Paul Berlin

Join Paul Berlin every Saturday night for a nostalgic journey into music history.  Hear the music of the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s along with the first hand accounts of the artists, the shows and the people of Houston who love it.  Both then and now.

Have a request for Paul Berlin?  Scroll down and type the name of the song and the artist in the “reply” box below.

Great news!  Paul Berlin is back!

After successful surgery and time to recuperate, Paul has returned to the KSEV microphone.  Listen to Paul’s statement on the audio player below.  We appreciate the many good wishes for Paul.  And, thanks for listening to the pre-recorded Paul Berlin shows from the past these last few weekends.

Listen to Paul Berlin right now!  Click on the audio player below to hear Paul’s most recent radio shows.

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  1. Lisa Hammonds says:

    Hello my friend,

    Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy your program. I listen to it on my phone and bluetooth anywhere I go. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!

    I’m at my desk right this minute getting my tax paperwork in order (yuck). The music and your voice makes the stress just melt. I hear your voice Mr. Berlin and I say to myself….everything is going to be just dandy!

    Thank you so very much,

    Your faithful fan in Katy Texas.

    Lisa Hammonds

  2. balin" says:

    Having listened for twenty five years I wish you had the noon hour. Love your show!

  3. Connie Maxfield says:

    Hi Paul,
    Could you suggest a record collector or place that might be interested in many jazz and big band albums from the 1930′s – 1950′s or so.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
    Best wishes,

  4. Mike says:

    Please play that “Chew, chew, choon gum” song. Every time you played that song I COULDN’T GET IT OUT OF MY MIND FOR A WEEK!!!
    Mike in Kingwood

  5. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. We were wondering if it would be possible for you to host a benefit that would raise funds for a worthy cause, like M. D. Anderson cancer research, or for wounded veterans, or for any one of a hundred other deserving groups or organizations. You have a legion of adoring fans who would buy a ticket to hear you in person talk for forty-five minutes or an hour just the way you talk on your broadcasts. It would be such an honor to get to listen and applaud. I have a feeling that your appearance would fill any venue in Houston. Well, maybe not Reliant or Minute Maid, but somewhere like Jones Hall or Hofheinz Pavillion. Maybe it could be on a Sat. evening and it would be a remote broadcast during your regular program time slot. Oh well, just something to think about. Sincerely, Gary and Vicki Cofer.

  6. Roger says:

    your show is great but why does the podcast keep turning off this week? Keep spinning the good tunes.

  7. Suzy says:

    Heo Mr Berin, I’m wondering if you remember the Nick and Connie show KNUZ, my dad was Nick, or anyone out there? I would love to here any old stories from the people who knew my dad.

  8. Kevin Sullivan says:

    Sitting here listening to Leslie Gore Sing “It’s My Party.”
    Several tunes earlier, Mr. B., you’d played Bryan Ferry’s wonderfully bouncy version of “Just the Way You Look Tonight” (one of my fav’s, Thanks).

    It just so happens that Mr. Ferry also recorded a version of “It’s My Party” — takes a bit of gumption for a dude to take a crack at that one, huh?
    On the very same CD/Album, he also does his version of the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” — I kid you not.
    Best of all, the name of this eclectic collection is (I really couldn’t have made this up!!) “These Foolish Things.”

    You’re the best, good sir. Be well.

  9. Bill Hood says:

    Please Play Louise Tucker Midnight Blue If Have It
    Sincerely Yours
    Bill Hood In Spring Branch

  10. JoJo Finkeldei says:

    Hi Paul. I used to work with you at Clear Channel. I was the HR Manager. Just thinking of you and wondering how you are. Great to hear you on the air!!

  11. Freddie Hugo says:

    Where can I find a copy of two these two songs: Phone call from God and Phone call from the devil. I believe they are sung by Jim Nesbitt. Thanks so much.

  12. Pierre Bonappettit says:

    You mentioned the Gone With The Wind shot looking out over the wounded.Many of the wounded soldiers were just fake dummies with strings to move the arms in the air like they were asking for help.Re:the making of gone with the wind movie.

  13. Dave Brown says:

    Paul, as a native Houstonian, may I say You are the greatest radio personality of all time! Keep on keeping on. May God bless you and yours!

  14. j baumann says:

    Paul Berlin been my hero for over 50 years. Good show, good stories. Good memories gone with the wind, but still sweet. Thanks KSEV and the ever green disk jockey.

  15. George Miller says:

    Paul, ENJOY your show every chance I get, takes me back! Heard your request from Ms. Kaufman from Riverside Ill. I was born and raised there ( a lifetime of memories. Myself and partner owned a the Riverside News Agency (distributor for all major newspapers)for 20 + years. Riverside was an affluent retreat west of Chicago and Cicero on the Burlington Northern RR. It was home to many syndicate (called then),car dealers and baseball team owners (Comisky / White Sox and car dealers. It was planned by Frederick Law Olmstead with a river bordering, huge parks and gas street light. Actually The Woodlands has copied many of its attributes. Keep up the GREAT show. Thank you, George Miller

  16. Peter says:

    are you aware that Gary Hoffman is now a hospice patient – is at home and probably listening to you

  17. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Please play “Touched” by the Stellar Unit and Charlie Schafer.
    Jeanie in La Porte.

  18. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. What movies have you appeared in, and who were the stars in those movies? We love the music, love the stories. We hope you live ‘forever’! Gary & Vicki Cofer.

  19. Kitty Cisneros says:

    Paul, Occasionally you play a song that I dearly love by Joe Tiffe (don’t know if I heard right on the spelling). I have been trying google music by him to purchase. Not sure but I believe the name of the song that you play is All I Have To Give. It is a beautiful song.

  20. cynthia mullino says:

    on the internet reply form it asks for mail address, guess they don’t mean physical address! Oh, well, technology. I started listening to your program with the transistor under my pillow.
    I hear commercials and movies using the music you taught us to appreciate. The young folks think Dean and Frank are new-comers! Don’t even mention Hoagy Charmichael. I got everything I could from some internet site!
    Keep on playing the greats!
    So glad you are doing well.
    God Bless you.

  21. Jay Catherwood says:

    How about playing “Stealing from Chet”?

    Maybe “Broomstick Cowboy” Bobby Goldsboro and “I Need to be in Love” Karen Carpenter.

    Also please shout out an anti smoking comment once in a while. Let people remember what you went through and how hard it was to quit. Too many people still light up!


  22. Gunter & Monique Faig says:

    Hope you are doing ok,
    Thank you for the great job you are doing on your show
    every Saturday. You are a Bastion of Radio as we know it
    bringing back memories of the KQ time when we had the Radio
    on all day listening to great music. The same you are playing every Saturday now. It is sad to say that a City the size of Houston is unable to produce a Radio Station
    that plays music like you are presenting.
    Keep up the great work and thank KSEV for us.
    Please play the song of Dusty Springfield “Windmills of your Mind”.
    Gunter & Monique
    PS Hello from Boby Gonzales

  23. Roger Scott says:

    Hey Paul, you mentioned KILT and KNUZ and I’m sure you remember when KILT first came on the air. There was a big hoopla over it and sadly some of us KNUZ listeners did try them out. Can you tell me when they came on the air for the first time??? I lived in Tomball; my brother and I got new twin beds with the bookcase headboards. Then I got a clock radio with the 2 big dials and would listen to you after lights out and then some of KILT. I think it was mid 50s. Thanks for being there. You are the only show worth listening to on the radio….
    Roger Scott

  24. Peter says:

    oh, is it too late to fit in ‘Cuando Caliente Sol Aqui en la Playa?

  25. Peter says:

    heard Steve Lawrence – didn’t think it was he, deep pipes missing – I was listening, thought it resembled him – actually was wishing to hear him instead of that guy, then you say it WAS him – what happened, finally get old? – he always had the best voice (my favorite) with Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis right behind – love you, Paul – miss the days of every day at KNUZ and KQUE – hope you will be at the upcoming ‘reunion’ – Bless you sir

  26. Suza says:

    Possibly play “Somewhere across the sea, my love is waiting for me….”

  27. R. W. Cavenaugh says:

    Hello Paul,

    Somehow you seem an old friend. I remember being so pleased when you returned to the air on KSEV.

    This evening My mind pulled up some additional words to the closing song:
    “I’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places
    That my heart embraces all day through.
    In that small cafe, the park across the way,
    The children’s carousel, the goldfish pond, the wishing well” I think it’s a World War I song.

    Your program trumps other home electronic entertainment every Saturday evening in our household. Many thanks.

    R.W.Cavenaugh,, Cypress, TX

  28. Gordon Locke says:

    Just located you surfing the internet.
    I grew up listening to you as a teenager growing up in Houston. 1954-55 when you were sponsored by Rex The Tailor.
    I remember (can’t spell it) you said Mashugada Rex.
    Bob Byron came on later and his theme song was Its A Lonesome Old Town. I can still hear it nearly 60 years later.Do you know the artist or band that played his theme song?
    Best wishes to you and yours so many good memories of you back then.We moved away from Houston in 1958 to Central Texas and been here ever since.
    Gordon Locke

  29. Bill Hood says:

    Back In 1982 Or 1984 There Song Called Midnight Who Is It By
    If Have It Please Play It Also Please E-Mail Me Who Did The
    Song Thank You Paul

  30. trey magee says:

    correction fred magee is 78 not 77 oh boy

  31. Leroi says:

    last week you played Elvira which has the romantic lyrice: papa oom papa oom mow mow.

    If you think your audience can stand it without massive heart failure from the excitement, how about playing The Rivingtons Papa Oom Mow Mow.

  32. trey magee says:

    can you play a Sinatra song for your old bellaire bowling palace buddy Fred Magee who is turning 77 this week

    • Fred Magee says:


      Enjoyed my birthday acknowledgment from you Saturday. We’ve had some great times over the years and the song bought back some great memories. Hope you are doing well. Call me if you can go to lunch.


  33. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul, Would you please play – ” The Third Man Theme “, by Anton Karas or ” There’s No Tomorrow ” by Tony Martin; both from the year 1950 ? I have been listening to you since 1950 and there is no one on the air today that has the knowledge of true music that you do. It is always a pleasure to hear your program, keep up the good work and we shall continue to pray for your health.
    Thanks again – - -

    Ron Bonnel
    The Old Fire Eater

  34. jerry says:

    Paul,I was just going through my stacks of old vinyl and came across my very worn copy of what I consider the best album Patti Page ever recorded. ‘Patti Page The West Side’. Wonder if you would have Gone With The Wind or They All Laughed from that album and give it a play. I am wishing now that I had taken better care of the albums I bought 50 years ago. Tks


  35. Joe Bhonn says:

    Paul, you are what listening to the radio is all about. Your program brings back wonderful memories and I thank you. If you could play “Morning” and “Three Bells” by Jim Ed Brown and the Browns,

  36. Azle Anderson says:

    Hi Paul,

    Can you play “THEM THERE EYES” – my favorite version is sung by Anita O’Day.
    My girlfriend tells me there is a connection here to “Sweet Georgia Brown”? Not so sure.

    We just love listening to you across the Gulf to Florida! Love your show so much.

    Azle Anderson

  37. Larry Hornborok says:

    I am trying to find the artist and lyrics to a song from the late 1940′s or early 1950′s. I think the song title is “Oh! Yeah.” It is a him & her song. He starts with “I ask her for a date. She says its getting late. I ask her for a kiss. And then she gives me this.” Her “I’ll never ever kiss you by the gate.” Him “Oh Yeah!” Her “At least until we’ve had our second date.” Him: “Oh Yeah!” Can you help?

  38. Steve Morby says:

    Paul, I have intended to write you several times but never got around to it. I am 60 years old and grew up listening to your show as my Mom had her radio on daily. We moved to Tyler in 1967 but I returned to Houston in 1975 and resumed listening to you on my own on KQUE.

    I play the piano by ear and play weekly at 3 different elder care facilities. Much of my repertoire came from the music you played, from Doris Day, Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney, etc. I, of course loved Rock n Roll from the 60′s but the classic music of the 40′s and 50′s are a real favorite.

    Anyway, I wanted you to know that I credit both my Mom and you for the pleasure these songs bring to the residents of these facilities. And, they bring me great pleasure as well.

    Anyway, thanks a million. Oh, and my Mom tells the same Berlin joke every time I mention your name….you know, the song about the Wild Goose and the proctologist gone crazy?
    She loves telling that

    Best regards and still a fan

    Steve Morby

    • Peter says:

      do you ever play in the lobby of MD Anderson? – oh, and what about the Paul’s joke about the first girl to swim the English Channel, how she had tried several times and once was so close that she could see the beach, but knew she couldn’t make it so she turned around and swam back – Bless you for entertaining at old folks homs, oh, ever play at University Place?

  39. Alan Gilchrist says:

    Just heard of the passing of Phil Everly on your program, last weekend. Sad to hear. And this on the heels of losing Eydie Gorme, last year. Not ready to see these people leave us, but we’re not spring chickens, anymore, either. Been keeping tabs on you since I came to Houston in ’74, and left for Denver in ’79, but was saddened to hear of the loss of KQUE, while I was gone. But I looked for you, when we returned to Houston in ’83, and was happy to find your archives available here on KSEV radio. KQUE was the only station I listened to ‘way back then. You were the one who introduced me to the likes of Nana Mouskouri, the Stellar Unit, Charlie Shaeffer, and others… I always enjoyed your shows. Many times, such radio formats as KQUE always seemed to fall victim to advertising trying to target the aging segment of the listening audience, and I tired of all that, really quick. You always kept that in check, though, so that was the reason I could always listen to your shows. But I was always hoping KQUE would go to streaming on the web, so I could tune in from Denver area, but it wasn’t to be. But it does help, that you did not turn out to pasture, and still bring your good music to your audience. Hope things continue to go well for you, but I realize that none of us live forever. So do take care, Paul Berlin, we’re not ready to lose you, either….

  40. Jon Schwartz says:

    Especially enjoy hearing you play the early ’50s country recordings like FLYIN’ TOO HIGH
    FOR MY LITTLE OL’ SKY, PEACE IN THE VALLEY (Red Foley) etc. and the back stories that
    accompany them. Also, the Elvis recording that he made for his mom’s birthday, some-
    thing you don’t hear even on the satellite stations. You’re at the top of your game, pal,
    a game that includes the likes of Jonathan Schwartz (no relation) out of NYC and Chuck
    Cecil out of LA. Long may you guys wave…

  41. Jim Medlin says:

    Thanks again Paul for another couple of hours of memories.

  42. JIM B. says:

    Hey Paul Berlin, you’re thinking of the Kennedy Center Honors relative to Doris Day, not Smithsonian. Interesting though that she turned it down. She’s in her 90′s, so I doubt we’ll see her in public again. Anyway, it was her business manager/accountant who siphoned off a lot of her wealth. She sued and eventually won, but still lost a lot.
    I enjoy your show.

  43. Bill Hood says:

    Paul Could Paly The Ink Spot I Love Coffee And ILove Tea
    Sincerely Yours
    Bill Hood

  44. Azle Anderson says:

    Dear Paul,

    I dusted off some old 33 1/3 LPs, and among them- – some Barbra Streisand. Yes, my old turntable still works! Don’t hear much of her stuff anymore, but I had to chuckle at “Second Hand Rose”. Do you have it?

    You’re the BEST!

    Azle Anderson
    Tampa Bay

  45. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. Do you have ‘Trickle Trickle’ by the Manhattan Transfer? Any song by them would be great to hear. Thanks. Gary Cofer.

  46. Billy & Barb Webb says:

    We are sending our Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl in New York next weekend. Have’nt had so much fun since George Blanda and the Oilers.

    Play some more Etta James for us.

  47. Jon Schwartz says:

    Any personal Jackie Wilson stories? Would you kindly play NIGHT? It’s always a
    big pleasure listening and re-listening to your shows.

  48. David "The Snake" says:

    Thanks for the good days as well as the bad days. You made all of them better.

  49. Cece Waldner Abel says:

    Are you the same Paul Berlin who used to DJ the Mt. Carmel Saturday night dances in the 1960s???? I’m sure you won’t remember me, Cece Waldner. I was on the dance committee and came to KNUZ to visit you a couple of times. You knew my uncle from Memphis; Gene Hoehle.
    We are planning our Mt. Carmel Class of 1964 50th class reunion on June 7th in Pearland and are wondering if you’d like to be out guest.
    If we’ve been out of high school for 50 years, you must surely be in your eighties or nineties……….GOD LOVE YA! If you could email me at the address provided, I would be thrilled to hear from you —- either way!
    Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing from you.


  50. Ruby Carpenter says:

    Paul – I listened to you from back in early 50′s. You make Saturday evening special for me. You play songs I have forgotten but love, especially Brook Benton and Dina Washington, also the Hawaiian music. There was a radio program back during war years called “Hawaii Calls” and was great music from there. I love all the music you play. Keep up the good work and stay well.
    God Bless, Ruby

  51. Roger Scott says:

    PAUL!?!?!? You just signed off with a different theme. What happened to Charlie and his nimble fingers???? I’m so sad. That’s one of the best songs you play. That little “happy trails” medley is good, but not as good as “I’ll be seeing you” and “we’ll meet again”…. please bring it back…. I only caught the last 20 mins of the show, so you may have mentioned a reason for the change so I’ll catch the whole show when it comes back in the archives. Keep up the good work and thanks for being there… Rog

  52. Mike W. says:

    Mr Berlin, as you were remembering those moments with your mother, I was reading a note from mine. She too is gone but not forgotten.

    They only allowed tv on weekends. So I learned to love the music they played on the stereo (KQUE), which happens to be what you play now. Many thanks

  53. Sally Williams says:

    Just wanted you to know that every New Year’s when I watch the Vienna Philharmonic broadcast I remember that you watch it to.
    Hope you are well and will consider coming to the reunion in May.

  54. Myrtle White says:

    Paul, tonight you played an instrumental you called “Lapland”. That is also the melody to a southern gospel song called “Just Over In Glory land.” Thought you might like to know.

  55. Ms Gerry McElhannon says:

    I listened you and Larry Kane when you were on KNUZ at Caroline & Blodgett, back in the wonderful 50′s.

    The 40′s music is still my favorite including Sammy Kaye’s Blue Prelude.

    Thanks for the memories Mr Berlin,


  56. Bill Hood says:

    Do Hav The Song Lapland By Baltimore And Ohio Marching Band
    Could It Thank You

  57. Aaron Schneider says:

    Well looks like it about down to you and me. All of our old cronies are in that big after hours club in the sky. You ounce told me if two people can communicate they can work things out. Well the other party is gone and all that is left is me and my and pictures of our old friends. How about Release Me by Esther Philips.


  58. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul,

    I think the way your shows are linked together so that they continue to play from one date down into the next was a great idea !

    Now, would you please play, ” Release Me “, the Ray Price version ? Thanks and may God continue to Bless you with better and better health in the New Year.

    Ron Bonnel
    - The Old Fire Eater –

  59. Jon Schwartz says:

    In the early 1950s, the unlikely duo of Doris Day and Donald O’Connor recorded a terrif version of NO TWO PEOPLE. Would you play this on your show?

    Jon Schwartz
    Santa Monica, CA

  60. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Please play a song for my childhood friend,Junie.Her birthday is Jan. 4th and she is a big fan of Harry James.How about “Sleepy Lagoon” Thanks,Jeanie in La Porte

  61. Karen gray says:

    Mr Berlin, who did the song ” do you remember” or dudy woo? Can you tell me where I might find it. I would love to have it on my I pod
    I really enjoy your show takes me back to a great era in music.sorry I don’t get to listen to your show every week , so if it’s not too much trouble could you e mail me this info.

  62. Tom Martin says:

    Great fan of yours since I first moved to Houston in 1956, Paul. You were on KNUZ then. I played drums in your club – the Dome Shadows – in the 60′s, as I recall. great to hear you on KSEV now. How about playing Wee Willie Wayne’s I Remember for me and Jennie, my wife of 53 years?

  63. Trey says:

    I really enjoy your show and try to listen every week. I have to tell you that “On The Road Again” was from the movie Honeysuckle Rose rather than Electric Horseman. How about playing Gogi Grant’s “Wayward Wind”. If not, then anything by Guy Mitchell.


    Paul,all the best and prompt recovery from your latest battles.

    Can you play “how do you keep the music playing” by of course, Mr. Bennet?

    Happy Holidays and lots of Health to you and yours!

    Thank you.

  65. Jon Schwartz says:

    My thanks to all those who make the replays of THE PAUL BERLIN SHOW possible.
    In the immortal words of Dirty Harry, it “makes my day” to listen on a regular basis
    here in Los Angeles. By the way, it may be of interest that the same Ross
    Bogdasarian who wrote THE CHIPMUNKS’ CHRISTMAS SONG (12-7-13 program)
    was the struggling song writer spied upon by Jimmy Stewart in Hitchcock’s

    Happy holidays Paul and Company,
    Jon Schwartz

  66. Johnny Gumienny says:

    I have listened to you for years beginning in the early 50′s as I was raised in the Norhill Heights area. I recall you and a guy named Larry Kane were on KNUZ YEARS BACK. CAN YOU COMMENT OR EMAIL ME AS I ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT HAPENED TO LARRY KANE?

    You have such memories in your head regarding your life and the personalities and people (Elvis, Sonny & Shar) you have met over your life. I wish you would write a book so these memories would be preserved.

  67. josephpwolfe says:

    infinite presents the 2013′s ho ho ho record, cd,dvd and poster show-sunday December 15th-hilton hotel 6780 sw freeway-I-59 at hillcroft-open-10 am-4 pm admission 3.00-kids free-can you play alan Sherman’s 12 day of Christmas-joe

  68. Steve Parker says:


    “End of the Line” by The Wilburys

    For my wife at the Oyster Creek Manor in Missouri
    City ( memory care )

    Best regards, a long time listener

  69. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. Can you find “I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas” by Yogi Yorgensen? That’s always good for a laugh. We won’t ask you to play that song that you don’t like, you know, the one by that ‘little no-neck monster’. Just play any song that you like, especially for yourself. We love everything we hear on your programs. THANKS! Gary & Vicki Cofer. ps: It was very interesting to hear about your memories on those three ‘dates which will live in infamy’.

  70. Azle Anderson says:

    Dear Paul,

    Can you play the Swanee River Boogie?
    Last week I was driving up near Warm Springs (Florida) and crossed that famous River – - spelled “Suwanee”. Not sure who made it famous.


    Azle Anderson

  71. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul,
    Would you please play, ” We’ll Meet Again”, by Vera Lynn or
    ” Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition ” for all former ground ponders.

    Ron Bonnel
    The Old Fire Eater

  72. Doug Branham says:

    Years ago, it was Lawrence Welk every Saturday night. Now it is Paul Berlin. I love his music selections and his commentary. The saddest song that he plays is Charlie Shaffer at the end of the program. I never want the program to end.

  73. Jeanie Phillips says:

    so glad you are feeling better.I can tell by your voice that you are much stronger.Would like to hear “Touched” by Charlie Schafer and The Stellar Unit.Happy you are back.Jeanie

  74. Lynn King says:

    Thanks for another wonderful Saturday night of great music.

  75. Jerry Vee says:

    Can you find and play, “My Little Cousin” by Peggy Lee singing with Benny Goodman’s Band?

    Who will enjoy this more? You or me?

  76. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. Would you tell us where you were and what you were doing when you heard the first news reports on three different dates which will live in infamy: Dec. 7, 1941; Nov. 22, 1963; and Sept. 11, 2001. We all have our memories of those times when we first heard about them. We’d love to hear about your memories of those times. May God bless you and your family. We love you! Sincerely, Gary & Vicki Cofer.

  77. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,
    So glad to see you are back in action again, our prayers have been and still are with you. If possible, could you please play ” Maria Elaina “, by Ray Coniff for everyone who enjoys good music? Thanks and may God Bless you.

    Ron Bonnel
    The Old Fire Eater

  78. Hap Day says:

    Please tell me the piano player’s name that was frequently played by Scott Arthur in the late 1990′s and early 1980′s.
    We (my wife of 60 years) and I listened to you station exclusively back in those days.

  79. Paul Driscoll says:

    Paul, Thank you for playing “It’s In The Book” last night. I hadn’t heard it since I first heard you play it on KQUE years ago. Happily,the record is on You Tube, including a TV performance of Standley doing the number. Glad to hear you’re back and doing well after your surgery.
    Paul Driscoll

  80. John & Marlys Rivard says:

    We thank you for enriching our lives! We came to Houston in 1961, and soon discovered your entertaining broadcasts, bringing us the music we love, your personal insights and anecdotes, and great sense of humor. We have enjoyed your programs over the years, and we look forward to your continuing recovery and are continuing enjoyment. John and Marlys

  81. John & Marlys Rivard says:


    A fan letter and well wishes! We came to Houston in 1961. You have been a part of our life. The mere mention of your name makes us smile! So are so happy that you will be around for awhile. We’ll try to hang-in with you. Play the Clarinet Polka for us if you have it, or any good western swing, perhaps by the River Road Boys.

    I produce The Texas Polka News, a 16-page monthly started by founder Julius Tupa, whom you knew (Julius died in 2002).

  82. Jon Schwartz says:

    Is it possible to post the October 19 and 26 broadcasts? As you can see, I can’t get
    enough of the Paul Berlin Show. Jon Schwartz

  83. Bob Magruder says:

    How many midnight dinners did you, me and the “Mook” have at that little restaurant next to the Milby Hotel in Houston, when we were both jocking nights? It’s amazing to see that you’re still at it. I’m in Dallas now, still doing voice work (“Cheaters”. “Funimation”. commercials). I envy you your two-page spread. E-mail me sometime and catch me up.

  84. Bill Hood says:

    Hello Paul This Is Bill Could Play Tea For Two By Tommy Dorsey Thank You

  85. cindy says:

    Not the right song name but opening lyrics are “She had a dark an roving eye and her hair hung down in ringlets

    And another song.. red hot spinning tops…

  86. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. We were so thrilled when we heard you say, “They got it all!” (We hope you’re not just saying that so we won’t worry!) Two or three years ago, we heard this Alex Ward program and he was talking about how you went to sleep at the station in Memphis and that’s how you ended up here in Houston. He also played an air check of you telling the story about Wee Willie Wayne meeting Lou Suggs and recording ‘I Remember’, and it wasn’t long enough, and how it became known by its nickname. I’m sure that there are many listeners who would like to hear ‘the rest of that story’. Again, we’re so happy that you are really on the mend and we look forward to listening to you for at least the next 25 years! Love always!! Gary & Vicki.

  87. Lisa says:

    YOUR BACK!!!! We have really missed you. I have been listening to the archives every day and discovered two new ones had been added and the announcement that the angel on your shoulder kept you safe during your surgery! G-D Bless Paul Berlin!!!
    I loved hearing your grand children on the air as well as their selections of music. One day, they will turn on their radios and hear one of your shows and really enjoy and appreciate the music of yesterday while thinking about you. All the stories behind the music etc.
    I can’t tell you how many cd’s of some great music I have searched for and purchased all because of you!
    Thank you and WELCOME BACK!!!
    Love ya,
    Your loyal fan,
    Lisa on the West side of the Big H!!

