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Steve Drake, host of KSEV Money Matters, has hosted a talk radio show program concerning personal financial issues in Houston since 1984.  Steve covers various topics on his Money Matters Show including retirement and estate planning; how to invest for your children’s education, and the common  characteristics of people who can save and accumulate money.

Steve Drake is a Senior Vice President with RBC Wealth Management, a division of RBC Capital Markets Corporation, Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC.

This show does not provide specific investment advice.  Please consult your personal financial advisor, and tax advisor, when making investment and tax decisions.

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  1. david lee says:

    Hello I’d like to ask Edward Robinson a question, if you didn’t know the answer.
    I’m going to buy a new home in Spring, or Conroe, because of ExxonMobile moving close there.
    Is it better to have a Post Tension Slab, or Steel Rebar Foundation?
    The new homes seem to all have Post Tension Slab, and I heard don’t buy one like that.
    Can you tell me the better one? Thank you.

  2. Jeff says:

    You need to let everyone know if we miss a show go to the KSEV website and we can listen to your show whenever we want to I just saw that because I rarely go to the website.

    Can you explain how to take your IRA account and roll it into a self-directed IRA account to invest in real estate the process and if that’s a good idea in your opinion?

    I was going to tell you I listen to you nearly every day and it’s the best hour on radio. I listen on my android smart phone at work on Tunein a free app. I can start your show and pause it and start when I want over the next few hours if something comes up at work or I go to lunch, but if you lose signal well then you can lose your program.

    Also I work at an Oil and Gas company and it still amazes me how many checks we send out as the operator of oil and gas to thousands of people every month and that people start to depend on these checks even though they shouldn’t because wells go down or stop producing and several other reasons why it’s a bad idea to depend on the checks.

    Sunday my wife and I did the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail and had a lot of fun visiting the Wineries and we went to 3 in the Brenham area and 2 near the Plantersville area. The weather was perfect and the Bluebonnets were beautiful and I was wondering if you can see your place from 290. We had a great time wine tasting and came home with 6 bottles of wine.

    Thank you and have a great day

  3. Clayton says:

    Who is the home inspector you recommend?

  4. Thom Bolsch says:

    Love your show Steve. I always go out for lunch a bit early just so I can catch part of your show. I am retiring from the Federal Government after 25 years as a Special Agent and starting my own business up in The Woodlands. It was a great career but I am ready for a change.

    My question is about a show last week where you mentioned getting eye glasses online for a steep discount. Can you provide the web address again? Even with insurance it seems as if we pay a fortune for contacts and glasses.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  5. Chris C. Courtney says:

    Senor Drake,

    Your friends are right to mock you for your haircut choice. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

    TGF Haircutters on Tues. haircut price <$13.

    You have a great sense of humor! I like the way you make fun of yourself. You are very secure about yourself.

    Thanks for having Kelly and other friends to share their expertise.

  6. Cheryl Tate says:

    Recently you talked about diminished value for an automobile after having being wrecked. I was rearended in a accident last week causing a lot of damage. A friend told me you had talked about this subject on how to approach the insurance company for loss of value. Can you tell me what day the sow aired and perhaps I can listen to it or what to do?

    Thank you for your assistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheryl Tate

  7. Cynthia Smith says:

    I Just recently bought 9.299 acres in Burton, TX and I am looking for a good but not outrageously expensive builder? I recall you mentioning Chardonnay Farm Cottages in the past but I tried calling and the number has been disconnected. Any other recommendations? Do you know what happened to Chardonnay Farms Cottages?

  8. Robert Witt says:


    I’ve been listening to your show recently and in one of the broadcast you gave the name of a professional home inspector, but I can’t remember their name.

    I appreciate your help.


    Robert Witt

  9. Roy Adams says:

    Please forward me the contact information for the gentleman who helps get the best rates for electricity. I believe his name is Peter Harrington. I lost the phone number you gave me a couple of years ago.
    Roy Adams

  10. Hugh says:

    Getting to the point. I’m building a 1600 sqft house just outside Burton with rattlesnake lime stone, a full masonry fireplace, It is a rectangle house so not any valleys on the roof except the two dormers, copper colored metal roof, stained concrete floors, NO garage, just a slab to build one later. Wood stain walls in 2 bathrooms and ceiling in living room, Knotty alder stain cabinets in kitchen, high end granite counter tops, $251,000

    As you know it will be a little more because things get added as a house is being built.

    Just to add to your show today.


  11. Jonathan says:

    Steve, love the show but miss it too often, is there somewhere I can go online to listen to past episodes? Thanks

  12. Robert says:

    I have heard you comment about pronunciation and diction, but within 15 minutes you started talking about “Bob wire” around some property in Texas.
    It is pronounced “BARBED” wire, because of the barbs on it not the bobs on it.

  13. Liz Arp says:

    A couple of months ago you had a caller who is involved in the funeral industry. He was talking about the different costs of cremation, what to do when someone dies, etc. Could you tell me his name & contact number. When I got in my car the program was already underway so I missed part of it.

    Thank you. I love your show


  14. Pat Harrity says:

    Some months ago I requested information from you regarding the contact you had at Joe Myers Ford. You gave me Bill Wunderlich’s name and just this past week my son and his wife purchased a Ford Diesel truck from Bill. They were pleased. Thanks for the lead.

    I particularly enjoy your show on KSEV even though I don’t get as much time as I would like to listen to it because I am at work. You always have something of interest.

  15. Amin says:

    Can you recommend a good professional home inspector? There used to be an inspector who was an engineer and used to be an advertiser on your show.

  16. mike calvert says:

    The drivers

  17. Ken says:

    Steve, You’ve mentioned in the past that parents of an 18 year old child need to complete the proper paperwork in order to let doctors share medical information but I cannot recall the details. Can you provide what is needed for this. Thanks!

  18. roger says:

    Do you recommend any legitimate work at home employment?

  19. BILL HARTZOG says:


  20. T Price says:

    You have discussed interviewing and internships on your show. Your advice for college student when asked how much he expects to be paid for summer internship?
    Your advice for good questions to ask in the interview?
    Your advice for ways to stand out on the job?

  21. MaryAnn says:

    Hi Steve, have been listening and enjoying your show for many years. I have also heard your banter with Kelly Malatesta. I lost my husband 4 years ago and thought of refinancing my house but with the thought of possibly moving was advised not to. After listening to you & Kelly recently and my mortgage was taken over by another company, decided to call Kelly. I was pleasantly surprised that her office is here in the Woodlands where I reside which made it very convenient for me. Long story short, just closed last week on reducing my interest rate from 6.25 to 3.75. As you have stated, she was wonderful to work with, very professional. I do not wish my name aired but wanted to let you know how highly I think of Kelly and how helpful and accommodating she was making it so easy to refinance.
    My daughter is also a Baylor graduate, go Bears.
    God Bless, MaryAnn

  22. Kathy Kelly says:

    Thanks for your show Steve! I have heard you speak of the usefulness of the Birkman evaluation. I have a daughter who is a sophomore in high school and she doesn’t seem to have any career direction. I thought this would be helpful. Can you recommend a good Birkman consultant who might give college guidance as well? We live in Katy. Thanks so much!

  23. Denice Charron says:

    Sorry, I missed your recommended contact in the Houston market for preparing personal wills.
    Please send name and number.

    Thank you,

  24. Leah Cessna says:

    I heard Steve advertising a seminar this morning (11/5). Is there a website I can get more information please?

  25. ambrose mueller says:

    Love your show.
    Could your suggests a good private conservative high school.

    Have a grand child getting ready for high school.

  26. ahmar says:

    steve, what do you mean by pay yourself first? Is it contributing to 401K?

  27. David R. says:

    I, too, would like to know who it was you mentioned on-air moments ago for vocational testing. My daughter would benefit greatly from a competently administered test.

  28. Wayne Wassom says:

    Are Steve Drake’s broadcast recarded? I would like to listen again and send one to my son?

  29. alan says:

    what is the name of the vocational test you mentioned today?
    birch something?

  30. Mark Godfrey says:

    Alt – godfmar@earthlink

    Today, Wednesday 2 Oct, you mentioned oilfield work in south Texas is abundant. Abundant to the point that there are good jobs (100K/ yr) available to those who have a drivers license and can pass a drug test. Do you have any contact names/ numbers I can speak with?

    I work in the oil field but have a limited view of opportunities outside Baker.

    I also work coaching people who are at different points in their lives on how to get stable and on track. I have one individual that I feel is ready to start his life in a serious direction

    Thanks – Mark

  31. Linda Lattin says:

    I know others have asked this, but I can’t figure out how to tap into the answer! I am always in the car when you mention this, so I can’t write it down. What is the name of the career aptitude test that you speak so highly of? Is it geared for high school students, college students, or others?

