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Laura Ingraham is a regular on Fox News filling in for Bill O’Reilly.  She is an author, frequent columnist and television commentator.  Her books The Hillary Trap, Shut Up & Sing: How the Elites in Hollywood, Politics…and the UN are Subverting America (Regnery), and The Obama Diaries are bestsellers.

Laura worked as a speechwriter in the final two years of the Reagan Administration at the White House, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education. She went on to graduate from the University of Virginia School of Law, where she was Notes Editor of the Law Review. She served as a law clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and then on the Supreme Court of the United States for Justice Clarence Thomas. After clerking, Laura worked as a white-collar criminal defense attorney for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. Laura is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

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  1. Rhonda Perkins says:

    I am sick to death of liberal bullies! Our schools now have anti-bullying policies in place and bullying is all over the news media. Why don’t conservatives take a stand and start calling this obvious bullying what it is. WE have to start taking up for ourselves and quit being intimidated by the LIBERAL BULLIES! Maybe if we start calling it bullying, people will start to take notice. MAYBE these liberal extremists will back off!

  2. David says:

    Good Morning Laura,
    A way to help a health care program get younger enrollees would be to offer a membership program that provides 2 or 3 doctors office visits for wellness checkups each year. Charge for any treatment in addition to the annual fee. The problem we have with insuring the young is that we do not have the “Actuarial data” I bet the insurance companies do not have solid data on how many times the young are sick or ill.
    If we got that data we would be on the way to insuring every one. The key to all other insurance is the actuarial truths of each individual insured. Insurors charge differently for a smoker, non married, a person with a hazardous profession will pay more for insurance because he is more likely to die before the “three score and six” that is given us in the bible. Think about it.

  3. says:

    Chili soup;

    1 cup beef broth
    1/2 lb cooked ground beef, drained
    1 can wolf brand chili, no beans

    1 can black beans, rinse w/water, drain
    1 can Pinto beans, rinse w/water, drain
    2 cans diced tomatoes
    1 can Ro*tel diced tomatoes

    2 tsp powered garlic
    2 tbsp chili powder
    1 tbsp cumin powder

    combine all ingredients
    stew for 30 min.
    salt to taste.

    A cold day makes it !

  4. Christy Wagner says:





  5. John says:

    Greatest Game

    I was recruited by Georgia Tech way back in the Pepper Rogers days. Back then they would bring the recruits in for homecoming weekend, set you up with a “date,” put you up in a Frat House, show you the facilities and you’d watch the game. I wasn’t expecting much. GT vs. NC State. What an amazing game: tied at 7, tied at 14, tied at 21, NC State went up by 7 late in the 4th quarter. Tech scored a TD with two seconds on the clock, went for two as time expired. The receiver planted his toes just inside the end zone and lunged to a fingertip grab at the gun. Tech wins by one and the campus explodes into celebration. Good times

  6. tom d says:

    what a combination….laura is not only smart, articulate, witty, and strong…she is hot!!!

  7. Walter Heerwig says:

    Laura’s station in New Bern NC, cannot find ir.

  8. Walter Heerwig says:

    How do i get the Laura station on radio in new bern nc? (zip, 28562)

  9. Jennifer says:

    I tried to call in this morning for the Favorite Car or Truck. But you must have had too many calls. I just wanted to share my favorite car or truck was my 1st set of wheels which was 1975 El Camino Classic model. It was metalic midnight blue, wnd white vinyl top. It had a 350 turbo charged engine, original seats with no tears. It was considered a truck in most of my family’s eyes. And when I had to go ask for my grandparents to help me get the loan my Grandmother bucked the whole idea. She did not want one of her granddaughter’s to be driving a truck. You have to know my grandparents came from a high society family so it was not a good representation of the family for me to drive a truck. The wway I convinced her was I took her for a ride in it to prove to her it was not like riding in a truck. She was wmazed that it felt like riding in a car. I told her that was because it basically was on a station wagon frame. But they designed it with the back open so you use it as truck. I also told her I was just going to use it to go to school and work. What she did know is that where I worked there was several other teenagers with hot rods and cars that raced on a back street area behine where we worked. Let’s just say that El Camino and it’s owner made it’s mark back then. I ended up trading it in about 10 years later only due to peer pressure to get something newer. The most stupid part was there was nothing major or minor wrong with it, and it just had some new tires put on it about 4 months before trading it.I regret that to this day, especially considering that I only paid $2300 for it back then, and now they go for the range of $20,000 in mint condition. Anyway that was my favorite car or truck story. Jennifer, Montgomery, tx.