  88. Sonny Ray Stolz says:


    Glad to know you are back and on the mend! And, good to know that you follow the Geronimo philosophy of life which is “You can’t defeat a man who keeps on his feet!” {Or, a resonable facsimile thereof.}

    — Sonny

  89. Barbara Ferguson says:

    Welcome Back!!! Happy Days are truly here again.

  90. Laura Wilder says:

    My 28 yr old son asked me if I’d ever heard of Paul Berlin. I, of course, said, “Yes! He was (I didn’t realize I should have said IS) a radio host” and did my best impression (not so hot.) Apparently he and his girlfriend’s have a friend who is Paul Berlin’s grandson’s roommate and they all hung out last night. Now I feel like I’ve almost met you with this connection! :-)

  91. Jon Schwartz says:

    Anyone who plays the great Robert Mitchum singing Calypso gets my vote. Terrific!!!!
    More of this kind of airplay, please… Jon Schwartz in Santa Monica

  92. George Cowart says:

    It’s great to hear you back on the radio. You are a Houston treasure.

    God Bless!

  93. Ralph Riggs says:

    Welcome back Paul. I just spent the second half of the Texans/Chiefs game with the T V volume off, listening to your return after surgery, with the radio on. Although Case Keenum appeared to do well in a very close losing cause, you Sir, had a Triumphant Return.
    Ralph Riggs

  94. Bill Hood says:

    Dear Paul Could Play Tea For Two By Tommy Dorsey Thank You

  95. Vangie Robertson says:

    Dear Paul, we will continue to pray for your good health. Very happy to have you back.

    We would love to hear “Love Me” by Elvis, if you would be so kind.

    Jones and Vangie Robertson

  96. Debbie Harwell says:

    Welcome back!!!!! Great news on your recovery, return to the air, and terrific results from the surgery!!!

  97. Lisa says:

    Any word from Mr. Berlin on his recovery from surgery?? If so can it be posted…Thanks

    Lisa in Houston

  98. Jay Catherwood says:


    Play “Stealing From Chet”, more Dean Martin, and Elvis “She’s Not You” and “Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello”.

    Earlier this year you mentioned, on the air, that you had quit smoking for good this time! Congratulations! I first started listening to you in 1991 on KQUE and enjoyed your “birthdays” list every day. Had you quit smoking back then you would have avoided the operating table. I quit when I had my first child in 1982. Sure glad I did!

    I have a 64 year old brother Jim who still smokes heavily. Do an announcement on the air that people should quit that NASTY habit that is now $6 per pack. Why do people have to wake up with a bad medical diagnosis to make them quit?

    Keep spinning those vinyl records!


  99. Billy @ Barb Webb says:

    the buzzards quit circling Treefog Lane,yea billy webb

  100. Billy @ Barb Webb says:

    The NW Webb’s are so glad you are back cancer-free. We have prayed for you. You are such a part of our earlier lives and now every Saturday PM in Mount Vernon, WA.

  101. Charlie Shaffer says:

    I (and many others) am very glad and grateful to hear you on the air live again. Keep on keepin’ on. There’s only one of you.

  102. Jeanie Phillips says:

    So happy to have you back and with a clean bill of health.missed you and thanking the Lord for your recovery. Jeanie in La Porte

  103. Lisa says:

    Checking in with the greatest radio show host in the history of radio! I miss you and hope your doing well and look forward to hearing you back on the air very soon.

    Lisa Cook
    Loyal Fan
    Houston, Texas 77084

  104. podkłady muzyczne says:

    I’m? Human. I just need some relaxing music so I can face this crazy world.

  105. Jeanie Phillips says:

    The repeat program was really good tonight.Be so glad when you return.Jeanie in La Porte

  106. Peter manry says:

    hey – when that girl successfully swam from Cuba to the US, I told everybody your joke (about the girl who swam the English Channel) I told friends that the girl (swam from cuba) had tried several times, and once could see the people on the shore, but knew whe couldn’t make it so she turned around and swam back – thanks Paul!

  107. Rick Herrera says:

    I was listening to your show in the nineties while in school. You are a true Texas treasure. I am so glad I found you on “The Voice 700″ Tune In internet radio for smartphones. Glad to meet and listen to you again. Rick Herrera Laredo, Texas

  108. Debbie Harwell says:

    Paul, I’ve been thinking about you and hope your recovery is going smoothly and you will be back to feeling like yourself soon. In the meantime, enjoy being pampered!
    Debbie Harwell

  109. Jon Schwartz says:

    Paul Berlin, you are the best! No one, and I mean no one, DJs like Paul Berlin. I
    say this after more than 55 years spent listening–going all the way back to KNUZ.
    I even won $123 on your program in what was called The Birthday Bonanza contest,
    a lot of money back then for an 11 year old kid. A native Houstonian, I now live in
    Santa Monica. So you can imagine how thrilled I am that I can access your current
    shows via my computer. You’re a genuine treasure, pal…

    Be well,
    Jon Schwartz

  110. Larry Skinner says:

    Just wondering about the previous program postings,none since Sept. 7. Please, Thanks.

  111. Lisa says:

    GET WELL SOON!!! I really miss you on the radio. Listening to the archives but not the same. We look forward to your speedy recovery.


  112. Mike Tilotta says:


    I hope you are doing well in convelescing after your surgery. My thoguhts and prayers are with you. I would think that by now KSEV would have posted an update about your progress but they haven’t. Anyway, hang in there we all miss you and your show.

    God Bless you,

    Mike Tilotta

  113. Jim Spratley says:

    Greetings and best wishes from God’s country – Memphis, Tennessee. I was listening to the Sept. 7 program, just now, and heard you announce your imminent surgery. Well past, by now.

    Godspeed Paul. You’ll never know how important you were to my teen years in Houston.


  114. Bill Hood says:

    Dear Paul Clould Play I Could Write A Book By Tommy Alexander
    Also The Station Is KFAB KMOX WLW WWL WOAI WBAP WSM With 50.000 Watts I Enjoin Your Show Bill Hood

  115. Gloria Horn says:

    Dear Mr. Berlin,

    Still keeping you in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Hoping to have you back soon.

    Gloria & Jimmie Horn

  116. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Hoping you will be back soon in good health and ready to do what you do best.You are so missed and we are so ready for your return.Jeanie in la Porte

  117. karen magee says:

    If it’s not too late can Mr. Berlin wish a Happy Birthday to one of his biggest fans?
    Trey Magee son of Fred Magee.
    Karen Magee

  118. Barbara Ferguson says:

    Speedy recovery. Everyone misses you. I am listening to your previously recorded shows and enjoying them all over again. Hurry back.

  119. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,
    How the He– are you doing, everyone is concerned about your operation, did everything go alright ? You are in our prayers every day, both morning and night time. I would hope the station posts something either on their Web site or here in your general request area so that we might know what is going on with your recovery. Good luck and may God Bless you.
    Ron Bonnel – The Old Fire Eater – <|:){-

  120. George Cowart says:

    You now have a guy in Beaumont who will be putting you on my prayer list and will send up a prayer for you daily.

    God Bless and get well soon!

  121. Gunter & Monique Faig says:

    Dear Paul!

    How are you doing? We hope and pray that your operation went
    Rest assured we pray for you and a fast recovery every day.
    We are looking forward for you to resume your show and bring Radio back as it used to be.
    Get well real soon and God bless
    Gunter and Monique
    Ps: when you return, play ” Happy days are here again “

  122. Gunter & Monique Faig says:


    We are concerned and would like to know how you are doing.
    We are praying for your speedy recovery and your return to
    complete health.
    We are looking forward to hear you live again on KSEV and bring back the magic of radio as we know it.
    When you are back please play ” Happy Days Are Here Again”
    for all of us.
    God Bless GM

  123. Anne Bailey says:

    Prayers and best wishes for the best DJ Houston ever heard. I hope you are soon back home in OBL. I’m your neighbor at 118 and we’ve spoken about my teen years when you were at KNUZ. God bless you and come home soon.

  124. craig says:

    Get well soon! We miss your voice on the air!

  125. Kevin Sullivan says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one out here offering up an extra prayer or two on this particular morning, Mr. B.

    God bless and keep you — keep you with us a good while longer, that is!!

  126. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Hope someone at KSEV will keep us up-dated on Paul Berlin’s surgery and progress.Thanks,Jeanie in La Porte

  127. Mike SHANNON says:

    Paul, glad you are still ticking and taking the licking. I will pray for your lung cancer operation’s success.
    The song the Three Bells that the Browns did was number one also on the Rhythm and Blues charts according to Jim Ed. Maxines web page says it went to number 10 on the Rhythm and Blues chart but whatever it sho ain’t R and B. That is an amazing feat. I think God was in the mix on that production and of course everyone identifies with birth, marriage and death no matter their musical preference.
    Enjoy your musical preference and wit.

  128. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Dear Paul, we were saddened to hear of your illness. Our most sincere prayers are for your health and well-being. We shall wait impatiently for the live broadcasts of you programs. With our love, and the Lord’s Blessings, Gary & Vicki Cofer

  129. jimmie horn says:

    to all, please pray for Paul on his Wednesday surgery.

  130. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Dear Paul, we were saddened to hear of your illness. You should know that that our most sincere prayers are for your health and well-being. We’re wishing you a speedy recovery, and will be impatiently waiting to hear you broadcasting live on the air again. Love always, Gary & Vicki Cofer.

  131. jeanie phillips says:

    I will be listening to you next week on past shows.No one like Mr. Too Sweet. !!!

  132. Louie Cruz says:

    My dear friend Paul Berlin:This is Louie Louie. I just heard you what you said about your surgery this Wednesday,you are a great fighter,and the lord is watching over you.I will be praying for you,you will be around for a long,long time.You are the great Hall of Fame.If you have room to play Don on pleasing you! God bless you,you are in great hands! Sincerely:Louie

  133. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Just heard you say you were having surgery next week.You will be in my prayers and I will be believing for a good report.The Lord keep his hand on you and the doctors.Jeanie

  134. Randy Murphy says:


    Met you a few years ago when you were doing a live remote broadcast for KBME. Still have your autograph.

    My question is a simple one: Is there any way possible that I can download your shows to my computer and save them permanently? These programs and your DJ’ing are what radio is supposed to be. That is: radio programs with no set playlist and a DJ who can take the time to be personable and tell the listeners the names of the artists and songs – and maybe even share a pleasant story about that song or artist.

    My wife and I do the best we can to catch your program every Saturday night when we can get to it, but it’s catch as catch can for us.

    Let me know. I’d love to be able to listen to all of your programs and have them for years to come. You represent a brand of radio that doesn’t exist any longer when there was very little separation of musical genres and a young kid living all over the country could hear The Beach Boys sing “Good Vibrations” right after Sinatra singing “Strangers in the Night.” I miss that kind of radio.


    Randy Murphy

    • Jerry says:

      I might be able to help you out. Glad to share with someone that appreciates Mr Berlins talent and the great music he plays. It deserves to be saved for a new generation. If you have a disposable email address you want to put up I will let you know what i have.

      • Jason says:

        Is there anyway to download the episodes or any podcast on itunes for Mr. Berlins show? we can’t access the show from my work, but I wanted to put on my ipod to listen to them.

      • Randy Murphy says:


        Thanks for the offer. I do not have a disposable email address. Can’t we download the ones here?


  135. Eleanor Driver says:

    Paul.. my husband and I listen to the last hour every week on our way home from Vespers. Other times we listen from your website. Your music is a big part of life since we danced to much of it through the years. We have been married since 1957; -both of us are 80 yrs and still counting but not dancing these days.
    Could you please play “There I Said It Again”.. don’t remember a particular artist but I know you’ll select the most romantic version that exists. Keep up the marvelous favor you are doing for your listening audience including the trivia which triggers or stumps our memories on a regular basis.

  136. Charlie Cork says:

    Man, what a great find for this 82 years young O.F.

  137. chaarles pappas says:

    Several weeks ago called Teach me Ton9ght, you went on to say this you played a Cd with the tune called Teach me Tonight, can you please tell me who the male singer is on that Cd. Thank you Chuck Pappas

  138. Gunter & Monique Faig says:


    We listen to you every Saturday and loving it.
    please play some Ann Murey for us.
    sorry forgot how to spell her name.
    Hope you are doing well, keep up the good work,
    keep making people happy with your program full of good music and information.
    we have a mutual friend his name is Robert (Bob) Gonzales
    who played for you Guitar at the Dome Shadows.
    Thanks again Gunter

  139. Donald Springer says:

    In the previous request, I failed to mention my wife’s name !

    Carolyn Springer will be 70 on September 3

    Thank you.

  140. Donald Springer says:

    ” Mr.Blue” by The Fleetwoods.
    Even though this is sad, “break-up” song, it somehow became our song when we started dating in 1958.
    We were the first class at Jesse Jones High School,and when I saw her on that first day of school at her locker, I KNEW.
    It took a while to convince her. We’ve been married almost 49 years and blessed with two sons and three grandchildren.
    Tuesday,September 3 will be her 70th birthday and I can think of no greater present than to have you play our song.
    We really enjoy having you with us. Many Thanks.

  141. Roger Scott says:

    Mr. Berlin, my folks and I listened to you in the early 50s on KNUZ and I saw in the Chronicle article that KILT tried to recruit you in 1958. I’m glad you stayed at KNUZ but I’m sad to say that as a junior high kid, I switched to KILT. If it won’t cause a bad taste, can you tell me when KILT came on the air??? I remember the big play up and I think it was ’55 or ’56…. And mia culpa, I’m a firm fan now and listen to your shows over and over on the web….. Thanks for being you and playing the real music….Happy 83rd and God Bless….. from New Ulm, TX…

  142. Mike Tilotta says:


    We have met on a couple of occcassions through the years at my cousin’s garage (System Garage) on Garrot. I have listened to you since back in the ’50′s. I have always enjoyed your show. You have to be the best DJ of all time. I just wanted to say hello and I was very sad to hear of Nezzy’s death. I’ve heard you mention her so many times.

    Mike Tilotta

  143. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning Don and I on our trip home from Lexington and playing Doris Day and Robert Goulet for us. We love your show, you are Great. We like trying to guess who the artist is before you tell who it is. Now, we had a bet on one of the songs about 7:35 on your last show, did you play a B J Thomas song? Don thinks it was Jim Croce. If you can please mention it on your next show.
    Thank you Barbara and Don

  144. Verna Kegans Bartlett says:

    Paul – I hope you had a super birthda. I missed the first of your show on 8/24 but will listen on archives. Someone said you mentioned my retirring. Thank you very much.
    Paul you played Kenny Nolan, Time ain’t time enough and I have been looking for it but only find on vinyl, you got any other ideas. I still have my Zenith console from 1964 and it still plays but I would like to hae a CD of this one. Ideas, please.
    Thanks and keep the good oldies coming.
    Verna K. Bartlett

  145. Morris Williams says:

    Happy Birthday Paul, haven’t seen you since your good by party. Glad you are back.
    Would you play the Whiffenpoof song (Artist, your pick), one of those we only heard on your program. Thanks

  146. joseph p wolfe says:

    This saturday the 24th I’ll be watching the american legion parade in downtown houston. My brother from cleveland,ohio is in it. My song is for next week. see you in september-the happenings. love the show joe

  147. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul, just a quick, ” Happy Birthday “, to you and please pick your favorite Dixieland song for yourself and this ( very ) old New Orleans man. Thanks for all your years of playing the best music of all time.

    Ron Bonnel – The old Fire Eater <|:)[-

  148. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Wishing you a happy birthday on the 22nd. Keeping up with you after all these years.Long time listener from La Porte.

  149. James Lee says:

    I love,love LOVE your show!!!! Keep up those great stories. I’m 63 & this hits my spot!

  150. Verna Kegans Bartlett says:

    My good friend Paul, another birthday tomorrow 8/22 and you are about to catch up with me. If you remember, I am Verna from the Heights and Reagan High School.
    I learned from Jeanie Phillips about Nezzie and was and still am very sad.
    I hope you and your boys are doing good and have the best birthday ever.
    I am finally going to retire from Texas A&M and stay home after 26+ years. I will miss working, but have plans to do a lot of things I have neglected while working. Will be listening to you on Saturdays of course. Good luck, good fishing, good golf or whatever (to quote Marvin Z) and keep it between the bar ditches!
    Verna Lee Kegans Bartlett, Reagan Class ’55

  151. Azle Anderson says:

    Hi Paul,

    I just returned from a trip to the Volunteer State and would love to hear “Nashville Cats” by The Lovin’ Spoonful.
    Among our highlights was visiting Clingman’s Dome, the highest elevation of your home state, 6,643 feet up there!

    Wishing you the best and thanking you for keepin’ a goin’.

  152. Rob W says:

    The absolute best music show on radio today! I’m a child of the 80′s. In my opinion music died after the 80′s and nothing but noise exists on the radio today. I look forward to this show every Saturday. I love Paul’s knowledge and familiarity with both the music and the artists and I love the stories. Paul, you’re a treasure to Houston and I feel privileged to be able to listen to your show. A true radio classic, right up there with Paul Harvey. You’re one of a kind! Thank you for sharing your love of music and music history with us. Thanks also for the archives. To be able to listen in my office in the evenings in hi-fi, it doesn’t get any better. I can’t say thank you enough. Please keep it up and keep building these archives.

    Thank you very much, you’re show really takes me back to a seemingly much more civilized time and certainly simpler time.

    Thanks, Paul!

  153. Eleanor Driver says:

    Paul… even some of the young twenty-somethings are back to this classic big band music. Our newly-married grandson and wife chose Tony Bennett’s “Rags to Riches” for their wedding website!
    Keep the good stuff coming; thanks to you and KSEV and your great sponsors!

  154. Barbara says:


    My husband Don and I, listen to your show Saturday nights while driving home from the ranch in Lexington. Really enjoy the show. Please can you play:
    She’s A Lady- Tom Jones
    Puttin on the Ritz- don’t know who sings it
    Anything by Robert Goulet, Doris Day
    Or Waltzing Matilda- Don’t know who sings it
    Any of those would be great.
    Thank you,

  155. john w. white says:

    hi paul been listen to you since 48.could listen to this type of music you play for living in el dorado arkansas,get you on the net. weekends. wish I was back home in houston God bless you paul and keep playing the oldies.long time listener john w. white

  156. Louie Cruz says:

    Paul,this is Louie wishing you the best of health.I always praying to the almighty to have you around for the next hundred years.Next show,love to hear one of my favor song,New New York.God bless you.Sincerely:Louie.

  157. jimmie horn says:

    We will miss edyie.

  158. jeanie phillips says:

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Eydie Gorme.My husband and I saw her and steve many times at the Houston Music Theatre.We were in Vancouver one time when they were playing and they always had a great show.

  159. Elanor Bryan says:

    Please play:

    Mr. Touchdown USA
    Vocalist unknown

  160. joseph p wolfe says:

    Hey Paul. Can you please play aSummer Song by Chad and Jeremy. Thank you. Keep up the good music.joe

  161. Gary Cofer says:

    The archives seem to be missing some episodes. Will they be added in?

  162. Barbara Ferguson says:

    Thanks so much for playing “I Remember” Doodewoo. I did in fact live in Houston in the 50s and listened to you daily. I live in Rockport now and listen every Saturday night. You are such a comfort!

  163. ralph riggs says:

    Paul, just finished listening to your 20 July 2013 broadcast and enjoyed every moment of it. Your pick for the perfect record from the 40′s by Glen Miller was right on and your selection of Chuck Berry from the 50′s was again right on but Brook Benton’s Rainy Night in Georgia was actually from the 70′s so you get to select again from the ecclectic 60′s. Thanks for playing the music that is timeless.

  164. kitty cisneros says:

    What is Paul Berlin’s birthday?

  165. ralph riggs says:

    Paul, your most perfect song from the 40′s, “Moonlight Serenade,” by Glen Miller and Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode for the 50′s were super choices, but, you are going to have to choose again for the 60′s because Mr Benton’s song, “Rainy Night In Georgia,” was from the 70s. Now you have what I believe was the most ecclectic 10 years of music to choose from? Keep on keeping on.

  166. Margaret Dorsett says:

    Hi Paul, I feel like I just found an old friend tonight, I found your program on ksev and have been listening since about 6:30, loving every minuet. I just want to say Thank You!
    I was listening when you signed off on 2004 and sure have
    missed you. You are truly one of a kind, see you next Sat.,
    Lord Willing and the Creek don’t rise, Margaret

  167. Gunter 7 Monique Faig says:


    We have been listening to you for over thirty years and enjoyed every minute of it.
    We are very grateful for you, to pick up the mike again at KSEV
    and bringing back the magic of radio.
    Stay well and thank you again.
    Old fans
    Gunter & Monique

    Can you play : ” Walk right in ” by the Rooftop Singers

  168. Sharon Barnett says:

    Hi Paul – My husband and I are listening to you right now. We love you and the music that you play. Thank you for coming to Houston from Memphis and making this your home. Houston is a much better place having you in it. God bless you and keep the music playing.

  169. Mike Marshall says:

    Someone posted a story on Facebook from the Wall Street Journal about The Girl From Ipanema being 50 years old this year. In my 13 years at KQUE, the only time I can remember you’re getting on me about talking too much instead of just playing the music was when I went on a rant about the English lyrics of the song being ungrammatical in order to make a rhyme. For the first time,I found out from the article that the lyrics,by Norman Gimbel, weren’t written that way. Astrud Gilberto, who was not a professional singer, sang “And each day when she walks to the sea/ She looks straight ahead not at he.” According to the article, when Gimbel heard that, he tore his hair out, because what he wrote was, “She looks straight ahead, not at me”. I had always assumed that he, a respected lyricist, deliberately made a stretch in order to make it rhyme. What I suggested in my rant,which you so correctly, but gently came down on me about, was that it could have been “when she goes for a swim/ She looks straight ahead, not at him” That rhymes and it follows the rules of grammar. The article also mentioned that it is the second most recorded song in history, after Yesterday, by Paul McCartney with over a thousand recordings.I hope I get this week’s award for listening to you from the longest distance. I’m in Brunico in far Northern Italy. Ciao! Mike and Adalgisa Marshall

  170. Charles says:

    I agree 100% to your 40′s & 50′s most perfectly representative songs but disagree 100% with Brook Benton for the 60′s. The only song & album that everyone would have to agree is the most perfect and representative of the 60′s would have to be St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Rolling Stones’ number 1 most influential songs & albums of all times.
    I try not to miss your show ever – so glad your back on the air; I go way back.

  171. Angelo Russo says:

    Dear Mr. Berlin,

    My wife Phyllis and I are enjoying your show! You’re still the BEST!

    Angelo Russo

  172. Gary Cofer says:

    Will we get the June 15 program in the archives? Just wondering. Love your program. Great music, great stories. Gary & Vicki.

  173. Russ Wtt says:

    Hello Mr. Berlin
    My name is Russ Witt you may not remember me, but I was that pesky kid calles (K;rk) that hung around asking alot of questions.I was an assistant back in the 60′s with Hank Hammer, Mike Scott, Arch Yancy and Joe Ford. You were always very nice and answered very kindly.I did work in radio for several years until I came back to my home town of Tupelo Ms.
    After working the Am shift for couple of years the station was sold and I went to work with the Tupelo Police Dept.
    I retired as Mid Management Level 3 Captian. There are hundreds of stories that can be inserted too many to mention. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for all of your kindness.

    Your friend
    Captian Russ Witt Tupelo Police (ret)

  174. Ralph Riggs says:

    Just curious as to what you believe was the most perfect recording of the 40′s, the 50′s and the 60′s. You and I go back to KNUZ days, Galena Park High, and I actually spent the year 1961 in your old stomping grounds at Millington, Tenn. while on a 4 year tour in the U S Navy. Your record sense is truly appreciated and, “keep on keeping on”.

  175. Raven Wenner says:

    Dear Mr Berlin, I was born in 1948 and my childhood’s soundtrack is you on my mother’s radio. Please help me track down a cheerful novelty song in the mid 50′s which I think was called “The walking ghost” about a dapper spirit who tips his hat at pretty girls –? would love to hear it again and perhaps track down the lyrics. I loved hearing it on the radio as a kid. Thanks for all your musicology and hope a university (u of H?) is intelligent enough to archive interviews and as much of your career as possible — it is valuable cultural history someone needs to write one or several books about.

    –there was another atmospheric instrumental “Shame”, I think (?) , which was slow and sounded sad, and seemed to have a sound effect in the background of a distant dragging chain, or so it seemed when I was little, (5-7 years old??) Do you remember this one? Would love to know who composed it, and to hear it again.

    Thanks so much for your awesome musical expertise and career which has given pleasure to so many. —Raven Wenner, now living in UK but accesses through the internet.

  176. Kevin Sullivan says:

    Mr. Berlin,

    I’d thought before of making this request but was hesitant.
    However, your allusion last week to Willie Nelson’s “obese” method of dealing with the dog days of summer has induced me to go ahead and ask.

    For many years you’ve been treating us to some amusing and entertaining “stand-up doubles.”
    How ’bout treating us to a “lay-down double”?

    Could you possibly in an up-coming show combine The Dominoes’ “Sixty-Minute Man” with some version of “One Hour Mama.” I believe your old friend and favorite Maria Muldaur recorded it back in the ’70′s. Lavay Smith and Her Red-Hot Skillet Lickers (I just love that name) put out a version more recently. And wasn’t it performed originally (and perhaps even written) by Ida Cox.
    Either way, thank you for all you do!

    And finally, in lieu of your recent loss, I sincerely wish you peace of mind, good sir.

  177. Mylie Reid says:

    Don’t forget to leave this great music in good hands. It needs to be preserved for us youngsters. My life goal was to be a driver of the KNUZ “Big Mike” news unit.

  178. Jerry says:

    Since I am approaching a birthday, where the only good thing about it is that I will no longer have to take off my shoes at airport security, could you play Roy Clark’s version of Yesterday, When I was Young?


  179. Lane Orsak says:

    So sorry to learn of your recent loss. Wishing you the best and so very pleased you are still providing quality programming on-air!

    Best -


  180. Gary Cofer says:

    Dear Paul, you and your family were thought of – and prayed for – today. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Sincerely,
    Gary & Vicki Cofer.

  181. ray dennis says:

    Hi Paul—Audio player icon does not appear. Sure miss listening to prvious shows!

    Ray in Alabama

  182. cindy mullino says:

    Lovely to hear your program. Missed it for so long after we lost our radio stations. Our location only lets us get (KSEV) it during the summer time, but there is the internet!
    Thank you!

  183. Miles Arena says:

    Would like to hear Dean Martin, “I don’t know why”.
    Thank you. I have been listening for many years since KQUE days.

