continue seeing my grand-children grow up. Telling them stories of how it was growing up here in Houston, And than serving in the U.S. Marines Corps. I have no regrets. But now looking back I could have done better. And these days I enjoy listening to your station. I my start playing golf again. Thank you for reading this. And you take care of yourself And God bless you and your family.

  15. Brenda Hayden says:

    Looking forward to hearing you LIVE again soon ! Sending HUGS and Best Wishes for you to feel good, strong and full o’ VIP-VIM & VIGOR quick ! YOU ARE SO VERY MISSED !

  16. Joe Escalante, PAA says:

    How about Missouri City

  17. Hank Allers says:

    Dear Paul, I’m a fan of yours since coming to Houston @ UH in 1961. You are the best host EVER. No one has your knowledge and ability to present the artists. You make their recording come alive artistically and historically. It’s wonderful to hear you again, Paul. Blessings to you old friend. Hank

  18. brother Peter says:

    please, what version of Cuando Caliente Sol do you lay – I have tried but just can’t find the exact version – thanks, Paul, and Bless you sir!

  19. Bailey says:

    Hi Paul. I am really happy you are do well. I was just reminiscing about the Dome Shadows days and found a web page dedicated to it. Thought about you, and Vicky, and so many others. I posted the link below. Take care, and hang in there old friend. I hope we get a chance to meet and have a visit again someday soon.

    All my best: Bailey

  20. Mike Tilotta says:


    Here’s hoping you’re feeling better and will return to air soon. We all miss you and love your show. May God Bless you
    in you’re recovery and get you back in front of that microphone playing our (you’re audience’s) kind of music.

    Mike Tilotta

  21. Jerry Sirkin says:

    Good afternoon Paul. I a the Vice President of the Houston Vintage Radio Association and would like to invite you to be our Guest Speaker at our February 14, 2015, Convention Banquet. Many of our members have been long, long fans of yours and we would appreciate you considering this e-mail as an introduction to further conversations about the event.

  22. Pam hoffpauir says:

    Love yoy

  23. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul, we just want to let you know that we’re still thinking about you and that you’re in our prayers. We hope you’re feeling better and will be back live on the air soon. Thanks for all the happiness and enjoyment that you have provided for so many years, for so many people. God Bless You! Gary and Vicki Cofer.

  24. kitty cisneros says:

    Paul I went to VFW Hall July 4 when Jivin Gene Bourgeis was performing his 50′s music. One of my fav of his was Going Out With The Tide. Do you happen to have it for play? Again, thank you for all the good music as well as great entertainment. ♥

  25. jeanie phillips says:

    Looking forward to your return.Enjoying all the repeats but not the same knowing that you’re not really there.Hope you get well soon.Missing you and praying for you.Jeanie.

  26. james says:

    Enjoy your program very much.
    I remember you Knuz and kque

  27. jim peiffer says:

    Paul did a ad for Hub Hundai where they offered a gas card for visiting and driving a Hyundai. I did that last week and may consider o n e the next time I buy. When I asked about the gas card no one new anything. That promised to check and call in a day but so far nothing. Did I hear incorrectly?

  28. SUSAN GOODWIN says:







  29. George Cowart says:

    I live in Beaumont and I’m not current on Paul’s health. I hope sincerely that he’s doing well. Has he been off the air since May?

  30. Joe Cashiola says:

    I go back with you to the Mission In Music days. In the late fifties you came to Germany with a USO Show, played the latest hits, the only one I rember was Peggy Lees ‘Fever”. After the how you talked to Houston boys until the club closed, thanks it was a great eveing. By the way you bought all the drinks.

  31. Joe Escalante, PAA says:

    Picked up an old Sinatra album today at an estate sale on Kipling. I love those old Capitol album covers. This one has a sticker from Paul Berlin’s Record Room on W. Holcombe. Man, is there anything in the record business you haven’t done? Really enjoy listening to you every Saturday evening. Woweee!

  32. DONALD HARRELL says:

    Thank you Paul for so many years of great music. I learned so much about the music and the artist by listening to you.

  33. daniel unger says:

    can you find bob hope doing?east is east and west is west and the wrong one i have chose? was in a movie, or just singing with his wife?
    ,also i can’t say it warmly enough, thank you .
    you were my edjifacation ,and i enjoyed it too. found you on web now, nice.
    ,dnl. (Danl Boone couldn’t spell an neither can i).
    May God bless

  34. Suzy white says:

    We miss you, and would love it if the station would give us an update/status on how you are.