  10. Wanda Simmons says:

    1968 Beaumont – loved to drive to the song Girls just want to have fun My dad and I repainted it with gold flecked emerald green , with emerald green velour seats recovered Had a great time

  11. Elizabeth Potts says:

    Hi, Laura:

    Husband and I are having good success with “giving up” things and not getting jitters.

    Half and Half: Martinelli’s Sparking Soda and half Pelligreno (sic).

    Cracker Barel has a Half and half: Balance of tea and lemondade.

    And, what we call “Splsh”: Sparkling water with a spash of fruit juice.

    Just can’t drink tap water – it has an awful smell and taste- like metal.

    Maybe we could try “Zerowater” or “Brita” to make the tap water not so offensive!

  12. paul la vigne says:

    when will we in so. riverside or san Diego, California get to hear your morning radio program, a lot of conseritives here

  13. andy says:

    Dear Laura
    I think you are very entertaining both on radio and Fox cable TV.
    I appreciate the fact that you do the hard work and read the Gov’t policy papers before you justifiably attack the position held by the ill-informed members of Congress.
    For me your show makes the news not simply reporting of it.
    Keep up the good fight!

  14. Lavada Hutchings says:


  15. Lavada Hutchings says:

    Dear Laura, I have admired you for some time on Fox, and Now I heard you are going to be on sirius radio, is that true? IF so, I will apply for it. Thank You for your Patriotism!
    Sincerely, Lavada Hutchings, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  16. Becky says:

    Your baby will outgrow coming into your room at night. I would not fight it so hard! It will just exhaust you.

  17. Marilyn says:

    What station in NH can I hear Laura?
    I am tired of not getting my conservative radio here.

  18. DORA SOMMER says:

    I don’t have a too important question for others but I am totally impressed by your skin tonight Sunday 10th with Fox News and Cr.Wallace.. WHAT IS THE SECRET..not 1 rinkle…is it Juvederme, diaspot or BOTOX EVERY WHERE on your face??.
    humm maybe your dermatologist knows exactly what you should buy and wear. Could you tell me the secret ? Thank you so musch

  19. Robbie Fedrick says:

    I listen to you every morning from 9-11. You are a great Christian, American, mom, and young lady!!!!

    I love hearing stories about your precious children. You are very blessed!
    I am adopted, and when I was thirty years old I met my birth mother. When I was back in my home I fell to my knees and thanked God for blessing me with the most wonderful parents in the world! I am 64 years old now. I have three children, and 11 grandchildren. God is Great.
    Thank you, Laura, for giving part of yourself to us each morning.

    • Marilyn says:

      I too am 64 years old and have known for years that Laura is the best. I am a grandparent of 14 and fear that without conservative hosts/hostesses such as Laura my grandchildren will be paying dearly.

  20. michelle says:

    When we debate about bringing government spending under control, why is the only target raised domestic spending? WHY do we accept the premise that the solution to our problem is to hurt our own country? What would really happen if we stopped giving money (no matter the reason) to foreign governments, such as China, Egypt or Mexico until our own problems were resolved? This money is from our citizens to be used by and for our citizens.

  21. B.H. Martel says:

    Can we receive Laura Ingraham radio show in midwest? Thank you

  22. Sandra Hall says:

    Please let us know what Laura’s time will be on the air now. This morning I thought maybe my clock was wrong when she was on before 9:00AM.

  23. Joe Phillips says:

    Please bring her back to her old time slot.

  24. Kacie Taylor says:

    Please bring Laura Ingraham back on weekday mornings. I cannot listen to Michael Savage.

  25. M pike says:

    Yes bring Laura back and give her a three hour slot in the morning.Thanks

  26. Lucille.kujawa says:

    Yes, I want Laura back and at the same time or at 2 p.m.

  27. mary persky says:

    I really hope you get Laura back – but if you can’t — I can’t stand Michael Savage. if you must have him, late night is the best where I can’t hear him. I lose KSEV when you have to power down at sunset. How about Huckabee in the 9 am slot if Laura is not available.

  28. Joe Henry says:

    Let her in the 9 -11 time slot. I like to listen to her, then at 11, I listen to Rush.

