Laura Ingraham


Laura Ingraham is a regular on Fox News filling in for Bill O’Reilly.  She is an author, frequent columnist and television commentator.  Her books The Hillary Trap, Shut Up & Sing: How the Elites in Hollywood, Politics…and the UN are Subverting America (Regnery), and The Obama Diaries are bestsellers.

Laura worked as a speechwriter in the final two years of the Reagan Administration at the White House, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education. She went on to graduate from the University of Virginia School of Law, where she was Notes Editor of the Law Review. She served as a law clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and then on the Supreme Court of the United States for Justice Clarence Thomas. After clerking, Laura worked as a white-collar criminal defense attorney for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. Laura is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

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  1. gary buckland says:

    Just caught the Marie Harffffff sound bite and almost fell out of the chair, laughing.

    Like the snark. Dig the snark. LOvvvvvvve the snark! GIMME MORE SNARK!!!

  2. Gary Buckland says:

    Maybe this IS the most transparent administration, ever! Obama’s petulance with Iraq was on full display, last night in his speech! Our strutting, full-of-himself, communitaaaaay organizin’, prissy little president is being BEATEN LIKE A DRUM by the likes of Vladimir Putin and, now, ISIS. While I applaud the effort to rescue the Yazidis, for whom my heart truly aches, I wonder if they’re not being used as “bait”? To say Barry’s foreign policy is vacuous, borders on the obvious, and it’s painfully obvious that America’s enemies know EXACTLY how to “play” him. Sadly, the Yazidis are now caught between monsters (ISIS), and a fool. If it weren’t so tragic it would be humorous.

  3. Monika says:

    If we do not check for age, then we allow our own children to be unprotected against pediphils.

  4. txminuteman says:

    American patriots need to work on voting out all “congressional Hispanic caucus” members….the la raza movement in the House and Senate needs to go ! they support amnesty, open borders and their actions encourgare “illegal alien invasion” !!! deport these subeversives from office! the Hispanic causcus loves “foreign national invaders” and ignore the wishes of American Citizens !!!

  5. Dana Rogers says:

    My illegal immigrant experience: In 2012, I was broadsided when “she” ran a red light in her Cadillac doing about 60 MPH down the frontage road, according to the witnesses. My signal was green and I never saw her coming. My truck was totaled and my left shoulder was broken requiring a surgical plate to be implanted (for life). She had NO drivers license, NO insurance, NO registration and NO job. The City of Houston fined her $800 in traffic fines and allowed her to pay it out at $25 per month. It COST me $10,000 to replace my 2010 F150 Lariat with a like 2012 model. I saw her at a local car wash about six months later. She was driving a brand new Nissan Tundra. I still can’t figure this one out. Deport them all.

  6. Gary Buckland says:

    Oh, jeez! (Think, Fargo.)

    Just heard your report that the Republicans went belly-up and handed Obama a blank check, “for the children” coming across our border. Continual capitulation doesn’t bode well for “our” chances in November, n’cest pas? I may be going out on a limb, but I think, and hope, that a majority of the folks likely to vote in November, are kind of like me and want to see some bold leadership, for a “change”. Been looking, but haven’t seen any, yet, from either side of the aisle. I’d love to say to Congress (Frank Castanza, of Sienfeld, “Festivus”) “I got a lot of problems with you people. And now you’re gonna hear about it!”

  7. Jim says:

    Bill O Riley ….is just a show he dose it for dollars, adds etc.
    Bill is taking care of Bill. He don’t want to alienate anyone who is in position of power.
    All he is, is a wet noodle. He looks out for Bill.

    Fox went wimp also.

  8. Rhonda Perkins says:

    I am sick to death of liberal bullies! Our schools now have anti-bullying policies in place and bullying is all over the news media. Why don’t conservatives take a stand and start calling this obvious bullying what it is. WE have to start taking up for ourselves and quit being intimidated by the LIBERAL BULLIES! Maybe if we start calling it bullying, people will start to take notice. MAYBE these liberal extremists will back off!

  9. David says:

    Good Morning Laura,
    A way to help a health care program get younger enrollees would be to offer a membership program that provides 2 or 3 doctors office visits for wellness checkups each year. Charge for any treatment in addition to the annual fee. The problem we have with insuring the young is that we do not have the “Actuarial data” I bet the insurance companies do not have solid data on how many times the young are sick or ill.
    If we got that data we would be on the way to insuring every one. The key to all other insurance is the actuarial truths of each individual insured. Insurors charge differently for a smoker, non married, a person with a hazardous profession will pay more for insurance because he is more likely to die before the “three score and six” that is given us in the bible. Think about it.