  184. Ross & Suzanne says:

    Thanks Paul we enjoy your show every week. We enjoyed the Jimmy Buffett last week! How about a Harry Connick Jr in honor of my husband Ross’ birthday celebration this weekend.

    Thanks for entertaining us on Saturday nights!
    Suzanne white

  185. Azle Anderson says:

    So “Rosabelle Magee tips the scales at three-oh-three. Oh Gee…”
    Ain’t it grand to hear Hoagy C and Mr. Paul?
    Been 15 years since I Hugged and Chalked at all….

    Paul, Can you play Hoagy’s lyrics for me from THE NEARNESS OF YOU all the way to southern Florida? By Ella or Jo….it’s all good!

    Azle (rhymes with Hazel) Anderson
    Tampa Bay

  186. Debbie Spence says:

    Dear Paul,
    So sorry to hear about the passing of your wife Inez. My prayers to you and your family.
    Debbie Spence

  187. Earline Gray says:

    Mr. Berlin, I wanted to thank you for the kind words during your program on June 1. You are absolutely a treasure and I enjoy listening to your show more than you can imagine – it brings back SUCH happy memories. If you could, would you please play “I’ll Never Smile Again” by Frank Sinatra in memory of my parents. They’ll be dancing in heaven.

  188. Lynn parks says:

    Paul & Family,

    Please accept our condolences on the passing of your beloved wife and mother.

    Lynn & Martha Parks

  189. Pat Abshire says:

    Dear Paul,
    Deepest sympathy to you and your family. May God keep you all wrapped in his arms through this difficult time.

  190. Joy Jenkins says:

    So sorry for your loss, Paul. Sincere condolences to you and your family.

  191. Kerry says:

    Can you please play THE GOOD LIFE by Nancy Wilson?

  192. betty lemmon says:

    It,s wonderful world sung by Louis Armstrong

  193. Harry Alexander says:

    Mr. Berlin,
    On the tenth anniversary, why not have a show dedicated to the year that music died. Music from Floyd Tillman, Hank Ballard, Bobby Hatfield, Johnny Cash, June Carter, their daughter (and her friend that died with her). Don’t know if John Ritter had any songs but maybe something from his Dad Tex Ritter. Certainly a tribute to Sam Phillips of Sun Records would be in order. I would recommend closing with “Thanks For The Memories” by Bob Hope.

    I think that I left out some people.


    • Harry Alexander says:

      Mr. Berlin,
      You could add a song by Don Gibson, Gisele MacKenzie, Warren Zevon, Nina Simone, and Sheb Wooley (Ben Colder). You could mention Gregory Peck and Katherine Hepburn and even (come on down) Rob Roddy. For Leon Uris how about playing “The Theme From Exodus”

      Best of Luck


  194. Billy & Barb Webb says:

    we live 90 miles south of Vancouver, B:C Canada…… are coming srong

  195. jeanie phillips says:

    How about playing ‘Touched’ by Stellar Unit and Charlie Schafer.Beautiful song.Thanks

  196. Billy & Barb Webb says:

    Hey,Paul! We celebrate our 57th Anniversary listening to “Only You”. Married June 2,1956, in Navasota. Started listening to you when at the UH in 1956. Now are transplanted Texans in the Northwest.

  197. joseph p wolfe says:

    can you please play the one hit wonder-reflections of my life-by the marmalade-thank you

  198. Gary Cofer says:

    Love your programs – GREAT MUSIC, GREAT STORIES! Do you still have any Walt Boenig and the Canadian Spitfire songs? All week long, we look forward to Sat. in the PM. Gary & Vicki.

  199. Vicky Pickering says:

    Paul, enjoying a show online while I am in Dallas for a visit while on my way home in Houston from Grandson’s University graduation in Denver. So good to hear you and the music that was on while I was out of town. Many Thanks!

  200. carlos cardenas says:

    Dear Paul, really enjoy listening to your show. I listened to you when you was on the FM station. It really brings back a lot of wonderful memories. I saw you live at Galena Park High School with my new girl friend, the year 1953. You were the M.C. A most enjoyable time, thanks, keep up the good show, not too many of them around these days. Thank you, a Friend, Carlos Cardenas.

  201. Barbara says:

    Love you show.
    Many memories from the music you play.

  202. Barbara says:

    Johnny Ray Go On And Cry

  203. Bill Casimir says:

    Hi Paul…Listen to you on KQUE while traveling making my sales calls. Glad I found you again and that I can listen via the Internet now.

    Please play some of Simon & Garfunkel and “Elusive Butterfly” sometime.

    Enjoy your new show and wished you success..

  204. gary heidrich says:

    Hi Paul. I am a friend of your son Brad and visited with him at Doug Runkel’s wedding.

    There was a radio jingle, I think at Kikk AM in the early 1980′s that went “Houston, houston thats my hometown” Do you know this? It mentions various sites, like the Astrodome etc.

  205. JIm Abell says:

    Hi Paul. We always enjoy your Sat evening shows, but let me say that we really enjoyed the show tonight. The selection of tunes was terrific. We are so appreciative that you do this each Saturday. You are truly a treasure in this city……………..and have been for so many years. Thanks !!

  206. Gary Cofer says:

    I have these instrumentals on tape and I don’t know the title or artist. Who could I go to that might know? Gary.

  207. Terry says:

    Thank You for giving me the opportunity to spend time in the kitchen with my Mom listening to your show. Your show – no matter what station – was always on the kitchen radio as Mom cooked and I tried to sneak in & out with some goody. Dad always thanked you also for helping distract Mom!

    They are both in Heaven now but through your show we are together every Saturday evening. Thank You Sir!

    If you could work “Tangerine” into your mix it would make our day!!

  208. Doug says:


    As a regular listener very much enjoy the music and your comments.

    Would very much appreciate hearing Canadian Sunset by Hugo Winterhaulter, Glenn Miller’s Poinciana, and You, You, You by the Ames brothers.

    Thanks and keep the good music coming!



  209. Linda Crutchfield says:

    My husband is trying to find a song called Lonely Lover by Country Gentlemen. We have had no success locating this song .

    He even remembers a verse of two

    “I am a lonely lover, just a lonely lover
    looking for someone whose lonely too.

    Walking is so lonely, but what am I to do?
    Will I ever find a heart that is lonely just like mine?

  210. Clyde Averitt says:

    Hey Paul…
    Guess who…we date back to a long time ago when I would ask you many questions about broadcasting at KNUZ. In fact you and Biff Collie helped me to the point that I had my own Country Show as “Country Clyde” on KWHI in Brenham from 1973 to 1981. Left the airways when it became less personality and more satellite. It was fun and served as an out to the daily pressures of my full time job as Vice President of Training for Kwik-Kopy Corporation. It’s nice to be able to listen to one of the best for a long period of time especially someone I’ve admired since 1950 when we were both young. I retired in 1997 and have lived in Brenham since 1972. I may try to call you some Saturday if possible. Let me know…it would be nice to talk to you again. Take care and keep smiling….


    Clyde Averitt

  211. Sara Davis says:

    My mother and I listened to Paul Berlin when he was on KQUE in the early ’80s. I think my grandfather, John Studdert, was one his first advertisers when he got started in radio. My mother has discovered this website, and she is so excited to get to hear his show again. She is in Galveston, so the radio signal is not very good. She would love to hear him while she’s in the downstairs portion of her house, but her computer is upstairs. Is there any way to download some of the shows or get them as podcasts?

    Thanks so much!

    Sara Davis

    • judith hayes says:

      I am not able to find the icon to click on the Paul Berlin Page. I am in Houston am love listening to Mr. Berlin on Saturday evenings and throughout the week on my computer. I’m not able to listen now as there isn’t an icon to click on. The date of the show doesn’t have an icon. Will you please let us know if this will be fixed anytime soon ? Thank you so much.

  212. Marshall Hicks says:

    Just re-discovered your show! I used to listen to you on the way home from work after long days when I first moved to Houston in 1998. And then the station changed format! I was so disappointed. So good to hear you, again.

    How about “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” – one of my wife’s favorite!

    Thank you!

  213. Vangie Robertson says:

    Hi Paul, Dede and I are sitting here listening to you on her birthday, May 4th. Will you please play “Brazil” next Saturday?
    Also anything by Nat King Cole (one of her favorites) would be appreciated. Miss seeing you and Nezzie and hope all is well.

    Vangie Robertson
    Clear Lake

  214. Lil Grimm says:

    We so enjoy your show and ALWAYS listen every Saturday we are able. We sing along to all the songs we know. Would you play “This Magic Moment” by Jay and the Americas ON MAY 18 for my husband Rick’s birthday. He is my sweet husband. Thanks a bunch!!

  215. Lynn Smith says:

    Hi Paul, My husband and I listen to you each weekend when we are at our little house by the beach in Galveston. It just ads to the relaxation of our time there. Thank you so much for what you do, you are indeed a treasure for Houston. I would like to hear the Nat King Cole song “that summer” I think that is what it is called. Thanks again and if you are playing, we will be listening.
    Lynn Smith
    West U

  216. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for playing my requests last week; now that we have heard the good ones, how about one or two of the older crazy ones, such as Tony Pastor’s ” Twenty One Dollars A Day “, or for us old Ground Ponders of the 36th Div. – ” Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition “; or Tommy Dorsey’s ” Boogie Woogie ” or Gene Krupa’s ” Let Me Off Downtown “. Those all go back to 1940 – 1942.
    Thanks again.

    Ron Bonnel
    Old Fire Eater

  217. jerry says:

    Paul, You played a song back in March from the great Johnny Mercer Bobby Darin album, Two of a Kind . How about some more from that one if you have it available? I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jellyroll always makes me smile when I hear it.
    I am also a big Joe Williams / Count Basie fan so anything by them would be nice.


  218. Ray Solis says:

    It’s GREAT to hear that very familiar great voice!
    LUV IT!
    Port Arthur, TX

  219. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul,
    Would you please play Artie Shaw’s, ” Stardust “, ” Deep Purple “, ” Smoke Gets in Your Eyes “, or Harry James’, ” Sleepy Lagoon “; I like the way back oldies.
    Ron Bonnel
    Old Fire Eater

  220. John & Janice Scott says:

    Loving the Paul Berlin show. Thanks for making two hours on Saturday night so enjoyable. Great music and such fond memories.

  221. John & Janice Scott says:

    Loving the Paul Berlin show. Thanks for making two hours on Saturday evening a time of great music and memories.

  222. robert exnicious says:

    paul im the guy that always called and said play doddy wu i,m going to l v and will see charie at bootleggers . the 50,s are also my fav. on my death bed i want to hear loney wine. u r and u were the best. robert X

  223. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul, How about going way back to Vic Damone’s ” You’r Breaking My Heart “, or if not that then try Artie Shaw’s ” Frenesi “. Thanks again.
    Ron Bonnel – Old Fire Eater – <|:)[-

  224. Joy Jenkins says:

    Hey Paul – love your show and all your interesting and informative comments and information. However, during your brief comments regarding how you feel about today’s music, I must take exception to the use of the term “rap music”. In my humble opinion, I don’t think those two words should ever be paired. :)

  225. Tom says:

    No name jive parts 1&2 Glenn Gray

  226. Kitty Cisneros says:

    Paul, Your Grand-Niece was great!! Blake turned within 10 seconds of listening. She’s going to make it. LOVED HER.

  227. trey magee says:

    thank you Paul for the song. we usually listen 6-8 but we had a party to go to at 7 so i wanted to make sure you could play it in the first hour.
    Trey Magee

  228. Rebecca says:

    Hello Paul,

    Would you please play Honky Tonk 1 and 2 for this old tmer?

  229. dora e. perez says:



  230. trey magee says:

    My dad fred magee says hello from the old “palace days”
    can you play sentimental reasons by nat or natalie cole this saturday for my wife karen. we listen every sat in the 6-7 hour

  231. Jim Wallace says:

    Hi Paul, Love your show here, keep it up!

    Wish the website archives were updated??


  232. Larry Trotter says:

    Hello again Mr Berlin,
    You know, back in the 90s I had a radio on my desk at work and after several times finding a coworker had switched stations, I glued the dial to 102.9. When you folks left and the format changed I gently placed that radio in the trash can and made sure it went out with the trash since I no longer needed it. True story. But, I am curious about your opinion about the quality of music. Being a boomer, it seems as though the best is behind us. The 50s, 60s, and into the 70s seems way ahead of anything since. The great DJs, song writers, singers, and musicians just don’t seem to exist now. You, of course are an exception along with some of your piers. I’m just curious about your opinion, and thanks again.
    Best regards,

  233. Kevin Sullivan says:

    Mr. Berlin,

    I must admit to being a veritable newcomer to your vast fandom, discovering KQUE in the early ’90′s, and soon you were shifted over to KBME, even saddled with my old buddy Tim Collins (just kidding about the “saddled” part).

    I’ve so missed you’re signature selections, from Leon Redbone to Bob Scobey w/ Clancy Hayes, from Miss Ella to Crystal Gayle.
    Even more, I’ve missed the wonderful anecdotes that accompany so many and for which I’ve always “got a minute.” I can go to AllRecords to find the tunes, but even Mr. Fred doesn’t have any Paul Berlin on CD — or even vinyl.

    I can recall that during the waning days of KBME, you played Aaron Neville’s version of “You Never Can Tell” every day for about two weeks. Was there any reason beyond partiality for that particular ditty? C’est la vie, huh?

    I do have a request — my late Dad never laughed so hard as when his car radio would treat us to Slim Whitman’s “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie.” (I’m conjuring up his smile as I type!) Can you bring a tear to these aging eyes?

    Lastly, are you familiar with the work of a band named the Royal Crown Revue? If not, let me know (I’ll be listening!) and I can rectify that. I’m quite certain you’ll enjoy both the talent and the personality of these guys.

    Thank you, sir — just thank you!!

    P.S. Loved your singing on tonight’s show.

  234. Larry Trotter says:

    Hello Mr Berlin,
    Thanks for the program, but like so many others, I wish you were on more often and longer.
    Best regards,

  235. John Swearigne says:

    Dear Mr.Berlin Thank God you are back on the airways ! My dear Mother’s Ghost in now happy again . The song(s) I want to request is by a group that I can not find for the life of me …even on the internet . The first on is called “Crying tonight for joy .” The second is called “One two now wooga Machooga .” If you could shed some light one who the artists were I would appreciate it . Now that you are back on the air , I do believe in Santa Claus again !!!
    Sincerly ,
    John Swearingen

  236. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul, How about going way back into 1950 for some Don Cornell ( It Isn’t Fair ), or some Tony Martin ( There’s No Tomorrow, La Vie En Rose, etc. ), for us really old folks. Maybe even Anton Karas’ Third Man Theme. I have been listening to your shows since 1950, through each station, and remember so many of your stories about people you have known, I enjoy hearing those old stories even today.
    Thanks for all the info throughout the years.
    Ron Bonnel – The old Fire Eater – <|:){-

  237. Eddy Rayburn says:

    just wanted to say congrats saw in the news` paper last week good to hear you again. Regards EDDY

  238. Barbara Duvall says:

    Dear Paul Berlin, never thought I’d write those words again after I graduated in 1957 from Milby and lost touch with Dinner Date on KNUZ. For several years, until graduation, most Houston high school kids did their homework while listening to you and for the requests we sent in for you to play. It was the cool thing to do. I remember one of the songs you liked, “Lonely Wine.” Will you ever play old Rhythm and Blues from the 50s on your current show? Maybe for Spec’s you could play “One Scotch, One Burbon, One Beer”? I Would like to hear something by Ruth Brown, Little Sylvia Vanderpool or Big Mama Thornton. Come on Baby Let the Good Times Roll, Come on Baby Let Me Thrill Your Soul.
    I remember we regularly went to your sponsors such as Kaphan’s restaurant. You would assure us, “You know I wouldn’t tout on it if it weren’t true. Just keep on touting us, Mr. Berlin. We love you. Those were the good old days.
    Loved them then, love them now.

  239. Joe Thomas says:

    Great to hear you again. Missed you on KBME. Grew up with you on KNUZ when I was in jr.high and high school. You still got “it”
    Do you still live back there next door to Elsa –who made the coffee comercials–?

  240. Mahlia jackson just a closer walk w/thee says:


  241. Peter Manry says:

    been to ‘Pekoe & Sepulvida’ lately? – I feel stupid suggesting songs to the best ever – Bless you sir from Peter Manry, your younger ‘other brother’


    Paul, in the show, 3/16 you’ve mentioned a good memory about the time, ‘Mingo’, Ed Ames was a Johnny Carson’s guest in the Tonight Show and you’ve wrongly stated that Johnny was the one throwing the tomahawk to the target when in reality was Ames the one that hit the particular area that only you can describe so graciously to which Johnny reacted with something equally funny when Ames had started walking towards the target he grabbed Ames’ left arm and said “I didn’t even know you were Jewish”, the live audience and rest of us just die laughing! I’m laughing still writing this to you and remembering back.

    There you have my two cents now, Paul…remember, there is only one way not to make mistakes which is in my opinion the biggest mistake of them all and is by doing nothing!

    Love everything you do! your show gets better every time and even know that we can listen on demand anytime which is an excellent option, I love to listen the show LIVE!

    Take care Paul!

  243. Fran Hirsch says:

    I just listened to one of your previous shows and you played a George Strait song that I’ve never hear before nor have I been able to find it. You didn’t say the name of it but I would guess “I Don’t Mind If I Do”. Can you please let me know if this is a selection from an unreleased album and if so, the name of it so I can purchase. I love you Paul and was so happy to hear you are back entertaining us. I first met you when I was a very young girl who used to sing (when selected) on a KNUZ program that was broadcast from an old theater in Houston. I hope you will be able to provide the answer to my George Strait question. God bless you and have a wonderful evening.

  244. Bob Melone says:

    I wonder if you have any old Jimmie Durante records.
    I think one of his biggest hits went something like
    “Rink A Dink A Dee Rink A Dink A Do, etc.” When I used to listen to that man “sing”, it would send shivers up my spine.
    It was like scratching you fingers on a blackboard. I often said, the worlds two worst successful “singers” was a tie between Jimmie Durante and Louie Armstrong.
    Paul, if your able to consider this request during the
    next couple of weekends(not Easter) I would apprechiate it.
    I will record the shows if I am not available.
    Thank you,
    Bob Melone

  245. Harlon Pickett says:

    Many years ago (Ha!), KNUZ signed off at midnight and played the same song every night. At least that’s the way I remember it. What was that song? Seeems it may have been an early Tommy Edwards but ??? Houston radio was over at 12 but then we listened to Wolfman, John R and many others from across the nation as the interference from local stations diminished. Good to see you are still at it and wishing you health and happiness. God bless.

  246. Larry Lass says:

    Please play a couple of songs from the KQUE days from the following in the 6pm hour for my birthday-going out to eat at 7
    The way you look tonight- Steve Tyrell or Fred Astaire
    CasinoRoyale-Herb Alpert (alternate This guy’s in love with you)
    This could be the start of something big Steve & Edie

  247. Moe Postlewate says:

    Paul, just found out you’re back on the air from last Sunday’s Chronicle. Man! What a treat. I’m listening to some of your past shows on the computer right now. Could you do a little bit of your Bubbles Turner schtick when you get a chance? You are absolutely the BEST.


  248. Steve Fontenot says:

    Thanks for hosting Paul Berlin and making his shows available!

  249. Larry George says:

    Hi Paul,
    I am one of Gus and Laverne’s eight “kids”! I am now almost 66 years old, have been married 45 years and have 5 grandkids… Dad has been deceased almost 24 years and Mom passed 1 1/2 years ago. However, I am so glad to see that you are on Sat nights on KSEV and can bring back “the good ol’ Days”! I know Mom and Dad thought the world of you and I fondly recall the days that you visited us at “The Lake” on Alkire Road in Sugar Land. Great memories. Keep up your great work and I thoroughly enjoyed the article last Sunday in the Houston Chronicle. You have rich Houston roots!

    God Bless,
    Larry George

  250. FRANKIE B MANDOLA says:


  251. Larry Clark says:

    In a program before your return to KSEV; you played a trumet solo by Arturo Sondavol named “Color of the Wind”. The album had 1 extra disk as part of the album which contained the trumpet solo. I have purchased several of the albums named Color of THe Wind looking for the extra disk containg the beautiful Sondaval trumpet solo, but none of them contain that extra disk. I wote you a letter requesting a copy of this disk when you left your previous position, but I am sure you had a lot on your mind during those years. Please ask someone to check your archives for the missing disk that contains THE COLOR OF THE WIND trumpet solo by Arturo Sondavol. Welcome Back Home

  252. Robbie says:

    Love the music…been missing this since KQUE went off the air. Used to love when you would call Harold (in the Heights) and talk…

    Welcome home!

  253. mike hensley says:

    Please play that “Chew chew chew chew chewin’ gum” song. Every time I heard that song I couldn’t get it out of my head for WEEKS!

  254. Paul Driscoll says:

    Congrats on the well deserved feature in today’s Houston Chronicle! Been a listener since the KQUE days. Keep the great music, stories and memories coming!
    Paul Driscoll

  255. glynnene snyder says:


    My name is Glynnene and Yvonne McCutcheon, the founder/director of the Houston Spinnerettes of many years ago, was my sister. We saw you many times when The Spinnerettes performed at various venues and when Yvonne and I, the little sister, went over to KNUZ for meetings with Larry Kane and others. The Spinnerettes were also known as the Larry Kane Larriettes on Saturdays when we performed on his radio then TV show. It was such a wonderful time to be a teenager then and be a part of the excitement of being a Spinnerette during the summers with KNUZ as a part of that fun. I came to Houston from Fort Worth during the summers until I came here permanently to go to the UH and remained here after getting married.

    My husband Evan is in the Westbury Lions Club with an old friend of yours, Seymour Sugar. Seymour said that he knows you from when you first came to Houston.

    With fond memories,
    Glynnene Snyder

  256. Andy Anderson says:

    Paul: Just read David Barron’s article about you, in the e-Edition of the Houston Chronicle. Congratulations on staying the game.
    I’ll never forget you and your help in getting me elected to the University Houston President of the Student Body. I always enjoyed seeing you at your Clubs. I first remember meeting you at Plantaion Park when you emceed Johnny Ray. I was still in the Marine Corps then and visiting Houston from NAS-Marine Barrackks Corpus Christi.
    Wish I was still in Houston so I could listen to you again. That would probably be the only thing that could get me back there.
    Best of luck,
    Andy Anderson
    317 West College Street
    Carthage, Texas 75633
    9036937498 (Cell#)

  257. Sylvia Dennis says:

    You have been in radio a bit longer than you admit to. Remember The Storybook hour on WREC Memphis when it was in the Peabody hotel. The childrens’ live show was written and directed by Ellen Reisewitz…
    Hi, I am Sylvia Resewitz Dennis. Mother died in 2004 at the age of 96 and active until the end. I have been in and out f the business for years.
    It was a lovely surprise to find you on the internet and I just wanted to say hello. It looks like you have had a long and productive life. Here’s hoping you have many more good years.
    With fond memories, Sylvia

  258. Bruno Leonardt Jr. says:


    Great article in the Sunday Chronical which brought back a long time memory when my father took me to work at KNUZ one Saturday morning in the spring of 1953 when Dad asked you to let me sit in the control room with you while he did some work as sales manager and had a meeting with Jack Morris. I really enjoyed sitting there, I think I was 8, and viewing the a behind the sceans look at that part of the business. I was quietly sitting across from your broadcast board when out of the blue you suddenly announced I was a guest and was sitting in the control room with you and asked me what my favorite song was and which I replied “Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Earnie Ford” which you kindly played and dedicated to me. What a thrill for me at that time and have always rememebered that was a very thoughtful gesture to a runt little kid like me, at that time. Anyway, the Chronical article was a trip down memory lane and thought you might appreciate this little tidbit from the past. Wishing you a longer life and continued good health. Thanks for the memory. Bruno Leonardt Jr.

  259. Don says:

    Paul: Saw the article in today’s Chronicle.
    I have lived in Bryan for 17 years. Still trying to trace down where “The Saddle” club was here.
    Elvis did a one night show there on Aug 23, 1955.
    Might you remember?

  260. KEVIN J GRAJEK says:

    Great to have you back on the air. Houston is missing a station playing music we can enjoy. Thank you Paul and KSEV.

    All the best,

  261. Hartley & Carole Clay says:

    Paul, do you remember Tree Frog Lane? Long time ago. Saw the article in the Chronicle. Great to see you are still broadcasting. Listening to your St. Patrick’s Day broadcast. We live in North Carolina now near Daughter Terri. Stay well!!
    Hartley & Carole

  262. Alan J. Kammeyer says:

    I’ve listened to you since around 2000 when you were on 1230 AM radio. You moved to KBME 790, and I listened until the station was bought and went to all sports talk. I remember when Borders opened the store on Alabama and Kirby, and you hosted a Steve Tyler appearance in the store.
    I’ve looked forward to listening to your programs because of the music and your stories. They provided a refreshing detour from all the other stuff on the airwaves. I’m so glad to have found you again.

  263. Johnny Gumienny says:

    I have listened to you for years beginning in the early 1950′s. I believe you did a show in the early 50′s with a guy named, Larry Kane who I think is now deceased. If this is so, please refresh my memory. You have so much to offer the public & your fans regarding your life & memories. The article in todays Chronicle just hits the tip of the iceberg. Please get with a Book Publisher and write an Autobiography before you die, my friend. If you don’t the memory in your mind of what happened will be lost forever and that would be so sad. DO IT NOW! TIME IS TICKING!

  264. Venetta Hilton says:


  265. Jack Tyler says:

    Hey Paul. Great article about you in the Chron this morning. It took me back to the Big Mike and watching you through the control room window in the 50′s… but most of all when I worked with you at KQUE in the late 60′s.

    I’m glad to see that you’re alive and well.

    Jack Tyler

  266. Dave Lubeski says:

    Hello Paul: So glad to hear you are still going strong on the Houston airwaves after all these years. My family moved to Houston in 1963 where I lived for 11 years and eventually got into the same business and worked at KTRH for six years before taking a radio job in Washington, D.C. You were always one of my faves and an inspiration for my career path. Thank you.

  267. M.A. McMullen says:

    I read about your show in an early, Sunday Chronicle delivery. You were on the air while I was reading the article and going down memory lane. Thanks for the memories; I have listened to you throughout my 51 years in Houston, what a breath of fresh air to hear your familiar voice.
    Your devotion to radio hosting is a true blessing to all of your fans.

  268. Joanna Hargis says:

    Note for Paul Berlin. I ran across you looking for the Laura Ingram show. Paul, you used to play One Summer Night by the Danleers for me upon request back in 1957. You were my favorite DJ and I am very glad to see you are still out there playing music. God bless.