  29. Aaron Street says:

    Pick up the new show and keep in current time slot.

  30. geraldine mock says:


  31. d. bruns says:

    Yes – -please pick herup. Prefferibly in the same 9:00 am time slot.

  32. Cliff K says:

    Yes, by all means bring her back

  33. Phil Cheatham says:

    Yes, Please get her back.

  34. Jim Palermo says:

    Put Laura back on esp in Edd Hendee’s (old time)

  35. Annette Clark says:

    where is Laura Ingrahm?????? I listen to her every morning and now all I get is Savage
    What happened???

    Please bring her back or tell me where she went.

  36. David Feuerborn says:

    I am very disappointed that Laura is off KSEV. I really liked her style and program.

    You have lost me as a listener. Michael Savage is a wacko.

  37. Debi says:

    I wondered what happened to Laura. I have not heard why she has dissappeared from the radio, anywhere! What happened.

    YES, KSEV SHOULD pick her up if she returns.

  38. Jerry Jackson says:

    Yes, KSEV should pick up th “new” Laura Ingraham radio show in the 9 to 11 time slot!

  39. Kimberly Kennedy says:

    YES! Definitely keep Laura, preferably for a three hour slot from 8-11 am.

  40. Colleen says:

    I miss Laura at 9:00. I like savage but not in the mornings. He is too intense.. Get Laura back!! Please

  41. Robin says:

    Please put Laura back on her 9 am – 11 am slot as soon as she comes back to radio. It is the best time. Since Michael Savage came on at 9 am, I have
    switched to station 1070 because he isn’t someone I like to hear.

    Not having Laura on the air is a real loss to her listeners.

  42. Christopher says:

    I have enjoyed listening to Laura Ingram and would really like to hear her in the “drive home” time slot between 4ish – 7ish.

    Thanks for listening to my feedback and have a wonderful day!


  43. Becky Ressler says:

    Yes. Pick up Laura’s new radio show. 9-11 is a great time. But other hours are fine.

  44. Augustine says:

    Yes! You should have Laura Ingraham back on the air, when she gets a new political gig, or why not hire her to have her show , live, and in west Houston, over at KSEV 700 am. I think it’ll be a blast!

  45. Ralph Simpson says:

    I’ve listened to Laura for years and enjoy her show very much. I don’t get to listen to her as much as I would like since things get hectic at the office, but if I have errands to run from the office, she is a welcome companion. Please pick up her new show when it does become available.

  46. Anita says:

    Laura has a level of intelligence and insight, and is extremely articulate. I always look forward to hearing what she has to say. I don’t know if radio talk show is the best use of her talents. It seems to me that the conservative radio programs are not reaching enough people. The word is just not getting out, or how else could Obama possibly win another election. Our country has become an armpit and it needs to be introduced to soap and water. We are on a downhill spiral and perhpas Laura’s abilities could be best used elsewhere. Not sure where, but just a thought. Would love to have her back on the radio program.

    General comment: All radio and tv hosts need to stop speaking over each otehr. It is very irritating. I have gotten to the point where I shut it off.

  47. Tim DeReese says:

    My wife and I miss her and want her back soon.

  48. Margaret Houchin says:

    I am disappointed to find I can’t listen to Laura Ingraham any more. Yes, please pick up her new show. My husband introduced me to KSEV and I really enjoy your programming

  49. Sally says:

    If Laura decides to come back, then Yes, I think you should pick her up during the 9-11am time slot.

    I am not a big Michael Savage fan (his voice drives me nuts as does Shawn Hannity), but I don’t know who you would put in his slot. Would love to have Glen Beck back, but I guess that will not happen. Maybe get another local person?

    I do have other friends who like Michael Savage, so I will have to let them know that KSEV has him now.


  50. Barbara McMillen says:

    bring back the Laura show (and dismiss the Savage show)and keep Edd Hendee (instead of the “mac” show). thanks, bmcm

  51. Tina says:

    Pick up the new Laura Ingraham. Leave her in the 9-11 am time slot. I really miss her on my drive to work. I like to hear her views and to have the choice of hearing a woman’s viewpoint on current events.

  52. Lon Huse says:

    Yes, bring Laura back in the same time slot when her show is
    up and running.