  32. Rick Adams says:

    Hi Steve,
    Regarding the Wednesday show, another online optical store for your listeners would be Zenni Optical.
    Also, I agreed with your comments about diversification, though, as you know, I went to cash holdings. I totally underestimated the effect of the central bankers and the ZIRP (zero interest rate policy). Who would imagine that our Fed would punish savers and encourage more borrowing and credit in our country!! At least after the last bubble!
    Keep up the great radio show here in Houston, you certainly educate us all.

  33. Ashley Washington says:

    Mr. Drake,

    We are trying to find the name of the lawyer that stand in for you on Friday sometimes would you please give us the name of that lawyer and his number.

    Ashley Washington

  34. Debbie Lance says:

    I love your show and am thrilled when I’m actually driving around at 11 AM!

    Question: Do you have any recommendations on an attorney to update our will and trust? Trust was written in CA. Now all our assets are here and they need to be put in the trust. Any advice would be welcome.

  35. mburns says:

    Would like to schedule an appointment to meet with you regarding current investments/portfolio.

    Thank you

  36. wilbert cernosek says:

    Like your show. Can I get the phone numbers for Kelly (home
    finance) and Mr. Robinson (home inspector)? Thanks, wilbert

  37. George Koscho says:


    It is 6PM on Sunday 5/25/2013 and I just saw an unbelievable report on the inaccuracy and incompetance of the major credit card reporting agencies. Please take a look online if you have not seen it. I would love to hear your comments.Love your show and never miss it. THANKS FOR PROVIDING YOUR SHOWS ONLINE !!!

  38. Michael Johnston says:

    Hello Steve, Long time listner. Love your show. I have a 401K aprox 400,000.00 and wanted to ask if it is invested in dull/safe/boring (not to loose any principle) What can I expect to receive on return monthly?

  39. Steve Krischke says:

    Who is the contact at Joe Myers Ford?

    Thank you

  40. Joaquin Pae says:

    This may not be the best place to ask this, but I’m looking for a great insurance agency and I don’t know who is good and who is not. Does anyone have any opinions on this insurance company? It’s located in Louisville, only 15 minutes from my office, but I haven’t been able to find reviews on them. – Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc., 6801 Dixie Highway Suite 232, Louisville, KY 40258, (502) 933-2255

  41. robert hogan says:

    hi steve, i would like to talk to you about my retirement,can you give me information where your office is located.

  42. Ty Moore says:

    Steve, On today’s show, you mentioned a HIPAA authorization letter you keep on your phone for your adult kids. Can you email me an example? Thanks, Ty Moore

  43. Bob Riley says:

    What is the difference between Royal Dutch Shell Class A and Royal Dutch Shell Class B as both are traded on the NYSE?

    Also, is there any difference between the RDS on the NYSE and the same stock(s) traded on the LSE?

  44. Judy Lyons says:

    Can you tell us the name of the Ford salesman that you like to deal with and what is the name of the dealership. tks

  45. Ron Attra says:

    I listen to you offen.

    On am740, a Ken Moraif said that recently lawyers have discovered a way to get to IRAs. He said that everyone should check to be sure that their IRA has the needed wording to protect against this newly found loophole.

    Do you know about this??

  46. Leonard Simoneaux says:

    My wife and I are planning on retiring in the next five years. We both have 401k’s through work and both have pension funds available also. We’re planning on retireing to Athens Tx where we purchased 1 acre which we plan on building a larger home than we’re in now. My question is should I take lump sump distribution to pay off remaining balance of new home after sales of our existing home or take out a mortage?

  47. Jerry Greenbaum says:

    I would like to talk with you regarding my portfolio to your firm.

    I sent you an e-mail today

  48. Mike and Yvonne McKay says:

    My husband listens to your radio show, and believes you spoke about some Farm House builder in Giddings. Would you remember or know what he is referring to? If so please send us contact information for this Business. Thank You.

    Yvonne McKay

  49. ambrose mueller says:

    Today you talked about rental cars and them selling you auto ins. About 10 years ago in Fla ins agents got together and said you must have a state license to sell auto ins. Not sure what happened in that law suit but it was interesting.

    Your credit score. You might mention that if you see a mistake you can write to the credit company and dispute the mistake and then the company has 30 days to prove to the credit company its not a mistake. If they don’t prove it has to come off your credit report score.

  50. Joan Harrell says:

    I am not one for much talk radio, however, a friend that listens to you told me that you have some very interesting programs. I am very interested in subscribing to you newsletter.

  51. Miguel Santiago says:

    I was trying to get the information on the company you recomend to have a high school student take the Birman’s test and have a couselor go through it with him/her.

  52. Leanne Pfister says:

    We are looking for an estate planning attorney in the Sugarland/Houston area. Can you provide a referral. We listen to your show.

  53. Patrick Brosey says:

    I thoroughly enjoy Steve’s show. I enjoy his opinions, information and advice to his listeners. I hope his show remains on KSEV for many years to come…

    Steve, thank you for your hard work and dedication to keep a financial show enjoyable.


    Patrick Brosey

  54. Foster Madeley says:

    Can you recommend a “home” inspector for a condominium in Galveston, pending a purchase?

  55. Lisa Underwood says:

    I would really like to find out how to listen to and share your podcast from today please, 7/9/2013. You interviewed your friend, a builder. I was sharing the information about what people are requesting in homes today, with my mortgage broker/sister-in-law. I wanted to also share it with my realtor broker husband. Thank you, Lisa

  56. Mike Conlin says:

    –how can I do a search of questions/answers?

    a while back you said the “best time to buy airline tickets”……..where can I find this?

    • Bart Molk says:

      I’m 58 and have low 7 digit 401k. About 2/3 is tax deferred. At my age, I need security and growth. I am hearing about insurance company annuities that guarantee 7 – 8% simple interest over 5 to 10 years. Would you put up to half of this money into such “investments”? I know their fees ar high but the guaranteed rate is over and above thier fees. I really need your opinion ASAP as I am being asked to sign paperwork this week to go forward. Thanks!

  57. Randy Neumeyer says:

    I’m a regular listener to your show on KSEV. Do you have am office on the north side of Houston? Thanks

  58. Diane says:

    Could you give me the name of the college consultant you spoke of this morning?

    Thank you —

  59. maryan barnett says:

    I would appreciate your help in investments for a 77 year old retired and single woman. Thanks.

  60. Dan Cooper says:

    Could you please refer me to a website. Looking for percentage of 65 yr old couple with 1 million nest egg (not counting home) thank you. I am regular listener

  61. steven says:

    Steve you mentioned on your Monday show about unclaimed money, but you forgot to mention the website. Love your show, I listen to you at 11:30 and nap at 12-12:30 rush 740. thanks for you help.

    My question is my wife is 17 years younger, so she thinks she is going to live forever, I am 47 and realize my mortality. how can I get it threw her head we have to save? Thanks

  62. Mary-Frances Matthews says:

    The name and phone number of the college consultant you used. Virginia driver?
    Thank you

  63. Bert Lary says:

    You have reccommended a mortgage broker several times but I can’t remember her name (maybe Kathy Bates?). I need one right away. Can you help me please?

  64. Bud Hughes says:

    Steve, do you have podcasts of your shows?

  65. John Peterson says:

    Hi Steve:

    I am getting close to retirement and need help. I visited with you several years back, had a short conversation with you on the radio, and now looking for more specific guidance.

    My basic concern is what to do with the money I have accumulated that is sitting in CDs. I am very skeptical about the stock market, the current fiscal affairs of the US government, and feel that the US currency is going to collapse at sometime.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    John E Peterson Jr.

  66. Sandra says:

    I have heard you mention the aptitude/interest testing for children. Can you give me the company/test that you recommend? Thank you!

  67. Ben and Jan Bennett says:

    10 AM

    Hi….got your phone message.
    We were out of time doing the grand children HS Graduation thing!

    You are on our list.

    FYI….the Church has asked us again to go to Russia on another mission to help folks over there. Interesting and a big surprise to us! We are excited.

    Will fill you in when we come by your office as we discussed.

    Ben and Jan B.

  68. DM says:

    Enjoy your show very much. Can you please provide the name and telephone number for the insurance man you were interviewing on Tuesday, May 21? Thank you!

  69. lmiller says:

    Interested in finding the app you mentioned/use to open house door, control thermostat and lights. Thought it sounded like turbo one can’t seem to locate it.


  70. Rosaland Roquemore says:

    Hello Steve love your show. I heard you talk about Kelly a mortgage advisor, can you send me her email address? Thanks and have a good day!

  71. Elease Yorn says:

    One hundred million seems awfully low. Just saying. Also, what about a surrogate? Do you think they could?Report this comment as spam or abuse

  72. Paul Protas says:

    I enjoy your program and try to listen when I can. I believe you mentioned utility rates recently. Most people don’t realize that unless they read the EFL for that plan and provider, they are not seeing the whole picture regarding their rates. Those rates, no matter what provider is advertising them, are the rate at usually 2000 kwh. When you add in a monthly service charge and a minimum use charge(usually below 800kwh) they are paying a lot more. If your quoted rate is 8 cents/kwh and you use 700kwh, your ACTUAL rate is 10.7cents/kwh. I have checked many plans…. Paul

  73. annie mcreynolds says:



    • patricia ross says:

      I received a letter from my credit card company advising me that I (a joint cardholder with my husband) could become an authorized user of this acct or remain a joint cardholder. They say that I will not be liable for the acct if I become an authorized user, but either choice will affect my credit card rating. My husband and I both charge equally, but I do not work or use my money to pay bills. We do not anticipate getting divorced. Which status would be a better choice?