    Joanna Healy Hargis (your little Yankee listener)

  269. Terry Williams says:

    Hi Paul…remember listening to you many years but lost touch until now. My step dad was sonny Marx and mom Evelyn. Both gone now but remember those great early years in Houston. Take care.

  270. Gary Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. GREAT PROGRAM!! We love the songs and the stories. I have some tapes that I recorded from KQUE radio broadcasts a long time ago – sometime way back in the last century. Some of the songs on these tapes are instrumentals, and I don’t know the artist or title. I have asked a lot of my friends and relatives, and they don’t know either. When and where could I meet you, or where could I find someone who would recognize these songs? I wish Don’s Record Shop was still open. Thanks! Gary Cofer. 713-305-8354 or

  271. Roger Scott says:

    Hooraaaaaahhhh… the archives are back!!

  272. Roger Scott says:

    Sure do miss the web archives of your show Paul. When are the gonna fix that???


    Paul, good morning, in the show yesterday, 3/16 you’ve mentioned a good memory about the time, ‘Mingo’, Ed Ames was a Johnny Carson’s guest in the Tonight Show and you’ve wrongly stated that Johnny was the one throwing the tomahawk to the target when in reality was Ames the one that hit the particular area that only you can describe so graciously to which Johnny reacted with something equally funny when Ames had started walking towards the target he grabbed Ames’ left arm and said “I didn’t even know you were Jewish”, the live audience and rest of us just die laughing! I’m laughing still writing this to you and remembering back.

    There you have my two cents now, Paul…remember, there is only one way not to make mistakes which is in my opinion the biggest mistake of them all and is by doing nothing!

    Love everything you do! your show gets better every time and even know that we can listen on demand anytime hich is an excellent option, I love to listen LIVE!

    Take care Paul!

    • Andy Anderson says:

      I just saw a film clip of the episode you comment on and it was Johnny Carson, not “Mingo” who threw the tomahawk.

  274. Ed says:

    Paul, Did Eydie Gormet make a recording of “The Coffee Song” ? I could swear you played a version by her on KQ.

    Love your show here on KSEV


    • Charlie Shaffer says:

      Hi Ed, I don’t know if you’ve already had a reply to this question, but in case you haven’t, I can tell you that Eydie made an album on Columbia called “Blame It On the Bossa Nova” which contained “The Coffee Song”. As I recall, the backing was by Billy May.

  275. Roger Scott says:

    Hey Paul, why aren’t your most recent shows on this site?? There are two missing in action…..


  276. Bill Hood says:

    Dear Paul Would Play Chapel In The Moon Light By
    Dean Martin Thank You

  277. mike day says:

    Paul, Me and a great freindsn of mine would like to get together over dinner at say, Taste of Texas, (my treat) to pick your brain, listen to fascinating stories, and share our best times listening to you over the years. Of cours your guest is encouraged and we would take care of that meal also. The art of gathering around a good meal and engaging in conversation is slowly becoming lost. If you are interested just let me know when and I,ll take care of the details. Otherwise, thanks for all the entertaining years!

  278. Paul Driscoll says:

    Mr. Berlin,
    Always enjoy the great music and memories! Been listening since the KNUZ days. You may not remember this, but I was performing onboard a Scandonavian cruise you and KNUZ hosted many years ago. I know you’re a fan of Louie Prima — play his tunes often. Just wanted to let you know that Louie’s daughter, Lena Prima, performs at The Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans, in the newly renovated Carousel Bar — now a large showroom. Lena has a great band behind her, and has her Father’s musical arrangements — she puts on a great show. I urge your listeners to check her out when there in The Crescent City. Keep spinning the great tunes!
    Paul Driscoll

  279. Lisa says:

    Thank you for a wonderful show on Saturday (3/2/13). I was driving from Austin to Galveston and found your show. It made the drive wonderful and pass much more quickly then ever before. I was sad at 8am when the program was over! Great songs and tidbits of information. You Rock!

  280. Paul says:

    My goodness this is wonderful to locate one of the most professional and truly entertaining radio men I ever had the pleasure of working around. You probably don’t remember me, but I’ve never forgotten you and how you helped me with just a few words to the guys in charge at KNUZ(Dave M & Ken G).

    You are the reason I to work your important shirt when you were either off on vacation or another reason. Your generosity has stuck with me since those days of 1968-1970when I was merely a part-time announcer.

    It’s uncanny how you still shine on the radio…you’re a true Houston treasure and I’ll never forget you.

    From South America these days,
    Paul (King) Box

  281. Gary Abramski says:

    Paul, great show 3/2/13. Heard you mention the note from the fella about giving the commencement speech at the ’56 Sam Houston graduation. If my memory serves me correct, you did MC the Sam Houston variety show called the Paper Doll Review in ’57 or ’58. I was in the audience that night and it was my first time to see you in person. And, I believe Kenny Rogers was a guest that night with the Bobby Doyle Trio. Correct me if I’m wrong but what a great time that was. Oh yes, thanks for playing my song, Whipped Cream.


  282. Peter Manry says:

    Hey, Paul – so glad to hear you – haven’t heard any Elton Britt lately – Bless you, sir!

    • Peter Manry says:

      whenever I think about Elton Britt – I remember ‘turn down that radio’ haha at the Shamrock – thanks and Bless you!

  283. Ross & Suzanne says:

    Please play “it was a very good year” by Frank Sinatra. Thanks, we enjoy your show!

  284. julius b. says:

    Still waxing my latest car in the front yard and listening to Paul Berlin (Thought never had to wax again . . .), lo those many years ago. You’re still and always our very favorite DJ. Thanks for the internet audios of former programs. Brings back memories of days when good music was relaxing, dreay and upbeat, fun to share with your best girl. Stan Kenton always grabbed my attention with his “Artistry” series: Artistry In Rhythm and the Jumpin’ version. If you want to play it for the folks it’s OK with me. . . jb

  285. Byron O. Irwin says:

    Dear Mr. Berlin,
    I graduated from Sam Houston High School in Houston, Texas in 1956 & I believe you gave the graduation commencement speech on that day. Would you please verify if this is true or not. I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you so very much,
    Byron O. Irwin

    God Bless You

  286. Edward says:

    Hi Paul, Remember you liked to play Ringo Starr on KQ, could you play his “Lipstick Traces”

    Many Thanks! A fan of yours forever!


  287. Ed says:

    Hi Paul, Oh how I remember your mid-day show on KQ in the early eighties, I was on the 16th floor at Exxon and making requests to you on Caroline! Well, if you could, please play Ringo Starr – Lipstick Traces…and don’t forget about your wavy hair!! Thanks a bunch!

  288. Henry Marsala says:

    Thanks for the suggestion of National Geographic, I can’t believe I missed it. It’s at the top of the list now.

  289. Peter Manry says:

    thanks for relating your story about Roy Rogers and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – I was also at that performance, but thankfully peed in the bathroom – Blessings to you, Paul, form your Other Brother, Peter

  290. Mary Jean Thompson says:

    Play any Charlie Shaffer tune — our favorite piano man

  291. Bill Hood says:

    Dear Paul Please Play The Phoenix Love Theme By The Brass Ring
    Your Show Like KQUE i Enjoy Your Show Take Care
    Sincerely Yours
    Bill Hood

  292. gary abramski says:

    Paul, I have a couple of songs from the “old days” that you might have in your vast collection. One is “That Runaway Woman of Mine” by Tom Jones from his 1984 album “Love Is On The Radio” and the other is “Whipped Cream” by Herb Alpert from his 1965 album “Whipped Cream & Other Delights”. I believe these were songs you played on KQUE and it would be great if you can play them for us around 6:30 pm. They just don’t make songs like these anymore. I’ll be listening and keep up the good work.
    Your biggest fan,


  293. Al Stem says:

    It was interstering to listen to your program thru the years on several different stations. I have missed you. Glad to find out you are on AM 700. I will be listening to you once more.
    Your friend ,
    Al Stem

  294. Roger Scott says:

    Many thanks Paul for long playing your end theme on the 9th. My wife was surprised when you mentioned my name as was I. Great show as always. Thanks for the memories….. Rog

  295. Claudette Rogers says:

    Listen every Saturday night and wish you and others would play this music all day, even 24 hours. I’ve been listening through all your stations since you came to Houston.

    I’m a Reagan girl, but Please don’t say my name on the radio.

    The Four Aces and just anything you like will be great!

  296. Aaron says:

    The music is good and the conversation brings back memories.

  297. jeanie phillips says:

    sorry Scott,I thought you were talking about comments.You are right on the archives.

    • Roger Scott says:

      Hey Jeanie, Glad you understood what I meant. And now as a new show is added, the older ones drop off. Sure would love to keep them all and replay them but I guess the site only holds so much. Maybe if we keep writing, the boss man will put Paul on daily and archive longer… :-)

      • jerry says:

        It is possible to save the archived shows to your hard drive. Just hit the popup download icon when you are listening to the program. (I have a years worth saved). All you need is to have Real Player downloaded on your computer. They are all worth saving since there will never be another program like it ever again. In my opinion Mr Berlin is the last of a rare breed of professionals.

        • Roger Scott says:

          Hey Jerry, I listen on a MAC and there’s no way to download the show on this machine. But thanks for the info… Rog

  298. George Cowart says:

    I moved to Beaumont 15 years ago after living in Houston for 30 years and missed your broadcast greatly. I recently found you on the web at ksev. You are a Houston legend and I can now enjoy your music and comments again. Please keep on doing what you do so well.

    God Bless

    George Cowart

  299. Roger Scott says:

    Hey Paul, is it possible to go further back in your show archives? This web page only goes back to your Christmas special. I just found you again and would sure like to go back and catch up. Thanks for playing the REAL music and for the commentary.


    • jeanie phillips says:

      To Roger Scott,I have the archives way back to 2011 or farther,that’s as far as I checked.Don’t know what your problem is.Keep trying and good luck.

  300. Azle Anderson says:


    I owe my kids a steak dinner! I didn’t lose a bet, no – they made my year ‘cuz they gave me the KSEV Paul Berlin internet link. I left the big H in the late 80′s afetr 33 years and I was there for so much of the KNUZ to KQUE years you owned. The greater Tampa area has never heard the likes of you and i am overjoyed!

    You spun a bit of Clancy Hayes last week as only you can deliver. So entertaining he was with Scoby. I loved Roger Miller, too and ask that you share something of his best, all brilliant people with such diverse backgrounds, AND Johnny Mercer. They’ll all last forever, as you should, Dear God above.

    Fairways and Greens, Azle

  301. Vivienne Perry says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’m getting in touch as I’m making a documentary for the BBC about the music made at the Wynne Unit with Dr Harley Rex – I would love to do a short interview with you about the music – could you contact me as soon as is convenient?



  302. Jared says:

    Mr. Berlin. Thank you for the great show you do every Sat. I wish you were on more days. My late grandfather listened to you every day and that’s where I learned to appreciate this genre of music and loved your style that was so different than the DJ’s of the music of my generation. I learned so much from listening to you, Paul Harvey, and my grandfather. Now that I am 40 and have kids of my own, I enjoy listening to you and this great music with them. They even know some of the songs and sing along with me. Keep it up and I would love to hear some Artie Shaw.

  303. Ed says:

    Would you play “Chloe” by Cy Coleman, thanks Sir Berlin!

  304. Roger Scott says:

    This will sound like all the other comments, but it’s true: you’re the best Mr. Berlin. Love the show and glad I found it on the web site. I used to listen to you several years ago as I would drive to College Station weekday afternoons. You would sign off just as I would get to CS. Love the ending theme. Then I couldn’t find you for years until I searched the web. Now I can listen to your show anytime, any day as I work on the computer. Thanks for the archives and many thanks for the great music and commentary. Take good care and God Bless. Rog

  305. Debbie Spence says:

    Mr. Berlin… love your show. Wish you were on every day! I used to listen to you when you were on KNUZ. Thanks for the memories.
    Debbie Spence

  306. Gary Abramski says:

    Paul, thank you so much for playing “Sweet Lady of Waiahole”. What a beautiful song and a true story. There was really a “Sweet Lady” and the song tells her tale. Keep up the good work and my thanks to Dan Patrick for getting you back on the air.


  307. susan humphries goodwin says:



  308. jeanie phillips says:

    Enjoy the archives so much.I play them a lot during the week.Thanks for keeping them up to date.

  309. Fred Jensen says:

    What happened to Scott Arthur where I live now I miss your show

  310. Gary Abramski says:

    Hey Paul,
    Great show last Saturday night (1/26/13) and I enjoyed the music and stories you always seem to have plenty of. I wonder if you could play “Sweet Lady of Waiahole” by the 3 Scoops of Aloha next Saturday around 6:30 p.m. for me and my sweetie? You played it quite often back in the “good old days”. By the way, my offer to buy you and Glenn lunch still stands if you can work out a date. Thanks for the music and the memories.


  311. Michael Millican says:

    I didn’t know about your show on 700 KSEV – what a great surprise! There is nothing on Panadora, IHeart, Slacker, Rhapsody or SiriusXM that compares to your show – you’re the greatest!

  312. Ed says:

    Hi Paul, Just found you here, really miss the old days on KQ but so glad to see you back doing what you do best! What about playing that ole Pams 45 “Houston, My Home Town”….even though we don’t have the Oilers no more! All the best

  313. Steve Baker says:

    Toni Fisher
    The Big Hurt 1959
    I love your show. huge fan

  314. jeanie phillips says:

    Good program as always but tonight is special.Love “Maybe You’ll Be There” and ” Thinking Of You”.Thanks for all the good music.Wish you would play “Count Every Star”

  315. George Zahn says:

    Thanks, starfire, for the kind comments about WMKV Public Radio in Reading (Cincinnati). We applaud Paul, KSEV, and all of the incredibly rare stations that keep this incredible music alive! You have a true gem in Houston. We’re thrilled to keep that same ball rolling at and thanks to KSEV for having the foresight to not only care about current events, but also to continue radio and music history! Bravo! And good luck, Astros, in the move to the AL!

  316. Lynn says:

    Thanks again — but that’s the shortest two hours of the week!

  317. Christi Ayo says:

    Quite a while back I heard Paul play a song called “Mother’s Little Pearls.” I can’t remember the artists name but it was only available through the artist directly. I am desperately trying to locate it – can you help? My mom is gravely ill and I would like to have it for the reception following services, when the time comes. Thank you for any info you can provide.

  318. Starfire says:

    By the way, when Paul is not on, if you like big band, 1930s-early sixties big band non rock and roll music, use your computer: Reading, Ohio (Cincinnati suburb).

  319. Starfire says:

    The January 5 show. Sing Sing Sing.

    Buddy Rich did play the drums on Sing Sing Sing with Benny Goodman, but it was, if memory serves, in the 1960s, in a Stockholm or Copenhagen concert.

    Gene Krupa did play the drums on Sing Sing Sing with Benny Goodman, and it was in the famous Carnegie Hall concert, with Harry James.

    The version you played 1/5/13 was the Buddy Rich version from the 1960s. I know this for several reasons, among them, there were not the individual solos of trumpet, clarinet, sax, piano, AND drums of Carnegie Hall, and, in the 1960s version Benny uses some licks similar to those of a Louis Spohr clarinet concerto (classical music) that were not in the Carnegie Hall concert. Benny may be the best all-around clarinetist there ever was.

    I highly recommend a compilation CD, Benny Goodman-16 Most Requested Songs, which has several numbers from the Carnegie Hall concert including the definitive Sing Sing Sing, and “Why Don’t You Do Right” by Peggy Lee that is hard to believe a ~20 year old is singing. Wonderful CD.

  320. Donamarie Morse says:

    I haven’t heard you play “God bless America,” by the one and only Kate Smith. If you can, play it for me. I try never to miss your Saturday night show.

  321. Lynn says:

    Another wonderful musical Saturday night. Especially love your reminiscing of Edie Gorme, etc.

  322. BRENDA LEE HAYDEN says:


  323. jimmie says:

    thank you ,Paul for making our Christmas eve so enjoyable.

  324. DR. Bruce Nelson Stratton says:

    Merry Christmas Paul! DR. Bruce & Sandi in Corpus Christi

  325. robert exnicious says:

    merry christmas paul from the doddy wo guy being with you for 60 years

  326. Bill Hood says:

    Dear Paul Do You Have A Song Call Shrry I Remember It Was By
    Eydie Gorme I Use Hear It On The Tim And Bob Show Back In 1968
    Or 1969 Also If You Have Play It pLEASE tALK aBOUT tIM aND bOB
    iT Brings Back Members Sincerely Bill Hood

  327. Bud Osborne says:

    Hi Mr. Berlin,
    Would you play “Christmas Time is Near” by Rosemary Clooney? I first heard that song on your show years ago. I may not have the song title exactly right…it’s been a long time since I’ve heard it.
    Thank You and
    Merry Christmas!
    Bud Osborne

  328. Jim says:

    Paul,here at Christmas time could you resurrect the fumble-fingered piano player trying to belt out “Jingle Bells” and hitting lots of sour notes.


  329. josephpwolfe says:

    How about Reflections of my life by the marmalade. joseph p wolfe

  330. Tim Richert says:

    What a pleasant surprise to find you are still on the air. I listened to your KQUE show daily in my downtown Houston office from 1976 – 1988. I have since moved and there is much I miss of those days; your music trivia, updates of your son Xerox, walking over for a bowl of chili and a couple original James Coney Island dogs… Now, with this web site, I can listen to your recorded shows. Very best wishes to you, Paul, and thanks for the years of memories.

  331. josephpwolfe says:

    My dad had a 78 by eileen barton-polo loco in the colo. Have you got this one.

  332. stan silverman says:

    Am an ole KQUE loyal listener. Schedule my Saturday night round
    your broadcast.You regularly play “As You Desire Me” by Ethel
    Ennis; however,Peggy Lee sings a version that I think is best.
    It is on an album “Pretty Eyes”. There’s a version of “I Remem-
    ber You” by a male artist whose name escapes me. I’ve enjoyed
    your show for years. Back in the 60′s when Les Freer’s shop
    was behind Grant Ilseng’s Sporting Goods easst of downtown.He
    did several jobs on my guns. Also, I frequented Don’s Records
    for years even when I was deployed overseas and returned for
    R & R, TDY, or vacation to search for the hard to find.Cole
    Porter bought the lyrics for “Don’t Fence Me In” by the way.

  333. Jack Howard says:

    We listen every Saturday night and enjoy the show every time.
    We really enjoy Pete Fountain. Favorites include Harbor Lights and Just a Closer Walk With Thee. Please play them if you have a chance.

  334. Niko says:

    Paul: 24 Nov 2012

    What an awesome program tonight! You are a sound for sore

    Since i am away at work 4-6 programs to 1 in Houston, i am
    especially blessed tonight to be in Houston and hear this
    program. How appropriate for Thanksgiving weekend. Dan really
    hit a home-run putting this program on. Please stay on air, and
    i’ll support the sponsors the best i can… Niko

  335. Bruce Miller says:

    Paul Berlin!
    I’m glad you’re not in your grave yet, because you’d probably take the song I’d love to hear with you: “The Twelve Days of Christmas: Hawaiian Style”!!
    I remember you had a personal copy of that song that you (and only you!) would play on KQUE during the holidays, and there is nothing like it!
    If possible, could you please play it again??
    I’m a “Bitter-Clinger” to those great American songs, ever since KNUZ and my high school (Spring Branch) in the 60′s!! I’m in Kansas now, and am happy to find your internet show!
    Thanks for all the great sounds!

  336. Ralph Byrnes says:


    On your Saturday show would you comment on why Texas celebrated a different day for Thanksgiving back in the 50′s? FDR back in 1941 signed a law making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November. How did we break the law and when did we fall in line with the rest of the states?

  337. John says:

    Love your show. I listen every week.

    How about playing “Purple People Eater”.

  338. Richard Willis says:

    Mr Berlin,
    My dad listen to you when I was a kid. Now I listen in my fifties. I enjoy the stories you tell about the artists you met and the songs you play. You are truly a class individual. Thanks for what you do.

    Rick Willis

  339. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for last week’s tune; now how about playing, ” Raunchy “, by the Ventures for all the Height’s Rats.

    Ron Bonnel
    Old Fire Eater

  340. jerry says:

    You played a wonderful Henry Mancini song back in Sept called The Jokes on Me but failed to mention who the group was that sang it. Can you please replay it and mention the name of the group? Thank You.

  341. josephpwolfe says:

    I buy all my cidar beverages at Spec’s-hornsby, woodchuck etc. Now will you play the godd Arlo Guthrie song City of New Orleans. I also heard Scott Mckensie died. Do you have the song about San francisco. I am a Detroit tigers fan-how about the song Detroit city by Tom Jones. Remember I am a Spec,s customer. joseph p wolfe

  342. Sharon says:

    Someone just told me about your show. So glad that you are back, you have been missed!!!!

  343. bob says:

    Hello Paul,have been listening since knuz. I have alot of the music but it’s not the same without the radio personality. thanks for what you do.

  344. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul, Could you please play, ” Pipeline “, by the Ventures, for the Heights Rats; especially for Billy Cardwell. Thanks, Ron Bonnel The Old Fire Eater <|:)[-

  345. cindy mullino says:

    Abolutely loved your show on KQUE and before that was it AM DEMAND 79? and am so happy to find you here. What about the song “She was a nice girl but one of the roving kind , her hair hung down in riglets….

    Really miss real radio, you give us the chance to have it back!
    Love you!

  346. JIM says:

    “Alice’s Restaurant” with Paul Berlin narration. Enjoy your show, Paul.

  347. Jerry says:

    A question more for the web page tech staff than a song request. Did you intentionaly disable the Real Player download function for the prerecorded programs? I have been archiving them for my own personal use and now find that since the last program update (Sept 29) I am no longer able to download them. Would appreciate any info you can give me on this problem just to make sure the problem isn’t on my end.

    Thank you

  348. josephpwolfe says:

    This the season of Octoberfest. How about some good polka music? My favorite is the too fat polka by Arthue Godfrey. Thanks again. joe

  349. Rita Dupree says:

    I just found out that you are back playing the music you can still enjoy listening to and go away singing to. I am like others and wish you were on seven days a week. I listened to you when there was KQUE. there was also a morning DJ that was real good. I had the honor and pleasure of dancing at your club many times. Also the honor of meeting you when you brought John Gary to town. Now that I know you are back I will be listening again. I was excited when I did the search while listening to John Gary and found you again.
    Rita Dupree

  350. Truckin' Steve Douglas says:

    Hello Paul,
    Thank you for all the great memories remembered with your music. Do you have “Sweet Memories” by Andy Williams? I would love to hear his version of that song.
    Thank You,
    Steve Douglas
    Houston, TX

  351. josephpwolfe says:

    could you please play floyd cramer’s last date

  352. olepap says:

    Paul, assuming you are roundin’ up songs for your pre-Halloween show, would you try to find Haunted Heart, I think by Jo Stafford. Not that it’s a Halloween song, but maybe it’d fit.
    I know you have featured some Mandy Barnett in past, have you got her version of Beautiful Dreamer? I think your audience would love it. Hope you would too.
    And is Vincent’s/Nino’s still in biz? Miss the ads.

  353. Ron Davis says:

    I listened to you in high school back in early 60s been a long time just curious how is miss prissy and do you still have the brass monkeys

  354. Janet says:

    You used to play a song in 1981 that started off “Brought to you by…” and it had the name “Manongahela” in it. Any idea what that song was? I have been trying for months to remember it.

  355. jeanie phillips says:

    How about somethig by Abba?Thanks,Jeanie in La Porte.

  356. josephpwolfe says:

    This weekend is shrimp festival in Galveston. How about the song shrimp boats by jo stafford

  357. Jerry says:

    How about my favorite Johnny Mercer-Hoagy Carmichael song, Skylark. Love the Ella Fitzgerald or K.D. Lang version but any one would be great.

  358. L. F. Skinner says:

    Thanks so much for posting Paul’s programs so quickly now. From time to time circumstances make me miss a program, so it is great to be able to log in and listen without having to wait a long time. Thanks again.


  359. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,
    How about playing Elton Britt’s ” Chime Bells ” for us old-timers?

    Ron Bonnel
    Old Fire Eater

  360. ralph Riggs says:

    Paul, been listening to you from the KNUZ AM days till now. I put up a FM antenna to enable me to listen to KQUE when I was at A&M, 1969 and 1970. I believe that it would be so interesting for you to take a play list from your program at KNUZ and play the entire thing. It would shake many a old memory loose.
    Ralph Riggs

  361. josephpwolfe says:

    What do me, Gloria SteinamAnd , Jamie Farr’s wife And Teresa Brewer have in common? All have attended Morrison R Waite high school in east Toledo not far from Tony Packo’s. Not all at the same time of course. Benny Goodman did a song called simply Loch Lomond. It was featured in the Sherlock holmes movie Pursuit to Algiers sung by Dr. Watson. The song features the classic line-you take the high road I’ll take the low road. joseph p Wolfe

  362. Joe Bhonn says:

    I loved hearing Frankie Lane. Though I lived in New Orleans in the 60′s and 70′s, I failed to see him. Shame on me!
    I would greatly appreciate (and I bet others would too) “To each his own” sung by Frankie Lane. I listen to your show every Saturday evening. Regards, Joe

  363. Adrian in waller says:

    nel blue di pinto di blue (volare)- Domenico Modugno

  364. josephpwolfe says:

    mt first cncert i went to-the happenings-see you you in september. also do you have a copy of the bonnie sands of loch lomund. joe

  365. Ellen Berlin says:

    Just playing with the iPad and we pulled up your radio show to see when you are on.
    We will listen next week. Love, Ellen

  366. Lynn says:

    ‘Third Man Theme’ would be great!

  367. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,
    You need to check your eyes, this is the third time you have missed my name, it is RON not Ray ! Thanks for playing my request, but I really would like to hear my own name on the request. If you could, would you please play Elton Britt’s, ” Chime Bells ”
    Thanks again – - -
    RON BONNEL – The Old Fire Eater – <|:)[-

  368. jeanie phillips says:

    What’s going on?where is Paul?

  369. nintendo games online says:

    I’ll immediately grasp your rss as I can’t find your email subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly let me know in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  370. jeanie phillips says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday last Wed.It would be nice if we could “Turn Back The Hands Of Time”Mister Too Sweet always a favorite.Jeanie in La Porte

  371. ELEANOR DRIVER says:

    Paul… your program is great listening on Sat. Nites. Could
    you please play Tony Bennett’s “Rags to Riches”? What year
    was that a biggie, by the way; we’re on our 55th year of marriage and have danced to it many times.


  372. Julianne Medrano says:

    I am so glad you are back on the air, I listened to your for years. I have a question. There was a house leveling company that advertised on your AM 103 show that was owned by someone named Grimes. Do you know the name of the company or know if it was sold and if so the name of the new company. I really need to talk with them. I really appreciate your help.