  53. Jody Korenek says:

    My wife and I miss Laura Ingraham very much. We have listened to her for many years on KSEV and other stations. I know she spends a lot of time on social issues, but she is one of the best voices for conservatism on the air. She has a great sense of humor and is easy to listen to. She seems like a friend to us and we want her back. We like the 8:00AM-11:00AM time slot and we recognize that her first hour is always the best. Thank you.

  54. Mike Green says:

    I’m a long time KSEV listener and Laura Ingraham is really missed. Savage just doesn’t fill the slot adequately. He is too much of a performer and one man show. Laura is much more interesting and her guests make her show top notch. I loved her old time slot with KSEV. You need her back! The sooner the better.

  55. Bethel Wijngerg says:

    Yes you should absolutely pick up the new show at the same time. Laura is very informative while also being funny. I have really missed her in my daytime listening? The one thing that has made this time a bit more bearable is that Edd has been on in the early morning!

  56. Dan Henshaw says:

    Yes,KSEV should pick up the “new” Laura Ingraham radio show. It is always GREAT to hear her perspective.

    The best time slot for Laura is 9 am to 11 am. Right after the “NEW” Edd Hendee show.

    Laura and Edd are two GREAT voices for the “Voice of Texas”.

  57. john amann says:

    great move to have savage nation in the am hours

  58. Dana Vardeman says:

    yes, Laura should return to your station in the morning slot if the situation avails itself. She offers a fresh, reasonable voice who is also passionate and entertaining. To be honest, I can only take Dr. Savage in very small doses and so would not be a regular listener to his show. Please bring Laura back if you get the chance! (btw, her often-time fill in, Tammy Bruce, is also a good alternative).

  59. Ted Breaux says:

    When will Laura be back on radio?

  60. Frank Toman says:

    I love the Laura Ingraham radio show on KSEV. I have to be honest the the only time I hear your station is mornings with Laura. Please, get her back on!

  61. MIckey Hamm says:

    I love Michael Savage, but really miss Laura Ingram at 9am. Yes KSEV does need to pick up her new show and get her back on the air in Houston. Michael is abit too much for early morning.

  62. l allen says:

    I like Michael Savage. He should stay in the morning slot. Looks like I am the only one from the comments below. Laura is a little stuffy for me.

  63. mary breivik says:

    I would like to know who filled in for Laura on Nov. 29.2012.
    Thank you.

    • Lucille.kujawa says:

      I think it was Raymond Arroyo. He is host of The World Over on EWTN and has written a book with Laura as well as several books on his own about Mother Angelica or compiling her letters and prayers.

  64. Donna Trimble says:

    Yes!!! Pick up her new show! I listen every single day when she is on! She is a happy warrior who gets all the important political news out there while keeping spirits engaged and uplifted! No one does it better than Laura! Same time slot!!!!

    Donna Trimble

  65. Pat says:

    Yes, please bring Laura back if available. Michael Savage at night is fine, but can’t take him in the morning.

  66. Steven Kaiser says:

    Laura was one of my favorite talk show hosts. I listen to talk radio during the day anytime I’m in my car, but even more from about 7:00 P.M. until 2:00 A.M. (CST) while working at my computer. I already miss her and just learned that she was not on the air, just thought she was taking a short break. Please bring her back. I’d even settle for 12:00 A.M. Just get her back on!! Love you Laura, we need more voices of truth that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is!! Power to the People!!!

  67. Dianna Gittelman says:

    I would love Laura to return especially to KSEV. If I do not find her in San Diego I will podcast her. Moshe is my hero. Thanks!

  68. Becky Veronie says:

    Yes bring Laura back – 9:00 to 11:00

  69. Brian Martin says:

    If Laura is once again available to be in the 9-11 a.m. slot, I’d definitely use her. She’s likeable, smart, has good contacts and, in today’s remake of the Republican Party, she’s a she; my guess is that men won’t be bothered as much as women are pleased. From what I’m reading, Laura hopes to redo her contract. Now, if Laura is not available for a return engagement, try to find someone else besides MS. Michael is fine for late night, but is a too strong Northern voice for that early in this Texan market (although I know we reach much further to some listerners). I like MS, but I perceive him more as a divider vs. Laura as a uniter, and that is key to moving conservatism forward.

  70. Richard says:

    Yes, we need Laura back on the air. Live on mornings before Rush.

  71. Warren Fawcett says:

    Yes, please carry the Laura Ingraham show when it returns. I would prefer all 3 hours live.