  74. Dave Moody says:

    Good morning Steve. I am interested in finding locations and companies that purchase my gold coins and bullion I have held for years. Thanks

  75. Mallory Hoffman says:

    Steve, good morning. I remember you from Channel 2. Glad you are still helping our Houstonians. I am looking for a structural engineer and a friend of mine who listens to your program says you refer to a structural engineer that has been very helpful to you. If not too much trouble, when you have time, can you send me his name/email, etc.

    Thank you,

  76. George Littleton says:

    Can you recommend a Vanguard fund that is all stock for an IRA? Would you consider Windsor or Windsor II?

  77. Caren Kashani says:

    Hey I graduated from Chico State and as far as I have known its more so a very apathetic place. Only drunk dopey teenagers with no reason to live or study and really sweet elderly people is what Chico is based of. Dont think they really care who you are, as long as you know how to party they respect you. I know weirdly ironic.But if you choose Chico, learn how to really really drink!Cheers,Pooja

  78. Larry says:

    I heard you mention Two Sketch for home design, do you HIGHLY recommend this group, can you give me a go to name or a web site ?

  79. Larry says:

    You talked about build your own home , which I want to do. Lets say you get a construction loan to start building, could you explain the insurance needed to protect the building during the construction for theft, weather, fire , ect.

  80. tom maierhofer says:

    request you subscribe me to your moneymatters

  81. greg says:

    What was the name and number for the building inspector you recommended?

  82. Allen says:

    Hello Steve,

    I love your prgram and have learned a lot from you. Now I find myself in need of some guidance. I never thought I’d find myself in this situation but, after nearly 25 years at the same company, two weeks ago they informed me with no warning that they were eliminating my position. Wow!

    Now I am faced with having to move my 401k. I know you say not to do anything that I cannot understand in a five minute conversation and I certainly won’t, nor am I interested in investing in annuities. I need my money to grow, the balance is currently in the low six figure range. What is a good range of charges to be expected from an investor?

  83. N. Gusler says:

    An aging neighbor may need a general contractor to fix his home before selling. I thought to ask the home inspector you often mention if he might suggest some names in the area. Would you confirm E. Robinson’s number please!!!
    Love your show and advice.
    Thanks so very much.

  84. sdww says:

    I need help! I am coming into an inheritance and know nothing about who to go to first. Financial planner, Tax Attorney, Accountant. i would like a team that works together. How to set up trust and maybe over seas accounts, and a will of course. Thank you for your time.

  85. Paula H says:

    Help. My husband just informed me that he wants to move his 401K into a Fixed Index Annuity. I have saw a UTube Video, and read a few articles. I am a litte afraid because all I have ever known is 4 0 1 K! How can I determine if this is the best investment for us?

  86. brian foster says:

    Can you get me the number of Kelly Malatesta if she is still in the moortgage business. If not is there someone you would recommend. BR Foster

  87. bob says:

    hey steve, love the show.
    you were just talking with kelly about mortgage rates, can you give me her number and company name
    thanks so much
    bob crimmins

  88. Jennifer Patton says:

    Hey Steve! Mark said you have a great recommendation for a career test for the kids before they go to college. Please advise. Thank you!

  89. Bob Kenworthy says:

    Hi Steve, Can I have the name of the home inspector you recommend?

  90. Sherry West says:

    Hi Steve ~ You mentioned on your show that the appliances will be coming out in new finish. I am upgrading my kitchen appliances soon and am curious as to what the new finish will be. I missed it on the radio and hope you can respond to this inquiry.Thank you! Sherry

  91. Steven Clark says:

    Please contact me regarding financial planning for my upcoming retirement. Former co-worker Greg Graziadio uses your service. I would like to meet and discuss with you the services you offer and learn how you recommend I structure my investments.

    Steve Clark
    832/768-6735 Cell

  92. Gail Mariage says:

    Hey Steve,

    Try Spirit airlines…much cheaper than the others.

  93. Scott says:

    Steve who do you recommend for Home automation and home security? Did your house in Round Top.

  94. Bill Gossett says:

    My financial consultant is recommending that we move some monies into hedge funds. In the past, if I remember correctly, hedge funds were discouraged by many financial investment companies. What should I be asking my advisor regarding the proposed hedge fund?

  95. Ted says:

    Ten seconds on the Internet and I discovered Drake is a super sales rep for RBC. Which is okay, so long as those who trust him to be an “independent financial adviser” know who also signs his paycheck.

  96. Donna says:

    I am a company with tax debt. I need to know if your advertiser Tax Tiger is reputible and can i trust them. I am nervous about hiring someone out of the blue but i need help and i want to know if tax tiger can be trusted i read the reviews and thinking seriously about using them. A little more info from you steve would be very helpful. If you trust them so will i. thank you.

  97. Gary Starck says:


    Where is the best place to purchase gold using & transfering IRA money? I see comission rates that are as high as 38%.

  98. Mark Haskell says:

    Dear Steve,I thought your story of the truck theft and recovery is great, Had a truck stolen too. Good Luck Sincerely, Mark Haskell.

  99. Quando Geigerhaus says:

    Can I get the local home insurance company’s and phone number you have given on the air.

  100. Quando Geigerhaus says:

    love your show, but can only listen when driving around, so I don’t get to listen as much as I like. wish you had podcasts

  101. Gail Mariage says:

    Loved the information you gave this morning about interviewing. I’d love to have that listed for my sons. Your show is so interesting. Thanks.

  102. Rick Lenz says:

    If you purchase your food or drink inside the rodeo grounds, why do they then require you to throw it in the trash when then entering the stadium for the rodeo. Don’t think it’s right.

    Thanks. Rick

  103. Paul Knowles says:

    changing electric providers.

    My poor Mother is driving me nuts.
    Tell me about this stuff.
    The website “Power To Choose” leaves my head spinning.

    She is considering going to Reliant from current TXU as provider.
    It would appear that there are several rates for each provider. Different plans? Some kind of catch in there?

    Thanks, Paul

  104. Baldev Patel says:


    I am buying new home in Wood Creek Reserve (Ashton Woods Homes). Can I have the name and number for the home inspectors you recommend to inspect at key stages of construction?

    Thanks! Love the show.

    Baldev patel

    • Paula says:

      Hi Steve, love your show! Who is the home inspector you recommend? Am getting ready for a remodel of a very old garage apartment and thought this might be a good way to start the process.

  105. Susan says:


    How would an individual become a part of your RBC Wealth Management family? Do you have an Asset Requirement? How are fees charged?

    Thank you..I listen to your show daily.

  106. Beth says:


    Can I have the name and number for the home inspector you recommend?

    Thanks! Love the show.

  107. Jane Scott says:

    Hello, Mr. Drake,
    I have listened to you for a long time and respect your judgment. I have a situation I would like to ask you about, if you don’t mind.

    I was the administrator of my late aunt’s estate, an estate that was settled and closed in the State of Virginian in approximately 1993.

    Last year, I discovered that the Virginia Unclaimed Property Fund was holding >$16,000 in funds which had been paid to my late aunt for oil royalty property proceeds. The Fund required me to re-open the estate to collect the funds to distribute to the heirs.

    My question is… is this estate principal, or is this estate income? I am trying to figure out whether there is tax liability here. If it is income, can I pass the tax liability through to the heirs or should the estate pay outright?

    I have not been able to find anyone who can answer my questions or give me direction. I have been advised it could cost >$1000 of this $16,000 to hire an accountant, and I am trying to minimize expense and get the maximum possible distributions out to the heirs. I don’t have a personal tax advisor because we do our own taxes.

    I am thinking of just doing TurboTax for Business and seeing if it will guide me but – I just wish I could get a little help from somebody.

    Thanks for your time,
    Jane Scott

  108. butch bateman says:

    Hi Steve, a long time listener who needs your advise on cowboy spurs! The Heritage Museum in Conroe has received a gift of 10 different spurs. If possible, I will send you pictures for your review and comment.

    I think you know one Conroe guy and fellow 1965 classmate friend named Milton Scott, the chair builder.

    THANKS for any help.

    Butch Bateman
    Heritage Museum of Montgomery County

  109. Steve says:

    Can I get the local home insurance company’s and phone number you have given on the air.

  110. Robert Newsom says:

    I was just wondering if you might know or use a website where I could find a listing of stocks by ex-date? I have found some but they seem questionable.

    an e-mail reply would be fine…

    Thank you

  111. Rick says:

    Hi Steve,

    Really enjoy your daily radio program on KSEV. Thanks for all the good info and advice.