    • Dorothy Daffan Yannuzzi says:

      Paul, This month would have been the 100th birthday of my father, Ted Daffan, and next month, Oct., we lost him 16 years ago. Could you please play something he wrote (I’m A Fool To Care, or Born To Lose, or Worried Mind, etc.)? Thank you, Dear One….Dorothy

  373. Dave Riley says:

    Would love ” Somewhere over the Rainbow ” for McGinty

    This is GREAT Saturday night listening…

    • Brenda says:

      Good idea POPS !
      Eva Cassidy’s version of ” Somewhere Over the Rainbow ” , to honor my sweet little MaGinty ~ the heartbeat at my feet ~ my little noble steed and loyal friend forever ..he passed away August 14th …

  374. Vangie Robertson says:

    Jones and I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday next week.
    We miss seeing you and Nezzie but love hearing you on the radio.

  375. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul, As your birthday is next Wednesday, and you will not be on the air that day, please something you really like for yourself; then how about an old Vic Damone, ” Your Breaking My Heart ” for the Old Heights Rats.

    Ron Bonnel – The Old Fire Eater – <|:)[-

  376. jeanie phillips says:

    Thanks for all the current programs.You have really been keeping up to date.

  377. mike says:

    Paul I listoned to you when you were on 103 and you advertised a house leveling company back in the 80′s I want to say the gentlemans last name was Grimes. I am looking for the name of the company you advertised.

  378. Myrtle White says:

    Thanks for play “Life Gets Tedious”. Would like any song by the Ink Spots.


  379. Myrtle White says:

    Paul, thank you so much for playing “Life Gets Tedious” for me. Enjoy your show very much.

    Request: Any song by the Ink Spots.

  380. Tod in Katy, TX says:

    OMG…just listened to your July 7th show, and you played Mink DeVille’s “Just to Walk That Little Girl Home.” Youda Man!!

  381. Mike Smith says:

    Paul, you sure know how to push my nostalgia buttons.  I’ve loved and admired the depth and breadth of your musical knowledge since 1964 at KQUE.  If you’ve not written a book about all the famous music people you’ve booked, met, and/or schmoozed with, believe me, you absolutely should. 

    Stay loose,
    Mike Smith 

    • Stephen Hunt says:

      MIKE, Paul Berlin was not on K-QUE in 1964. At that time, he was on the sister station K-NUZ 1230-AM. He started at K-QUE a number of years later. My dad Webb Hunt was then the operations manager of K-QUE. Thank you very much for being a longtime listener.

  382. Larry Trotter says:

    How about, from the eary ’60s, “Wonderland By Night”, I believe by Bert Bacharach (sp?), and thanks for just playing “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash.

    • Stephen Hunt says:

      Larry, just to refresh your memory, “Wonderland by Night” was performed by the wonderful Bert Kaempfert Orchestra. Thank you for listening!

  383. Kd5eka says:

    Dear Paul Please Play Tea For Two By Tommy Darsey Thank You

  384. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,    How about playing the Weavers, ” Tzena, Tzena, Tzena ” just for old times sake ?   Thanks

    Ron Bonnel – The Old Fire Eater – <:)[-

  385. LynnLou says:

    Would love to hear “Stella By Starlight”.   Thanks.

  386. LynnLou says:

    Beautiful music as usual.   Thanks.

  387. Strac says:

    Rag to Riches

    Tony Bennet

  388. Kd5eka says:

    I Would Like Hear The Phoenix Love Theme By The Brass Ring 
    I Back On The Internet From

  389. Myrtle White says:

    Still enjoy your program.  Keep up the good work.  Did you ever find “Life gets tedious?”  Thanks

  390. Kathyelunsford says:

    We have been fans of yours for years and I wanted to let you know we listen to you every Saturday night.  We want to give a testimony about a time some years ago when we were at a stroke recovery meeting with my mom and they were asking caregivers how they dealt with all of the stress from being a stroke patient caregiver. I said, “I pray alot and I listen to Paul Berlin and if I am having a really bad day it turns into a happy day if I am listening to Paul Berlin.” If you could on Saturday July 14th, play the song Claire we would really appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    Your lifelong fans,
    Kathy and Larry Lunsford

  391. Ray Dennis says:

    64-80 was my era in Big H. So great to hear Paul doing what only he does best!

    What is K.O. Bailey’s status? Oearly to mid 70′s KILT AM?

    Hello to you north and southwest siders.

  392. Ron Bonnel says:

    Here we go again,
    I wanted to include this request along with the one for, “Pipeline”, but old age is getting to me and I forgot, please play something nice for your wife’s birthday ( next Tuesday the 10th ).  How about, “Sleepwalk “, by Ritchie Valens.
    Thanks again.
    Ron Bonnel – The Old Fire Eater – <|:)[- 

  393. Roon Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,
    Would you please play, ” Pipeline “, by the Chantays, just for old times sake? I have been listening to your programs since 1949, when I first heard you on KNUZ – AM radio !
    Ron Bonnel – The Old Fire Eater – <|:)[-   

  394. Jeaniephillips says:

    Please play “Meditation”.Thanks,Jeanie in LaPorte

  395. Paula Bazan says:

    Oh, how I love listening to you every Saturday night.  You are the best!!!

  396. Lolarod2004 says:

    Native Houstonian who turned 60 yesterday remembers Mom who sang to your songs on radio (She’s also a native Houstonian who i told her about your show and she is now a listner).  You always mention Hay Hay Hay Dolores when I call in.  God Bless we love, your a Houston Legend.  Dolores Rocha

  397. Donahclau says:

    Have to listen EVERY Sat. Love it.  Remember the 4 Spades (Mascots) Harry Bell, Joe Toland, Larry Hovis, Jerry Lloyd? If you have anything by them, I’d really like to hear it; if not how about playing “Scotch and Soda”. I’m listening right now to one of the programs.  Thanks for being on again.

  398. Dadmax says:

    Great to those silky pipes again! Been what—-50+ years?  Guess we going to stay around another 10….just keep on keeping on!  Sorry about you losing your make-believe honey –Ms. Brewer…Hope your family is aall well and healthy!

  399. Wayne St John, La Porte, Texas says:

    Dear Paul,

    I am so glad that you are back on the air.  We go way back to KNUZ.  You played a basketball game at Aldine Jr. High when I was there.  Please play “Houston, Houston, That’s My Home Town”.  It is so good to listen to you again.

  400. Donahclau says:

    Tonight, June 23, just all really great music!  Love your show and wish you were on 7 days a week!

  401. Rusty says:

    Hey Paul, I’ve been listening to you for 30 years: What a pleasure!

    I have loved the Platters version of “Smoke gets…” but the lady vocalist (Marla Washington- did I get that right?) you just played was lots of fun to listen to, also.

    Also Nat King Cole, etc.   Many Thanks!

    Rusty, Tomball

  402. Alexlecchini says:

    Paul, can you please play “How do you keep the music playing” for my lovely wife Alba!

    Thank you

    Alex Lecchini, Houston TX

  403. Penelope Hanna says:

    Please play “A Little Respect” by Aretha Franklin, another great Mo-Town hit!!  Thank you.  Penelope

  404. Ron Bonnel says:

    Tommy D. had an instrumental version of Moonlight on Vermont that was made back in the late ’30′s – early ’40′s. That was the recording I was looking for. I heard it on the ‘net at addresws:
      , it was listed as sometime in the pre-war ( WWII ) group.  Please try to locate it and play it for me if you find it. Thanks !
    Ron Bonnel – The Old Fire Eater – <|:)[-

  405. Paula Bazan says:

    My husband and I went to Nino’s yesterday for lunch.  We told them that Paul Berlin sent us.  It was wonderful, the food was delicious and the service exceptional. 

  406. Josephpwolfe says:

    The Donna reed show had two child stars who had pop hits-shelly faberes with johnny angel and paul peterson with my dad.  the latter is agood father’s song

  407. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,
    How about playing Tommy Dorsey’s “Moonlight on Vermont” just because we are having such great nights now.
    Ron Bonnel – The Old Fire Eater – <|:)[-

  408. Jeanie Phillips says:

    How about Let’s” fly Down or Drive Down to New Orleans” or something like that by The Dukes Of Dixeland.thanks,Jeanie in LaPorte.

  409. Llave105 says:

    55 years ago I came to Houston to visit my brother.  I waited for him in his apartment listening to his radio which was on Paul Berlin’s show.  Yesterday I heard Paul.  My brother has passed on but he will always be in my heart and memory.  Good memories.

  410. Thomas Vicknair says:


    in 1968, I was  and being driven by my two sisters who worked at St. Joseph hospital downtown to my 8th grade class at a school downtown, As we were listening to your morning program, a song called, “Loving Me Has Made Me Bananas” was played during that spring if I recalled. I am just wondering if happen to have that on a 45 somewhere. The song maybe not be as funny now as it was back then, but I’ll let you make the call on this one. And one more thing: Who was the singer?


  411. Meanmyrt says:

    Good morning, Paul.  Will you play an old song for me…”Life Gets Tedious, Don’t It”

    Don’t know who recorded it.  Enjoy your show and appreciate your comments.  Thanks for two hours of nostalgia.  Myrtle White

  412. Dave Kelly says:

    Hello My Old Time Friend,

    A bunch of years ago when I had to get up before noon and make that sun rise drive to work, you were my riding buddy. You talked and played music that kept me half way sane in the traffic.

    There was a song you play about a woman going into a speak easy and the cops raiding it. Everybody was put in the paddy wagon and hauled of to the police station except her. She was passed out under the table.

    I’ve been wanting to revisit that song, but haven’t a clue what name/title to search for on the Internet. Can you help?

    Peace, Love and Thanks
    Dave in Todd Mission

  413. Paula Bazan says:

    You are like a breath of fresh air every Saturday night. 

  414. Gary & Vicki Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. I have a lot songs on cassette tape that I recorded from KQUE broadcasts about 25 years ago. I don’t know the titles of a few of them. How could I find out the names of these songs? We don’t have the friendly neighborhood record shops anymore, where the proprieter could tell you the name of every song ever recorded. Gary Cofer 713-305-8354.

  415. Jack Howard says:

    We enjoy your show every Saturday night. We wouldn’t miss it for the world. All the old songs bring back lots of pleasant memories.
    Jack & Pat Howard

  416. Josephpwolfe says:

    How come nobody plays-get happy- by frank sinatra anymore.

  417. Frank Barron Jr. says:

    Hello.  My name is Frank . Mr. Berlin I grew up listening to you. Starting with KNUZ 1230 AM. Carolina and Bloggett.  Than we would go to Princess’s drive inn. Those’s were to me one of the happiest day of my life.   I’m truly glad you’re back. And for that I Thank You. Where could someone go to still listen to bands that still play this type you music.  The last band I saw was Ronnie Renfro. Please let me know.  Again  Thank You.

  418. Michael hughes says:

    hi Paul my name is Michael Hughes i live in Thetford Norfolk in the U.K and friend Caro Verdugo shared your radio show with me on Facebook, so i gave you a listen and i must say you have a great show, i will be a regular listener from now on so keep the good music coming. will it be possible for you to play what a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong and dedicate to my friend Caro for sharing your show with me.Thank you Paul

  419. Jidusek says:

    Paul,enjoy your show,listening to you since the 50s. Might remember me,as when you were on KQUE,I sent you the VCR of The Man Who Never Was,with Clifton Webb. Thanks for the memories.

  420. Barbara_ferguson765 says:

    Thanks for the Mickey Newbury songs.  I did in fact go to high school with him and remained friends over the years.  I also love to hear Don Cherry.  Pleasing you is my favorite, but I love them all.   You show on the 12th of May was great.  We had guests and I treated them to your show.

  421. guest says:

    Paul, a request… something romantic by Johnny Mathis.

  422. john says:

    Today is armed services day   How about some thing for the vets and active duty people. We are sitting here on our backporch listening like we do every Saturday..

    John & Vicki

  423. Chuck McCann says:

    Hey Paul, Enjoying your show from Austin, Texas via the Internet.  I sure hope you are coming to the reunion next weekend.  I am looking forward to seeing you and Joe Ford again. You sound as good as always.
    Chuck McCann

  424. Alex Lecchini - Houston says:

    Paul, thank you for all the entertainment and education through the years and look at you, at it again!!, and sounding better than ever!

    Can you play “How do you keep th music playing” by who other, Mr Bennet of course. 

    Thank you in advance and one more thing, is it okay to send you regular mail to the station?

    Houston is blessed to have you !

    May 19, 2012          18:08

  425. jeanie phillips says:

    How about KSEV  !!!!!!

  426. V-bartlett says:

    Paul – Your show Sat. 5/12 was best, all those oldies from 50′s – Doodie Woo (I Remember). I’ll never be free, land from earlier, Chrickory Chick…… And of course all the Burt Bacharac songs.
    I am getting to listen to your whole show since daylight savings. They don’t cut back on the power till right at 8:00, like Jeanie Philips said, it does help.
    Did I ever tell you that because of you, I wanted to be a DJ.
    But you would be too much competition.
    Have a good week and see you Sat. 6-8. 700 AM, in heavenly Houston.
    Verna from the Heights

  427. Josephpwolfe says:

    Thanks for playing all my father’s 78′s.  I have two 45 hits.  The ballad of irving by the mc of the perry como show brought to you by kraft cheese.  Also the hit Ringo by lorne greene.  On the flip side he sang the bonanza theme. Thanks again. joseph p wolfe

  428. Ray Dennis says:

    Paul–I was without your show for sixweeks becuse of web problem. Sure am glad to be hearing KNUZ again. You are the greatest! LOL

    Ray in Dixie

  429. Claudette Rogers says:

    Love your show and try to never miss it.  Thanks for a great evening of my favorite music..Any Platters, Glenn Miller, “Just for A Thrill”  and anything you like!

  430. Lfskinner says:

    Where is the March 31, posting? That was one that I had to miss. Very disappointing.  Please and thanks.


  431. jeanie phillips says:

    Didn’t know Paul was ever on KILT.!!!!

  432. Rrboothsr says:

    Joe and Ann Davis (old fans) are here from Spain and would like to hear anything romantic by Charlie Shaefer. Love you Paul!!!

    • V-bartlett says:

      I am glad you are here in US and can enjoy Paul as well as Charlie Shaefer too. I have all his CD’s and listen to them when Paul isn’t on the air. I didn’t know Charlie until I found Paul’s program again. I have been listening to Paul since the early 50′s and loved every minute of it.
      Verna from the Heights

  433. Deborah Brandt says:

    hello Paul.  This is Deborah Brandt writing from sunny Florida where I am vacationing.  Listening to your show on my computer.  You still sound great….but what else would I expect from the consumate pro that you are.

  434. Valerie B says:

    hello paul welcome back

  435. Doug in Katy says:

    Paul, Tonight is the perigee full moon, 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons this year.

    In consideration of the event, as your closing selections this evening, please play ‘That’s Amore’ by Deano and – hope you have this one – even though we are in Houston, “Moon Over Miami’ by Vaughan Monroe.  If time permits – would also enjoy Canadian Sunset by Hugo Winterhaulter.

    What has to happen for your program to get more on-air time each week?  Saturday from 6 to 8 is great – just need more!

    Thanks for the music and the commentary!

  436. Dick says:

     Hey Paul, You and I go back a long, long time: I knew you when we worked on the Houston Live Stock Show committees in the 1950′s and I have made many music requests of you over the years. It was a  great loss to music lovers when you went off the air. So happy you are back and us old geezers, along with others, can once again enjoy your stories and music. I am grateful for the WWII music you  played each December 7, I believe it was, and all the memories it recalled. Just great. At some point, maybe not during those shows, you played a recording by Alvino Ray (sp) where you did a voice over as though it was a broadcast from Chicago, I think, and you were the announcer of the time. It was the stations closing time for the day and you ended with “good night and good morning”. I don’t remember the song title now, but I think some of the words were “nighty, night until tomorrow”…. Anyway, I think it would be a treat for your younger listeners to hear you do that again and I know I would enjoy it. Do you remember doing that? Thanks for the memories, Paul, and good luck and good wishes.

    • V-bartlett says:

      Dick – I hope you were listening to Paul Sat. 5/12 as he referenced the late radio shows signing off with Nighty Nite and even played it. It was a great program – he played a lot of the good old 50′s.
      Verna from the Heights

  437. Josephpwolfe says:

    hey paul-how about mairzy doats-al trace

  438. Robertexnicious says:

    how about dody wo             thanks me x

  439. Bob1942 says:

    Listinen’ on Saturday night. Mr Berlin, you are the music. The music you play is great but your knowledge of the music you play and your comments make it even more enjoyable. You are a fixture in the Houston music scene.

  440. George Belin says:

    Hi Paul, can’t believe I found you after all these years.  I’m George Belin.  I was manager for Mel Croan Volkswagen in the ’60′s and we all had such a beautiful relationship.  I now live in Branson, Missouri and own Jigglin George, Inc  With the passing of Dick Clark, who has a Theatre here in Branson, I remembered you and your relationship with him on a world tour representing these United States per President Eisenhower.  Man, if we could call back 40 years !!!!!!

    George Belin

  441. Josephpwolfe says:

    The Marmalade-Reflections of my life-Remember  that song?

  442. Jon Derden says:

    Thank God you are back on the air,…I will spread the word! My grandfather would be so happy if he were still here,…

  443. Kitty Cisneros says:

    Can’t wait for Saturday only to hear your show. Would you please play Fats Domino’s Amazing Grace or Just A Little Walk With Thee by Ella Fitzgerald. Been listening to you since you were on KILT and you are a GEM!

  444. Lfskinner says:

    Just a little F.Y.I. for Paul Berlins music fans. I have to make frequent trips to San Antonio and have discovered a radio station there which is KAHL 103.7 FM and 1310 AM. Their format is all “Adult Standards”, it kind of reminds me of the old KQUE.  The problem is there is no commentary at all, so I say to KAHL “You are no Paul Berlin”. But if you happen to be in the San Antonio area, it is worth tuning in.


  445. Dgsmalley ( Dennis) says:

    1. Glen Campbell’s guitar rendition of ” Puff the Magic Dragon.”
    2. Floyd Cramers ” Kentucky.”
    3. Not sure about this one but I believe the title is ” Even Now ” by Anna Manscuri (sp).

  446. Barbara Ferguson says:

    I have just found you again.  I’ve been listening to you since KNUZ days and you know how long that has been.  We retired to Rockport and I’m listening online and thrilled to hear Sincerely, but where was Doodie Woo?  So glad to hear you again.  Barbara Ferguson

  447. Donamarie Morse says:

    Paul, you never did identify the singer of “I’m a big girl now.”
    Please play any of Doris Day’s songs.

  448. Josephpwolfe says:

    Hey Paul. Thanks for playing my re quest. now can you play -hey da da dow-by the
    dolphins-my 45 is warped. josephpwolfe

  449. Johnnygoyen3 says:

    Hello Paul, I came up with a song that I think many of your listeners would enjoy hearing again. “Talk To Me” by Sunny & The Sunglows/Sunliners from 1963. I love the Little Willie John 1958 version as well. I wish you, your family & your listeners all the best, Johnny Goyen

  450. Weldon says:

    Dear Paul,  Please play “Doodie Woo” !   This song should be “The Houston National Anthem!” …..and Mr. Berlin, you made it so.   Also, would you tell the story (again) about the “drunk guy” that shook hands with Pat Boone and he said ”his entire right side sobered up!”

  451. Eddie in Bellaire says:

    Paul -
    Everyone knows of Spike Jones and His City Slickers…Why not introduce (or re-introduce) your listeners to Spike Jones and His Other  Orchestra? (Same personnel, but playing straight music)  I especially enjoyed “Minka” and “Lassus Trombone”.                

  452. Johnnygoyen3 says:

    Hi Paul ….It’s me Johnny Goyen listening as always in Austin. I just wanted to say “Hi”….Play me something! your choice.

  453. Tommy Smith says:

    Paul – I’m an old geezer (76) and would love to get a copy of your “On the trail” with Johnny crying “Call for Phillip Morris” in the background. I hounded you for about two years but heard that was in your ‘private stash’ so I finally gave up. I’ll be tuned in tomorrow at eight if you would let me in on the secret to getting a copy or play “Lake Como” by the Sweet People for me. You’ve been a big part of my life ever since the  “Dome Shadows” days.
    Take care, my friend.
    Tommy (Gunfighter Homes)

  454. Holstien71 says:

    Hello, Mr. Berlin… When I was in high school at Kingwood in the ’80′s I used to call you up at KQUE and request stuff like “Seattle” by Perry Como, “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams, and “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” by Blood, Sweat & Tears. I had my heart broken twice, as KQ and KBME were replaced by less desirable formats. I’m glad to hear you back on the airwaves, but I wish you could be on longer than two hours. Thank you for the magic you bring to the radio! Your style is definitely a lost art!

    • L8_4a_d8 says:

      I also listened to KQUE in the mid to late 80′s. I loved to listen while laying in the sun in Galveston. Your show was so relaxing. I couldn’t believe when the format changed. It was such a mistake. I am so glad you’re back! 

  455. Vangie Robertson says:

    Hi Paul,

    Will you please wish Jones Robertson a Happy Birthday, it falls on Monday the 9th, but we would like to request anything by Willie Nelson if possible.  So glad you are back on the air.

    • Charlie Shaffer says:

      Hi Vangie, You have just given me an idea for a birthday gift for Jones. It may take a few days, but it will be a collector’s item, I promise.

  456. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Please play something by The Stellar Unit.I love the pretty song they made but don’t know the name.

    • Charlie Shaffer says:

      Hi Jeanie. I believe you are talking about “Touched”, a song I wrote for my wife which was originally titled “Marty’s Theme”, a piano instrumental. Buck Ram, a sometimes collaberator and very successful songwriter, added words and we took the Stellar Unit into a studio (they were living here in Las Vegas at the time) to record it. As you know, they did a fantastic job. It was released on a 45 single around 1987.

  457. Jeanie Phillips says:

    What ever happened to Don of Don’s record shop?I used to win certificates for casettes from KQUE.Is he still living?Always enjoyed Harold of Harold in the Heights when you had him as a sponsor.Those were fun times.

    • Charlie Shaffer says:

      Hi again, Jeanie. I was on a cruise ship with a group of Paul’s fans, docked in Cozumel, when I learned on the internet the sad news of Don’s passing away. I think that was the fall of 2003. I, too, enjoyed both Don’s and Harold’s live commercials with Paul.

  458. Lynn says:

    Thanks — loved the Frankie Carle medley . . . no one played the piano like he did!  Charlie Shaffer is also great.

    Lynn King

  459. Jeremybest50 says:

    my grandparents are sittin on the patio together listening to your show. they wouldlove to here crazy arms by ray price itwas theyre love song

  460. Josephpwolfe says:

    Do you have ”love me love me love” by frank mills or “red silk stockings and green perfume” by frank cornell

  461. Jeremybest50 says:

    please play “crazy arms” by ray price for my grand parents

  462. Merry says:

    Could you play “Harbor Lights”from the 40′s It was a favorite of my Mothers. My Gather was a Merchant Marine. Their anniversary is in April. Jim & Tedody I enjoy your show sl much. I am gkad I found you.
    I use to listen to your show when I was in high school                                         Sincerely, Merry

  463. Vicki & Gary Cofer says:

    Hi Paul. We’d love to hear Walt Boenig and the Canadian Spitfire Band. Any selection, your choice. LUV YA! Gary & Vicki Cofer. 

  464. Lfskinner says:

    Thanks for posting the recent weeks programs. I had to miss one and it is good to be able to listen so soon. Thanks Again.


  465. Djames says:

    I cannot believe that PB is still on the air! My parents named my brother Paul, after him. They lived here in the late 50′s.

  466. Anonymous says:

    So glad to hear my friend Paul Berlin again. I now live in Carthage, Texas but can listen to him via the Internet. Seems like old time. 

  467. Babsmobile says:

    My mother loved listening to you when she lived in Houston.  Now she lives in San Diego and will be 90 years old April 11th, but don’t tell anyone.  ha, ha.  I wish I could save your radio broadcasts on a CD or an iPod so she could play them herself.  But glad to see quite a few past shows on your website.  I’ll play them for her when I’m out in San Diego.  I like listening to your show even though most songs are before my time.  I like knowing what kind of music
    my parents listened to.  They’re right, it was a different time – a wonderful time.

  468. Andy Anderson says:

    My Friend Paul Berlin. This is Andy Anderson. I now live in Carthage, Texas and just found out you are back on the air. Seems like old times hearing your voice and listening to your spins.

  469. Fastmary says:

    can you play ” la bamba” and “come on let’s go” by Ritchie Valens

  470. Mary Whitworth Nichols says:

    I’m so happy to have discovered this! Just like most other homes back then, the radio was always on in our home. I played on the floor of our dining room in front of ours while my momma cooked in the kitchen. I will never forget a special day for me; I was there playing and listening to Paul Berlin when he played a song for ME!!!! It was January 19, 1952, it was my 5th birthday, and the song was “Daddy’s Little Girl”. I will never forget how excited I was to hear my name and Happy Birthday to ME on the radio! Thank you Mr. Berlin!

  471. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,
    On your program last night ( Sat, 3/17 ) you said that A.J. attended St. Thomas High School, but he was never there – he was a Reagan grad,  from the Heights.  All will be forgiven if you will play Duane Eddy’s       ” Rumble ” from 1957.
    Thanks – - -
    Ron Bonnel (S.T.H. ’53 )
    Old Fire Eater

  472. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,
    On your program last night ( Sat, 3/17 ) you said that A.J. attended St. Thomas High School, but he was never there – he was a Reagan grad,  from the Heights.  All will be forgiven if you will play Duane Eddy’s       ” Rumble ” from 1957.
    Thanks – - -
    Ron Bonnel (S.T.H. ’53 )
    Old Fire Eater

  473. Ray Soliz says:

    hey just found you again……love you style    ray soliz

  474. Ray Soliz says:

    hey just found you again……love you style    ray soliz

  475. Jeanie Phillips says:

    How about playing”I Hadn’t Anyone Till You”.

  476. Jeanie Phillips says:

    How about playing”I Hadn’t Anyone Till You”.

  477. Darlene says:

    In response to Basil & Betsy – I experienced the same problem up here at Lake Livingston but found that I can listen via computer and it comes in great!  PB makes my Saturdays!!!!

  478. Darlene says:

    In response to Basil & Betsy – I experienced the same problem up here at Lake Livingston but found that I can listen via computer and it comes in great!  PB makes my Saturdays!!!!

  479. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Made it till 7:45 before needing to go to the computer.Yea !!!!!

  480. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Made it till 7:45 before needing to go to the computer.Yea !!!!!

  481. Wouldn’t you think that when it comes to the best program of the week on KSEV, that they wouldn’t  have to decrease the kilowatts (_0r whatever they do)- between 7 and 7;30 during the Paul Berlin Show!!!!   In The Woodlands, can’t hear the last part of his show….as it’s heavy-duty static.    If KSEV were half smart, they’d have more of Paul Berlin  !!!   A true legend. and they’re wasting part of his only show    Puh-leez !!!!!!!