  72. Randy says:

    I understand the business issue Laura is in, but I would prefer to have her back on KSEV when she returns, the WHOLE show, she is that good. Thx

  73. Martin Van Sickels says:

    KSEV should pickup the “new” Laura Ingram show and put it in the same time slot as before, 9-11 am. Michael Savage is a poor substitute.

  74. Jolene Gagnon says:

    If Laura has a “new” radio talk show my answer is YES!

    • Jolene Gagnon says:

      Regarding my comment below … to clarify … YES … please pick up her “new” show if she returns to talk radio.

  75. Leigh says:

    What happen to the Laura Ingraham show today?

  76. Bryant Gaudette says:

    You should google, “who controls USA”, and “The Rothschild Dynasty”. When logic doesn’t prevail, there has to be a reason. This information is the most mind blowing knowledge I have ever read.

    This Rothschild organization has been working for over 100 years to destroy America, because it wants to control the whole world. Our Liberty was stopping them.

    They are close to reaching their goal now with Obama in place. They want one United Nation with London as the capital.

    They created the economic panics in 1893 and 1907 that gave them the Federal Reserve and the ability to print free dollars. This group is only successful if they can control our bonds. They created the Depression in the 30′s that allowed FDR to take over.

    Bush was elected because he was willing to go to war with Iraq. I imagine this group financed the 9/11 event. If so several people in the USA knew about this.

    They have financed the ACLU which has destroyed our schools and courts.

    Please relay this information to your listeners.

  77. Jim says:

    Today you had a caller who ststed that the Obama organazition was going into nursing homes and signing up people who were unable to know what they were doing and having them vote for Obama. She then quickly stated “That was what she heard”, yet you did not dissagree or question the truth of these comments.
    Well since Romney is back in Virgina today lets talk facts. A wealthy coal mine owner closed one mine and told the workers that they may reopen after November. After November?? he then hosts a rally in Abingdon Va. with Romney there. The mine workers were ordered to attend if they wanted to keep their jobs. A role call was taken to make sure they showed up for the TV covered rally. I don’t believe anyone should be threatened directly or indirectly with their jobs to support a politician. This information was broadcast by local TV stations. Romney is filmed stating he will vote against any thing that is coal related because it kills people then during this election he tries to act like a friend of the miners.
    I have already voted and I can assure you it was not for Romney.

  78. Gina says:

    What happen to Laura Ingraham show on ksfo at 8:00pm-9:00pm. Is it because of the contract.

  79. Allen Menefee says:

    This is a problem with me and maybe its just me. I have a real issue with our current president putting our nation another 5 plus trillion in debt in less than 4 years and being able to collect a pension for the rest of his life while he has put me in the poor house . When Romney is elected I hope someone like yourself will address this issue and find what he did illegaly to constitute Obama not getting this pension and instead this money will go towards our nation debt . Thank you for your time and i will continue to press this until it becomes an issue .

  80. James Frazier says:

    Laura, I was watching Texas Country Reporter the other day and saw something that would interest you. This guy goes all over Texas and does stories on historic sites, interesting people and just the great things about Texas. Anyway, he went to Fort Worth to a catholic parrish (St Augustine Caholic Church) and met with the Priest. He works with the members of his parrish to learn skills and to earn money. They farm, repairs shoes and boots and he himself rolls cigars from tobacco leafs. His goal is to instill pride and confidence in those folks without taking a dime from the government. What a concept. Anyway, you would love spending some time with him and your kids would enjoy seeing the place. Think about it the next time you come to your second home here in Texas which we all hope is not too far into the future.

    James Frazier
    Magnolia, TX

    PS: My Laura just turned 47 on October 4. I named her Laura Ann and still call her that. I was still a kid when she was born (barely 19) but wouldn’t have traded her for anythin.

  81. Sharon says:

    why is no one talking about the federal sales tax on the sale of certain homes in this market?

  82. Hi there Laura. I am not an American but, since I have been a friend of your people all my life and since even inside the States opinions vary greatly, I see no reason not to react. I hope you don’t mind. Just listened to a portion of your show and it seems to me that you are being selectively critical regarding presidents Bush and Obama. Should Obama have behaved differently? Perhaps. Is Bush a gracious and likeable guy? Most likely. But what is it that you want? Is your priority the personal character of the person behind the presidency and are you willing to grant him a salary for that? Or is your priority proper governance, ie. do you want him to do a great job at managing the treasury, keep the country safe, free of corruption etc. etc. and is a likeable character and top notch civilized behaviour just a fringe benefit?