  35. gunter faig says:


    Hope you are feeling well
    Thank you for your great show every Saturday.
    Brings back memories of KQUE, and the good music
    you played then and thanks again for playing it again
    on KSEV.
    Besides we really enjoy all the bits of information
    about the artists and history in general.
    Please play some of Karen Carpenter.
    Stay well and keep up the good work.
    Your faithful listeners
    Gunter and Monique

  36. Jon Schwartz says:

    Love hearing the oldies, but especially the rare oldies like that Phil Harris ditty you played
    on the 5-3-14 show. Would you play THE HANGING TREE x Marty Robbins: A great
    tune from an underrated Gary Cooper western?

  37. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. We hope you’re doing OK. We love hearing the ‘re-runs’ but we worry about you when you’re not broadcasting live. Please take your time, as long as it takes for you to get in A-1 condition, then make a triumphant return to the air. Love and prayers always, Gary & Vicki Cofer.

  38. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Are you on vacation?Been missing your live broadcasts.Hope everything is ok.Long time listener.Jeanie, from La Porte.

  39. Kathleen M Larkin says:

    Just a belated very HAPPY BIRTHDAY (last Tuesday, I think) to the BEST radio DJ the entire world has ever known!

    We’re so delighted for the Saturday evenings!

    Kathleen & Jack
    (very long time listeners from the Good Ole Days)

  40. Billy & Barb Webb says:


    How are you feeling? We want to wish you a Happy Easter, and wish the best of health you. We so enjoy your program here in the Northwest. Look forward to it every week.

    Billy & Barbara Webb

  41. Lisa Hammonds says:

    Hello my friend,

    Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy your program. I listen to it on my phone and bluetooth anywhere I go. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!

    I’m at my desk right this minute getting my tax paperwork in order (yuck). The music and your voice makes the stress just melt. I hear your voice Mr. Berlin and I say to myself….everything is going to be just dandy!

    Thank you so very much,

    Your faithful fan in Katy Texas.

    Lisa Hammonds

  42. balin" says:

    Having listened for twenty five years I wish you had the noon hour. Love your show!

  43. Connie Maxfield says:

    Hi Paul,
    Could you suggest a record collector or place that might be interested in many jazz and big band albums from the 1930′s – 1950′s or so.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
    Best wishes,

  44. Mike says:

    Please play that “Chew, chew, choon gum” song. Every time you played that song I COULDN’T GET IT OUT OF MY MIND FOR A WEEK!!!
    Mike in Kingwood

  45. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. We were wondering if it would be possible for you to host a benefit that would raise funds for a worthy cause, like M. D. Anderson cancer research, or for wounded veterans, or for any one of a hundred other deserving groups or organizations. You have a legion of adoring fans who would buy a ticket to hear you in person talk for forty-five minutes or an hour just the way you talk on your broadcasts. It would be such an honor to get to listen and applaud. I have a feeling that your appearance would fill any venue in Houston. Well, maybe not Reliant or Minute Maid, but somewhere like Jones Hall or Hofheinz Pavillion. Maybe it could be on a Sat. evening and it would be a remote broadcast during your regular program time slot. Oh well, just something to think about. Sincerely, Gary and Vicki Cofer.

  46. Roger says:

    your show is great but why does the podcast keep turning off this week? Keep spinning the good tunes.

  47. Suzy says:

    Heo Mr Berin, I’m wondering if you remember the Nick and Connie show KNUZ, my dad was Nick, or anyone out there? I would love to here any old stories from the people who knew my dad.

  48. Kevin Sullivan says:

    Sitting here listening to Leslie Gore Sing “It’s My Party.”
    Several tunes earlier, Mr. B., you’d played Bryan Ferry’s wonderfully bouncy version of “Just the Way You Look Tonight” (one of my fav’s, Thanks).

    It just so happens that Mr. Ferry also recorded a version of “It’s My Party” — takes a bit of gumption for a dude to take a crack at that one, huh?
    On the very same CD/Album, he also does his version of the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” — I kid you not.
    Best of all, the name of this eclectic collection is (I really couldn’t have made this up!!) “These Foolish Things.”

    You’re the best, good sir. Be well.

  49. Bill Hood says:

    Please Play Louise Tucker Midnight Blue If Have It
    Sincerely Yours
    Bill Hood In Spring Branch