    You commented today (2/6) “Thank Goodness that Texas does not have a state income tax.” However, you made no mention that Texas makes up for that with exorbitant property taxes that homeowners pay or renters pay through property owners. Have you looked at the property taxes recently? For a same-value house, my Colorado property taxes were one-third of those that we now pay in Texas. Once we retire and our income drops, we will be moving out of Texas to a more affordable property tax state. You might want to cue your near-retirement listeners into checking out other states for retirement. Thanks again for your insightful program.



  112. James Blankenship says:

    Now we know why Barack Obama moved to Chicago after school. It seems to all be part of the plan.

  113. Kevin says:

    Can you please give me lady’s name and number that administers the Birkman test? Thank you!!

  114. Scott says:

    You have mentioned the name a few times of an Electricity Power Broker (for a business) in the Houston area. Can you send me his contact info?

    • Paul says:


      You recently had an architect on your show this week, please give his name and contact information.



  115. Phillip says:

    Mr.Drake houston chronicle wed jan 16 business sec article of ss by mr. Scott burns any commit. Love your show thanks listen for years page d 4 thanks

  116. Susan says:

    I keep missing the name of the test you recommend for Highschool students to help them know what careers they would be good at.

    Thank you!

  117. Thiago (Tea-Aw-Go) says:


    My wife works at a school and she is forced to invest in a teacher’s retirement account. But she is not a teacher, she is a school nurse/health. 2/3 of her pay comes from the “school” and the other 1/3 is from another department of school system.

    Is there a way to stop them from automaticly withdrawing this amount to the retirment account? Who should I talk to?



  118. David Strachan says:

    Enjoy your program. I would like to get the name of the agent for homeowners insurance. Thank you.

  119. Paul Brown says:


    what is the name of the aptitude testing company used by your children before going to college?

  120. ethan hebert says:

    Do you have podcast or transcripts from previous show?

  121. Janet H says:

    I wasn’t able to listen to the last half of one of your shows and was wondering if there are podcast or where would I be able to hear the remaining part of a particular show you were doing?

  122. bill mccarthy says:

    the contract with my electrical provider at my business is due for renewal. do you recommend a service to research my options?

  123. Charles Curbo says:

    Steve, could I have the name and telephone number of the appraiser that you have used in the past.

  124. Joe H says:

    Where can I download podcasts of your shows?

  125. Jim boland says:

    Can I get the number of the home inspector that you like?



  126. Bela says:

    Steve….great show with prudent advice! Interested in the name of your “catchy” bumper song. Thanks in advance for your reply. I am a regular listener and you can be assured that I will be tuned in especially in these trying financial times. Thanks again. Bela

  127. Glenn McCutchen says:

    I’m 59, my wife is 45. We have a home valued at 542K with a mortgage of 131K ($813./mo). We have savings of 350K, IRA’s of 98K and 26K, and 3252 shares of UPS stock. Would it be wise to cash in enough UPS shares and pay off the house before the end of the year to avoid the increase in capital gains tax increases?

  128. Janet says:

    My husband is a frequent listener, and suggested we get in touch with Steve Drake for help with our own personal financial/retirement/estate planning. Help! We definitely need help. May I get Steve Drake’s contact information so that we may make an appointment with him? Many thanks…

    • Steve Sasser says:

      I am 61 have owned a company for 30 years that I want to sell in 2013. I have a partner who is wishes to buy the company. I need someone or a company to appraise and advise on what to do with the monies from the sale. I don’t know if you are taking on new clients but if you are I would like to discuss some personal financial/retirement/estate planning issues. Thanks in advance

  129. Susan says:

    Steve, You have a great show… Did the recently shorten your time slot?

  130. Frank says:

    The tax on the wealthy (1% or 2%). How long would that run the country.

  131. Bob says:

    Hey Steve, just started listening, great show.
    My daughter is 21, going to school, but makes great money bartending in Austin.
    If she can put $200.00 away each month minimum, what kind of investment would you recommend. She will not take money out for long long time.

  132. Bryan says:

    What is your opinion about buying Iraq Dinar as an investment?

  133. Cheryl Fowler says:

    Hello Steve,

    Is it possible to re-listen to your Tuesday, Nov. 27, program? I was interested in your comments about refinancing a mortgage at 2 3/4% for a 15-year period. You also recommended paying it off in five years.

    Also, who do you recommend talking with at Joe Meyers Ford?

    Finally, I would like to schedule an appointment with you to discuss my husband’s pre-retirement options. Thank you!

  134. charles pennington says:

    Steve, my son is a SR in HS. If he his fortunate enough to receive scholarship money, should those dollars be directed to an account in his name, if so should it be a separate “scholarship” account, or should i just run it thru my household checking account?

  135. Debbie Le Fevre says:

    Hi Steve,

    How can Spain celebrate Thanksgiving? It’s an American holiday? Do they have their own, —say, for giving thanks that the Inquisition ended??!!!

    I always enjoy your show, just had to ask!

  136. Ron says:

    I have listened to your show several years and like your ideas. My wife’s father passed away a year ago and we moved her mother here to be close. Her mother has dementia and physical limitations and lives in a healthcare facility in Houston. They had an estate set up many years ago and we would need some one to review it give us suggestions. The trust company in KS is distant and they are not helping us. Do you offer that service? Would like to talk about a good way to review the options.

    Thanks, Ron

  137. Willia Schaupp says:

    Seriously, some people just need information to clear the clatter in their mind. Zeekreward under Zeekler is a great company. it pays their affiliate by putting adds for the company. I’m sure if they tie a deal with google to advertise for them, then google will be making tons of money. it may look easy for an individual to put in an ads, however if you look at it in a different perspective, with every affiliate posting ads it generates a massive advertisement for the company.. this alone can save even a biggest corporation huge money.

  138. Alverta Privado says:

    I’ve never spoken with my sanitation engineers either, but I wave and smile. Gatorade and a hug will have to come from my husband!

  139. Kendrick Lundemo says:

    Read a good book on this by Michael Lewis. Boomerang. Good background material for those who like to read. Just saying.

  140. Chelsea says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am looking at getting Term Life Insurance for my husband and I, we are 28 & 29 years old. Are there term life insurance companies that you would recommend? I would love to get any advice you are willing to provide.

    Thank you,

  141. Robert O'Neill says:

    m looking for financial advisors. I plan on retiring next year.

  142. Daren Hoelscher says:


    What is the name of the christian college you were talking about yesterday. Your daughter was considering this college and Baylor.


  143. jesse lopez says:

    “STOP THE MUSIC!” Your opening music on your program is driving me crazy. It sounds like punk-rock music. I drive all day and when your previous “piano style” music started, I would play the piano by tapping my fingers on the steering wheel or on my lap. I enjoy your words of wisdom – it beats listening to Rush Limbaugh.

  144. Martin says:

    You mentioned the name of a southern university yesterday that was Christian, can you tell me the name of it


  145. Ken Howard says:

    In the past I have bought several trucks from Randy Cox at Joe Myers. Is there someone you can recommend now that Randy is no longer with us.


  146. san sou si says:

    Nice job this weekend but my sides hurt. Need more grain today.

  147. chris says:

    can you email me list of seminars coming up..thanks

  148. Diane says:

    I am a single, retired teacher (60 yrs. old) and am debt free except for around $9,500 to pay on my house. My current monthly house payment is about $575/mth. My house is ten yrs. old. I just paid off my car which was $335/mth. but I paid an extra 100.00 a month toward principle. My question: should I take all or part of what I was paying on my car (435.00) and put it toward the principle on my house? I have a 15 yr. loan @ 5.7.

  149. Mike says:

    Any recommendation on insurance company or broker(home/auto)? My home policy just renewed and the rates went up quite a bit.

  150. Dennis Jacobs says:

    My wife and I are spending our 30th wedding annaversary at the Hyatt at lost pines near Bastrop. I have heard you talk about Bastrop before. Can you suggest any places to eat or see in Bastrop?

    Thanks, Dennis

  151. Conlin Brogan says:

    Was a guest at your recent seminar for “listeners.” Need to ascertain your “Inspector.” Heard you mention his name at least 50 times, but never needed it before. Thanks, Conlin
    Michelle was so very nice to me at the seminar!

  152. Trang says:

    Hello, I heard on your show that you mentioned a place where they can compare prices on homeowner’s insurance and find you the best go to company. Can you please give me the contact info for this? Thanks for your help.

  153. Paul says:

    What are the websites you give out for getting term insurance?

  154. Bob says:

    Steve, Sorry I missed the seminar last week. Client needs, I am sure you know about those things. By the way, you mentioned something about a website to go to, to order license plates with seven characters. What was that website? Thanks

  155. Christine Kalmbach says:

    My husband said that Mr. Drake has a structural engineer he could refer us to? I would like to get the contact information for this person ASAP. Please advise.