    • Jeanie Phillips says:

      Go to your computer when that happens.Love Mr. Too Sweet !!!!

    • Jeanie Phillips says:

      Go to your computer when that happens.Love Mr. Too Sweet !!!!

    • Bhayden1261 says:

      tune in online !!  crystal clear  : )

    • Bhayden1261 says:

      tune in online !!  crystal clear  : )

    • Jeanie Phillips says:

      I think day light saving time has helped.It was clear till almost 8: 00 Jeanie in La Porte

    • Jeanie Phillips says:

      I think day light saving time has helped.It was clear till almost 8: 00 Jeanie in La Porte

      • V-bartlett says:

        Hi Jeanie – I had to drop off Face book because of work rules. Sorry. I miss all the action and hope to be able to keep in touch. I am hearing Paul better since daylight savings too!
        Have a good week.
        Verna from the Heights

    • V-bartlett says:

      I have the same problem in Caldwell, TX and have voiced my comments more than once.
      Being a retired Heights person, I grew up with Paul – way back in early 50′s. I have followed him around all his stations.
      Verna from the Heights

  482. Rhanus says:

    Ray Hanus

    Been listening to you for so many years. Glad your on again.

  483. PAUL'S BIGGEST FAN says:

    We’ve been seeing A.J. Foyt a lot on T.V. lately.  Tell one of your AJ stories when he use to race @ the playland park speedway.

    We all love you Paul!!

  484. Jeanie Phillips says:

    New shows put up.Thanks

  485. Myrtle White says:

    What she said below this note.  May I request a song probably by the Mills Brothers…Either “The Naughty Lady from Shady Lane” or “The Shady Lady From Shady Lane.”  Thanks

  486. Myrtle White says:

    What she said below this note.  May I request a song probably by the Mills Brothers…Either “The Naughty Lady from Shady Lane” or “The Shady Lady From Shady Lane.”  Thanks

  487. Baxter says:

    Great as always – Looking forward to more recorded shows after 2 11 12 – Keep them coming

  488. Jeanie Phillips says:

    There was song in the  late 40′s or early 50′s by Bull Moose Jackson,I’ think it was called “All My Love Belongs To You”.Would you play it please?Jeanie in La Porte

  489. Hoyt D says:

    Love you Paul Berlin-have been listening to you for years and enjoy every miniute of it. Keep on deepen on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  490. Grandnanny says:

    doody woo

  491. Myrtle White says:

    Good morning, Paul.  Had to miss you last week but will try to catch it on the computer.  Will you play “Dearie, do you remember when we danced to Glenn Miller’s band….well, Dearie, you’re much older than I.”  That’s the best I can do for a title.  thanks…enjoy your show very much.  Myrtle White

  492. Dear Mr Adorable…. your broadcasts will always get an A+ from us….and we will surely meet you each and every Saturday Night on the other side of the microphone… You are so loved out here in listener land! 

  493. Dave Riley says:

    I like to listen to your show up here in Mass. with my daughter BHayden1261 listening from Houston…
    It’s like the old days new…
    TNX and 73s from Dave in Marshfield, Mass…

  494. Gary Cofer says:

    Have you ever had a part in a movie?

  495. Gaty Cofer says:

    Did you ever have a part in a movie?

    • Mammie says:

      I have heard of 2 Paul was in:
      “TILT”, starring Brooke Shields (1979)”Liar’s Moon”, starring Matt Dillon (1982)

  496. Anne Michaels says:

    Hello Paul – this is Anne from the Buddy McGregor Show.  I still am in touch with Jay Mesinger as well.  Miss ya!  Have to call in one day soon to say hello and reminisce about the KNUZ times.  

  497. Judy says:

    Dear Paul,
          Thank you for the great suggestion regarding Nino’s & Vincent’s.
    We loved it and enjoyed our Valentine evening so much.  Vincent is such a gracious person and we let them know it was because of you we were there.  We will be returning you can be sure.  John & Judy

  498. Lfskinner says:

    Thanks for posting the newer programs, I have been checking every day.

  499. Jeanie Phillips says:

    wow,thanks for all the new posted programs.

  500. Admoore says:

    In the late 60′s or early 70′s  my husband and I discovered we both listened to you on your morning program, he at work and I listened while being a house wife.
    We both loved your theme song. Therefore when we celebrated one of our anniverseries I tried to buy the record  that had your theme song. I could not find it. When I called you on the phone you told me if I payed the cost of a tape you would make it so that I might give it to my husband for our anniversery that year.One of my great joys to give it to him. This year we celebrate our 60th anniversary on Feb. 16th. is it possible to play it this coming Saturday and dedicate to Aubrey from you and Mozelle for old time sakes If not could ypu play one of the old love songs of the 50ths. Thank you, Mozelle

  501. Jeanie Phillips says:

    It’s amazing how many of your fans are just now finding out that you are back.Has it been about a year?Everyone is delighted as I am.Love Mr. Too Sweet.

    • Arie says:

      Anonymous August 3, 2010 You did the right thing. I wpuild have done the same and even more than that. I would ahve slapepd his face with my id.He deserves it for not only being stupid but irresponsible.Don’t ever feel guilty for such persons.And I will not aologize. He should know better.

  502. Aaron Schneider says:

    We lost Jerry Dibner (aka Jerry Day) another voice from KNUZ.

  503. Myrtle White says:

    Paul, thanks for playing a Perry Como song for me.  I have another one…Englebert Humperdink’s “Please Release Me.”  Following is a story you might enjoy.  My grandson, Nathan White 31, was leaving my house shortly before 5 p.m. on this past Saturday evening.  He asked me what I was going to do for the evening.  I replied, “Laurence Welk is coming on in a couple of minutes.”  Nathan said, “And then I suppose you will listen to Paul Berlin.  Grandma, you are so predictable.”  Aren’t they grand!!! 

    Keep up the good work.  Love your show!!!!  Myrtle White

  504. Penelope says:

    This is February!  Time for some new shows!! 

  505. Jeanie Phillips says:

    how about playing “Fernado” by Abba?

  506. Annette Freer says:

    Paul: Sincerely hope it’s not to late to request a song for Sat. 2/4.
    The 8th will be Richard’s and my 31st wedding anniversary!!!!!  Please play from Three Dog Night’s  ”More Today than Yesterday”
    Many thanks in advance; see you on the radio.  Annette Freer

  507. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Ready for some new programs to be posted.A lot of us listen to them over and over.Thanks

  508. Myrtle White says:

    It is soooo good listening to you each Saturday.  Brings back good memories.  Would you play anything by Perry Como?  Happy to have you back on the air.  Myrtle White

  509. Pete Regan says:

    OMG Paul your back…the world is not ending! Why doesn’t some radio station wake Up and put you on full time, Ive missed you so!. You always put a smile on my face, with your wit and comments, even in the worst of times.

    Say hello to your son Glen for me.

    Pete Regan

  510. mary garcia says:

    Can you play something from he Beatles?  Love you so much Paul Berlin.  You rock.

  511. Jeanie Phillips says:

    Love Sinatra, but his rendition of “Deep In A Dream” is not as good as Helen Forrest.Enjoyed it anyway.

  512. Josephpwolfe says:

    Frank Cornell-Green  silk stalkings and  red perfume.—Frank mills-Love me love me love love-his first hit–

  513. V-bartlett says:

    Morning Paul – Mr. Wonderful!
    Sat. 1/14 7:50 pm you played Dig these Blues by 4 Clefs – absolutely wonderful then followed up will Ella Johnson, then your sign off with Charlie Shaffer We will meet again and I’ll be seeing  you. Great way to end a great show. Keep up the good shows and your advertisers will be more than happy. Just wish I were closer so i could patronize them.
    Verna from the Heights

  514. 1956dude says:

    Why isn’t Paul Berlin in Wikipedia.  Why doesn’t he write a book about the history of Rock and Roll.  He was there!!!!

  515. oh, another Saturday night with Mr. Adorable  : )    LUCKY US !

  516. Jeanie Phillips says:

    how about Deep In A  Dream by Helen Forrest.Thanks

  517. Lfskinner says:

    I was wondering about the schedule or criteria for posting Paul’s previous Sat. programs. Sometimes I have to miss a program and it seems to take a very long time for it to be online. Would very much appreciate being able to listen to the recorded programs in a shorter period of time. Please, please, and thanks.


  518. David Eudoxie says:

    Listened to you when I operated a garage in Channelview Tx. I am retired now living in StLucia Caribbean and still listining. Love the music.

  519. W Madden says:

    Paul as a former Kque listening post. I always enjoyed hearing the song you played called Houston, Houston my hometown

  520. Jeaniegookin says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.Looking forward to your program on New years eve.Missed you but glad you could be with all of your family.Jeanie from La Porte.

  521. Jim Spratley says:

    Greetings. Paul, from magnificent Memphis!  Just listened to hour two on Oct. 29.  The burger joint you referred to is “Dyers”.  There was a big ceremony, with a police escort, when they moved the skillet (with grease) from the joint in Crosstown, on Cleveland, out to East Memphis.  You shoulda been here!  They are still serving burgers boiled in the same grease you used to sop.

    Jim Spratley

  522. L. F.Skinner says:

    Paul, it would be great to hear Auld Lang Syne by Guy Lombardo on New Year’s Eve. “Happy New Year”.  Thanks


  523. William says:

    Station KQUE 102.9 FM back in the 1980′s, Paul Berlin played at Christmas time a recording of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” by a group called Truth.  It was a really unusual arrangement that I looked forward to every year.  I have looked for that recording off and on since that time.  I once even asked Paul at his club on Richmond, if he knew what label it was on, but he didn’t recall at the time.  After the Internet came to be, I renewed my search, but also with no results.

    Paul, do you know what happened to the KQUE recordings after the station changed?  Does anyone know this recording?

    • Vicky Pickering says:

      William, I just saw your comment on the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?” by Truth. I found an article from the Baptist Standard stating that they disbanded in 2001.

  524. Ben says:

    MY MY MY!!!! MR. PAUL, you have done it again!   Made the night here, with a Great Show!!! 

  525. Budosborne says:

    Hi Paul,
    I would really like to hear Rosemary Clooney singing
    “Christmas Time is Near”. I first time I heard this song was on your show around 2004, or so on 950 am.
    bud osborne
    on 950 am in about 2004, or so.

  526. Duaneschroedter says:

    Paul- As I was falling aslep last night I heard a song by Frank Sinatra I had never heard. I think the dj also said Elvis Prelsley had a version. I think it was ” Softly As I leave You”. Maybe you can find this

  527. Vbartlett says:

    Paul – I really miss most of your shows due to power cut down so have to wait till you post them. I really, really enjoy each and every one and KSEV and your sponsors should be proud to have you and give  you more earlier radio time. You are important to us seniors who remember you and your good shows back from the 50′s.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from
    Verna in the Heights

  528. Dennis Smalley says:

    How about “Kentucky” by Floyd Cramer.

  529. Linda Brasuell Brannen says:

    I can’t believe I found you.  First started listening to you on the bus radio going to Stephen F Austin High school in 1956. I was a finalist in the Miss Rodeo Houston contest in 1963. You were one of the judges and I didn’t win… When you retired a few years ago we heard you last show on an overpass out side Rockport.  We were losing the station so we just stopped over the freeway for the last 10 min. I knew you would play Wee Willy Wayne’s, Doody Woo (is that the way to spell). Play it again…………..Linda Brasuell Brannen from Wimberley Texas….

  530. jim Spratley says:


    Thanks for answering my question about Frankie Carle and giving me notoriety by mentioning my name, Oct.1.  ‘Nuther question.  During WWII, there were a number of novelty songs (e.g. “Mairzy Doats”).  What has been making me rack my brains, was the name of a song that begins, “There’s a hot dog stand on the highway to Mexico City”.  If the rings a bell, please mention it.

    Also, if you ever have time, or the inclination, play “Rose O’Day”.


    Jim in Mempnis

  531. J. Gary Smith says:

    Paul..Great hear about you and your continued success. I was ask to send you a copy of “Callie Rose”. You played it for years and I never got to thank you. Send me an e-mail address and I’ll forward you a copy if you would care to spin it again. I run our music company in Nashville and things are going really well. Thanks for your major contribution to music and the happiness of lots of folks from the south.
    Hope to hear from you.. Thanks again… J. Gary Smith at CVRMusic Nashville, TN.

  532. James Donovan says:

    Dear Mr Berlin, years ago on your radio show when my dad was alive you played a song by Glen Campbell that for likes of me I can not remember the title but in the song he sang about if the sun set for the last time and how thankful he was for his life. He would greatly appreciated if you could help me in finding the title of the song. I enjoy the songs of yester years. You were a Wonderful part of my life growing up. It brings memories of my Dear Dad. Thank You.

  533. JeaniePhillips says:

    Yea,thanks for the new posted shows.

  534. Lee Bean says:

    Paul—On Sat night at 7:59 I dread the end of your concert. The stuff today is incomprehensible, or filthy, or not music at all. It is noise. Sure wish your program was on longer.You are doing a GREAT job.

  535. BHayden1261 says:

    Loud & Clear here in Friendswood !!!  ADORE you Mr Berlin !! Best on the radio…. love Saturday nights  : ) 

  536. Mike Marshall says:

    In reply to the question about the Paul Simon song with another artist.
    The song is “Gone at Last” from the 1975 album, “Still Crazy After All These Years”.  The other artist is Phoebe Snow and the terrific gospel piano is by Richard Tee.

  537. Gloria says:

    Mr. To Sweet                                                                                              Enjoyed your show   Thanks to your family for sharing you with us.

  538. Lynn says:

    How about “Hernando’s Hideaway” ??? Thanks.

  539. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the Robert Goulet “If Ever I Would Leave You”.  I saw (and heard) him sing that to Carol Lawrence at the State Fair Music Hall in Dallas in the ’60′s.  (He didn’t live up to his promise).  He has a great voice.

  540. JeaniePhillips says:

    Wish you would play”Do You Remember Me’ by Perry Como.Thanks,Jeanie

  541. JeaniePhillips says:

    Wishing you  and your family a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Jeanie in LaPorte

  542. L. F. Skinner says:

    I was in the supermarket the other day and they were playing music, I just caught the last of a song by a group, the song was “Have You Heard”. When I got home and checked it out, it was the Dupree’s. Paul, can you please play this?

  543. Lynn says:

    Love Ray Stevens’ “Mr. President”  !!

  544. Claudette Rogers says:

    Paul:  Just love your show and try to never miss it!  Been listening to you all the years you’ve been on radio here in Houston and you should be on 7 days a week!  You are the only one playing the music I want to hear.  Please write a book and tell us all your wonderful stories.
    claudette rogers

  545. Guyla Laird says:

    I’m sooooo happy!  I’ve finally found Paul Berlin and his great music!  I started listening to him in 1964 right after I graduated from high school in Manila and we moved to Houston.  I’ve been searching for him every now and then, and today the Jackpot! 

  546. Lin says:

    Jimmy Duncan’s funeral is Tuesday at the Church on  Hwy 6 and I-10
    West-across  Hwy 6 from Sams

    • Is this the Jimmy Duncan I knew as a singer songwriter? In the 50s I used to write his songs onto music paper as he would sing them to me, so that they could be copywrited. I recorded one of his songs, “Plaything”, which made it to number 3 on the KNUZ top 30 in 1957. It was released on his label, called “CUE”. RIP Jimmy, it was good to know you.

  547. JeaniePhillips says:

    I do have another life but not on Sat. between 6-8.Only Mr. Too Sweet.Jeanie from LaPorte

  548. Marty says:

    Mr Berlin..Please say Hello to my Mom Mary Rios. She use to wait on you and wrap your gifts when you would get your Christmas pkgs wrapped at Joskies (sp) back in the days. Sure would appreciate it. Thank you Sir.
    P.S..What did the word “bog-a-lotta” mean? I use to hear you say it when I was a kid listening to you. Thank you again Sir.

  549. BHayden1261 says:

    yes……..REALLY missed YOU last week PB !!   was so miffed our precious time with you was being over-ridden for the political debate….decided we should just vote Paul Berlin for President : )    White House needs a different tune anyways…so , you’re our man !   okay ?   oxoxox

    • KSEV Admin says:

      We hate to preempt Paul Berlin.  Anytime.  We thank Paul for allowing KSEV to cover the Cain-Gingrich debate.  And, we appreciate you listening to Paul Berlin and allowing an occasional preemption.  KSEV

  550. L. F. Skinner says:

    We are looking forward to Paul’s Nov. 12, program since we were “denied” the Nov. 5 airing. It’s like Verna stated in her last comment posting, “we don’t get enough of him anyway”. You know when you read all of the comments that fans have posted, it tells you that Paul’s fans are not just casual or lukewarm about him and the music that he provides to us. Paul’s fans are trueblue, passionate and the most loyal of anyone, because he is giving us something that we can’t get anywhere else.
    So, Paul from all of us loyal fans, thanks for the memories. I will also say this again, “just can’t get enough of that wonderful stuff”.


  551. Ben says:

    God Almighty, bless Paul Berlin! Misses you tonight 11/5 b/c of Lincoln/Douglas debate, so I enjoyed the luxury of playing the September 3 recording. Sooo much fun, could play the whole thing over and over. Mercy, what a treasure you are sir!  At least the host of the radio thanked you for your air time for the debate……beno

  552. JeaniePhillips says:

    Missing you tonight.Looking forward to next week.

  553. L.F. Skinner says:

    Would like to hear some Doo-Wop.


  554. Vbartlett says:

    Paul – I see you are having to give part of your rtime to the Cain Ginrgrich debate on Sat. 11/5 – I guess your listeners as well as I will just have to wait for them to finish and then maybe you will still have some time left. I certainly hope they don’t take your whole 2 hours, we don’t get enough of you anyway, much less cutting you down – why don’t the program directors that the time from 8:00 pm instead of 6:00 pm. We will all  miss your happy self.
    Verna from the Heavenly Heights

  555. Jay Warren says:

    On October 22, I think, you played a song by Paul Simon and another artist.”Streak of bad luck”? I’ve been trying to find it on Itunes but to no avail.I either have the wrong artist or song title. Would you please enlighten me. Thanks for your time. I really enjoy your show

  556. Hrwolftx says:

    Great to hear u on radio & now online. There is a song written by a father for his daughter Linda who became Mrs P McCarthey. Would appreciate a lead on who and title of the song. Have a 25th anniversary coming up, would like it for wife. thanks.

  557. Ben says:

    Another great show!  Jammin, and especially enjoyed Sinatra’s “My Way”..Beno

  558. Cjmullino says:

    So glad to hear you again. As I read the other comments, there is not a lot left to say. I miss KQUE and all the DJs and the music. I had a transistor radio under my pillow in 1960 and discovered Glen Miller, Harry James, etc. not to leave out Elvis! But didn’t some of you start out on a.m. Demand Radio 79?

    Your knowledge is left out of music on Satellite radio, their loss!

    As for a song…lyrics were…she was a nice girl, a proper girl,her hair hung down in ringlets… but one of the roving kind”

  559. JeaniePhillips says:

    How  about ”There will Never Be Another You” or “I Know Why And So Do You”

  560. Aaron Schneider says:

    Paul would you play Release Me by Little Esther Phillips pease.

  561. Tmagee8 says:

    how about sinatra “one for the road”

  562. Johnny Goyen says:

    Hey David – You are so right. Those KNUZ days were great! Paul was the first DJ I ever met. This was back in ’57. He was my inspiration to get into radio. I was seven years old. I spent a lot of time at KNUZ as a young boy. The staff was vey nice to me. They helped me learn radio. You mentioned Arch Yancey. He has always been one of my favorites too! Not only has Arch been a great radio talent. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever known. Both Paul & Arch are Great! I would love to hear Arch again too. Both are “Unique” gentleman & fun to listen to. It was a real blessing growing up around them way back. Johnny Goyen

  563. Jim in Memphis says:

    Aw, c’mon!  Where is October 22?

  564. Vbartlett says:

    Paul – heard part of Sat. 10/22 but your station cuts power back at sundown and I can’t pick it up unless I am in the car. I did have you long enough to hear you play the Ink Spots Melody by Charlie Shaffer and it was great, anything you play by him is great. I sure hate the power cuts down around 7:00 or at sundown and I lost the rest of it but will try to pick it up when you post it on your website. You just keep doing as you are doing, as you are great and your sponsors should be happy to have you as you do such a good job on their spots.  If I lived in Heavenly Houston i would certainly patronize them.
    Verna from the Heavenly Heights

  565. Lee Bean says:

    DEAR Mr PB
    Oh my you bring up soooo many memories + good time + real music with words you can understand and say in public, unlike the trash I hear today. Sat evening with you is the high point of my week. I am so so very glad that someone was smart enough to get you back on the air where you belong!!!

  566. spike says:


    Last Saturday I attended my 50th reunion of Galena Park High School, 1961.  The DJ announced that a Memories CD would be won by the first person who could name Paul Berlin’s favorite song.  He began playing it, and there were many shouts of “Doodie Woo”!  All wrong, of course.  I called out “I Remember” by Wee Willie Wayne!  I won the CD!

    My family moved to Galena Park in 1951.  My mother was a great fan of yours, as I was.

  567. Shanti emerson says:

    Hey Paul.  I used to listen to you in the 50s and 60s….when I was a schoolgirl.  One night, you sat near me at a Rice football game and I was so excited to see you but was too shy to talk to you.  In ’75, I moved to California…but never forgot your wit and sweet voice.  This Saturday morning, after not hearing you in decades, I decided to Google you and was thrilled that you’re still on the air.
    Shanti Emerson, Auburn, California

  568. Jim Spratley says:

    Hi, Paul-
    Was just listening to Andrea Marcovicci do “WWII”.  She segues “We’ll meet again” with “I’ll be seeing you”.  Interesting coincidence. 

    Would you consider commiting 15 minutes or so of WWII songs?  I rather expect you were around, having a couple of years or so on me (I’m 77).

    I’d particularly like to hear “I’m a little on the lonely side”.  Please do it on a night they archive.  Glad to hear you one more time.

    Jim in Memphis

  569. Johnny Goyen says:

    Hi Paul – I’ve gotta’ tell you that a song you played last Saturday 10/15 made my week. Actually I think it was the first song you payed. After being in radio so long you wuld have thought I knew it. I had never heard it before. The song was called “Ice Cream Lollipops & A Red Hot Spinning Top” by Paul Delicato from 1975. I was on the phone with a former Houston radio guy. I told him to hold on because the song had caught my interest. I put the phone up to the speaker & he loved it as well. For those who have never heard the song it’s on You Tube. There are several posted with the song I mentioned. If interested, locate the version with the video clips of the 50′s. The lyrics of the song are very meaningful. Add that to the 50′s video clips & it will really make you reflect on the simple things in life we loved way back. Then compare it to where we have come today. It will   touch your emotions help us all realize how lucky we were to have lived in such a simpler time. Just go to you It should be easy to find. Thank’s Paul for ending your show last week with another favorite “Bells in My Heart” by “The Spiders. We all love hearing you every Saturday. Another song with a great message is “That’s what I Love About Sunday” by Craig Morgan. You might check it out. It’s on You Tube as well. My Best yu Paul & all of yor listeners! Johnny Goyen

    • Johnny Goyen says:

      Just A Correction on the song tiltle I missed a word try this – “Ice Cream Sodas & Lollipops & A Red Hot Spinning Top”.  Sorry I left out the word sodas. I was known for being a Houston DJ , but never a good writer. My Best To All. Johnny Goyen

  570. JeaniePhillips says:

    Thanks for posting all the new programs.Jeanie,in La Porte

  571. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul, 
    How about ” My Prayer ” – the Platters ; for Bubbles.
    Ron Bonnel – Old Fire Eater – <|:)[-    

  572. Lfskinner says:

    Thanks for posting the Sept. 24th program. I just discovered that Paul was back on the air about 2 weeks ago. I have been catching-up on all of them.
    “Just can’t get enough of that wonderful stuff”.

    Thanks again,

  573. Marty08291 says:


  574. JeaniePhillips says:

    Best show ever and I didn’t even request anything.Love, “May Be You’ll Be There” and “Slow Boat To China”,”It Had To Be You”and everything else that you played.Jeanie, in La Porte

  575. Robert says:

    Why do you not have Ms. Prissy on your show?


  576. Lidiapena says:

    Paul Berlin, I am so glad I found you again!  I have listened to you since 1986 when I married my husband David and moved to Houston!  If you ever have a chance, please play “Enjoy Your Self It’s Later Than You Think”. 
    I love it and I sing it to my husband!
    Lidia S. Peña 

  577. Yolanda Garza says:

    Headed to meet Mary Jean and Tanna at Mancuso’s and listening to you on the radio!  Wish we were all cruising together again.  Regards to Nessie.  Having lunch with Charlie Shaffer and Marty next Sunday in Vegas.  All the best to you.  Yolanda Garza 

  578. Tmagee8 says:

    can you put the sept 24 th podcast up?

  579. Lfskinner says:

    Paul, I just recently found out, almost by accident, that you were back on the radio. It was to late to catch your Saturday, Oct. 8. program. But I have been listening to your previously recorded programs. What a “find”!, can’t wait to catch the Sat. Oct. 15, show. I am a “senior citizen” now but remember listening to you on my A.m. radio while I was doing my school homework in the mid 50′s.  Thanks for doing what you do best.


  580. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,
    What happened to the Oct. 1st show, you go from Sep. 17th to Oct. 8th ! ! !
    My birthday was Oct 1st and my five girls ( yes, FIVE ) took me to dinner causing me to miss your program for the first time since July ! !   I really would like to hear the Oct. 1st show.
    Also, could you please play the Platters, “Great Pretender”, for Bubbles.
    Ron Bonnel – Old Fire Eater -  <|:)[-    

  581. Vbartlett says:

    Paul -I guess I am going to have to come back to Houston to patronize your sponsors so maybe they will give you more hours or days. So please play,”Going back to Houston by Dean Martin” Going to go to Vincents, Vincents, Vincents –
    Thanks for posting new shows.
    Verna from the Heights

  582. Dott Smith says:

    Dear Paul:
    On Saturday you saluted Alvin York and Audie Murphy as the most decorated soldiers of WWI & WWII.  You did not mention then Sgt Anthony Herbert who was the most decorated soldier of the Korean war.  Herbert retired a Lt. Col.  His is best known for exposing war crimes in Viet Nam and his book “Soldier”.  You can learn more about Anthony Herbert on Wikipedia.

    I wonder who has the honors for Viet Nam and the Mid East wars.

    Dott Smith
    SSgt (retired)

  583. Lee Bean says:

    Always wonderful.  Have to listen online due to at about 7PM your station is overridden by first a mexican station and then after another half hour it is some english speaking station but NOT KSEV.  Very odd I think. 

    From Lee B at north end of lake livingston . 