  83. Linda Robinson says:


    When you were speaking with Senator Hume today, you were
    right on when you said that 6 out of 10 people believe that President Obama is
    trying to work across the aisles to bring change and that it is Congress who is
    not reaching out and getting things done. 
    That perception is what I am most concerned about in this election, and
    the fact that the Republican candidates and the Party, in general, are not  speaking to this misperception.  Senator Hume, like many Republican leaders,
    doesn’t  think that this will have much effect
    on the Republican voter, that the Republican voters will unify behind whomever
    wins the nomination.  I agree for the
    most part, but what about the independents and democrats?  Don’t we need them to unify behind the
    Republican nominee as well?  I don’t
    think Pres. Obama is going to be that easy to defeat if the Republicans don’t
    have the support of independents and dissatisfied democrats.  You are completely right that the Republican
    Party needs to articulate and hammer this to the American people and show them where the fault
    lies in this current administration.

    I have another question I would like someone to ask our
    Republican presidential hopefuls and that is, if and when Obamacare is repealed,
    what do they plan to do to make health care more affordable.  My husband and I are in our early 60’s and we
    pay over $1,600 per month in health care premiums (with a large deductible).  While I am totally against Obamacare, I
    believe this is what prompted Obamacare in the first place.  I wonder how we are going to maintain health
    care insurance in the future.  If they
    raise the age for medicare recipients to become eligible, how much more is
    health care premiums going to be for someone 70 years old?  We all know it just gets more expensive the
    older we get?  Serious work needs to be
    done on this subject and I hope a Republican president will address this issue.

    Laura, I love listening to you and please keep up the good

    Linda Robinson

    Magnolia, TX

  84. LaMonte Brownlee says:

    Laura, no matter how much you promote Newt I want to leave you with this thought Mitt will be your next president!

  85. WWAIOG says:

    Look at the clowns, the “authorities”, the department of justice, picking on the weak offenders of TRIVIAL MISDEMEANORS and too pathetic to take on the financial institution bullies.  

    Yesterday a judge declined to accept the pathetic deal that the SEC made with Citigroup for its FEDERAL CRIME involvement and it went barely noticed.

    There has been a revolving door of attorneys between the departments of justice and the financial institutions who are now beyond prosecution, obstructing justice, and safeguarding themselves.

    But the right wing press is thrilled with beating up neophytes while pointing to the most ridiculous elements amongst the occupy movement, while demonstrating a pathetic agenda as plutocratic sock puppets whose inferiority complex for partisanship attacks surmounts to cowardice by punks.

    One might state “Pick on someone your own size.” but that would imply that the right is capable of doing anything about the bully for whom they are little more than lap dogs.

  86. Aoftex says:

    AOFTEX Addition to my earlier comment:  Cain should have asked for a full disclosure of all documents and proof to put an end to these claims.  He should have done this weeks ago.  I think he must be guilty.  Denial doesn’t cut it.  Clinton also denied it, then twisted it – wasn’t sex.  Remember? 

    Patrick’s comments yesterday was disgusting.  I am a devoted listener but he sometimes is sickening.  I recommend if this program wants to stay credible that it present issues in a credible way.  

  87. Aoftex says:

    If Cain was innocent, why did he lie?  He said there was no settlement.  Yet he later changed his story after it was disclosed taht there was an agreement.  he then said, oh yes there was an agreement.  Give me a break.  This guy is not competent to run a country.  Facts are:  settlement agreement.    What part of settlement don’t you get? Claim.  Consideration (cash) paid to accuser.  Written settelment agreement signed with accuser.  Accuser is under a confidentialilty restriction and can’t talk about the facts.  We only get to hear Cain’s version (i.e., denial) and we don’t get to hear the accuser’s story.  Cain has it made and ccould be an extreme pervert but we will never know.  I am very disappointed in the hosts on KSEV.  it’s like they endorse men behaving like dogs with no morals or conscious and women are the biological target vulnerable to the aggressor not being held to the same standards.

    Bottom line is forget the sex part.  Cain lied.  Probably is continuing to lie.  Who will ever be able to prove otherwise?  Any female accuser will be dubbed a liar without the media wanting to get to the facts.  Just another Clinton.