  156. Walt Welsh says:

    Hi Mr. Drake. Do you still conduct advice in your office? We would love to sit down with you. I can be reached at 832-405-0153. Thank you!

  157. Gary steen says:

    Steve, thanks for the free seminar last week. I got a lot out of it. You and your staff are very professional. I would mention that you are taller and much more handsome on the radio. Long time listener

  158. joe says:

    Steve love your show. I am close to retirement and am forunate that i have a pension and 30k in a deferred comp account. i am looking for a financial planner to make sure my calculations are accurate. i am not a high roller so i need someone that is competent and affordable. thanks, Joe.

  159. Sandy says:

    Hi Steve,
    I think I have heard you comment on the sucess of the various economic stimulus programs by our government…specifically that we the tax payers have received a good return on our investment in businesses such as GM. Is that true, because I keep hearing that GM has not repaid us….we still own 27% of GM. And that the reason they are doing QE3 is because the other programs did not work.Any thoughts?

    I listen to your show quite regularly, in fact I could recite some of your stories.

  160. Joe says:

    I am interested in attending the investments seminar this month.

  161. CJ says:

    You mentioned a test your children took to help them find out what career would be best for them.
    Can you tell me the name of the test and where they took it?
    Thank you

  162. RONALD ODOM says:

    I would like an invite to the investment seminar this month on high dividend companies you mentioned on the air.

  163. Betty Kreutzer says:

    We heard about the seminar you are giving and would like to attend. 936 890 5669

  164. Lynne says:

    Steve, I love your show and would like to attend your seminar on creating an income stream using stocks. How can I get the information about it?

    • Steve Drake says:

      For information on our seminar, please call my office at 281-586-7786. It is Spet 27th at 2PM for investors that are retired or close to retirement. We can e-mail you information.
      Thanks!! Steve

  165. Skeeter says:

    Thank you for mentioning our shop on the air. We really appreciate you and your show. I listen every day. One question on the Mazda issue. Would you know if your daughter leaves the cell phone charger hooked up overnight in the lighter receptacle? We will be looking for a battery drain within the vehicles system that is depleting the battery charge overnight.
    Thank You again,
    Skeeter & Staff

  166. Alex says:

    I am trying to locate the type of international financial adviser that was mentioned by one of your guests–one that is paid on the results produced.

    Could you provide the name of the guest that was on your show or a resource to locate such an adviser. Thanks!

  167. Roy B says:

    You recommended a mortgage broker…… What was her name…. possible a website..?


  168. Martha Crockett says:

    I would like to make an appoiontment with Steve Drake to discuss an investment. How do I contact him?

    Thank you.

    Martha Crockett

  169. Darrell says:

    I just want to offer my condolences in regards to the loss of your friend Mr. Randy Cox. I’ve listened to your show for years now and you have always mentioned him. Take care Mr. Drake and i’ll continue to enjoy your show.

  170. Cindy says:

    I love your show with all the great advice. It’s great to hear about your kids and how they are navigating through their young adult life. A lot of beneficial information for other young people as well.

  171. LaVondra says:

    I enjoy listening to your show!!! Keep up the great work.

  172. Rick says:


    You have a great personality and I enjoy listening to your show. That being said I don’t always agree with your stance on things.

    I wanted to point out that even though the government through the CBO has reported that they made the right decision to hang the liabilities of private entities investments on the American tax payer (i.e. TARP 1 making a profit)there are those who would disagree.

    Like much of the govt reported statistics like CPI etc..there is a conflict of interests that gets in the way of honest information dissemination.

    The TARP 1 profit is a myth. I agree that it is politically expedient to present the program as a success to the public, but it dosent change the fact that tax payer revenue should never be a private entities hedge against risk.

    Christie Romero the TARP inspector general has been quoted as saying:

    “After 3½ years, the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“TARP”) continues to be an active and significant part of the Government’s response to the financial crisis. It is a widely held misconception that TARP will make a profit. The most recent cost estimate for TARP is a loss of $60 billion. Taxpayers are still owed $118.5 billion (including $14 billion written off or otherwise lost).”

    The fact is there is so much govt. subsidy that is being funneled into the banking sector even beyond TARP which facilitates the distortion of reporting “TARP” money being paid back that many believe that even Romero’s comments are conservative.

    So the sky would have fallen and the economy imploded if we would have let the banks fail?

    Iceland would disagree. Iceland is now experiencing a recovery without bankrupting their country in the process.

    Nobel Prize-winning US economist Paul Krugman:
    “Where everyone else bailed out the bankers and made the public pay the price, Iceland let the banks go bust and actually expanded its social safety net,” he wrote in a recent commentary in the New York Times.

    Free markets require responsibilty. The moment one entity can be put on the hook for another’s liability corruption and distortion will occur.

  173. Bob Riley says:

    I was listening to the start of your show today and heard the sad news about Randy Cox. I bought my 2010 Ford Fusion from Randy at Joe Myers in June-2010. I contacted him based on your recommendation and was not disappointed. Randy was fair, courteous, and got me the car I wanted (even if it was from an out of town dealer) and at a good price. I could not not have asked for more. I still carry Randy’s nusiness card in my wallet and will continue to do so, out of respect for him.

    You just never know what will happen next. Sometimes you just get too complacent about people and things, when history and events have always proven such thoughts wrong.

    Bob Riley–Cypress

  174. Bob Thompson says:

    Hi Steve,
    I caught a fragment of your show yesterday or today. You were spot on with the woman who was looking for a CFP. About Five years ago I sent my niece and her husband a copy of Dave Ramsey’s book. They went through the program – beater car, garage sales – cash budgets out of envelopes, etc. Today, they have no credit card debt, and don’t fight all of the time about money. The financial pressure was ruining their relationship.

    Anyone who has a source of steady income makes enough money to live – it’s the spending and setting priorities. I went through the process of documenting every penny I spent almost 40 years ago, and found that a budget works. About the same time, a friend of mine told me he was doing the same thing. Of course we’ve made more money as we’ve gotten older but we’ve saved enough money to be very comfortable in our later years.

    PS: you may have to not choose to live in a McMansion or drive a Lexus.

  175. Bernie Lamm says:

    How exactly do i order scooters from direct Bikes?

  176. Trebie Orr says:

    Hi Steve ! Can u give me the name of the home inspector you recommend ? Thanks ! Trebie

  177. Panderson says:

    I can’t remember the name of the pre-fab home builder in the Roundtop area. Inlaws are looking to build and I wanted them to contact them. Thanks!

  178. Carrie Skiba says:

    Any advice on finding a home(historic not fabricated)to move onto my property? Or maybe I heard you talk about building vacation homes cheaply? Thanks for all of your advice!

  179. Janet says:

    Mark, do you have the name and number of the inspector? 

    Thanks you,
    J. Featherston

  180. David Fisher says:

    what is the name of the electricity consultant that you refer people to?

  181. Carltonspain says:

    i really enjoy listening to steve drake, a great mixture of money matters advice and interesting tidbits. But i am a lover of great music, and that music that he ends his show with is slamming!!! can anyone tell me the song title and artist??? thxs, cspain

  182. David Fisher says:

    Steve Drake,
    Please give me the contact name that you use for energy prices.

  183. Djlyons9 says:

    Steve,  Please send me the name of the web site you recommended  on your show where you can print legal documents such as a will.  You said it was just a small cost for a simple will.  Tks,judy

  184. Krogers says:


    I went to the Texas Dept of Insurance site and couldn’t find what I was hoping you said I’d find which was pro/con or points to ponder on long term care.

    Also, what do you think about a Universal Life policy with a long term care component and a death benefit where you can take out the money, kind of like a CD with an interest penalty?

  185. Kclegg says:

    My name is Kent and I love your show & and listen to you every day; I enjoy all of your topics, even those that go off subject.  Because you speak on a common persons level, most people can relate with you.  You’re a great people person and I thank you for your service.  I’ve learned a great deal from you.  I thought I’d chime in to one of your recent subjects.

    I have camped and enjoyed or owned RV’s for my entire 47 years of life.  It is one of the cheapest and most fun vacation things a family can do…and its given us many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors & wildlife, and hundreds of great memories, plus taken us to some really great places.

    There are several different classes of which often your status symbol is judged by.  There’s the cab-over (fits in the bed of a truck), bumper pull, fifth wheel, smaller class ”A” (van size) motor homes,  the slightly larger Class “B” (van chassis) and the big bus size class ”C” (usually rear engine gas or diesel pusher) units.

  186. James says:

    The mortgage audit solicitation that promises refund of overcharges, is a rip-off at best, a borderline scam at worst. They will charge $50 with promise of full refund if you have no refund due.  They will try to sell you software that supposedly helps you reduces your debt, budgeting software. They will not find a refund, then getting your $50 back takes a lot of time and effort to achieve, but they will refund it if you are persistent.

  187. Kris says:

    Steve, I have heard you talk about a personality or interests test that anyone, especially a college-bound person, can take to help determine what major would be best for him to study in college.  I have a son who will be a high school senior this fall and I would like him to take a test such as this to help him see what interests him the most and what his strengths are. What specific tests that are adminstered locally or online do you recommend?