  584. Jo-colvin says:

    Paul Berlin still has the magic voice of radio. I ahve been listening to him since 1955. I just wish he was on every day. Paul you are the best of the best!

  585. Ben says:

    what happens to the radio power?  They turn it off before the show is over.  I could hear till about 7:45, for a couple weeks, then they cut off at about 7:20. And tonight at 6:42.  Then I have to get online to hear.  Why can’t they leave it on? I’m only 35 miles east of Houston, in Liberty.  Ben

    • Johnny Goyen says:

      Hi Ben – Here’s an answer to you & others who wonder why KSEV fades in parts of Houston after sundown. When we get off Daylight Savings Time it will get dark much earlier. Therefore you will notice the KSEV signal to weaken a lot earlier. Here’s why. There is a very old legendary radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio. Radio Station WLW is Also 700AM.  WLW has  a massive 50,000 Watt Non-Directional Signal. KSEV Has a great 15,000 Watt Daytime signal. At Sunset (Due To FCC Regulations) KSEV must Reduce it’s power to 1,000 Watts with a signal that “Protects” WLW 700 AM in Cincinnati. Also note WLW has been around for many years. KSEV was granted their FCC license sometime in the mid 80′s. Hope this gives you a simple answer. If you have internet access, go to the KSEV website and click “Listen Live”. You’ll hear it crystal clear…Just like I do in Austin, Texas. I hope this helps, so you won’t miss a second of Paul & KSEV’s Nightime Programs. Johnny Goyen

  586. Jon says:

    Mr. Berlin – Any chance you can play Gordon Lightfoot’s “Beautiful” for my wife, Brenda Hayden? It’s our anniversary, and she is still as beautiful today as when I married her 28 years ago. She plans her weekend around listening to your show. If you don’t have that one, she would love anything you might play for her.

    - Jon Hayden

  587. Universityofpink93 says:

    We listen to Paul Berlin every Saturday! Sandra And Juan Balderas!

  588. Nickj02 says:

    Any song by Wee Willie Wayne, Traveling, I remember, Around the world or Fever, whatever you can find. I helped make U no.1 Disk Jockey in the 50′s in Houston. Played U loud and clear at Prince Drive inn on Jensen Drive. Glad to hear U again. Can’t tell U my nick name. Call me Nick.

  589. Chamleepete says:

    Dear Paul,
    Linda Gayle and I do so very much enjoy hearing you again.  We go back with you to the early ’50s. . . and we remember the newscaster Richard Dobbins who famously always ended his newscast with “That’s the news and you know it; Richard Dobbins reporting!”  Thank you for coming back and continuing to share your excellence!

  590. Johnnygoyen says:

    HI PAUL – I’m still listening to you every Saturday evening on the KSEV website. If you can locate any of these, I would really enjoy hearing them. “I Can’t believe that you’re in love with me” by Ella Fitzgerald or anyone. I think Dean Martin had a good version too along with many others. Sreaking of Dean Martin “Imagination” would be great! Other thoughts include “Night Lights” by Nat Cole. Any uptempo Frank Sinatra from his Capitiol Record Days. Like “Oh! Look at Me Now”….or finally a real favorite “Do you Know what it means to miss New Orleans”. The great live version by Gene Harris. I never heard that version until you played it back in ’97 (I think)..There are many of us who are so happy to hear you on air again. I look forward to every Saturday 6P-8P. keep having fun! Johnny Goyen

    • Reagan says:

      Hi Johnny! It’s Reagan, Jack’s daughter!  I had a great story about dad from my last visit home that I’d love to share with you, but I didn’t have your email address or know how to get a hold of you.  Please send me an email, so we can be in touch.  My email address is my Look forward to hearing from you!

  591. JeaniePhillips says:

    You used to play a song by a local gal,I think her name was Maria Williams.she had a really pretty Spanish recording and you played it a lot.Would love to hear it.

  592. Georgann Hinton says:

    Paul, at last I’ve found you thanks to my computer guy.  I’m that gal in The Woodlands (with so many ex’s) and Maxine wrote in her column how upset I was that you were going off the air back then - in 1997.  I’ve been a fan since you were back on KNUZ with Prissy & Sport & I was a teenager.  I’m still in The Woodlands and will be listening every Sat. night.  Georgann Hinton 

  593. Gamedayaggie says:

    Mr. Berlin:
    Nice to listen to you again. I haven’t listened to you since your KQUE days. Always enjoyed KQUE in the early 90′s. Best wishes!

  594. Dave Riley3 says:

    Howdy Mr. Paul ‘Irving’ Berlin,

    Dave and Cindy here in Pembroke Mass. enjoying the show and wish for you to play anything by Pee Wee Hunt, a former and missed neighbor, and fellow ham radio guy…
    ‘Wood Choppers Ball’ ??

    TNX from DaveR

  595. Paula Bazan says:

    I am a 67 year old woman who used to listen to you on KNUZ as I was getting ready for school.  Those were the days!  Just grateful that both of us are still here and I am especially grateful that I can enjoy your show sitting out on my deck every Saturday evening. Thank you so much!  Nino’s is right across the street from where I work and it is excellent! 

  596. Mneder says:


    Mike in Pagosa Springs, CO.

  597. Jerry Covey in Georgetown says:

    Stephen F. Austin will be having our 50th class reunion Oct.28-29 at the Doubletree in Houston.  All are your fans.  We would appreciate you mentioning the event. 
    Thanks and Don says hello.

  598. Vbartlett says:

    Paul appreciate the new shows being posted. you are still the Greatest DJ< MC or whatever!
    Play more Ink Spots, Platters, Mills Bros.
    Also how about The Hut Sut Song,Rawlson on the rillerrah and a brawla, brawla sooit. Its a Swedish Seranage from the 1940's?
    Thanks for all you play and say.
    Verna from the Heights

  599. Tammy says:

    Good God We Love You Paul!  Tammy

  600. David Cook says:

    Paul could you plat ” Crying in the Chapel” by Johnny Ray? Thanks david

  601. David Cook says:

    Paul Berlin, great to hear you on KSEV. I have listen to you since I was a teenager way back in the 50′s. I have always considered you to be the best. Keep it up we old guys have to stick together. I just wish you were on more. Arch Yancey was one of my favorites too. You guys were a great team at Knuz back in the day.  Thanks again David Cook

  602. Don Texter says:

      Will you play “I’d Give Everything”? Loved it when you played it back in 1956.  A local singer sang it at that time.       Don @ Magnolia,Texas

  603. trey magee says:

    thanks for the happy b day wishes…Trey

  604. Jerold says:

    Paul, how about something from Vikki Carr?  My wife would prefer “With Pen In Hand” I think “It Must Be Him” would be nice, but we both would be grateful for your favorite selection from Vikki.  Keep up the great work!

  605. Jim Spratley says:

    Your taste in music is impeccable (but, really, Elvis?).  So is your memory, almost.

    A test.  Who was Horace Heidt’s (and his musical knights) piano player in the ’40′s?  Went on to front his own band and wrote “Son, rise, Sarah neighted”?

    I saw them on stage at the Metropolitan Theater in Houston, in the early ’40′s.

    But I love Memphis, where I have lived the past 50 years.

    Jim, in (you know where).

  606. Lola Burnett says:

    It is such a pleasure hearing you again  – all of Houston loves you.

    Lola and Richard (Galena Park High ) 1958 & 1959 

  607. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,  How about playing the Vera Lynn version of ” We’ll Meet Again” for some of us OLD timers?  Then if I could hit the Daily-Double, maybe play the Platters, ” My Prayer ” for my wife, ” Bubbles “.
    Thanks – - -
    Ron Bonnel – The Old Fire Eater  <|:)[-    

  608. Jmsprat says:

    Uh, I am a little late in responding, as I listen a couple of weeks after the fact. Paul, up here in Memphis, we were led to believe that what was Rhodesia is now Zimbabwe.  Dictator and scourge, Robert Mugabe.

    Can’t tell you anything about Zambia. but I am sure some of your listeners can.


  609. Ellis says:

    I started doing Christian Radio in 1983 and have modelled my radio work after you, Mr. Berlin.  I’ve been a fan of yours since your KNUZ days.  KQUE was my favorite station until KMBE came along.  I recently discovered you were on KSEV and was thrilled.  Forget Saturday night TV this 67 year old man will once again be in front of his radio listening to his favorite DJ spinning the great songs he grew up listening to.  Thanks for being there for me, Paul.

  610. Vbartlett says:

    Paul Sat. 9/17 – Great show – you started off with Across the Alley from the Alamo, I had been humming all past week, also Charlie Shaffer, So. of the Border was great too!! Your program is very educational to me and I really enjoy. Didn’t know Glen Campbell didn’t write Gentle on my mind! – Now I do. Didn’t know you were blessed with 5 boys, lucky!
    Keep the oldies and your remarks coming. Still Listening!!!
    Verna from the Heights.

  611. larry says:

    Paul, My wife and I throughly enjoy your show, we look foward to it every Saturday. I used to listen to you on 790 at work. Moving here from New Orleans in 1964, I have enjoyed listening to you for a long time. So glad that you are back on the air, our thanks to Dan. If possible, please play Saint James Infirmary by Bobby Bland. Keep up the good work.

  612. Joe Dokes says:

    Okay, Paul , just now finding you back on radio.  Don’t think you could ever know how big a part of our lives you and your music have been through the many years.   Want to sincerely thank you for all the listening pleasure.  Hope the Christy Minstrels’ “Today”  has a place in your music library, today . . . .

  613. Fcsold says:

    My gosh I heard your voice on the air last week,  knew who it was and thought it was a rerun. I was born in Houston and my parents and I listened to you all the time. I remember meeting you in person at sometime, but can’t remember when/where. Wow! I’m glad your back on the radio. It brings back wonderful memories of the GOOD OLD DAYS!  I would love to chat with you sometime. I think we had some mutual friends. Just a few might be Baldwin Cassata, Jake Costa and Murphy Carrier who started the Lone Star Beer Distributorship in the 1950′s in Houston.
    I will keep listening and so are my mom and dad in the sky. Take care my friend……Fred C

  614. Gerald Smith says:

    I am 79 and really appreciate the memories that you revive every Saturday.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Gerald Smith
    Magnolia, Tx

  615. Good show Paul. 
    Rene Cashwell

  616. Mitch Martin says:

    Paul, my wife and my is Bewitch Bothered and Bewilder … we listen every Sat. if you could play it we would appreciate it.  You knew my Sept- dad,  Hal Hebert, a tenor sax man and claneat (sp) … he played with all the local big band types here. You also use to jock at the Mt. Carmel Sat. nite dances … can you believe we are comming up on our 50th. re-union?  Man how did we get here from there.  Shame you don’t jock any more … you’re probably the only guy in town that remmbers what we danced to … the class of 1962 … Oh before i forget how about some Jimmy Reed … saw him at Jimmy Manouts club … again pardon the spelling.  God Bless Ole Friend,  Mitch and Sharron Martin

  617. Personalized5 says:

    I would like to hear Etta James The jelous kind

  618. Nickj02 says:

    Paul Berlin and I have a common favorite….Doody Woo…

  619. Josephpwolfe says:

    hi love the show,  can you play-lover’s concerto -by jane morgan? also which was the bigger hit moody river by johnny rivers or moody river by pat boone.  finally was the strange song in the early 70′s by les crane

  620. Could this be the same Nick Fields who sang lead on “Playmate”, a Jimmie Duncan song recorded in 1957 on Jimmie’s Cue label by “The Clefs, featuring Nick Fields”. It reached number 3 on the KNUZ top 30. The flip side was by the same group, but with a different lead singer. I played piano on both sides, and arranged them both.

  621. Cg77539 says:

    Paul Berlin is a great Houston institution.  I have fond remembrances of my father singing I was born under a wandering star as he was in bliss listening.
    I am so very amazed and gladdened to hear him still spinning the best of the best, so many nuggets uncovered.
    God Bless You Paul!

  622. David Eudoxie says:

    Early 90ties, always had Paul Berlin on my shop radio.My customers always asked what is this station you listining to and they all tuned in to listen.He always told a story about the artist, I will always remember Paul Berlin.Great company in a one man shop.David Eudoxie Sr.

  623. Jerold says:

    Paul, my wife of 54 years & I moved to Houston in the 80′s and listened to you
    continuously in those early years.  It’s so good to have you back. Two hours a week isn’t nearly enough so I just click on your postings and listen to you all day long.  Paul, it occurred to us that, with our devastating wild fires, parched land and no end in sight, you might save the day.  Do you remember Johnny Ray and his two hits “Just Walking In The Rain” and on the flip side “The Little White Cloud That Cried” ?  We need both of these songs to go along with our prayers for rain.  God bless you and God bless KSEV for bringing you back.  

    Jerold & Barbara Clark
    22711 Elm Bark St
    Tomball 77375


    • Vbartlett says:

      How about Raindrops falling on my head or just plain Rain Drops
      don’t know who sings them but it would be encouraging anyway.
      Also Its Raining in my heart – Buddy Holly – Charlie Shaffer has it recorded too. Play more Charlie Shaffer, Please! His 50′s recording are great!
      Our county (Burleson) had a Please Rain prayer last week on courthouse lawn. Very well attended but nothing falling yet.
      Congratulations to and your wife of 54 years -
      Verna from the Heights

  624. Betsy says:

    Despite “ailing” is was not a “droopy show”. In fact, one of your best in my opinion.  Some of the great old music…hi-lited by Bolger’s “Once in Love with Amy  !  Promise you’ll never retire, Paul… it would be a terrible waste.  Wonder if you could dig up a vocal rendition of your theme, “We’ll Meet Again.”  

  625. Admooresr says:

    Hey Paul what a great program you have. My wife and I would not miss you on Sat. night. Please dig deep into your song bag and pull up “down Mexico way: by Gene Autry, also would like to hear “when I was 18″ by Jerry Lee Lewis. Thank you so much for fond memories. Aubrey Moore

  626. Tammy says:

    Hope you feel better soon Mr Berlin.  And please talk to Tom Tynan before you go for the aluminum siding.  Tammy

  627. Thomas Alkire says:

    One of the songs last night in that movie about Gus Kahn was “Carolina In the Morning” and my all time favorite version was yours (which you used to play sometimes in your early Houston radio period) and nothing would please me more than for you to play us your lovely version of that song.

    I’m in Fort Worth now but I’m originally from Houston and started listening to you in the early 50′s.  Thanks for all the variety of music styles and gracious hosting of all those radio broadcasts.

    Thomas Alkire in Fort Worth

  628. Ben says:

    Good God this show makes me Happy!  Found you Mr. Berlin five weeks ago, and haven’t forgot to listen in since, but I missed it last Sat. Went to see the Astros, my youngest daughter , Marisa works at a cafe right by the ball park, called Home Plate.  Had to have her wait us before the season is over. 
      I was so dissapointed when you went off air few years ago.
      The thrill to find you back on air is unbelievable..  Please keep on.. we will be patronizing your sponsors..
      Not as far away as Zambia, but you have us here in Liberty Co.  LOVE YOUR SHOW,Beno.

  629. JeaniePhillips says:

    No August shows posted,skipped to Sept.what happened?

  630. Rayl says:

    Hello Paul,
    We are so happy to be able to hear your ” Velvet Voice” and witty stories once again! Dan Patrick is doing something right! The only complaint we have is, you’re not on the air long enough! Two hours is just doesn’t cut it.
     Would you please play ” Never My Love” , ” Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and or ” You’ve Come Along Way From St. Louis”? Thanks again! We love you and your show. My husband is crazy about you as well as the rest of us. Raylene Willis

  631. JeaniePhillips says:

    Wow,new shows posted.Thanks !!!!!!

  632. Jimrobrobinson says:

    Whoops!  In my comment to you yesterday I inadvertently typed “Elwood” rather than “Earwood.”


  633. Dott says:

    I love your show.  You play everything that’s good.
    Please add “Riders In The Sky” to your show.

  634. Jimrobrobinson says:

    Ok, Berlin.  You played a lively version of “El Rancho Grande” and said it was by “Mundo Elwood.” Went on Amazon’s MP-3 to get a copy and they have over 250 versions of “ERG,” but no Mundo Elwood.  Where can I find him?


    • Johnnygoyen says:

      Hey Jim – I don’t know the song you mentioned but I believe the artist you are looking for is MUNDO EARWOOD. Give that correction a try & hopefully you’ll come up with you are lookin for. Good Luck to you in finding it. Johnny Goyen

  635. Hamidgaj says:

    hello paul, when i first migrated to the u.s.a. in the late 90′s , i tuned into a radio station which you hosted everyday mid mornings till late afternoons, and you brought back so many of my childhood and teen days memories back in ZAMBIA , AFRICA, where i born and grew up. ZAMBIA then was a BRITISH colony and we had a lot of AMERICAN influence CARS, MOVIES, TV MOVIES AND SITCOMS, the american type of cafe’s and all the comics, so i grew up with a lot of the memories of yesteryears stars, music, movies, lifestyles and when i tuned into the station you hosted , i was bowled over with your nostalgic stories of those years, here i found someone who could relate to my days, and i would get my kids to listen to your programme, and my daughter sophia , became an ardent fan of yours too. until one day , when sophia informed me that you had retired from the DJ’ hosting, this was when i went back to ZAMBIA for my usual business, (i tvl back and forth every six-twelve months) and my heart sank, but, lo and behold, this last saturday i was looking for a programme on the radio, i just happned to tune into ksev 700 , and i could not belive my ears when i heard your voice, i was thrilled and overjoyed, and i got on to the site to see your schedules of programmes, but was disappointed to learn , that you only presnt it on SATURDAY FOR 2 HOURS ONLY, I ALSO SEE THAT WE CAN LOG IN AND LISTEN TO YOUR STATION ON THE NET, I HOPE TO LOG IN AND LISTEN TO YOU , WHEN I GET BACK TO AFRICA, END OF THIS MONTH. I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU ONE DAY, IM A BIG FAN OF YOURS.  MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND GIVE A LONG LIFE.YOU BRING A SMILE AND HAPPY MEMORIES INTO PEOPLES LIVES. GOD BLESS YOU.


    SUGARLAND TX 77479

    281 494 0722
    832 335 4758

  636. JeaniePhillips says:

    Just checked out Great Dee Jays,thanks for the info.Loved all the picures.

  637. Kga58 says:

    MISSISSIPPI MUD by Dinah Shore please?

  638. Mark says:

    How about playing a little Harry Connick, Jr. for my little Cajun Queen, Yolanda.  We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in a couple of months.  I’d like to request the song We Are in Love.

  639. biggy says:

    Been listening to your show for about two months now. I was all about new age and hip hop a big fan of r and b and cool with the 80′s.  I have to say you turned me around..took me back to a really good age of music.  Am only 20 but love your show…By the way, last week you played an Italian song…what was it….Thanks…

  640. Bunnyfae says:

    How about a dose of “Listen to the Mockingbird”?  Just now heard that you were back in circulation for all us oldsters.   SO GLAD; you’re as awesome as ever; bless you and yours.   Flo  

  641. Gary & Vicki says:

    Dear Paul, you’ll have a new listener this week; my Aunt Hazel in Rosenberg. She’s a dear lady who just celebrated her 80-somethingth birthday. Please play something special for her. We love you Aunt Hazel! You too Paul! Gary & Vicki.

  642. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul,

    Driving home after dinner last night, I saw an old guy sitting against the wall of a building drinking from his Brown-Bag Bottle and thought – ” Paul needs to play something for these old forgotten people “; and so I wonder if you could reach waaaaay back into your files and find a song called ( I think ), “Drink Wine Spody-Ody, Drink Wine “; for all the wine-o’s as well as the high brow wine tasters.

    Ron Bonnel – The Old Fire Eater -  <|:)[-     

  643. Verna bartlett says:

    Paul – hope your week has been good. Will be listening to you Sat. Nite 6-8
    for all of your good music and comments. You really make my week.
    Thanks again,
    Verna from the Heights

  644. Mike Barone says:

    Mr. Berlin,
    Love the show; I wish we still had a full time station playing popular music.  I suppose at 42, I am a bit of an anomility—but I love to listen to a good DJ and not just the music.  Satellite music just does not cut it.
    Anyway, I have an unusual request.  Do you have any 50s/60s sound checks?  Full shows with DJ, commercials and music?  If so, can I get a copy?  If not, any idea where I could find?  You or your heros?
    I would like to hear how a show flowed and feel the pace.  I am sure the clock was a little looser and there was more room for improvise. 
    Any help would be appreciated.
    You played Ella doing Paper Moon last week, so I am set on requests.  How about a set for the Warwick?  Charlie, Enzo, Gustavo, Jack, Dick, Tony and Ricky.  You can read some of Maxine Messinger’s introductions and add a story about each performer.  Would be unforgettable.

    • Hi Mike,
      I just saw your post here and it brought back memories of my favorite jobs ever. I spent every spring playing at the Warwick Club from 1982 right up to closing night in May ’89. That gave me the chance to enjoy my hometown at a nice time of year, and to enjoy the great music of KQUE radio, which did not yet exist when I relocated to Las Vegas in 1958. Thanks for remembering. Looking at your list of the other Warwick performers, I was in great company.

  645. Shirley says:

    I’d love to hear Jim Reeves’  He’ll Have to Go    or  the Browns’  The Three Bells.   Loving the music.  So glad to have found you back on the air.  You are a national treasure!

  646. Shirley says:

    I have just discovered you online up here in Granbury, Texas, southwest of Fort Worth.  I am a Houston girl who grew up listening to you on KNUZ.  Great memories! 

  647. Richard says:

    Like the show! How about ” The Last Farwell” or anything by Roger Whitaker?

  648. Lynn says:

    Would love to hear “Ivory Tower”


  649. BHayden1261 says:

    Dearest Mr. Berlin…. tickled me to no end tonight to hear you announce my Dad and Cindy up in Marshfield/Pemboke Mass. …..yup, I turned those crazy kids onto your wonderful Saturday night show here in heavenly Houston…. just ADORE YOU !…. 

  650. Joe Canales says:

    It is great to hear his voice on the radio again.
    Joe Canales

  651. Stephen Hunt says:

    In Reply To Jeanie Phillips–Jeanie–I just wanted to express my gratitude for the kind words about my dad Webb Hunt & his monument to musical good taste, the lamented legend—K-QUE–FM. It was the nice people like you & the other loyal, longtime listeners who kept the station on-the-air through 37 years. May God bless you & yours. To the good times . . .    Stephen Hunt 

  652. Suzicami82 says:

    Paul I thought you would like to know that NickFields of the nick and Connie show in the early 50′s passed away 8/23/11 he is by 5 children and 15 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.
    He passed away at the VA hospital,ironically where he began singing and playing his guitar at the young age of 10 for the veterans. He died from complications of a stroke. If you would like you can email me

    Sincerely Suzanne Fields Robertson

  653. Bill Hood says:

    Could Please Play Hushabye 1959 Hit Bill

  654. D Zylicz says:

    Paul,  You’ll enjoy these pictures of days gone by in Houston.

    • Verna bartlett says:

      D Zylicz – I certainly enjoyed the pictures – FYI I was a 55 graduate of Reagan. In the early 60′s I got to be friends with Bill Williams through the investment firm I worked – and low and behold – he sent me an electric skillet clock with Bill Williams in the rough” on it I still have but have never hung it or used it – its precious – If anyone knows of a collector of such, let me know.
      The pictures were great – so many memories – especially Garden Oaks Show and Princes – Thank you.
      Verna from the Heights

  655. Cindy 22 says:

    Our favorite 50s tunes are coming in good to Pembroke, Ma…
    First radio voice broadcast took place 105 years ago in next town…

    This is a nice Saturday night date…

  656. Gloria says:

    Thanks for playing Summer Wind by Frank Sinatra–Never found show from March5— 

  657. BHayden1261 says:

    ….now THIS is RADIO …!!!  adore you Mr.Berlin… oxoxox

  658. Dave Riley says:

    Always a pleasure to listen in with my daughter in Houston and me here in Boston…
    All 50s music here appreciated…
    Amretired from radio…

    Go Paul ‘Irving’ Berlin…

    Dave Riley

  659. JeaniePhillips says:

    Happy birthday “Mister Too Sweet”

  660. JeaniePhillips says:

    Happy birthday.Hope you got your “Mister Too Sweet” card.

  661. JeaniePhillips says:

    wishing you a happy birthday.Hope you got your ’Mister Too Sweet” card.

  662. Vangie r says:

    The Robertson family send Happy Birthday greetings to Paul on the 22nd.
    Hope it is a wonderful one.

    Jones, Vangie and Deanna

  663. HAROLD SCHUMANN says:



  664. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hi Paul,  
    This is a couple of days early, but Happy Birthday to you on the 22nd. Please pick something from the good old Dixie-Land music you have to play for yourself, from all of your New Orleans listeners. 
    Ron Bonnel – Old Fire Eater -  <|:)[-       

  665. Verna bartlett says:

    Paul – Monday 8/22 is your BIG DAY. Hope you have a very happy birthday and keep having them.
    Verna from the Heights

  666. Larry Benthall says:

    Paul, who do you know (still alive) that was involved with KXYZ early days?

  667. Verna bartlett says:

    Paul – thanks much for playing Matilda by Cookie and Cupcakes. I just caught the last of it as I was having trouble with my radio and don’t know if you played it in response to my request of some time back but anyway, thanks it is good anytime. I finally found the Charlie Shaffer CD with ‘We will meet again and I’ll be seeing you’ Right there in the Heights in Heavenly Houston. The CD is Music from across the way and around the world, if anyone else has the desire to have it like I did. I hum that song most the time.
    Paul, your show is just so good. It makes my week. Those 2 hours are mine alone to listen to your show. Thanks for being so informative and do keep it up. I like anything you play most of the time, but how about Quiet Village, by Martin Denny!
    Till Saturday.
    Verna from the Heights

  668. Craigjw10 says:

     Hi Paul,  i really enjoy your show every Saturday and look forward to it.  Could you please play Hasta Luego by Hank Locklin if you have it……Im sure you probably do.  It is included in the album Memphis Women. 

    Thanks in advance


  669. RinTen10 says:

    Too many singers on two different tracks can sure mess up the Cup Cakes.
    But one thing I always wondered about has now been answered….Disc jockeys don’t listen to what they play.
    Your rendition of Matilda by Cookie & the Cup Cakes was overridden with another song at the same time. Not Grammy worthy.
    We love ya anyhow.

  670. Jim Spratley says:

    Paul, you are making my “twilight years” the greatest.  Let me pick your brains, once again. Who made “Maybe You’ll Be There” popular?  Could you play it?

    Jim “on line” in, where else, Memphis!

  671. Merrittsherry says:

    Please play Bells in my Heart – I have tried to find where to request a song be played and I can’t find it.  PLEASE play “Bells in my Heart” for my mom.

  672. monte werneth -conroe says:


  673. JeaniePhillips says:

    Sleepy Lagoon by Harry James please.