  88. Anna Agnew says:

    Let’s not get deeper into DEBT!
    Willow Fork Drainage District BONDS.
    PLEASE Vote “AGAINST” Propositions No. 1 and No. 2 on
    Tuesday, November 8 from 7am to 7pm.


    ALL Harris County Precincts 362, 644 and 619 McMeans Junior HS (21000 Westheimer Parkway near Fry Road)

    Fort Bend County Precincts 3004 & 3122 McMeans Junior HS (21000 Westheimer Parkway near Fry Road)

    Fort Bend County Precinct 3130 Cinco Ranch High School (9th Grade Center – 23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd)

    Fort Bend County Precincts 3132 & 3133 Roosevelt Alexander Elementary School (6161 South Fry Road on Peek Road)

    Fort Bend County Precincts 3142 & 3144 Beckendorff Junior High School (8200 S Fry Road)

    Fort Bend County Precinct 3014 KISD Admin Building – Educational Support Complex (6301 South Stadium Lane)

  89. Anna Agnew says:

    Let’s not get deeper into DEBT!
    Willow Fork Drainage District BONDS.
    PLEASE Vote “AGAINST” Propositions No. 1 and No. 2 on
    Tuesday, November 8 from 7am to 7pm.


    ALL Harris County Precincts 362, 644 and 619 McMeans Junior HS (21000 Westheimer Parkway near Fry Road)

    Fort Bend County Precincts 3004 & 3122 McMeans Junior HS (21000 Westheimer Parkway near Fry Road)

    Fort Bend County Precinct 3130 Cinco Ranch High School (9th Grade Center – 23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd)

    Fort Bend County Precincts 3132 & 3133 Roosevelt Alexander Elementary School (6161 South Fry Road on Peek Road)

    Fort Bend County Precincts 3142 & 3144 Beckendorff Junior High School (8200 S Fry Road)

    Fort Bend County Precinct 3014 KISD Admin Building – Educational Support Complex (6301 South Stadium Lane)

  90. The real fair and balanced says:

    It is no coincidence that we avoided a depression from 1929 to the Bush administration.  Laws and regulations were put into effect by FDR that prevented another collapse. And all worked well until the stinking Republicans began to deregulate–all to benefit their business and banking donor/owners.  They are to blame.  And it all started with Reagan and Phil Gramm.  Capitalism is fine but it MUST be regulated.  Otherwise it will self destruct.

  91. ftrplt says:

    Who are you afraid of? Why don’t you have Gov Gary Johnson on as a guest. As a Republican Governor in a 2 to 1 Dem State he shrunk government by 11%, balanced the budget, and left the state with over a $Billion surplus. A small business man, Iron Man, World Class Tri-Athlete who has climbed Denali and Mt Everest. He vetoed over 750 bills, more than all of the other 49 Govs combined. We want someone with a proven track record of results. Don’t be a part of “Lame Stream Media”.

  92. AOF says:

    I look forward to listening to KSEV every day.  I have even got my husband hooked.  I enjoy learning of important events and hearing thoughts and opinions of the hosts and their guests.  I do, however, find myself tiring of the condescending and hateful comments that are expressed.  I appreciate it is done in an effort to emphasis the points that the hosts are trying to make, but it shows great distate and goes against the “chrisian” theme of this station and I trust the belief of the hosts.
    As an alternative to what seems like a constant put down of the First Lady, perhaps more attention could be given to invidiual voting records and what is actually being voted on. 

  93. Rainmakercr says:

    Laura, I heard your show yesterday and couldn’t help but wonder how you were being duped by the liberal media in believing their phone stories about the Tea Party winning the negotiations on the debt deal… after all these years, you should know better… i still love you though…

  94. Jeff says:

    My Congressman recieved this email this morning from me he is Pete Olson is from the 22nd Distrect of Texas.