  188. Hootmon2 says:

    Steve, I am trying to find the info I saved on retiring in a foreign country, and of course, cannot.  Will you tell me the link / person who was on your show talking about that?

  189. Carrie Skiba says:

    How can I contact you for your professional advice? I couldn’t find a phone number listed. Thank you! Carrie

  190. Steve Drake says:

    I would start by seeing who has the most listings in your area

  191. Steve Drake says:

     Kathleen Peddicord  –

  192. Karen says:

    Can you please share the name and phone number of your friend at Joe Meyers Ford….I believe you said he is the fleet dept….thanks!

  193. Laurie says:

    I need new tires. What is the name of the company you recommended for tires? Thank you.

  194. Vandy911 says:

    Steve, on today’s show you had a guest speaking about living over seas. what was her name and website? 

  195. dbenks says:

     wish there was a podcast of this show. with all the commercials is good.

  196. Lindah says:

    Regarding  the Houston Chronicle;  I, Like you,  had a subscription with the Houston Post, Many years  ago.   I had to switch to the Post,  cause  I like to read  the morning paper. I have  paid  Annually forever, In the month of  May.   Then  it went up  and now  I  owe  in March. Again  it went  up   and now  I owe  in January.  I never  got  my  full  paid  year.  I called   and they said  ok,  they would fix it.  Guess what   They did not.   Now they say  I  owe them from January 1st 2012. And  they  want $312 annualy.   fORGET IT!  I’m no longer getting the paper delivered

  197. Kim Choura says:

    I just wanted to let Steve know that I bought a car from Joe Meyers because he thinks they are great. Joe Meyers changed my contract and the only reason I know they did is because the financing bank called me and made me aware of the change. I confronted Joe Meyers and they said it was a mistake. I told them I have a signed contract with the correct information so who changed the contract before it went to the bank? There is more to the story but what it balls down to is someone at Joe Meyers changed a signed contract. They want me to sign a new contract with the correct information but I refused. I told them I already have a signed contract with the correct information. What I want to know is who changed the legal contract after I signed it and left the dealership? Their response is I don’t know. What do you think I should do now?

  198. Briley5865 says:

    i  love  your  show.  i  am  wondering  why  there  are  so  many  pre-recorded  shows

  199. Ncushm says:

    Dear Steve,
    Would you please tell us in whats states we can win the lottery and maintain anonimusly?
    Thank you. NC

  200. Reggie Greff says:

    Not Edward Robinson but who is the house appraiser who will give the correct cost of the house without any “emotion” in it.

    • Steve Drake says:

      Chuck Crow is an appraiser that appraises houses.
      Telephone: 281-893-8200

    • Ravi says:

      I worked at Wang Laboratories (a coortpare name that belied its size at its height) in the early 1980s, and besides what were lovingly called minicomputers in those days, Wang also made a PC with proprietary software and a several features that appeared LATER on Macintoshes: imaging processors and retrievable sound files (not compressed to the extent they were with MP3 technology). If only Steve Jobs had been born in New England and had been a hire by Wang, things might have been different.

  201. Lettie says:

    On the man you last spoke with regarding his wife opening CC accounts and he pays them off – Does he control all the money and not give his wife money to spend.   That could be an issue..

  202. DandJ says:

    Hi Steve:

    We live in the Bellville/Brenham area and are considering a FSBO sale of our home.  Can you recommend an attorney in the area who can prepare for us the necessary documents we will be needing, as well as representing us at closing?


  203. Lorikwalker says:

    Steve – how do I get in contact with Kelly to refinance home mortgages.  Thanks Lori

  204. Lorikwalker says:

    Steve – how do I get in contact with Kelly to refinance home mortgages.  Thanks Lori

  205. William Hardy1 says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’ve never called but I am among the faithful to your show.
    . . . . .however, your bumper music is awful, no I mean really horrible.  Perhaps I have not connected with the big
    amp, mega screech, harmonically unresolved sounds that seem to be everywhere
    now.   I have switched stations more than
    once, but I will keep coming back because I like you and I like your show.  That’s it.  
    Keep broadcasting.  Bill

  206. Im_cne says:

    Who do you recommend for buying a new Lexus ?

  207. Ktparker00 says:

    Steve, You mentioned on your show last year about a woman who does a great job counseling young people about college and career choices. How may I get that information? I listen as often as I can but I can’t listen all the time, so I’m afraid I might miss it if you mention her again on your show!! Would it be possible for you to e-mail her information to me? I would be so grateful.
    Karen Parker

  208. Harvey says:


    What is the name of the high tech alarm company you mentioned a while back? I believe you even had the owner as a guest on your show.



  209. DWor says:

    Hi Steve~
    I would like to get the name of a fantastic financial investment provider and also the name of your insurance broker.
    Thank you!

  210. Aubss says:

    Do you recommend a book we can study before we make decisions about retirement income? We know there are many products….

  211. mark says:

    Can you recommend an area within 2 hours of Houston with up-side potential for building $300~400,000 vacation home?  Lake Conroe with pending XOM move to Woodlands?  Brenham area, where you’ve mentioned?  Are there any rural “developments” with utilities/amenities/streets if I didn’t want to have multiple acres to take care of?   Thanks, Mark

  212. john says:

    First, I enjoy your show, lots of useful info.
    But I’m writing to ask a question on our area electric choice, in Walker County we have Entergy, their service territory covers 28 counties with more than 400,000 customers
     “Residential 356,999 – Commercial 44,080 – Industrial 4,815 – Governmental 2,213 “  
    They are also in Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi.
    We don’t have a choice to change our electric provider? 
    If one of our elected state official would like to make a difference to the people they server I would think they would look into this. 
    Your thoughts?

    • Steve Drake says:

      Hi John – You are not “on the Texas grid” where you can shop for electricty. The good news is that your provider has rates that are often on the low end of the price range.

  213. Steve, how do I locate a top selling realtor for my neighborhood?

  214. Chris Courtney says:

    How does one find a realtor who is a top seller in a certain area?

  215. Chisari says:

    Steve,  I’m trying to get my mortgage refinanced and want to know if using a Mortgage Broker is a good idea?  I have a fixed 30 year conforming loan and I am 2 years into it.  I would like to lower my interest rate and hence my monthly payment.

  216. Charles says:

    That’s awesome story about the lady, thats why you are Blessed! My grandfather told me if I help 10 people and only one was really in need, I still did good.

  217. Mike Mooe says:

    What is the appitude test you talk about on your show

  218. David Johns says:

    Steve, a friend told me that you have an aptitude test somewhere on your website, I cant seem to find it, can you please re-post the link? Thanks

  219. Pat says:

    You mentioned your alarm company for your Chappell Hill Home. Will you please share the name & phone number with me? We also live in Chappell Hill. Thanks

  220. Joe says:

    Steve,  I live in Katy.  Do u have a recommendation for a refinance officer in the katy area. 

  221. ignacio diego says:

    HI Steve.  you had a business broker on your show last year, and you and he discussed book that is vital to the management of business.  Can you give me the title please, and any other pertinent books related to an exit plan.  Thanks

  222. Keith says:


    You have mentioned a vacation location in Arkansas that you family enjoyed.  What was the name of that lodge?

  223. Mark says:

    I have a friend needing a home inspected and I can’t remember your great inspectors name that all the opposing fear.

  224. Linda Fritz says:

    Is it Joe Meyers Ford that you highly recommend? We have friends that need to buy 2 vehicles and are looking at Fiestas.

  225. Gene Pugh says:

    Why does KSEV not provide podcasts of your most wonderful show?

  226. Paul Knowles says:

    I listen often, rarely have a chance to call in…silly thing like work, you know, or driving.

    My bank has offered an extrodinary offer!
    If I deposit a mimimun of $10,000.00 They will pay me $100.00!
    Wow!  How can I afford to pass this up!

    Well, where would I get ten large?
    What disruption of other investments-had I any worthwhile- would I rob?
    And I have to leave the ten for six months.
    At an interest rate that I am not sure of!

    I’m sorrry, this “check” will have to go to the shredder.

    [I know you won’t say the name of this bank…much like the horses running in the steeplech…….

    Thanks, Paul

  227. Sarah says:

    I have a question about good part time jobs for my soon-to-be college aged kids.  I was thinking that it would be good if they got some kind of a certificate from the local community college in computer/secretarial, machinist, veternarian assistant or something else skilled so that they would have a better shot at a good part time job during college, better than waiting tables like I did.  Is that even feasible?  They are 15 and 13 now, so they could do it over the course of a few summers or a home-schooled type of situation.  Any advice would be appreciated.  I love your show! 

  228. acardenas says:

    Steve I have heard you mention a particular type of home construction on your country property. Could you pl give me the name of the builder?

  229. Greg Kirby says:

    Owners of the company I work for started another company and moved several people into the new company. The new company started their 401k.
    Can I roll my old 401k out and into a Roth IRA?