  674. John Rivard says:


    My wife Marlys and I really enjoy your show!

    Western swing is a great Texas tradition, and the River Road Boys will be playing for a dance in Houston Saturday, Aug 20 at the SPJST #88 Hall (the Chandelier Ballroom, 15th & Beall), 8:30-12.  Perhaps you could play some good western swing on the Aug 13 and Aug 20 shows?  If you don’t have the River Road Boys, Bob Wills, or Milton Brown, or Adolph Hofner, or Jody Nix,or Asleep At The Wheel, or your choice…

    By the way, I only recently discovered that I can listen to your archived shows on the web.  Maybe you should mention this on the air?

    John Rivard, The Texas Polka News

  675. Eleanor Driver says:

    Love your show, Paul; you’re great at keeping all the “golden oldies” alive!
    Would love to hear a very old goldie… “When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New”, I think it was “Jimmy …? Something” who recorded it as a beautiful ballad.  My husband and I have been married almost 55 years, and that song
    is ours, so to speak. 
    Keep up the good work; God bless you!
    Eleanor,  Katy

  676. Charlotte Fowler says:

    Paul – Please play “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boone.  It was played at our 50th Wedding Anniv. Party in 2009.  We will celebrate 52 years this Aug. 15th.  Charlotte & Paul Fowler (P.S. We are Josh Pennington’s grandparents and will be sharing Denise with you next March 31st)

  677. dave Liggett says:

    Hi Paul….My wife and I love your show.  We even tape it and listen to it while we are swimming in our pool later in the week.  We have three requests:  I Double Dare You, Larry Clinton; What I did for Love, Jack Jones:  and Reminiscing, Little River Band.  Keep up the good work. Dont ever quit. David and Laura Liggett in Spring.

  678. Verna Bartlett says:

    Hi Paul – Still listening and still trying to find I’ll be seeing you by Paul Shaffer, you replied to Betsy some time back it was from his Vera Lynn collection, but evidently that did not make public distribution because I still have not found it. Anyway, your show is still great – and since you like Nat King Cole, how about If I May. I think this is your birthday month but cant remember what day??? anyway Happy Birthday all month long.
    Thanks, Verna from the Heights

  679. Stephen Hunt says:

    In reply to Vicki & Gary & Jeanie Phillips–Thank you for asking about & remembering my dad Webb Hunt, who developed the format & concept of KQUE & signed it on the air in October 1960. He also performed his on-air show for 37 continuous years from 1960-1997.Sadly, he passed away in 2006.Again,thanks very much for remembering & listening to KQUE. Best wishes–Stephen Hunt

    • JeaniePhillips says:

      Thanks for the info.Sorry to hear of his passing.I would listen to him all night when he had that spot.There will never be another station like KQUE.

      • Stephen Hunt says:

        Jeanie–I just wanted to express my gratitude for the kind words about my dad Webb Hunt & his monument to musical good taste, the lamented legend—KQUE-FM. It was the nice people like you & the other loyal, longtime listeners who kept the station on-the-air through 37 years. May God bless you & yours. To the good times . . .       Stephen Hunt

    • imadj914 says:

      Stephen, I was saddened to read your comment about your dad’s passing.  Webb was one of my favorites on KQUE.  I did not know about his involvement in getting that station on the air, though.  I never missed hearing at least portions of Scott Arthur in the morning, Paul Berlin mid-day and Webb Hunt, too.  Ronnie Renfro was also a favorite on KQUE.  I am thrilled to learn that Paul is back on the air. 

  680. Johnny Goyen says:

    Hey Paul – Another great show last night. I listened to the full two hours. Thanks for saying “Hi” to me along with your Austin/Internet listeners! Looking forward to next Saturday. Johnny Goyen

  681. Jeanl says:

    I keep hearing and reading about people who have listened to you for years. Wonder how many of those went to watch you spin records at the Scanlan Buiilding (believe that was the name) when you first came to Houston?  My friends and I did; San Jacinto alumna class of “54.

  682. Sugarcad says:

    Hello Mr. Berlin: 
    I have been a 60 year fan of yours.  I emailed a lot of people to listen to you tonight.  Thanks for another great show.  I recently bought a “Firehouse Five Plus Two” CD and a Perry Como and a Sauter Finnegan CD.  I just HAD to hear “Nina Never Knew” again, and the other S-F songs I loved so much.  Remember Ray Noble and “Happy Anniversary”?  When I first heard it one night, coming home from a date, I was hooked and still listen to it.  If  you want to play “In The Good Old Summer Time” or one of these songs for EVERYONE, it’s OK with me.
    Keep up the great work,  jb

  683. Janethnelson says:

    Listening to you reminds me of the 50′s when I was a young teenager.
    I’d make everyone finish dinner by 6:45 so I could listen to the top 3 songs while I washed the dishes! Good ole KNUZ
    Thanks for the memories.

  684. Ralph Byrnes says:

    You were our radio daddy that let us know that it was time to get our dates home when you signed off at midnight.  My girl friend and I saw you and your wife one night at the Plantation Ball Room on South Main.  Im glad that you are working again even it is only part time.  Hope that they have to pry your dead fingers off of the control knobs some day.  You deserve to do what you and we love.
    Ralph Byrnes 

  685. Lynn says:

    Thanks for another wonderful Saturday evening . . .

  686. Presley says:

    Keep up the good work Paul !!!

  687. Johnnygoyen says:

    Hi Paul – I’ve known you a very long time! I’ll never forget the first time I met you back in 1957 at KNUZ in Houston. You were my inspiration to become a Houston D.J when I was 7 years old. I had to wait a few years, but thanks to You, I landed my first Houston Radio job at Soul Radio Legend KYOK when I was 15! I’ve been gone from Houston for the past ten years, but I still listen to you every Saturday on the internet here in Austin. As you know, I love all kinds of music… play me something of your choice. My Best To You & Your Listeners, Johnny Goyen Austin,Tx

  688. John H. says:

    I listen to your show every Saturday. Keep the good music and great stories coming.

  689. jim says:


    Could you play peg of my heart for my wife Marilyn?  You played it last week and this is one of her favorite songs.  I simply loved that version and I dont remember who played it.  I would love for her to hear it.


  690. guest says:

    can anyone tell me how to record the broadcasts on my computer?

  691. Woody Laywell says:

    Hi Paul,

    Several of us will be going to Nino’s this evening. I will  tell everybody that you sent us. We will listen to the first part of the program in route to dinner. Have fun tonight.

    Woody, your fellow allergy patient.

  692. Houstongirl says:

    On Saturday, July 23rd, we would love to hear Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood” and “Dear Heart” by Andy Williams. The world is so much easier to deal with when listening to you on Saturday nights. The music comes even more alive with the stories you tell.

  693. Verna Bartlett says:

    Paul – on 7/16 thanks for correction on April Stevens instead of Marilyn Monroe on Give me a little Kiss. – Also you mentioned your sign off medley was Charlie Shaffer from his Vera Lynn Collection – I have searched and even emailed him but still have not found it. Can you help me here too? Does anyone else out there know where I might find it?
    You and your show are TOPS!!! 
    Verna from the Heights

  694. Paige says:

    Still haven’t heard from anyone re the name of Charlie Byrd’s album that contains the instrumental version of “Lulu’s Back In Town”.  If anyone knows I’d really appreciate it, as I have been searching the internet for months with not results.  Paul (and sometimes Scott Arthur) used to play it fairly often on KQUE.

    I’d really appreciate the help.


  695. Jim in Spring says:

    Thanks Paul for bringing the music from my teen years, oh so long ago.

  696. Doug says:


    Your program is an oasis of good music in an otherwise local wasteland on both the AM and FM bands.

    Station management needs to expand your program to more nights a week.

    My dad, son and I very much enjoy the big band classics – look forward to hearing more of these.

    Would appreciate hearing the following:

    1. Peanut Vendor by Stan Kenton
    2. Snowfall by Claude Thornhill
    3. Poinciana Glenn Miller (instrumental version).
    4. Canadian Sunset (instrumental version).

    Thanks and keep the great sounds coming!


    Doug in Katy

    • Sugarcad says:

      Yes Mr. Doug – Claude and Stan the Man were fantastic.  I think the name “Artistry Jumps” by Mr. Kenton was one that used to blow me away. 

  697. BHayden1261 says:

    It comforts me so to hear your voice…. I just LOVE you Mr.Berlin ! …. wish we could have a full time KQUE or KBME format again …. 

  698. Robert Collins says:

    Hello Paul,
    Could you play “Summer Wine” by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood?

    Thanks very much,
    Robert Collins

  699. JeaniePhillips says:

    Listening to the last hour of May 4th. Wish you would play “All I Have To Give” by Jerry Tiffe.Thanks

  700. Verna Bartlett says:

    Paul – how about ‘I’ll never be free by kay starr
    Verna from the Heights

  701. Verna Bartlett says:

    Paul – Sat. 7/9 show – Your favorite fairie tale, the Princes and the Frog – led into ‘Jerimia was a bullfrog” GREAT. Also – Give me a Little Kiss – you cut off for commercial but I guess it was Marilyn Monroe – You never did say. Your show from the 1951 hit parade was great too. I know your wife enjoyed that. I hope she had a very Happy Birthday. Didn’t know she was from New Braunsfels – I used to spend a lot of summer times at Landa Park and Lake McQueenie too.
    I guess from Jeanie Phillips that it is Charlie Shaffer who plays at the end of your show. I enjoy your show so much. It is my weekly treat. Thanks for your whit and music.
    Verna from the Heights

  702. Betsy says:

    P.S. Now I can hear GOOD music while I play word games.  There’s no good music on any radio station in Houston anymore.  (Since Paul.)

  703. Betsy says:

    PLEASE!!!!  Keep him on in your programming…..preferably MORE hours per week !!   He is a gem and a genius in the music world of yesterday.  A terrible waste of knowledge and talent, that he can only broadcast two hours a week. But happy to have at least that………I would really like to be able to contact him (by Mail ) and voice some thoughts personally……but don’t know how, other than to email thru’ this  medium.  Don’t lose this wealth of musical knowledge while you can………soooo glad he’s BACK !!!!!!!  
    Would like to request the entire recording of “We’ll Meet Again”….

    • Verna bartlett says:

      Betsy – I have been trying to find the Paul Shaffer album with I’ll be seeing you – Paul replied a few weeks back it was from his Vera Lynn Collection but I have been unable to find. You have any suggestions.
      I love listening to Paul, have listened to him in my younger years KNUZ
      and later on KBME before they went all sports. He is really good and really brings back good memories.
      If you can help, please let me know. I do not have a computer at home and only have access Mon, Tues and Wed., so if you don’t hear from me thats why.
      Don’t know where you are from, but I was born and raised in the Heights.
      Graduated Reagan Class of 1955 – Yea Bulldogs.
      Verna from the Heights

    • Verna bartlett says:

      Betsy – I finally found the CD with We’ll Meet Again and I’ll be seeing you by Charlie Shaffer – The title is Music from across the way and around the world. I have nearly worn it out playing it already.
      CS is so good, like Paul Berlin.
      Verna from the Heights

  704. Lynn says:

    Thanks for “Ivory Tower” — Listened to it many times at Louisiana Tech in 1954.  Great memories from The Rendezvous in Ruston.

  705. Harry Joe says:

    Swing Low Sweet Chariot by Quartets

    Hello Mr Berlin: I am Harry Joe. It was a joy to have met you in person at the Hyundai Dealer Center.  I am enjoying your program tonight.  I also like the song called something like “listen to the Radio” if you can think of it.

    Again, it was a pleasure to meet a king in Radio.
    Harry Joe

  706. Starlett Curry says:

    Paul Berlin is my all time favorite radio person!  I just found out about his show and am listening to it as we speak.  Brings back a lot of memories!  Love it!!!! 
    ( Tell Nezzie I said Happy Birthday!)  love you Paul!  Starlett Curry. Conroe TX  


  707. Bill Hood says:

    Dear Paul Could Please Play The Brass Ring The Phoenix Love Theme
                  Simcerely Yours

  708. JeaniePhillips says:

    Paul,what a sweet song to play for your wife. I’m surprised that you didn’t come up with a joke.You are really being nice.Wishing her a happy birthday.

  709. Terry says:

    Hey Paul, I have a story to tell you. In the summer of 1967 @ age 13 I heard a song that my dad had commented on. He was killed in april of that year. I heard this song several more times through the summer and then it faded into a memory. Many years went by and as I remembered my dad I also remembered this song. 30 plus years past and without hearing that song again and I began to wonder if the faint melody actually existed or was it just something I had imagined. One cold rainey winter morning about 4 0r 5 am I was in bed half asleep very sick with fever and the flu with a barely audible KNUZ playing in the background. Then a song began to play and within the first few notes I bolted myself up and putting my ear to the radio I realized this was the song I had heard so many yeras ago. I wasn’t able to catch the name of the song at that time but the next day I called and the lady at the mike told me that she would find it. She did and the name of that song was “If I ever find the time” by The Jones Boys. True story so if you know of or have this song it would be nice to hear it again. Best wishes. Terry from Houston. 

  710. Bill Hood says:

    Could Play Tommy Darsey And Two For Two I Enjoyed Your Show

  711. Paige says:

    I’m a long time fan–way back to the 60′s (yes, I’m that old!).  I used to hear Charlie Byrd’s rendition of “Lulu’s Back In Town” on your show, and have exhausted every effort to find it on ANY of his albums.  I recently ordered (at no little expense) his “Live! at Blues Alley” CD, but is has a vocal version…not the instrumental version that you used to play.

    I’m hearing it over and over in my head and it’s driving me nuts. Can anyone simply tell me which album it is on or where I can get a copy? 

    I’d really appreciate the help.


    P. S.  Check out my channel on YouTube and you’ll see just how much Paul Berlin, Scott Arthur, and Ronnie Renfrow influenced my music taste.  My user name is “texpaco”.

  712. Verna Bartlett says:

    Paul your 4th show was great – need a boost since no fireworks.
    I replied to Charlie Shafer re the 4 clefs and maybe he can help with ‘dig these blues’ – I was sure you played it back when you had your lunch time show on kbme. Well I am still trying, anyway. Enjoy your show and hope you “This should go on forever’
    will be listening Sat nite.
    Verna from the Heights

  713. Ron Bonnel says:

    Hey Paul, I knnow that Sunday the 10th. is your wife’s birthday, so would you play something nice for her; after putting up with you all these years she deserves a song in her honor.

  714. Bill Hood says:

    Dear Paul Would Please Paly Tea For Two By Tommy Darsey I Love Your Show
    It Is Good My E-Mail Is kd5eka@juno:disqus But I Can Not Play Muis Also Please Play Wonderland By Night My Name Is Bill

  715. Lynn says:

    Do you have a recording of “Ivory Tower”?  Don’t recall who sang it, but it was popular in ’55 or ’56.  Would love to hear it again.
    Tonight’s show is great, as usual, but it’s the fastest two hours of the week.

  716. Kd5eka says:

    Dear Paul My Name Is Bill Please The Phoenix Love Theme By The Brass Ring
    I Enjoy Your Show

  717. Bob Elkins says:

    Hello Paul..

    Glad to find you again…Your old friend Joyce Webb in Wimberley also says hi.

    How about Dino’s ” Going back to Houston”?


  718. Hi Paul…I usually record Saturday shows (4 o’clock my time) and listen later. It occurs to me that if you ever wanted to dedicate something to Poochie, I could put it on a CD for him. Also I’ll have a surprise for you in the mail soon (by the 4 Clefs). That camel walk is tough, by the way. Maybe you just make it LOOK easy!

    • Verna Bartlett says:

      Charlie – checking on Paul Berlins comments I see you have a surprise by the 4 clefs – I have been looking for ‘Dig These Blues” by 4 clefs and Paul was able to find by Chet Adkins but maybe you might have some idea about it. I would sure like to get a copy if possible.
      Have fun out there in Vegas and hit a lucky number with my name on it. I’ll share. Paul does have the best show ever. I have listened to him since I was teen back in the 50′s – he just keeps getting better.
      Thanks for your time.
      Verna from the Heights

    • Verna Bartlett says:

      Charlie – Paul said on 7/16 show that the medley he signs off with is Charlie Shaffers Vera Lynn Melody – I have looked and am still looking but can’t find anywhere and I really would like to own that CD because when Paul signs off on Sat. at 8:00 pm – I sing it for days. He also said you are from Spring Branch – I am from the Reagan Class of 55  – and knew several Spring Branchers. Please help if you can so I can get onto other things for you and Paul.
      Verna from the Heights.

      • Hi Verna – The name of that CD is “Music From Across the Way and ‘Round the World” and one place you can get it is at, right there in Houston. Thanks for asking. I was class of 56 at Spring Branch. I think listening to Paul in those days had a lot to do with forming my musical tastes.

        • Verna bartlett says:

          Hi Charlie – I must have missed this. Anyway, thats just where I found the CD – Wes Daily and I were almost neighbors only a few years difference.
          He said they had a music store on 11th and Cortland but i don’t remember it. You probably did know Duke if you finished in 56 I think that was same year he did.
          I guess I have been listening to Paul, when I could for over 55 years or so.
          You did go following his profiles.
          Verna from the Heights

  719. JeaniePhillips says:

    Waiting for you to post all of the June shows.Thanks

  720. Presley-mary says:

    Hey, Paul how about Don Cherry’s “Pleasing You”? Keep up the good work!!You are still the “Bestest”!!!!!! Presley

  721. Bob Elkins says:

    Paul;   Great to hear you again:  Our mutual friend,  Joyce Webb, says hello from Wimberley…

    How about Dino’s “Going back to Houston, Houston”  for an opener?

    I am originally from SA…hs class of 1958….We came over here many times
    during hs and you were always the King on radio..Loved you and also KRIS in Corpus…

    Bob E
    Crosby, Tx

  722. David Stimson says:

    Thanks for the many years of great music, Mr. Berlin!  Would you consider playing “You Belong to Me” (either the Patsy Cline or Jo Staford version)?  Thank you again, sir.  I look forward to your broadcast every weekend.

  723. angelo says:


    I can’t tell you how happy we were to find you back on the air. You played songs for me all through high school and college, as well as on our 10th anniversary in 1989. Well, Phyllis and I are still married after 32 years and we would love it if you could play us something.

    It’s great to listen to you every Saturday.

    Angelo Russo

  724. Jan says:

    Paul, would you please play a Pete Fountain medley?

  725. Cthartung says:

    up a lazy river–mills brothers     for Connie on Barker

  726. JeaniePhillips says:

    In Bonham listening to you again.Hope the other June shows will soon be posted.

  727. Tod says:

    Wow…so glad to find that you are on the air…this made my year!

    Tod in Katy

  728. V-bartlett says:

    6/21/11 First day of Summer – temps in triple digits. Anyway, thanks much for Do De Woo! Oh Lord, I remember! Too much to talk about. Your show 6/11 was great as always – How about “When we’re 65″ = don’t know who by or if thats right title, I just know I like it – Also Joe Stampley ‘Penny’
    Have a good week and I am looking forward to Sat. 6-8 KSEV from Beautiful Houston. By the way – I would go to Vincents or Ninos if it wasn’t a two hour drive from where I live, and thats just getting into Houston, Much less West Dallas between Waugh and Montrose.
    Verna from the Heights

  729. Bob and Shelly says:

    Hey Paul… Play in the Mood, Glen Miller. Your biggest fans: Bob and Shelly in Dallas!!

  730. Duaneschroedter says:

    Hey paul ,I was watching “Rio Bravo” again today,one of my favorite movies. How about some ricky nelson.

  731. Presley says:

    Paul, Wht was the name of the disc jockey that did the late night show on KNUZ and KQUE. You guys , if my memorie is correct, said he was the oldest DJ to have a show.  My question, have you surpassed him yet????

    Don’t forget my Don Cherry, Pleasing you!! Keep up the good work, We enjoy what you do for Houston!!! 


    • JeaniePhillips says:

      I think you are talking  about Webb Hunt

    • Hi Presley-I listened to Webb Hunt nightly on KQUE during the eighties when I was in Houston every spring. Years earlier, in the 50s, I listened to Buddy Covington overnight on KNUZ. They were both faves, but there is only one Paul Berlin.

  732. Fred says:

    travelin mood by Wee Willie Wayne

  733. V-bartlett says:

    Sat. 6/11 show one of the best. Guess you finally get around to my comments two hours just isn’t long enough for your show. How about Matilda by the Cupcakes for my birthday 6/25 – would be great. Won’t tell how many, but I think a few more than you. Always enjoy your show.
    Verna from the Heights, back when it was really cool.

  734. Alcus2 says:

    Thanks for continuing to post the Paul Berlin shows to this page. It’s greatly appreciated.

  735. Joy Jenkins says:

    Love that the recorded shows are now available.  Been following you since the 50s and I not only enjoy the music you play, but your knowledge of the history of so many artists, plus your amusing anecdotes makes your show “one in a million”.  I always wonder how big your music library is; it seems you can go for many shows without ever repeating anything!  Pretty amazing.  Look forward to many more years of listening!

  736. Bill says:

    Hey Paul..I really enjoy your show every Saturday night…Just wish you could be on every night…I know you have played “Slippin Around”…but do you have it by Floyd Tillman?

  737. JEANIE PHILLIPS says:

    Listening to you tonight in Bonham , my daughter’s home.Yea for the internet.:-)

  738. Jim says:

    Thanks, Paul, for letting me hang on to a shred of my youth.  I stream your program in Memphis, TN (ever hear of it?).  You were numero uno when I graduated from Milby High School in 1951.  Could you play “Lonely Wine”.

    Sprat in Memphis

  739. Presley says:

    Paul , where is Scott Author and Debbie now, miss all you guys in the AM!!!!

  740. Jim says:

    Left Houston in ’61 for Memphis, of all places.  Was a faithful fan up until then.
    Back in ’51, “P.S. I Love You” was a hit for the Hilltoppers.  But you played one more frequently by another choral group, which arrangement was more sophisticated.  Who was that group?

    The late Fred Cook, dean of Memphis broadcasters spoke highly of you and often.

  741. Presley says:

    Pleasing You  (as long as I live), Don Cherry

  742. Elizabeth Williams says:

    Thanks for your suggestion to dine at Nino’s.We celetrated our anniversary
    there and as you say,Good Food and Good Service !! A lovely evening.
    Love your show!! Elizabeth & Stan  (KQUE Fan)

  743. V-bartlett says:

    Paul – I apologize – so I guess you can play I apologize by Billy Ekstein but the reason I am apologizing is I asked for Penny by Jim Croce and Penny is by Joe Stampley not Croce. Sorry if I put you to extra trouble. Sure enjoy your show and have cousin in Dallas trying to get your show up there.
    Also who is the composer/song writer that plays your sign off theme, I thought maybe Paul Shaffer but haven’t been able to find it. Please let me know. And keep on rocking and rolling Paul, you are the best.
    Verna from the Heights 6/6/11

    • JeaniePhillips says:

      The piano player is Charlie Shaffer but I don’t think he wrote the song.

      • Verna Bartlett says:

        Jeanie – 7/12/11 Thanks for your reply – I don’t have computer at home and get behind on my emails.
        I have been looking for Charlie Shaffer version of it but so far unable.
        I do listen to Paul every Sat night – that is my time exclusively for Pauls program. We need to get a Sat Nite Paul Berlin Fan Club going!!!
        Thanks again for your reply.
        Verna from the Heights

        • JeaniePhillips says:

          Sounds good to me.I have a lot of clipping of when he left KQUE.I also have the video of his retirement party from KBME.

        • JeaniePhillips says:

          The video I have is from his 50th anny tribute, not a retirement.My mistake.Think he was at KSEV at that time.

    • Ron Bonnel says:

      Paul’s sign-off theme is, ” But I’ll Be Seeing You”, played by Houston’s own Charlie Shaffer

      • Verna Bartlett says:

        Ron – thanks, I hadn’t tried that title yet. I’ll do it. I really enjoy Charlie Shaffer in all his music.
        I don’t have a computer at home – so I am sometimes not able to reply as quickly as I would like to.
        Thanks again, and have a good summer.
        Verna from the Heights

  744. Jim Young says:

    Hello Paul – Incidentaly I am 78 years old. Your show and Your Music is the greatest. It is now 8:03 pm – 06/04/2011 just finished exercising in the pool to your 2 hours of Music. Going to schecule a party soon – inviting Quail Valley, Missouri City, Tx 77459 Oil Field Trash Retiries to Eat, Particape in Adult Beverages, and Music from 6:00 pm to 8:00 by Paul Berlin, The Music Master. Mr. Paul, would you be available to come by 3215 La Quinta Dr. Missouri City Tx. after your show for a few hours. I got about $20,000 worth of sterio equipment/dance floor that probably could due justis to your renditions. If not after your show – maybe during other days. —- Do you know my great friend — Dixie —
    Really would like to have you over some night – What is your fee?

    Jim & Iris Young
    3215 La Quinta Dr.
    Missouri City, Tx 77459
    281 437 8072   

  745. other brother says:

    brother Bob is feeling a little punk – possible to play “Your Green Scarf Matches Your Eyes?” again this week – thanks, love and Blessings from your Other Brother - brother Peter Manry

  746. V-bartlett says:

    6/1/11 I am listening to your 5/28 recording. Jim Croce – I had one entitled ‘Penny” that I got from a radio station that was a demo – but I have never found it on any of his recordings. Do you know of it or if you have it can you play it for me. Croce was one of my favorites too.May 28, 1956 was when I got engaged (first time)  – could have been to ‘When a Man Loves a Woman”
    Verna from the Heights

  747. V-bartlett says:

    6/1/11 Happy June – Your 5/28/11 show was great. – “I got a right to cry!” – I had almost forgotten about that one now its on my mind constantly.
    Paul, you have such a good show. The way you lead into ‘Take Five’ was great. Canadian government taking over those quintuplets – only your whit – you are so sharp on things – anyway enjoyed your show and will be listening every Saturday that I possibly can. Did you ever find Fannie Mae or how about One Mint Julep????
    Have a good one.
    Verna from the Heights 6/1/11

  748. Gail says:

    Hey Paul, 

    I am so happy I found you on the radio!  We’ve all missed you terribly! You are a true treasurer and it puts me in such a good mood to listen to your show.  I feel totally transported to another time when all was well.  Thank you, thank you!  By chance, were any of your old shows recorded from that time period?

    I started listening to you back in the middle or late 50′s on KNUZ and when you had Berlin’s Record Shop there at Holcombe and Greenbriar!  You had these great booths where we teenagers could go in and play your 78 or 45 rpm records to see whether we liked them first!  No one today would even know what we are talking about! 

    Also, occasionally, on a Saturday morning down at KNUZ, I’d go down there with my friends to watch and listen to your show — once you put me on the air for a moment.  What a thrill that was for a 14 year old girl. 

    Would love to hear any songs by the Spiders as well as Sam Cook’s “You Send Me”.