    Congressman Pete Olson, I am very disappointed in your vote (yes) yesterday in support to increase the debt limit.This was a compromise that will likely ensure Obama’s re-election. However aside from that Conservatives didn’t get the balance budget ammendment they were fighting for. What happened to the promises made to the Tea Party by you and other Representatives? For example posting a Bill for the people to read 3 days before a vote is cast. I listened to Sam Malone yesterday and you stated you were leaning to a (No) vote. Now with a (Yes) vote you are leaning towards ending my support. I cannot vote for a Representative who will cave to the pressure of their House Leadership instead of standing up and fighting for Principals. Congressman Poe and Paul were the only (R)Reps who had the courage to vote (No). I will be seeking an alternative Congressman with those convictions of Conservative Principals to support and vote for in the next election cycle. I vote in every election and influence a minimum of 5 other people in their choice for candidates, just so you understand that it is not only my vote you will not enjoy in the next cycle. Respectfully Jeff Lowry

  95. Richard morant says:

    Thanks Laura for all you have done for us and the State and Country ..I
    and some of the KSEV fans are trying to get the notion
    OUT there that remaining TARP and Stimulus fund should be rescinded and
    used to finance the limiting of the debt ceiling until the budget gets
    renewed. no more starving old people and eating dog food.. Thanks
    Richard Morant Houston Texas 



  96. Wanda Simmons says:

    bowing down – Michelle Obama – carefull those fries and ice cream will go to your hips
    soon you will have (lots of junk in your trunk)not be able to bow down
    Wanda Simmons

  97. CypressTim says:

    We, in Texas, have had to jerk Perry’s chain more than once to keep him on the Conservative side of the fence. The Trans-Texas Corridor is one example. If he was in Washington D.C. he’d jump the fence in no time flat. Think a less dorky McCain.

  98. Tess Pate says:

    Leave Boehner alone with the shorts, already.  Number 1, I think they were actually cute, and…  Number 2, his more casual attire suggests he considered the outing just that… “casual”.   Since the Mr. Obama has failed to give Boehner the respect he deserves by sitting down with him man-to-man in a suit and tie to discuss issues of serious concern to we the people, I think Boehner should always wear “play clothes” when the “little Barry” invites him on a play date on his 18-hole playground.  I am more irritated that Boehner agreed to be seen on “the greens” with the B.O. at ALL.

  99. Pete1832 says:

    Drop the silly sound effects like the “harp” from the old “Bewitched” show. It’s annoying to say the least. Squelch the “power to the people” soud bite. It’s overdone. Lose the “butt monkey” and other lame themes.

  100. Noemail says:

    Ed Schultz may have apologized but I feel he should still loose his other testicle.

  101. Jacke says:

    this reason the sharks wouldn’t touch Osama – professional courtesy

  102. Daphnegail says:

    Hi Laura,
    I like your “no nonsense” way with your guests. I’d like to recommend the book Grave Influence by Brannon Howse (26 Radicals that Rule the World from the Grave). It’s a real eye opener that you would benefit from.

  103. FreeRadical says:

    Given the debauchery of the financial institutions, it is nothing but cowardice that plebeians are targeted for recompense, rather than retaliating against the sycophants of usury.

    Neither party cares much about sophistication and self sufficiency of the actual US domestic employment, as neomercantilism. The US GDP is growing as a result of US corporations oversees. The republicans blame the democrats for driving corporations off shore while the republicans held the door open.

    Universal health care is proposed as a cost savings, but it does not represent a government that orchestrates spending plans with a calculated purpose of assuring global competition of its citizens through domestic industry that provides self sufficiency and technical skills base.

    Immigration is first come first serve from second and third world countries upwards of 1 million a year, as opposed to 150,000 (skills based) in 1965.

    Death panels is a safe but pathetic retreat. The argument is about entitlement for those who have worked and can afford medical treatment, often through outrageous expense that few can afford (INCLUDING THE GOVERNMENT), which others are expected to support, all for the sake of a few fearful years. Those who are not lucky will succumb to fate, whether it is universal or whether it is not.

  104. S6929013 says:

    not only are the medical companies moving overseas, so are the oil field
    there have been rigs moved to Africa recently and a gas plant is slated to
    sell to purchasers (China or Russia) what do you think that will do for USA

  105. Lynn says:

    I was wondering have you ever read “The Naked Communist” written in 1958.
    I haven’t read the book, but you tube has it on there, going by numbers listed in the book of how they plan to strip away our USA. I heard about this book by reference from a Pastor in his sermon and then I looked on you tube and saw it there, but I haven’t read it. Just wondering because it seems to answer a lot of questions about the WHY and it was written so long ago and seems that lots of that stuff is coming to fruition.

  106. Donald says:

    Ms Ingraham,
    I guess you haven’t heard of “Zicam” it works you would not be sick now if you had used it. My wife and I take it all the time and haven’t missed a day of work in many years. Try it it works.
    Hope you get well soon