  230. Robertwillms says:

    Love your show

  231. Ricardocortes says:

    We love you program .keep up the good job!

  232. Mpeters720 says:

    I have approximately $500,000.00 that I want to put into 1 yr CDs for my mom.  My teacher’s credit union is offering 1.20 which is much higher than banks.  Is it safe to put into a credit union?   I know it is insured, but don’t want to lose my mom’s money.

  233. Kraftalk says:

    Steve my mother has a companion that is almost 18 yrs younger than she is she sold her old home, they both put about $100,00.00 down on a larger new home, so they won’t have any house payment. She is 85, and I asked if she made a new will, she said no.She wants him to be able to stay in the new home if she passes away, my question is what does she need to put in her will, so that her heirs get their 1/2 of her share of the house when she dies and he can stay in the house. Does he have to buy out her share so it can go to her heirs?
    Thanks, Adrian
    PS Please don’t use my name on the air, if you answer on the air can you tell me when so I can listen.

  234. Patclark says:

    You mentioned on your show today a book about houses. The author’s first name (I think) was Susan. Something about “thinking small” when building or buying a home.  Thanks  Pat

  235. Carol Hennessee says:

    Your program was prerecorded today, Oct. 6, and a man called in on how you can consolidate you emails it was I tried to catch it but was unable to. I would greatly appreciate that information.
    You helped my husband and I several month ago and we need to schedule another appt. with you.
    Thanks for the daily program and all the ways it has helped us.
    Be blessed,
    Carol Hennessee
    281 693 0571

  236. Susig1313 says:

    I”m 31 yrs old and have never invested. I want to learn to invest. Is there a financial advisor that you recommend?

  237. Gary Reyes says:

    How might I make an apt with you. Please give me your number so I might schedule an appointment. Thank you, G. W. Reyes 713-203-4423

  238. Bradr says:

    Getting a Home Loan and / or Refinancing is very very difficult.  What percentage of applicants actually get approved?  Ask Kelly the next time she’s on your show.  How can she make money with all the paperwork…and so many applicants who don’t get approed.  

  239. Bradr says:

    Getting a Home Loan and / or Refinancing is very very difficult.  What percentage of applicants actually get approved?  Ask Kelly the next time she’s on your show.  How can she make money with all the paperwork…and so many applicants who don’t get approed.  

  240. Lei says:

    You mentioned a re-finance person on today 09/06/11..Kellie >??? please repeat that info.. thanks

  241. Leaderintraining1106 says:

    Hey Steve!  Regarding finding the cheapest energy prices out there check out   Powertochoose is too complictaed.  is the easiest site I have found to search for the lowest rate in someone’s area.  Put in your zip code, select what is important to you (fixed, variable, green etc…) and presto!  All available plans pop up. Easy!

    - Jeff Schneider

  242. Kyle Pryor says:


      What was the name of the government act you mentioned on your show yesterday for kids of veternans & getting free help? Some guy called in & talked about it & I had never heard of it & neither had you.

  243. fan says:


    I have listened to you on and off for a few months and you have an entertaining show.

    Why is it every time someone wants to talk about gold you seem to cut things short? I have heard you mention people dont want to hear about it for various reasons, but I for one do……its been a big bull and I would like to hear more about it from several perspectives.

    Anyway you are a great talkshow host and I will continue to listen.

  244. Keely Lambert says:

    Would you please recommend a Home Warranty company? My home is 9 years old and I am thinking of going with First American Home Buyers Protection Company. Any advice would be appreciated. Love you show!!

  245. Rosemary says:

    How do I contact you Mr. Drake for your services?

  246. Nick says:

    I am new in the area and I heard your recent caller getting a NOO loan with 5% down.  Is that available in this region?

  247. Splat75202 says:

    Steve, who was the lady you just had on talking mortgages? I didn’t catch her name or her company’s name. Thanks, Jim

  248. Anja Hunter says:


    I have a mobile home…where can I go to refinance @ these low interest rates. I have checked around and most banks will not refi mobile homes. Thank you for your time.

  249. Splat75202 says:

    Good morning Steve,

    I am not sure that I heard it on your show so please forgive me if I didn’t…

    I understand there is a document that parents can have their adult child execute that allows them to decide medical issues for their college child in the event of a serious, incapacitating event. Do you know anything about this?



  250. Don says:

    Several months ago you had an electricity consultant on your show.  I wrote down the name but cannot find it now.  Can you get me the name?

  251. Chill78809 says:


          I heard you discuss fixed annuities (not variable) numerous times.  I am considering this vehicle as part of my retirement plan.   Would you ever consider a fixed annuity for yourself or your clients?


  252. Markthomasson says:

    I  can’t get the show over the internet anymore.  Is it still available?  I’m in Austin, so out of AM radio range.  Mark

  253. Melissa R. says:

    I catch a little bit of your show pretty often when I get out for lunch.  I am not approaching retirement, but would love some pre-retirement advice.  Let me know if we can get together so I can get an hour’s worth of advice. Thanks!

  254. Gary Belcik says:

    Are the rates of Old Security Financial Group too good to be true?  Is this a reputable company?  My Mom is thinking about doing a 10 Year Single Premium MYG Deferred Annuity…

    Thank!  Gary

  255. Jose Toth says:

    Steve,My electricity provider expires in June. What is the name of the person you recommend for advice.

    Thanks, José

    • Lmkana says:

      i would like to know who steve recommends also.  do you know?

    • Power2Chose says:

      The State of Texas has a website that allows you to put in your zip code and get a list of current charges (no pun intended) from all the electric companies available in your area. The link is 

  256. Lisa says:

    I want to podcast your show. Please make your show available in a podcast.

  257. Arliebeck says:

    You have mentioned a home builder in the hill country that you had a good experience with. Can you give me his contact information?

  258. Lisa says:

    Steve, Can you send the “career assessment” test(s) you were discusing yesterday?

    Thank you!

  259. Kim Hatton says:

    Hi Steve, please send me the “career assessment” test(s) you recommend. Thanks in advance, Kim

  260. Robin Human says:


    A short time ago, you referenced a “dress for success” consultant you hired to help your daughter(s) select appropriate business wear as they ventured into the job market. What is the name of that consultant? 


  261. Jeff says:

    Does Two Sketch Home Planners have a website?

  262. Robin Human says:

    A while ago, you talked about a “dress for success” consultant on your show, stating you had enlisted this person to help your daughter as she was searching for jobs. What is the name of the consultant you mentioned?

    Thank you!

    Robin Human

  263. Robin Human says:

    A while ago, you talked about a “dress for success” consultant on your show, stating you had enlisted this person to help your daughter as she was searching for jobs. What is the name of the consultant you mentioned?

    Thank you!

    Robin Human

  264. Bdmartin2003 says:

    steve, what is the name and contatc info for your insurance guy you reccomend?

  265. Mary Cash says:

    We are interested in securing money for an investment house. Can you guide us to someone you recommend that can help us get a loan for the investment house? Thanks. Has anyone had any luck finding investment property money?

  266. Julie says:

    Hi steve. Who is the home inspector you recommend?

  267. Gsnapka says:

    My home electricity plan expires in July.  Can you give me information on the gentleman that can assist me in comparing/selecting providers!


  268. Paulb says:

    Do you implement 401(k) or simplified 401(k) plans for small businesses – 6 employees including owner?

  269. Andrew says:

    My wife and I would like to schedule a sit-down meeting with you to discuss inheritance made up of some cash, some muni bonds, some real estate. We have never sought out an advisor but feel we now need to talk to someone who doesn’t “have a dog in the hunt” so to speak and can give us reliable advice. We have listend to you over the years and now feel it’s our turn to ask you some questions. How do we arrange this?


  270. Willie Rodney says:

    Hello Steve, I have been involved in a investment over the last year that will allow me to come into a large sum of immediate wealth. I was hoping you could recommend  a tax attorney that could advise me on long/short term tax implications.

  271. Steve H. says:

    Mr. Drake,
    We own a small amount of acreage and use part of the property to grow and sell hay.  We have tried to refinance and cannot find a lender that will loan on property with an ag exemption and/or produces a crop for profit.  We get no further in the process after telling them this information up front (the hay production)  Do you have any advice in a situation such as this?

  272. Jimnealwines says:

    I am probably your biggest fan in California. Go Steve.

  273. Jghar says:

    DearSteve:Met you when Jan Glenn was hosting on channel 13.
    My friends iPhone saved his life during the recent tornado outbreak.
    Unconscious ,a first responder pickup his iPhone up and upon turning it on saw a white cross with emergency on the tool bar .Family contact information came up with an urgent issue message advising he had a
    Blood clot and required emergency treatment due to blood thinner.
    Get this app and put it on all your family members iPhones .It’s
    Called Savsmylife .Long time listener .Jim Harp.

  274. Randy says:

    We are excited to see your “Building a Texas Cottage” ideas website that  you mentioned a few months ago. You have gotten many good ideas from your builder. We are planning a downsized, retirement cottage in a few more months in East Texas.

  275. Cstaerkel says:

    I need the name of the coupon website mentioned last week. Driving and could not write it down.

  276. Jose says:

    Can you tell me anything about Quiken Loans?

  277. Bobparker47 says:

    Steve: What was the name of the company that helped with college applications and essays.   Thanks Bob Parker 

  278. Walzelkaren says:


    We would love to listen to you show in podcast, along with other listeners. Is that available? We live in Austin ana dmiss your show greatly!



  279. suzanne says:

    On your show today, you mentioned our national debt and a dollar amount that translated to for each person in America. I’d love to hear a number comparing

    our national debt versus national “income” to a person making, say, $100,000 per year and how much debt he would owe, using the same debt to earnings ratio as our government. Also– I don’t know if you are familiar with how Thomas Jefferson handled his own personal funds, but if not, you may be surprised to discover that one of our most beloved forefathers was quite cavalier when it came to personal finances. Perhaps that is a prerequisite for holding high office? I enjoy your show.

    Suzanne Reynolds

  280. Robin says:

    What is the dealership from which you recommended purchasing tires? (I listen to you a lot, so I am sorry if you aren’t the host who recommended the dealership.)

  281. Faye Harold says:

    RE: Tailgate thefts

    This is the note that our Security Coordinator gave us by email which came from one of our deputies: “Nothing is foolproof, but you may sugges that people go to the auto parts store and purchase an 1 1/2″ hose clamp, place and tighten it around the right side hinge pin on the tailgate. It may save the tailgate because it takes a little more time to remove the clamp, before taking the tailgate. These crooks count on the theft being quick. They may move on to the quick and easier target. Tailgate theft can happen in less than 10 minutes!”

    Faye H.

  282. Vee Puckett says:


    My electricity provider expires in June. What is the name of the person you recommend for advice. Most times when I hear you giving his name, I am driving.

    Thanks and Have a Great Easter

    Vee Puckett

  283. imtall3 says:

    Mike Harrington’s phone number please and thanks.

  284. Michellewebb111 says:

    Hi Steve,
    Please remind me who the contact is for saving on electricity bill.

  285. Tripleputt41 says:

    Steve I purchased a variable annuity with a guranteed life income rider. I can select among 100 different investment accounts. My initial investment of 800,000 invested in 2009 is now worth 1,360,000. My initial income was $40,000 a year but has now increasted to 65,000 a year. Did I make a wise investment?

  286. Donnajar says:

    Our financial advisor is suggesting an annuity for guaranteed income for retirement. You have always advised against annuities. Why? And what is the difference between A and B annuities?

  287. Brad S. says:

    Steve, most electric company quote the base rate, which may be cheap. When you get you monthly bill, there will several items added to the bill, which will drive the bill higher. So, to get the ‘mixed’ rate, divide the total bill amount (what is due) by Kilowatts. ie..($107.96 / 908 kw = 0.119 cents .This will give your ‘true’ rate. When you ever get a quote, ask them for the mixed or combined rate. Don’t settle for the base rate.

  288. Coolroz10 says:

    You had a financial planner on today named Terri Gerst (spelling?) . What is her website?

  289. Commiato says:

    I missed the contact information for the attorney you had on the air this morning. Can you please send her contact information?

  290. PhillipT says:

    Hey Steve,
    I used Credit Karma to get a free credit score from Transunion. Maybe you can past that on to the listeners.

  291. Wallrj says:

    New government regulations dealing with mortgages (brokers) goes into effect April 1……how much will that cost the consumer?

  292. Janmann says:

    What is the address of the free credit report?

  293. Paul says:

    What is Mike Harrington’s phone number? You said it too fast the other day.
    Thanks much.

  294. Patricia Blair says:

    Steve, please repeat the newspaper in which the article about dog-walking and exercise benefits appears. Thought you said the NYTimes, but I don’t see it there. Thanks so much!

  295. Clint Akin says:

    Steve, I know you are always finding interesting things that people spend way to much money on. I found a website called they have compiled all kinds of stuff like that.

  296. Dilip Naik says:

    Like to get Steve’s office number for seeking his counsel.

  297. Ag'63 says:

    Steve, do you have an Independent Insurance Agency that you recommend?

  298. Lindau says:

    Here’s the link to the Harris County Clerk database search. I was able to find our property and it shows the release of lien.


  299. Southernpilot says:

    Hi Steve! I’m a long time listener. First time I can remember hearing you was in about 1987 when I was going to U. of H. Keep up the great work.
    Do you have contact information for that women who called your show yesterday, the one who consuls entering college students. She sounded like she really had it together.

  300. Rick Restivo says:

    Steve – you mentioned a dealership that sells tires at $5 over their cost. Is that Joe Myers?

  301. Silvia says:

    Does KSEV offers podcast for their shows?

  302. Silvia says:

    What is the name of the inspector de Steve Drake always recommend?

  303. J. Mike Newton says:

    Hey Steve,
    Several weeks ago you mentioned you strategy for Term Life Insurance. I believe you said you had three different policies of varying amounts and lengths of years. Could you share that info again please?

  304. Gary says:

    Steve, over the past year, you have mentioned the name of a woman who
    who does career/academic counseling with students. Do you have a name
    and phone number to contact that person or business for help?

  305. Larry says:

    Who is the person you suggest using for mortgage loans, including refinancing?


  306. Pliszka says:


    Looking for the person you used to administer the Birkman test for your kids. Need to do the same for my college bound daughter.


  307. rach says:

    Today you talked about a web site that tells you how much money you can get for college based on test scores, etc. I missed the site name. Can you post it please? Thanks!

  308. Mike says:

    I heard your story yesterday about mailing the 48 lb parcel to Ft Worth. How appropriate it was for you to have to pay $300+ dollars for something you should have taken to the post office. You got caught up in capitalism at it’s best. Maybe next time you will take it to the PO. Oh by the way, 48lbs with $5000.00 ins would have cost you $87.70 Priority Mail.

  309. Lcarr says:

    Mr. Drake, What is the persons nane that performs the home inspections?

  310. Vpuckett says:

    Would you, please, tell me the name and phone number of the Property Evaluator that you recommend?


    Vee P.

  311. stephanie says:

    Did you say the avg person makes $2700 a year?

  312. texasworker says:

    TRS employees work for the state but do not receive cost of living increases, so you can’t put us all in one big group. My income will be far behind social security recipients because I will not get cola increases, as a TRS recipient.

  313. texasworker says:

    TRS employees work for the state but do not receive cost of living increases, so you can’t put us all in one big group. My income will be far behind social security recipients because I will not get cola increases, as a TRS recipient.

  314. Karenwalzel says:

    We moved to Austin and miss your show terribly. Is there anyway to get your program here?

  315. Lunch Time Listener says:

    Steve, love it when you have Dan Elliott with Sunbelt Business Brokers on the show.

    Also, can you tell me the name of the home inspector that you mention on your show from time to time? (the P.E.)

  316. Valacosart says:

    Hello Steve:

    Love your show. I am looking for someone to help me with the drafting of my will. I think the lady you had in the show today might be the one I would like to talk to but I did not get a chance to write down her name. Thank you so much


  317. John Ibe says:

    Podcast will be highly appreciated!

  318. Stpgator says:

    Hi Steve,

    I called your show today about savings flexibility for an autistic child who may or may not go to college. I appreciate your response. It appears that if necessary, I can change the beneficiary of his Coverdale ESA so that my “normal” daughter can use the funds for college.

    I love listening to your show, but normally I’m at work when it airs and cannot listen. Is there any way I can download episodes as a podcast so I can listen later?


  319. Dan says:

    Anybody ever heard of getting 8-10% on an insurance annuity (guaranteed) in todays market?

    • Steve Drake says:

      No. Annuities are very complicated and sometimes hard to understand.
      Any investment that guarantees 8% to 10% in today’s world, sounds too good to be true.

  320. Gene says:

    How does one contact you on your “day job”?
    I went to the RBC Wealth Management site but the “person locator” didn’t know who you were?

    • Steve Drake says:

      Hi Gene -Thanks for listening. You can reach me at 281-586-7786.
      Best wishes!

      • Adcessor says:

        Perhaps you have discussed this on your show but I don’t get to listen as ardently as I would like to, what is your “forecast” of the economic condition for the foreseeable future? I hear the “doom & gloom/Stansberry” types and it is disconcerting to say the least; then, I hear the “Little Mary Sunshine” types saying “don’t worry, be happy” and I don’t buy them either; what’s the real skinny?

  321. Tom says:

    You used to have a list of individuals you recommended. What happened toit? Is it somewhere else?

    • Steve Drake says:

      Hi Tom – We are working on getting it back up. If you need information, please call my office at 281-586-7786.

    • Rodney Goodman says:

      You have mentioned a home inspector on your show. I have forgotten the name. Can you please advise his name and phone number. THANKS